"A lot of people talk about the desirability of a global government, with themselves inevitably at its head, but the truth is a global government has already emerged, one that is the purest expression of democracy possible. The new global government is the people of planet Earth sharing the collective consciousness of the internet, finding out for themselves what they need to know, and then deciding what to do about it. Sadly, along the way, we have been forced to look into a mirror to see the true nature of those who wish to be our leaders and it is not a pretty picture of human nature. We have learned that with precious few exceptions, politicians are all corrupt, corporations sell us useless and often dangerous products, bankers exist to loot us, and the clergy are diddling the little boys." -- Michael Rivero

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Under the domestic and international laws of war[1] citizens are forbidden from taking part in a war on the side of the aggressor and are legally bound to disobey the orders of any Government that takes part in illegal war or supports acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.  This duty to refuse to obey unlawful Government orders includes orders to pay tax [Income tax, Council tax, VAT etc].  If a government uses the funds raised by taxation to wage illegal war or to commit genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes, then a taxpayer’s normal duty to pay tax is reversed and becomes a duty to refuse to pay tax.

“ The very essence of the Charter is that individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience imposed by the individual State.  He who violates the laws of war cannot obtain immunity while acting in pursuance of the authority of the State, if the State in authorising action moves outside its competence under international law…”

Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal 1946

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Judicial Watch announced today it received 99 pages of Secret Service records from the Department of Homeland Security in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that show Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas personally declined presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for Secret Service protection.

Judicial Watch received the records through a September 26, 2023, lawsuit that was filed after the Department of Homeland Security failed to respond to a July 31, 2023, FOIA request for senior department officials’ communications regarding the provision of Secret Service protection for Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:23-cv-02846)).

The newly obtained records include a July 21, 2023, two-sentence letter sent by Mayorkas to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, advising her:

On May 26, 2023, Candidate for President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. submitted a request to the Department of Homeland Security for United States Secret Service protection. In accordance with the authority set forth in Title 18, United States Code, Section 3056(a)(7), and in consultation with the Candidate Protection Advisory Committee, I decline to identify Candidate Kennedy for United States Secret Service protection at this time.

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As reported earlier today — President Trump declassified a binder on January 19th, 2021 that contains hundreds of pages about the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved with our government. Two different DOJ Attorney General’s have defied President Trump’s direct lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal Register. It’s been 19 months as the DOJ defies the order, and every FOIA request to make it public. Can we now raid the homes of acting AG Monty Wilkinson, and Merrick Garland?

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A transboundary sewage stream that regularly flows from Tijuana, Mexico, into San Diego County may be creating a multifrontal public health crisis — as a noxious mix of chemicals and pathogens makes their way into households not just via water, but also through air and soil.

The cross-border contamination — a result of inadequate infrastructure and urbanization — poses a persistent public health threat with significant socioeconomic and legal implications, according to a white paper shared with The Hill prior to its public release Tuesday.

Of particular concern is the possibility of the reemergence of diseases that had previously been eradicated in California, microbes carrying antibiotic-resistant genes and industrial chemicals that have long been banned in the U.S., according to the authors.

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Egyptian officials say that Israel expects the camps, which would include medical facilities, to be funded by the US and Arab states.

However, it is unlikely that over 1 million people could be safely evacuated. 

Nadia Hardman, a refugee and migrant rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, stated, “Forcing the over one million displaced Palestinians in Rafah to again evacuate without a safe place to go would be unlawful and would have catastrophic consequences. There is nowhere safe to go in Gaza.”

If Israel proceeds with the offensive, its army will disrupt the already minimal aid entering Gaza and cause extensive destruction in Rafah, as it previously did in Gaza City and Khan Yunis. These action would exacerbate the uninhabitable conditions in Gaza, both during and after the war.

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From their views on climate change to their views on education, the detached top one percent of the US populace has voiced a range of opinions so dramatically different from the status quo that it could sink the country.

At a time when there is anxious talk of people being forced to eat bugs, embrace illegal immigrants, inhabit 15-minute cities and own absolutely nothing – all the while ‘being happy,’ or else! – there is no better time to examine the mindset of the people who throw their hefty weight behind such bold initiatives, namely, the elite.

According to the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CUP), the elite are defined as people who have at least one post-graduate degree, earn at least $150,000 annually, and live in high-population areas, primarily urban coastal zones, like New York City, Boston and Los Angeles. Members of this pampered tribe of overachievers are also likely to have graduated from one of America’s 12 prestigious Ivy League universities, which include Harvard, Cornell, Yale and Princeton, and are increasingly becoming bastions of woke ideology.

