"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights." --  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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"And now I want to hand it over to the president of Ukraine, who has as much courage as he has determination," Biden said at the NATO conference in DC. "Ladies and gentlemen, President Putin!"

"One audience member shouted, 'Zelensky!' in an attempt to correct the 81-year-old Biden," according to the NY Post (that can't be heard in the audio). 

World leaders onstage appeared unsure of whether to clap to welcome Zelensky or wait for Biden to correct himself.

The US president quickly apologized for the embarrassing flub, saying it happened because he was "so focused on beating" the Kremlin strongman.

With Democrats scheming to have Biden ousted from the ticket, such gaffes are not doing him any favors.

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Israel Defense Forces on Thursday finally admitted after nine months of lies that the IDF themselves killed Israeli hostages in Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7th by firing an RPG into the home they were held in, shelling them repeatedly with a tank and then unloading on them with a hail of bullets.

Israel previously tried to hide the truth by putting out atrocity propaganda claiming Hamas went around tying up and executing children and killed every hostage themselves. 

They're undoubtedly still lying about the full extent of the slaughter.

The Times of Israel buried the lede at the end of a lengthy article covering just the first part of the IDF's ongoing probe into their failures on October 7th.

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Imagine how toxic the news would have to be for a government to release it on the afternoon of a general election.

That’s exactly what happened in the UK this week.

While the people were busy voting out WEF stooge Rishi Sunak in favor of WEF stooge Keir Starmer, the government was desperately trying to keep this devastating story about the enormous number of children they have killed and maimed under wraps.

The complicit mainstream media might have given them a pass, but we are not going to let them get away with it.

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n my previous article, Why you should never believe your eyes, we discussed new technologies that make the creation of literal “fake news” more possible than ever. In this follow up we’re going to discuss the potential benefits of faking the news vs creating the news.

A false flag operation is generally defined as ”an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party”

The phrase originates in naval warfare, when ships would literally fly a flag of another nation’s navy.

Historically speaking, they are covert military operations carried out with the aim of creating a cassus belli, either initiating, justifying or perpetuating a war.

The attack is very real, only the flag is false.

But recent years have seen the rise of a new idea – the false false flag.  That is to say – entirely fake “events” with only the barest relationship to objective reality. Blanks and crisis actors, fake victims and fake shooters.

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We are the world. We are the people. We are NATO. And we’re comin’ to get ya – wherever you are, whether you want it or not.

Call it the latest pop iteration of the “rules-based international order” – duly christened at NATO’s 75th birthday in D.C.

Well, the Global Majority had already been warned – but brains under techno-feudalism tend to be reduced to mush.

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The argument that mass migration is needed to support GDP levels and pay for pensions took another blow when it was revealed 47.3% of welfare recipients in Germany are foreign migrants.

According to newly released government statistics, nearly half of the 5.49 million people in Germany on benefits are foreign migrants, four percentage points higher than in 2022.

€42.6 billion euros is now being paid out in welfare compared to to €36.6 billion in 2022.

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Cancer treatments that aim to destroy deadly cells often cause damage and pain as they wreak havoc on neighboring cells and tissues. However, scientists have discovered a new method of targeting harmful cells using light for precise destruction, according to a recent study.

“Usually treatments for cancer use pharmacological induction to kill the cells, but those chemicals tend to diffuse throughout the tissues and it’s hard to contain to a precise location,” said University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign biochemistry professor and study leader Kai Zhang in a press release. “You get a lot of unwanted effects.”

The researchers deploy optogenetics, an approach that uses optical systems to control cell functions, to focus a light beam on a target smaller than one cell.

That is how we can use light to very precisely target a cell and turn on its death pathway,” Mr. Zhang said in the press release.

In addition to killing the cancer cell, another intended outcome is to trigger the immune system to respond to the light. Mr. Zhang said that the ruptured cells release cytokines, a type of small protein, attracting white blood cells that help the immune system fight infection. By killing cancer cells, the researchers hope to train T-cell white blood cells to recognize and attack the cancer, Mr. Zhang said.

