"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."  --  Benjamin Franklin

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by James Carden Posted on April 11, 2024

During a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Neutrality Studies YouTube channel and The American Committee for US-Russia Accord, the distinguished political scientist John J. Mearsheimer proffered what at first glance might appear to be a radical solution to the crisis in Ukraine.  

“I think what has to be done here,” said Mearsheimer, “is that we have to basically sever the West’s security relationship with Ukraine.  It is just not enough to say ‘Ukraine will not become part of NATO.’ We have to completely sever our security relationship with Ukraine so that the Russians feel somewhat secure that the West is not going to surreptitiously try and make Ukraine a de facto member of NATO.”

“Second, we should push Ukraine immediately to start serious negotiations with the Russians, so that they end up only losing the territory that they have already lost.” 

Claire's Observations:  Dr. Mearscheimer's proposal is crystal clear, and completely logical; this is why the US will reject it immediately, as it is not infused any of the "hopum/changium" magical thinking which apparently clouds the collective thinking of all in power in DC, and there are some very specific reasons why this complete detachment from reality, or "peace dysphoria"  is happening.

First and foremost, remember;  this is an election year, and traditionally, US voters have never voted out the party in power, during a war.

Secondly, after Biden's  catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the" By-di-Bidenistas" do NOT want to appear to lose the war in Ukraine, which is why the Demonocrats are screaming for the Ukrainian aid package be passed, and Republicans are (at least appearing to) be adamantly against it.), with Demos making up all sorts of wild threats that "the rest of Europe is next", if Ukraine falls. This, friends, is utter nonsense. Please be neither fooled nor swayed by this.

But as an American taxpayer and citizen, I would definitely like to see the following, as would most of my American brothers and sisters;  a full accounting of EVERY cent, and every bomb and bullet sent to Ukraine so far?!?  And there is one question I want to have answered by our DOD; why have so many American weapons, ostensibly sent to Ukraine for their war, wound up on the dark net for sale?!?


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The company along with two others were charged by City Attorney David Chiu in Feb. for fraud and illegally towing parked cars. His office described the company as "unscrupulous" in their online news release. Specialty Towing is now prohibited from bidding or receiving city contracts.

Joanne and her husband tell me they were eventually able to lose the tow truck and drove back home to the East Bay. They maintain they didn't do anything wrong and are still perplexed as to why they were targeted.

"Full disclaimer, I definitely paid off my car, I paid my registration," she says.

Joanne is planning to file a police report soon and is sharing their story to raise awareness for other drivers.

"Be more careful when they're driving around and making sure if something doesn't look right, make sure you do your best to protect yourself," she shares.

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Doctors have issued an emergency alert after seeing a sharp increase in Covid mRNA vaccinated couples dying simultaneously shortly after a “dual turbo cancer diagnosis.”

The couple were all vaccinated at the same time and were later diagnosed with deadly cancers together.

Many doctors are warning that while their patients seem relatively healthy when they are diagnosed with cancer, most are dead within a week.

They warn that the rapid onset of the turbo cancers means the suffers are virtually “dropping dead.”

Doctors have drawn attention to several cases of “dual turbo cancer” diagnoses in the hope of raising awareness among the public.

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The Biden administration is planning to take the "unprecedented" step of banning Americans from using the Russian-made Kaspersky anti-virus software on their private computers in the name of "national security," according to CNN.

This appears to be an attempt to test the waters for a future ban on TikTok and then other software frowned upon by our occupiers. Will Telegram and VPNs be banned next?

Webmaster addition: "You will ONLY use security software that we can bypass!" -- Official White Horse Souse

See Rivero challenges the NSA

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Authored by Jane L. Johnson via The Mises Institute,

Utility bills - for electricity, natural gas, water, and garbage - have by long-standing tradition been based on customer usage, measured in kilowatt-hours of electricity, therms or Btu of natural gas, hundred cubic feet of water, or number of garbage cans.

Every residence and business has electric, gas, and water meters that measure utility usage.

But changes are afoot in the utility business as federal and state governments urge Americans to convert from fossil fuels to electricity for home heating, appliances, and transportation. From this transition will undoubtedly follow changes in utility rate-setting models.

Fixed Fees Coupled with Usage-Based Electricity Rates

Some electric utilities currently charge customers a flat, fixed fee as well as usage-based charges, both on the same monthly bill. The fixed fees, often called “customer charges” or “meter-reading charges,” are imposed irrespective of energy usage. These fees assure revenue stability and offset the overhead expenses of running electric utilities. Energy usage-based charges, which can vary seasonally, are designed (and regulated) to recover the cost of the electricity sold.