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I am so fucking done with people handwringing about October 7 while Israel has been October 7ing the Gazans every day since.

Four months. This has been happening for four months. If you’re still supporting Israel after four months of atrocities, then you’re just a shitty human being. After four months you’ve lost any possible claim to have overreacted to October 7 in the emotional heat of the moment, and this is just who you are as a person.

If you can even excuse genocide to justify your continuing support for a nation or political party, then you can excuse literally anything. There is absolutely nothing the leaders of your political faction could possibly do that would cause you to stop supporting them. If this isn’t your red line, then you don’t have any red lines. 

What this means is that your politics are not actually guided by any interest in truth or ethics; they are guided solely and exclusively by arbitrary team loyalty. You cheer for your side for the exact same reason someone born in Texas cheers for the Dallas Cowboys. You might make up some grander reasons for your support which involve appeals to truth and morality, but you’ve made a liar of yourself and proved those reasons false by the fact that you are currently excusing an actual, literal genocide.

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If stock prices are going to start plunging just because inflation is running a little bit hotter than expected, what is going to happen once the market finally realizes that the entire economy is literally starting to come apart at the seams?  Consumer delinquency rates are spiking, the commercial real estate crisis is rapidly picking up steam, banks from coast to coast are in deep financial trouble, large corporations all over America are conducting mass layoffs, and homelessness has been rising at the fastest pace ever recorded.  But if you ignore all of those little details, you can be just like Joe Biden and pretend that everything is just fine.

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Joe Rogan is convinced the day of reckoning draws nigh for those who have participated in the mutilation of the mentally compromised in the name of "gender-affirming care."

Fresh off reaching a new deal with Spotify estimated to be worth $250 million, Rogan told New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the Feb. 7 episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" that the recent story about de-transitioners in the New York Times is yet another sign the pendulum is swinging back and poised to knock down the exponents of transgender hysteria.

"Even the f***ing New York Times wrote a major story about de-transitioners — so people who were convinced at an early age that they were trans and now they are de-transitioning," Rogan told Rodgers. "Their lives are ruined; their bodies are ruined; they can't have children anymore. They lost their breasts or penis. It is in-f***ing-sanity!"

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A pastor from Woodbury United Methodist Church in Connecticut has been arrested on charges of dealing crystal methamphetamine from the church's rectory, according to local authorities.

Reverend Herbert Miller, 63, was apprehended after a tip-off led police to set up a sting operation. The arrest bears a striking resemblance to the plot of the popular TV series "Breaking Bad," with Miller being described as a lookalike of the show's protagonist, Walter White.

The local news outlet Republican-American of Waterbury reported that Miller was caught in possession of crystal methamphetamine in both rock and liquid form, along with drug paraphernalia. The Connecticut State Police issued a press release confirming the arrest.

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Mark Epstein told Kelly that he initially believed his brother committed suicide because he had no reason to disbelieve authorities. But that changed after his brother's autopsy.

That's because Mark hired famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to witness the autopsy. Dr. Baden, the former New York City medical examiner, concluded that evidence on Epstein's body was not consistent with a suicide by hanging. Instead, the evidence demonstrated Epstein died from "homicidal strangulation," Dr. Baden said.

Webmaster addition: There is another issue. Here is the autopsy photo of the neck of whoever was actually in that cell.

The official story is that Epstein fashioned a noose from a sheet or shirt. But such an improvised noose would be very thick and leave a much wider mark than is seen above, which looks like an injury from some kind of cord!

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The Israeli Haaretz newspaper interviewed this week the army's “ethics” chief, Asa Kasher, of Tel Aviv university, about two major incidents on October 7: 

1. An Israeli commander ordered a tank to fire into a home in Kibbutz Be'eri knowing that there were 14 Israeli civilians inside, incinerating them. 

2. Israeli helicopters fired missiles at dozens of cars with Israeli hostages inside, killing the inhabitants, again often by incinerating them.

In both cases, the official Israeli narrative is that Hamas was responsible for these “barbaric” acts, supposedly justifying the genocide Israel is carrying out – “in response” – against the civilian Palestinian population of Gaza.

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For us in Gaza City, enduring the daily struggles like staying safe, fighting hunger and protecting ourselves against the biting cold is a war in and of itself as Israel’s assault on Gaza grinds on past 120 days.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes at a time when that was all they had. Then after that came the loss of a simple place to shelter as Israel bombed them all: hospitals, schools, clinics, and any open space where civilians gathered.