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While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to work in public to strengthen his country’s military arsenal and urge Washington and the West to lift more restrictions on how its weapons are used , Kyiv is also signaling a potential openness to negotiations with Moscow in the future.

At this week’s NATO summit in Washington, U.S. President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart made their case that Ukraine can still win its war with Russia.

“Make no mistake, Russia is failing in this war,” Biden said during a speech on Tuesday evening. “When this senseless war began, Ukraine was a free country. Today, it is still a free country, and the war will end with Ukraine remaining a free and independent country. Russia will not prevail. Ukraine will prevail.”

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A second video of Hezbollah drone reconnaissance was released this Tuesday, detailing 23 Israeli military and intelligence sites in the illegally occupied Golan Heights region. Not only does this demonstrate the Lebanese armed groups’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) capabilities, but it also indicates future targets and the depth of knowledge possessed on what they seek to hit.

On June 18, Hezbollah’s military media released its first aerial reconnaissance sortie carried out by a Hudhud drone over the Haifa Bay area. The video lasted 10 minutes and was edited to point out critical infrastructure that could be targeted if Israel launches its frequently threatened “all-out war” against Lebanon. Not only did this cause hysteria among Israelis living in Haifa, but it also triggered a series of Israeli media outlets and institutes to conduct analyses of various aspects of what was shown.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded that any future deal with Hamas must allow Israel to maintain control of the Gaza-Egypt border, known as the Philadelphi Corridor.

The demand is Netanyahu’s latest effort to sabotage the chances of a hostage and ceasefire deal with Hamas. Axios reported on Thursday that it came after negotiators reached a compromise on the Philadelphi Corridor.

Netanyahu previously said any deal must not allow weapons to be smuggled into Gaza from Egypt. According to Axios, Egypt just agreed to build an “underground wall” to seal tunnels going into Gaza, and the US agreed to fund it. But Netanyahu’s new demand throws a wrench into the negotiations.

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Israeli-made weapons designed to spray high levels of shrapnel are causing horrific injuries to civilians in Gaza and disproportionately harming children, foreign surgeons who worked in the territory in recent months have told the Guardian.

The doctors say many of the deaths, amputations and life changing wounds to children they have treated came from the firing of missiles and shells – in areas crowded with civilians – packed with additional metal designed to fragment into tiny pieces of shrapnel.

Volunteer doctors at two Gaza hospitals said that a majority of their operations were on children hit by small pieces of shrapnel that leave barely discernible entry wounds but create extensive destruction inside the body. Amnesty International has said that the weapons appear designed to maximise casualties.

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On Thursday, Russian officials reacted strongly and vowed to respond to the US announcing that it will deploy missile systems to Germany starting in 2026 that were previously banned by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

“Without nerves, without emotions, we will develop a military response, first of all, to this new game,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. He called the US decision “destructive to regional safety and strategic stability.”

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador in Washington, said the deployment could lead to confrontation. “The Americans are increasing the risk of a missile arms race. Here, they forget that going the way of confrontation may set off an uncontrollable escalation amid the dangerous aggravation of tensions along the Russia-NATO track,” he said.

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On Thursday, the US announced a new weapons package for Ukraine after President Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the NATO summit in Washington.

The Pentagon said the new arms package was worth $225 million, but it includes one Patriot missile battery, which typically costs around $1 billion with all of its related equipment. Antiwar.com asked the Defense Department about the discrepancy but hasn’t received a response at the time this article was published.

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In 2024, Israel illegally seized 23.7sq km (9.15 sq miles) of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, amid its ongoing war on Gaza.

That’s more than the land it took over the past 20 years combined.

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Hungary said on Thursday that it would not support NATO becoming an “anti-China bloc,” pushing back on the alliance taking aim at Beijing during the summit in Washington.