Economists refer to this pricing strategy as a two-part tariff in which the consumer must pay a fixed fee for the right to buy a product or service (energy in the case of electric utilities). This pricing model effectively maximizes revenue for sellers that have some monopoly pricing power in their respective markets because of the way they have structured their businesses. Electric utilities are, of course, regulated monopolies that serve designated geographic areas

Claire's Observations:  As a native Californian who, with her husband ,fled the state when it was beginning to lose its collective mind,  what if resourceful Californians go "off grid" in a way that they use no energy from the state?!? How hard is the state going to punish them for doing so, send them to a "Climate-denier prison"?!?  Or fine the hell out of them, until they comply?!? It will be amusing indeed to see California's path of "climate retribution" against these people!!  

And apparently, those "Sacramento Sages" who run the state are tone-deaf to the reality that the state song has changed from "California, Here I Come" to the Theme Song from "Exodus!! :-)


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Crime in Germany has exploded to levels not seen in close to a decade, with a huge increase in migrants committing offences, especially violent crimes.

Statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday show that the number of foreign suspects rocketed up to around 923,000 in 2023, correlating to a whopping 18 percent increase in just one year.

The data further shows that 41 percent of all crime suspects in Germany are foreigners, despite only representing 15 percent of the total population.

Overall there has been a massive 14.5% increase in the number of non-German suspects of violent crime.

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A 14-year-old Wyoming boy was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife while trying to protect his girlfriend from two balaclava-clad teens in a shopping mall, authorities said.

Bobby Maher was fatally knifed after he confronted the two 15-year-old boys for allegedly harassing his middle school sweetheart at the Eastridge Mall in Casper on Sunday afternoon, the Cowboy State Daily reported.

Maher had rushed to the mall after his girlfriend had called to say the two suspects — since identified as Jarreth Plunkett and Dominique Harris — were allegedly following her and a friend around the shopping complex, according to the criminal complaint.

Once he arrived, Maher tried to usher his girlfriend and her pal from the mall in a bid “to keep them safe” while repeatedly telling the two alleged perps to leave, the court papers charge.

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Russia launched a major missile and suicide drone offensive on Thursday, bombarding Ukraine's power grid and underground natural gas storage sites. 

Bloomberg reports Russia air-launched six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles that hit critical infrastructure near Kyiv and a region around western Ukraine's biggest city, Lviv. Ukraine's air defense system was not able to intercept the hypersonic missiles. However, 18 out of 42 more traditional and slower Russian missiles were downed, and only one of 40 drones. 

In a Facebook post, Energy Minister German Galushchenko wrote that power plants near Kyiv, the Kharkiv region in the east, Zaporizhzhia in the south, and Lviv in the west were damaged. Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Telegram that a power plant was damaged in Odesa. 

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As the NCAA finishes up March Madness, another type of madness is unfolding as the U.S. military retools its weapons of mass destruction response apparatus to focus not on attacks by familiar foreign terror groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS, but by American citizens. 

Late last month, for the first time ever, the National Guard conducted an exercise simulating a frantic search for a nuclear dirty bomb at a basketball and hockey arena in Trenton, New Jersey. What made the exercise different from hundreds of such similar war games held since 9/11 is that purely domestic terrorists were identified as the perpetrators.

“The FBI has just received intelligence that a well-resourced domestic terrorist group has planted bombs, including one with cesium-137 — a radioactive isotope — in the arena,” the military said about the scenario for the exercise. “The clock is ticking.”

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President Biden on Wednesday walked back a call for Israel to declare a six-to-eight-week ceasefire in Gaza, saying the truce must be tied to a hostage deal and that it was “up to Hamas.”

The comments came a day after an interview aired in which Biden appeared to say Israel should unilaterally declare a temporary ceasefire, which would have marked a major shift in policy. According to The Times of Israel, the White House already walked back his call, saying he was referring to a hostage deal that’s being negotiated.

“It’s now up to Hamas. They need to move on the proposal that has been made [so we can] get these hostages home where they belong,” Biden said during a press conference on Wednesday. “It also brings back a six-week ceasefire that we need now.”

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Late on Tuesday, the financial world was swept up by a report from Bloomberg according to which an unknown trader had put on single record-sized trade, betting that today's CPI print would come in dovish, and forcing the Fed to cut sooner. It did not work out quite as expected.

For those who missed it, a significant block trade in US short-term interest-rate futures, specifically in December 2024 SOFR futures, took place during market hours on Tuesday, marking the largest trade of its kind. This trade - which was widely publicized by Bloomberg - contributed to driving gains in the Treasury market. After all, nobody would gamble tens of millions if they didn't know something.

