"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- Thomas Jefferson

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The ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, led by House Republicans, intensified on Thursday as three subpoenas were issued for the business and personal bank records of Hunter Biden, the President's son, and his uncle, James Biden.

The requested documents are set to be handed over to the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees. The committees are probing allegations that Joe Biden, during his tenure as Vice President in the Obama administration, manipulated foreign policy to favor his son's business ventures, which subsequently channeled funds into the family's coffers.

In a statement publicizing the subpoenas, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, pledged to "follow the money to determine whether President Biden’s involvement in his family’s corrupt business schemes makes him compromised and threatens our national security."

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In a recent crackdown on human trafficking in Polk County, Florida, over 219 individuals were apprehended, including a high school teacher, three Disney employees, and several undocumented immigrants.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd revealed on Thursday that the operation led to the arrest of 119 individuals involved in prostitution, with 21 suspected to be victims of human trafficking, as reported by WTVT.

Two of the suspects, Freddy Escalona, 30, and Maria Guzman, 36, who were in the country illegally, were charged with human trafficking and profiting from prostitution. According to authorities, Escalona allegedly forced a woman into prostitution after she was unable to repay a loan he had given her for car repairs. He was apprehended after driving her to an undercover location and reportedly admitted to authorities that he had "several females that he worked."

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Alex Berenson criticized recent attempts by the Left to make us forget about the vaccine mandates enacted just two years ago.

“We were all around for it,” Berenson told host Dan Proft on the “Counterculture” podcast. “It was not fifty years ago, it was two falls ago.”

“There was tremendous pressure to get vaccinated at tremendous societal cost or lose your job or potentially be excluded from shopping, as happened in some places, or being at university,” Berenson said. “There was no question that the government policy was by every means short of force, to encourage vaccination.”

Berenson is a former NY Times journalist and author of “Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives.”

He and Proft discussed “Covid 1.5” and the recent return of mask mandates and “vaccine” pressure.

This full interview is available on Rumble, YouTube, and Spotify.

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I've noticed a huge difference in TV shows and commercials. All blacks have a line or two (talking about things they never experienced - 100's of years ago) in derogatory ways to the white people in the scene. That's like blaming all black people for something some gang bangers did. Or whites are portrayed as fat, weak, effeminate, pathetic, inept, low-intelligent, workers. I don't think I've seen a white Mayor, police chief, or head of the FBI-CIA portrayed in years :-) And, what's with all the commercials filled with every race but white?


Several recent books have challenged America’s racial orthodoxy. If this trend continues, 2023 could be remembered as the year that dissidents finally broke the Left’s taboo on truthfully discussing race. But while America’s Cultural Revolution by Christopher Rufo, When Race Trumps Merit by Heather Mac Donald, and The Origins of Woke by Richard Hanania focus on defeating leftist policies and civil rights laws, The War on Whites highlights the raw anti-white animus coming from every single US institution.

Written and self-published by Ed Brodow, a veteran conservative columnist, The War on Whites covers what the author calls “the anti-white racial inquisition against whites.” Mr. Brodow gives example after example of this anti-white racial enmity by reporters, black activists, politicians, and college professors. A political pundit, he holds Barack Obama and Joe Biden particularly responsible for the war on whites.

Why did Mr. Brodow write this book? He explains: “Whites are being demonized and marginalized at every turn. Any attempt to say, ‘I am proud to be white,’ is met with scorn and ridicule. I have become an advocate for white people. Thirty years ago, this never would have occurred to me.”

The author gives numerous examples of anti-white hate speech throughout the book:

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Dr. Daniel Mansfield and his team at the University of New South Wales in Australia have just made an incredible discovery. While studying a 3,700-year-old tablet from the ancient civilization of Babylon, they found evidence that the Babylonians were doing something astounding: trigonometry!

Most historians have credited the Greeks with creating the study of triangles' sides and angles, but this tablet presents indisputable evidence that the Babylonians were using the technique 1,500 years before the Greeks ever were.

Mansfield and his team are, understandably, incredibly proud. What they discovered is that the tablet is actually an ancient trigonometry table.

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We are learning more about the suspects wanted in several high-end burglaries across Oakland County.

In some cases – hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuables are gone, and it’s believed an international crime ring is behind it all, so-called crime tourists.

"If you see something, say something," said Sheriff Michael Bouchard, calling on residents to look for anything out of the ordinary.

He says that transnational gangs are coming primarily from South America targeting wealthy communities in the US. Bouchard said they are casing and targeting high-end residences, grabbing cash, jewelry, watches, precious metals, high-end purses, and electronics.

"We estimate there are crews and operations all across the country in a pretty substantial number," he said.