On Wednesday, the alliance issued a communiqué that slammed China for its trade relationship with Russia, and NATO has been working to build alliances in the Asia Pacific in line with the US’s military buildup against China.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto was asked about these efforts and said, “NATO is a defense alliance… we can’t organize it into an anti-China bloc.”

NATO started targeting China in its documents in 2020, and in 2022, it formally declared the North Atlantic military alliance was facing a security “challenge” from Beijing. “The PRC continues to pose systemic challenges to Euro-Atlantic security,” the communiqué reads.

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Several civilians in Gaza City say people were shot dead by snipers after the Israeli military issued a new evacuation order and told Palestinians to head south as it steps up its offensive across the enclave.

The attacks reportedly took place as civilians evacuated a number of neighbourhoods in Gaza City, having been ordered to leave on Wednesday, even as mediators from Qatar, the United States and Egypt were meeting with Israeli officials in Doha for talks seeking a ceasefire.

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One of the world’s leading cardiologists has blown the whistle to reveal that President Joe Biden’s mental struggles are actually the result of a brain injury caused by Covid mRNA shots.

Biden’s appearance on film in 2019 and 2024 demonstrates a dramatic decline in cognitive function, memory, retrieval, enunciation, strength of voice, facial expression, gait, wayfinding, and motor skills such as walking up and down stairs, according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr. McCullough appeared on the Breanna Morello show to provide analysis and commentary.

While a diagnosis cannot be made without a physical exam, laboratory testing, and brain imaging, Biden’s apparent syndrome is not completely classic for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

However, he is exhibiting features of both conditions.

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On 25 June, at 8.30 in the morning, around 20 masked settlers appeared at Tamir Abu Eisheh’s door, informing him that his home in the hills north of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron was about to be demolished.

The Israelis stripped the family of their phones and threw their furniture into the street. They did not even have the time to gather their belongings before bulldozers set to work, razing their home to the ground.

“His daughters came to me crying in the morning, barefoot in their pyjamas, and asked me to come because they are destroying their home,” Tamir’s brother, Nadir Abu Eisheh, told Middle East Eye. Nadir arrived to find his baby nephew’s mattress cast into the street.

“Usually they give families at least 20 days to evacuate,” Nadir told MEE. This time, Tamir Abu Eisheh’s family had no warning.

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Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico recently expressed his opposition to Ukraine’s NATO membership. He believes that Ukraine joining NATO would “guarantee World War III.” Fico’s stance comes after Slovakia’s delegation to the NATO summit supported Ukraine’s “irreversible path” toward joining the alliance. However, Fico insists that Ukraine must meet all membership criteria and gain approval from all NATO member countries before joining. Slovakia has been a NATO member since 2004.
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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jul 12, 2024 - 01:45 AM

In 2019, the US withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which prohibited land-based missile systems with a range of 310 to 3,400 miles. Already Washington has briefly deployed such systems to southeast Asia (Typhon launchers in the Philippines for temporary exercises), which has riled China, but now for the first time nuke-capable missiles will be deployed to Germany.

The US announced Wednesday in relation to the ongoing NATO summit in Washington: "The United States will begin episodic deployments of the long-range fires capabilities of its Multi-Domain Task Force in Germany in 2026, as part of planning for enduring stationing of these capabilities in the future."

US Navy's truck-mounted SM-6 missile launcher

"When fully developed, these conventional long-range fires units will include SM-6, Tomahawk, and developmental hypersonic weapons, which have significantly longer range than current land-based fires in Europe," the statement posted to the White House website adds.

As expected, Russia has reacted with fury to the new missile plan for Germany, with Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov stating on Telegram Thursday that the move is a "serious mistake" as "such extremely destabilizing steps are a direct threat to international security and strategic stability."

He further warned that this brings European states like Germany in the crosshairs and that Moscow's patience is limited. The ambassador posed: "Doesn’t Germany understand that the emergence of American missile assets on German soil will lead to these facilities ending up in Russian crosshairs? This is not saber-rattling, it is the simple logic of a normal person."