The trade, likely initiated by a buyer, coincided with expectations of benign March consumer price index data, potentially leading to a revival in expectations for Fed rate cuts. Confidence in this outlook was reinforced by State Street Global Advisors predicting an aggressive half-point Fed rate cut by June and remarks from US President Joe Biden’s economic aide, Lael Brainard. As of the time of the trade, the swaps market was pricing in approximately 65 basis points of Fed rate cuts by year-end. The December 2024 SOFR futures were trading slightly higher than the block trade’s price, indicating continued market activity and investor interest in hedging or speculating on interest rate movements.

In retrospect, it turned out that the trader really didn't know anything, and on Wednesday the trade blew up in spectacular fashion after a stronger-than-expected reading triggered a market rout.

According to Bloomberg calculations, moments after the CPI print, which came in hot on every possible metric, the position was roughly $50 million in the red, based on price moves in the underlying December 2024 futures.

As duly noted earlier, after Wednesday’s red hot report, expectations for the first full quarter-point rate cut this year wilted and shifted to November from September, with the market now pricing in less than two 25 basis-point moves for all of 2024.

Claire's Observations:  OUCH!!  Talk about "betting on the wrong horse", in SPADES!!!!

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Authored by John & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

The government wants your money.

It will beg, steal or borrow if necessary, but it wants your money any way it can get it.

This is what comes of those $1.2 trillion spending bills: someone’s got to foot the bill for the government’s fiscal insanity, and that “someone” is the U.S. taxpayer.

The government’s schemes to swindle, cheat, scam, and generally defraud taxpayers of their hard-earned dollars have run the gamut from wasteful pork barrel legislation, cronyism and graft to asset forfeiture, costly stimulus packages, and a national security complex that continues to undermine our freedoms while failing to making us any safer.

Americans have also been made to pay through the nose for the government’s endless wars, subsidization of foreign nations, military empire, welfare state, roads to nowhere, bloated workforce, secret agencies, fusion centers, private prisons, biometric databases, invasive technologies, arsenal of weapons, and every other budgetary line item that is contributing to the fast-growing wealth of the corporate elite at the expense of those who are barely making ends meet—that is, we the taxpayers.

According to the number crunchers with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, in order to spend money it doesn’t have on programs it can’t afford, the government is borrowing roughly $6 billion a day.

Basically, the U.S. government is funding its existence with a credit card.

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The Biden administration has admitted that it massively undercounted what it has spent on the proxy war in Ukraine, The American Conservative reported on Tuesday.

The report said the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had previously estimated the US has spent $111 billion on the war. For over a year, a group of members of Congress pressed the OMB to figure out the real number and recently found that it was $125 billion, $14 billion more than what the White House had previously claimed.

In a letter sent to the director of the OMB on Tuesday, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and 15 other members of Congress said that they “now have confirmation from OMB that the total Ukraine spending figure is significantly higher than the administration has ever admitted.”

The lawmakers asked OMB Director Shalanda Young to answer a series of questions about US spending on the proxy and gave her a deadline of April 30.

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Authored by Thomas Brooke via ReMix News,

The European Parliament has approved the controversial EU Asylum and Migration Pact, which will see countries forced to accept their fair share of new arrivals into the bloc or pay a fine for every migrant they reject.

The new asylum and migration package was passed largely with votes from lawmakers affiliated with the European People’s Party, the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), and Renew Europe, with MEPs being urged to swallow their criticisms of the scheme and vote for the compromise legislation.

“History made,” tweeted European Parliament President Roberta Metsola as she praised what she described as a “robust legislative framework on how to deal with migration and asylum,” noting it had been “10 years in the making” but the EU had kept its word.

Some MEPs on both the left and the center-right revealed they voted through the pact despite its many flaws.

“The new legislation is not perfect but we can only make migration manageable and humane with one European solution,” said Hilde Vautmans, foreign affairs coordinator for Renew Europe.

Nationalist politicians across Europe expressed their anger at the passing of the pact, which they claim cedes sovereignty to an ever-centralized European Union.

“The Migration Pact organizes the tutelage and control of nations, the legal impunity of NGOs complicit with smugglers,” tweeted Marine Le Pen of France’s National Rally

Claire's Observations:  These are the kinds of outcomes George Soros buys and sells, as though they were commodities, like hog bellies.  Europeans can now expect massive outbursts of crimes, from which they, and their families will be unable to defend themselves, unless they very quickly learn what weapons are legal in their countries, and learn to use them to maximum effect.