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Not long after Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) was caught pulling a fire alarm at the House office building as part of an effort to delay a vote on a Republican-backed stopgap spending bill, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) issued a call for the Department of Justice to prosecute the far-left representative under the same laws it used to lock up defendants who were involved with the Capitol Riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

"Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulled the fire alarm in the Cannon building this afternoon and interrupted the official proceedings of the House as Republicans worked to keep the government open," Greene wrote on X. "I’m calling on the DOJ to prosecute him using the same law they used to prosecute J6 defendants for interfering with an official proceeding."

"The Democrats literally will do anything to shut OUR government down because billions aren’t going to their favorite country: Ukraine," added Greene. 

Posted on: Oct 01 06:39

The medical, media, and political elites’ focus has shifted from facts to fomenting and magnifying fear.

In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inaugural address in 1933, the new president told a nation in the depths of the Great Depression that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Those words were true and rightfully spoken at that time. Roosevelt knew that fear is a powerful emotion that limits our ability to reason, act wisely, and work together. It’s also an emotion that’s contagious and not easily diminished or dissipated.

The Power of Fear to Fragment Society

Unfortunately, Roosevelt’s words are even more applicable today.

On a personal level, decisions made under the emotional duress of fear are rarely the best ones and often the worst. Fear can bring out the best in us, but can often bring out the worst. That’s more likely to occur the more fragmented a society becomes. Fear among different groups of people creates an us-versus-them context in the minds of individuals, or even an “every-man-for-himself” attitude, which pits one group against another or even each of us against each other.

Now elevate that sense of fear to the level of the national electorate. A people or a nation that's paralyzed with fear makes rash decisions based on their fears of what could happen, not necessarily what the current situation truly is. When that happens, a society can quickly degenerate, where our base instincts determine our behavior in a law-of-the-jungle social environment.

Roosevelt knew this, as do our leaders today. The difference is that today, rather than seeking to dispel fear, our political and media elites create it, expand it, and revel in it. Rather than promote hope and strength of character in us, in a Roosevelt- or even a Reagan-like fashion, they traffic in fear and its fellow traveler social division in order to fragment our society.

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Think about the headline question at a personal level and also how you think the average person might answer.

Image from YouTube video below.

In answer to my lead question, I would expect a huge variety of opinions including but not limited to: Inflation, putting food on the table, rent, student loans, US debt, rising deficits, Social Security running out of money, broken political system, care of a sick or dying loved one, climate change, Trump, Biden, gas prices, crime, education, employment, unaffordable housing, saving for retirement, the UAW strike, auto repairs, home repairs, the cost of an auto, lack of saving, finding a job after college, credit card debt, and gasoline prices.

That’s over 20 legitimate concerns off the top of my head. Assistance to Ukraine as the #1 top priority is one thing that would not have crossed my mind until I saw this Tweet.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says Providing assistance for the Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now, according to most Republicans“.

Would assistance to Ukraine be your number one priority? Top 10? Top 20? On your list at all?

Q: Are politicians that seriously out of touch with what people’s concerns are?

A: Of course they are.

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The Biden family may have some more explaining to do over their international affairs, after the NY Post reports that Naomi Biden (Hunter's eldest daughter, not the grandchild Joe Biden mouth-kissed during the 2020 election), was living in the White House while representing the government of Peru in a legal case.

According to a review of public records, the 29-year-old has been working for DC-based law firm Arnold & Porter since January 2021, the same month her grandfather was sworn in as the 46th US president, after interning for the firm in 2019.

In September 2021, Naomi appeared in a legal filing disclosing her involvement in a case brought by Worth Capital Holdings 27, LLC, a Delaware firm which claimed that the country was interfering in the operation of their oil refinery located in the southern Amazon. Worth has sought $590 million in damages.

Of note, Arnold & Porter specializes in foreign litigation, and has defended dozens of sovereign states - including Venezuela, Bulgaria and Hungary. Interestingly, the Post notes that Naomi doesn't have a public page on the firm's website, unlike other firm attorneys.

Which begs the question, particularly in light of questions over the entire Biden family's foreign dealings, should Naomi have registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act)? That would of course depend on the circumstances and extent of her work.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:26

The most recent edition of the US Army War College’s academic journal includes a highly disturbing essay on what lessons the US military should take away from the continuing war in Ukraine.

By far the most concerning and most relevant section for the average American citizen is a subsection entitled “Casualties, Replacements, and Reconstitutions” which, to cut right to the chase, directly states, “Large-scale combat operations troop requirements may well require a reconceptualization of the 1970s and 1980s volunteer force and a move toward partial conscription.”