Claire's Observations:  Ambassador Antonov, a word please.

"Simple logic" is not coming out of the bowels of power in DC anytime soon, unfortunately, and as a 75 year old American citizen who cares about this country's future (we have 4 wonderful kids we treasure in this family; that's why this country's future is important to us.),  I regret having to say what I am about to say.

All individuals have a life cycle;  birth; exploration; maturity; and ultimately, death.

So do countries have a life cycle; and right now, mine (the USA) appears to be in its death throes, but the current gang of thugs in power just will just not let go, so that the problems can be corrected (if they CAN be corrected), and this country, as we both have known it, may just balkanize due to unpayable debt.

As a student of history, you keenly understand the economic considerations which drove the US to participating n World War 1 and World War II; and largely because of the economic mess into which several current administrations have plunged this country, those in "Leadership" (and I use that term very loosely after the Biden/Obama debate) Think it's SWELL time to kick off wars with Russia; China; and the Middle East.

To me, sir, war represents a catastrophic failure of imagination; and unfortunately, President Biden's dementia appears to have become contagious among his "Advisors"; I know this analogy cannot be scientifically true, and yet I look at what this country is doing internationally, and shake my head, and have to wonder if this is not a big part of the problem.

Too many people in the bowels of power in DC are suffering from the delusions of "Hopium/Changium", otherwise called "magical thinking".  It has no relationship with realities on the ground, like weaponry; economy; troop strength; and the moral rightness of a cause.  

This is just how the US government has gotten itself out of a "bind" economically twice before, and the "groupthink" in DC somehow magically believes that war (against anyone they label as "the geopolitical bad guys") is a great way to get out of its current fiscal predicament.

And the deep dilemma for people like me (A Christian pacifist activist, who never advocates violence), is that if the only two candidates from whom you can chose for President on election night are both totally subsumed  by the US  military/industrial complex, what choice to Americans have in terms of a candidate wanting peace and prosperity?!?  Ambassador Antonov, the reality is we have no choice other than to elect a "pro-war President".  The people allegedly representing us, do not represent us at all; they represent only the interests of the monied and wealthy, many of whom are very heavily invested in the US military/industrial complex, and make great profits from  death and destruction globally.

And those, Ambassador Antonov, are our difficulties in this dying republic.  


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Times square is one of the most visited places in the world, yet a series of recent events has people wondering if its still worth visiting...
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The Middle East Institute is a 78-year-old, nonpartisan Washington think tank with a mission of increasing American understanding of the region. Since its founding in 1946, the organization has been a part of the capital’s foreign affairs firmament, led by distinguished former ambassadors and funded by publicly traded companies, A-list law firms and oil-rich governments. Its current chair is retired four-star Gen. John Abizaid.

That’s why last month’s legal settlement between the organization and the Department of Justice looks at first blush like a cut-and-dried bookkeeping matter rather than an example of 21st century political warfare infecting the formerly staid world of Beltway policy shops.

According to a June 18 announcement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the nonprofit agreed to pay $718,558 to settle allegations that it had improperly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in Paycheck Protection Program loans during the pandemic. The organization said the mistakes were inadvertent. “Following the civil settlement, MEI aims to move past this and continue to focus on its work of promoting greater knowledge of the Middle East in the US,” a spokesperson said by email. Nothing to see here.

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A House Judiciary Committee has released a report showing that a cartel of woke advertisers and brands have worked together to demonetize content disfavored by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) committee has published an interim staff report titled, “”GARM’s Harm: How the World’s Biggest Brands Seek to Control Online Speech.”

Formed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in 2019, GARM was ostensibly created to help its members achieve what it calls “brand safety.”

But the House Judiciary Committee has found that members of the alliance participated in boycotts and other coordinated action to demonetize specific platforms, podcasts, news outlets and other content that GARM disfavored.

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