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A group of 19 House Republicans bucked GOP leadership and voted with Democrats against a bill that would extend Section 702, the law that allows for mass surveillance and the collection of Americans’ data. 

On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) brought the legislation up for a procedural vote, and it failed 193-228. The Republican opposition was made up of a group of freedom-oriented Representatives led by Matt Gaetz (R-FL). 

“The reauthorization lacks essential reforms to protect Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, such as requiring the FBI to obtain a warrant before searching Americans’ data and a prohibition on the government purchasing Americans’ data from third-party data brokers,” the Flordia congressman said in a statement. “FISA authorities have been used to violate the law more than 278,000 times by the national security state, and there has yet to be any consequences for this illegal activity by our government.”

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Israel has killed 14,350 Palestinian children between October 7 and April 4. This means children account for 44% of all Palestinians killed in Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said in a press release ahead of Palestinian Children’s Day.

Women and children constitute nearly 70% of over 7,000 additional persons missing in the same period, and the majority of the over 75,000 wounded Palestinians are women and children.

Out of a total of 455 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank by the Israeli forces in the same period, 117 were children.

Over 17,000 Palestinian children have also been orphaned or separated from their parents as a result of Israel’s genocidal attacks, according to UNICEF data, after either both or one of their parents were killed in the Israeli bombings and ground offensives since October 7.

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Amid a significant use of missiles in Ukraine and the Middle East, customers are ramping up independent production of some of the weapons the Patriot air defense system can launch at an unprecedented scale.

The United States, where Patriot manufacturer RTX is based, is trying to contend with the rapid use of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 Missile Segment Enhancement missiles in its military operations while ensuring it has enough stockpiled in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. (Beijing considers the island nation a rogue province and has threatened to take it back by force.)

Missile production is increasing in the U.S., particularly the Lockheed Martin-made PAC-3 MSE missiles, the most capable variant. The company is making hundreds of them over the next two years.

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After 12 crashes and 10 deaths in the past six months, the Army has ordered its aviation units to undergo mandatory safety training that will “reinforce” pilot skills like spatial awareness and power management, service officials told reporters on Wednesday.

Crashes involving Army and Army National Guard aircraft have killed nine soldiers and one Border Patrol agent since last fall. The Army has not said what caused any of those crashes as investigations continue, but the Army’s top commander of aviation units said Wednesday that fundamental pilot skills will be an emphasis of the safety review.

“We must reinforce how to revert back to knowing where you are and where your aircraft is with respect to the ground,” said Maj. Gen. Walter T. Rugen, director of Army aviation. “We are working very hard on effective power management across a host of flight altitudes, higher temperatures and wind conditions.”

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Drones from American startups are glitchy and expensive prompting Ukraine to turn to alternatives from China.

The Wall Street Journal comments American Drones Failed to Turn the Tide in Ukraine

   The Silicon Valley company Skydio sent hundreds of its best drones to Ukraine to help fight the Russians. Things didn’t go well. Skydio’s drones flew off course and were lost, victims of Russia’s electronic warfare. The company has since gone back to the drawing board to build a new fleet.

   Most small drones from U.S. startups have failed to perform in combat, dashing companies’ hopes that a badge of being battle-tested would bring the startups sales and attention. It is also bad news for the Pentagon, which needs a reliable supply of thousands of small, unmanned aircraft.

   “The general reputation for every class of U.S. drone in Ukraine is that they don’t work as well as other systems,” Skydio Chief Executive Adam Bry said, calling his own drone “not a very successful platform on the front lines.”

   Ukrainian officials have found U.S.-made drones fragile and unable to overcome Russian jamming and GPS blackout technology. At times, they couldn’t take off, complete missions or return home. American drones often fail to fly at the distances advertised or carry substantial payloads.

   Ukraine has found ways to get tens of thousands of drones as well as drone parts from China. The military is using off-the-shelf Chinese drones, primarily from SZ DJI Technology.

   The U.S. has called DJI a Chinese military company and a surveillance tool for Beijing, which DJI denies. The Pentagon banned DJI drones in the U.S. military, and congressional legislation would ban new DJI products in the U.S.

   Skydio employees went back to Ukraine 17 times to get feedback, Bry said. Its new drone is built around Ukraine’s military needs and feedback from public-safety agencies and other customers, he said, rather than U.S. Defense Department requirements that are sometimes divorced from battlefield realities.

Claire's Observations:  It is very apparent to anyone who has NOT been living under a rock for the last 75 years, that all the billions poured into the US's military/industrial complex, have not left us better off in terms of weaponry, compared to that of Russia and China. 

This is absolute national insanity, writ large, over generations!!

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