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SanctionsKill Campaign accuses the Biden administration with being an accomplice in crimes against humanity by aiding genocide in Gaza. This is in violation of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ, also known as the World Court, called for the end of Israel’s genocidal killing of civilians and blockade of food, water, medicines and fuel to Gaza. 
The immediate response of the Biden Administration to the World Court ruling was to do the opposite. Biden embraced Israel’s unsubstantiated charges against United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and cut off funding to that organization which provides essential aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. Biden has ominously expanded Israel’s attack on Gaza by bombing Iraq, Syria and Yemen. These bombings are illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of US laws and the UN Charter.  
We call on the US to immediately:

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Many people in the west were surprised at events and news. This week I highlight eleven:

1) That there is an American base in Northern Jordan and that sadly 3 black soldiers were killed (usually the rich get richer and the poor poorer or killed/used as canon-fodder). But the US has over 1400 bases in 80 countries to control and subjugate and act against the will of people in those countries. While spending hundreds of billions annually on this military and enriching <1% of ts people, infrastructure and education and healthcare in the US suffers and the 99% suffer. The US then bombed (illegally) many targets in Yemen, Syria and Iraq in supposed "retaliation" (but really to sustain the genocide ongoing against the Palestinians.

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Her family members murdered, the ambulance that came to rescue her attacked, and her rescuers killed. Israel murdered 6-year-old Hind, family members and ambulance crew & left to decompose

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The Washington Post published a report on Sunday with a dramatic claim: The relationship between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu is terrible. From the Post (emphasis mine): “President Biden and his top aides are closer to a breach with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than at any time since the Gaza War began, no longer viewing him as a productive partner who can be influenced even in private, according to several people familiar with their internal discussions. The mounting frustration with Netanyahu has prompted some of Biden’s aides to urge him to be more publicly critical of the prime minister over his country’s military operation in Gaza, according to six people familiar with the conversations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.”

“Closer to a breach” than “at any time since the Gaza war began,” you say? “Mounting frustration,” is it? The average reader could only assume that some big shift in the American approach to Israel’s assault on Gaza is on the way.

Well, let me amend that. The average reader who has never read a single story about Gaza before this Washington Post report could only assume that some big shift in the American approach to Israel’s assault on Gaza is on the way.

The average reader who has been following Gaza coverage for the past few months, however, would recognize what has become one of the more thuddingly predictable and infuriating genres to emerge post–October 7: the “Biden is really mad at Netanyahu behind the scenes” story. There’s a problem with these pieces: They have virtually nothing to do with how Biden has actually handled the war.

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During Mr. Obama’s second term in office (2013-2017), it had become clear that the terms of the public policy debate were undergoing a radical and worrying transformation. In the space of a very short time, certain ideas and policy proposals were being ruled as out of bounds not on the grounds that they were unwise, impractical, or inefficient, but on the grounds that they were products of “disinformation” campaigns on the part of foreign intelligence agencies.

To take one example: Those few who publicly expressed reservations with regard to Mr. Obama’s policy toward Russia and Ukraine found themselves branded not as merely unwise or wrongheaded but as nefarious tools of a foreign disinformation campaign.

The late Obama years witnessed a proliferation of OSNIT (open-source intelligence) outfits helmed by inane YouTube sleuths like Eliot Higgins, a figure with little in the way of formal education and absolutely zero experience in intelligence gathering who somehow became a public figure virtually overnight (Gosh, how did that happen?).

It can hardly be a coincidence that Bellingcat and its imitators sprung up at exactly the same moment that the US foreign policy establishment embarked upon a new and more dangerous cold war (one that has both Russia and China as its target).

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Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is blocking a US-funded flour shipment into Gaza that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu previously vowed would be allowed into the Strip, Axios reported on Tuesday.

Officials said that Netanyahu personally made the commitment to President Biden several weeks ago and that the Israeli war and security cabinets approved the delivery to be made through Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza, where Israelis have been protesting against humanitarian aid shipments into Gaza.

Smotrich’s office says he blocked the shipment because it’s going to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Israel recently accused 12 UNRWA employees of participating in the October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel, but the intelligence dossier the allegations were based on provides no evidence for the claim, according to media outlets that obtained the document.

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While Europe is getting faster at making artillery shells, orders placed for Ukraine still take a year or more to reach the country, according to the Estonian defense ministry. 

“If we would go under contract today, then it’s 12 to 18 months" for 155mm delivery, Kusti Salm, Estonia's permanent secretary, said in a Friday interview at his country's embassy in Washington, D.C.

