"Morality is based on respect for your fellow human being. If you remember that one idea, then you need not bother memorizing endless lists of arbitrary rules and laws. You will know what is right and wrong." --- Michael Rivero

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According to reports from multiple media outlets including The Daily Caller, the now-viral photos from the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago, which depicted sheets with the words “top secret,” were staged.

“Jay Bratt, the lead Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor now assigned to special counsel Jack Smith’s team, admitted in a recent court filing that FBI agents brought cover sheets reading ‘top secret’ to the raid of Mar-a-Lago to use as placeholders in their gathering of classified documents.” The Daily Caller reports. “The classified documents, however, now appear to be out of order following their seizure, both Trump’s defense attorney and the special counsel have admitted, according to court documents first reported by Declassified with Julie Kelly.”

“[If] the investigative team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet. The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose,” Bratt wrote in a recent filing.

Trump’s defense attorney, Waltine Nauta, said the following in a May filing:

“Following defense counsel’s review of the physical boxes…and the documents produced in classified discovery, defense counsel has learned that the cross-reference provided by the Special Counsel’s Office does not contain accurate information,” Nauta wrote, according to Kelly.

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When Donald Trump arrived in a Manhattan courtroom last month to stand trial in the first-ever criminal prosecution of a former U.S. president, he barely acknowledged the man who’s been trying to take him down for years.

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo is Trump's polar opposite - a slim gray-haired man in a gray suit whose mild manner and steady tone belie the relentlessness with which he has pursued the flamboyant ex-president.

Even as Colangelo laid out his case against the Republican presidential hopeful, reading aloud the shocking details of the 'P****gate' scandal and various alleged schemes to buy the silence of women who say they had affairs with Trump, the wiry, bespectacled prosecutor displayed little emotion.

But Colangelo’s critics say that moment marked a major milestone in his apparent personal crusade to destroy a political enemy.

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You might be thinking, hey, I’ve got this one covered! I’ve survived lots of power outages. If that is your thought process, you could not be more wrong.

Anyone who considers, even for a moment, how interconnected and interdependent our existence has become … so full of overly-complex, over-engineered, over-automated systems driving every aspect of our increasingly fragile existence that is dependent on just-in-time inventory and shipping virtually everything we need ridiculous distances … arrives at the same inescapable conclusion: that mankind has built a house of cards.

I doubt we could have created a more fragile world if it had been our aim from the beginning. We have painted ourselves into a corner and we are going to make a mess getting out.

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A pediatrician has come forward to blow the whistle by warning the public about a kickback scheme where doctors are “paid to vaccinate your children.”

Dr. Paul Thomas, a celebrated Dartmouth-trained pediatrician, has revealed that doctors across the country receive a huge cash influx for making sure their patients follow the vaccine schedule as specified by Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to Thomas, a prominent pediatrician in Oregon, the kickbacks have become so systemic that doctors “cannot stay in business” if they don’t keep their patients fully vaccinated.

Dr. Thomas alleges that doctors are rewarded financially if they strictly follow the vaccine schedule dictated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Just as NATO can’t exist without an invented Russian bogeyman as enemy, the Anti-Defamation League and Israel itself also cannot exist without antisemitism, or anti-Jewish bogeymen as their enemy. Think about all the critics in the West who so zealously demonize Putin/Russia for everything bad on earth to blame. Why is Israel always given a free pass while Russia/China/Iran are always up to no good. Might it be the globalist controlled fascist US government is in bed with the mainstream media and social media giants to censor, prohibit and now criminalize the truth about Jews/Israel/Zionists while the same controllers create the ready-made enemy as “axis-of-evil.” No other nation or group on earth gets so coddled and protected from criticism as the Jewish State. This oft falsely credited Voltaire statement comes to mind:

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Former President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden and Democrats of running a “Gestapo” administration, a secret police force in the Nazi era that targeted Jewish people for arrest during the Holocaust. Trump made the remarks while speaking to donors at a private event at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida last weekend.

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The parallels between 1987 and our current economic climate are impossible to ignore. Economic growth has slowed, inflation casts a menacing shadow, and the stock market teeters on the edge of uncertainty. But perhaps most concerning of all, valuations have soared to dizzying heights, reminiscent of the excesses that preceded the infamous crash of ’87.

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