Last year, the French parliament cited delivery times of 10 to 20 months.

Ukraine has reported shortages of 155mm shells since November, as Russia presses an offensive in the eastern city of Avdiivka. 

“In a year, we will have something that we ordered today,” Salm said, referring to 155mm shells. “And if we don't do it today, then there's another year we don’t have it.”

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected an outline for a potential hostage deal with Hamas that was drawn up by Israel’s Mossad spy agency, the Shin Bet security agency, and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

According to The Times of Israel, the proposal was put together by Mossad chief David Barnea, Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar, and Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, an IDF officer in charge of intelligence efforts to find Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Details of the outline are unclear, but it was likely a response to Hamas’s recent counteroffer for a 135-day truce to facilitate the release of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners and a permanent ceasefire.

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While these sanctions intended to hamper Russia’s war effort and foment domestic economic and political instability, most have not achieved these objectives. Russia has maintained its military activities in Ukraine while recent IMF forecasts predict growth of 2.6 percent in 2024 — at a time when many EU countries are heading toward recession amidst significant political uncertainty in 2024 — a pivotal election year in many Western democracies.

Perhaps the greatest achievement has been reinforcing Russia’s trade pivot to the East and the Global South and away from the European Union.As a result, Russia's trade turnover reached $530.2 billion in the first nine months of 2023. Exports reached $316.9 billion, while imports reached $213.3 billion. Russian exports to Asian countries reached $226.6 billion, an increase of 10.3% year on year, while imports amounted to $139.7 billion, increasing 39.5%.

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Ah, yes, this Atlantic Ocean thingy and prepositioning of forces. Here is this teeny-weeny news. 


Zvezda shipyard floats overhauled Ikrutsk nuclear submarine. The upgraded Irkutsk will carry over 30 hypersonic Zircon missiles and over 30 Phisik-2 torpedoes. MOSCOW, February 7. /TASS/. The Zvezda Shipyard in the Far East has floated the Irkutsk nuclear submarine of project 949AM of the Pacific fleet, which it overhauled and upgraded, a defense industry source told TASS. "The modernization continues at the berth," he said adding the submarine was floated in 2023.

SSGN K-132 Irkutsk is a Pacific Fleet asset, but being nuclear sub she is limited only by the endurance of her crew and food supplies. Usually multi-purpose subs in Russia spend around 90 days at combat patrols--more than enough to deploy anywhere in the world. But that is not it--Irkutsk is a pilot in the program of modernizing this giants into 3M22 Zircon, 3M14M Kalibr and P-800 Onyx carriers. The next in line, is another Pacific Fleet boat K-442 Chelyabinsk, which will be turned into the Zircon carrier. And then there is recently repaired and updated active duty K-266 Orel and K-410 Smolensk of the Northern Fleet and other active hulls. 

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Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that if former President Donald Trump is elected president, Russian President Vladimir Putin will invade Europe, and the United States will have to bring the military “draft back.”

Behar said, “On one hand you have Biden. How old is he 81? He stammers. He’s had a stammer all his life. That’s part of the reason why he looks a little doddering. He’s trying to get the words out. The guy has accomplished a lot. I don’t want to repeat all the things he’s done for Americans already. On the other hand, you have a 77-year-old criminal who only cares about getting out of jail. Okay?”

She continued, “And, and I wasn’t here yesterday because all weekend I was ruminating about what he said about getting us out of NATO. I don’t think people understand what that means. You know, I saw this video of all these young MAGA guys celebrating Trump and you know what, you guys will be draft age. You want to start up with Russian, the Russians going into Ukraine and then to Crimea and then to Poland? What’s next, France, Germany, Italy? You think Americans are not going to be involved in that kind of a war. That’s what you’re looking at with this guy.”

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Hundreds of tractors blockaded the Port of Antwerp in Belgium on Tuesday as farmers continue their fight against the green agenda and free trade policies of Brussels ahead of the European Parliament elections.

Business at Europe’s second-largest seaport was serverly impacted as around 500 tractors blocked off access on the roads surrounding the Port of Antwerp in northern Belgium to protest the environmental and agricultural policies imposed on them by their own government and Eurocrats thirty miles to the south in Brussels.

The protest forced the leader of the local Flemish government, Jan Jambon, to cancels his scheduled trip to Barcelona to try to come to a deal with the farmers. Speaking ahead of the protest, Jambon said per Dutch public broadcaster NOS: “I don’t think anyone would like to see the blockade of the port of Antwerp happen, but it is up to everyone to take their own responsibility. I hope that people will be reasonable tomorrow. ”

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