An Industrial War of Attrition Would Require Vast Numbers of Troops

The context for this supposed need to reinstate conscription is the estimate that were the US to enter into a large-scale conflict, every day it would likely suffer thirty-six hundred casualties and require eight hundred replacements, again per day. The report notes that over the course of twenty years in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US suffered fifty thousand casualties, a number which would likely be reached in merely two weeks of large-scale intensive combat.

The military is already facing an enormous recruiting shortfall. Last year the army alone fell short of its goal by fifteen thousand soldiers and is on track to be short an additional twenty thousand this year. On top of that, the report notes that the Individual Ready Reserve, which is composed of former service personnel who do not actively train and drill but may be called back into active service in the event they are needed, has dropped from seven hundred thousand in 1973 to seventy-six thousand now.

Prior to the Ukraine war, the fad theory in military planning was the idea of “hybrid warfare,” where the idea of giant state armies clashing on the battlefield requiring and consuming vast amounts of men and material was viewed as out of date as massed cavalry charges. Instead, these theorists argued that even when states did fight, it would be via proxies and special operations and would look more like the past twenty years of battling nonstate actors in the hills of Afghanistan. In a recent essay in the Journal of Security Studies, realist scholar Patrick Porter documents the rise of this theory and the fact that it is obviously garbage given the return of industrial wars of attrition.

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The White House told Fox News that President Biden is expected to sign legislation overturning his administration's previous decision to defund hunter and archery programs at schools nationwide. 

A White House spokesperson said Biden will support the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act that ensures proper funding via the Department of Education for elementary and secondary school hunting and archery programs. This comes after the anti-Second Amendment administration withheld funding for these programs earlier this year. 

Last week, the US Congress unanimously passed The Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act. 

The bipartisan legislation passed unanimously in the Senate on Wednesday evening and passed the House in a 424-1 vote one night prior. The bill had been championed by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who said a 2022 gun control law had been misinterpreted by the administration to restrict students' access to enrichment programs like hunting safety, archery and even culinary classes. -Fox News

"The bill had been championed by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who said a 2022 gun control law had been misinterpreted by the administration to restrict students' access to enrichment programs like hunting safety, archery and even culinary classes," Fox News noted. 

... we're sure the administration "misinterpreted" the gun control law as these anti-gunners wage war on law-abiding/tax-paying gun owners while only emboldening criminals through disastrous social justice reforms that have triggered a crime tsunami across failed progressive metro areas nationwide. 

Posted on: Oct 01 06:24

China’s State Council has released a crucial policy paper titled 'A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions' that should be read as a detailed, comprehensive road map for a peaceful, multipolar future.

That is if the hegemon - of course faithful to its configuration as War Inc. - does not drag the world into the abyss of a hybrid-turned-hot war with incandescent consequences.

In sync with the ever-evolving Russia-China strategic partnership, the white paper notes how “President Xi Jinping first raised the vision of a global community of shared future when addressing the Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 2013.”

That was ten years ago, when the New Silk Roads – or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) - was launched: that became the overarching foreign policy concept of the Xi era. The Belt and Road Forum next month in Beijing will celebrate the 10th anniversary of BRI, and relaunch a series of BRI projects.

“Community of Shared Future” is a concept virtually ignored across the collective West – and in several cases lost in translation across the East. The white paper’s ambition is to introduce “the theoretical base, practice and development of a global community of shared future.”

Posted on: Oct 01 06:23

In a fall call-up, Russia is drafting 130,000 more young men for compulsory service, based on a decree signed by President Putin on Friday. Men aged 18-27 will be recruited for a one-year period from Oct.1 and Dec.31, however, this latest conscription drive will not involve sending this new batch to fight in Ukraine, the Kremlin said

Deputy head of the military’s mobilization department, Rear Admiral Vladimir Tsimlyansky, sought to assure in a briefing, "There are no plans for additional mobilization measures."

Posted on: Oct 01 06:22

Every major economic downturn of the last 110 years bears the mark of the Federal Reserve.

In fact, as long as the Fed has been around, it has swung the economy between inflation and recession. Yet Americans, surprisingly, have tolerated it.

Image removed.

But we shouldn’t expect that to go on forever. We had three central banks before the Fed, and confined each to the ash heap of history. The problems inherent to central banking are cause to scrap the Fed as well.

Central banking dates to 1694, when the Bank of England was founded for the purpose of creating the hidden tax of inflation to provide cheap money to government—above all, for Britain’s many foreign wars. In exchange, the central bankers were paid well with interest.

Like any government-favored bank, the Bank of England lent money it didn’t have, lending far more than the silver in its vaults. The British government endorsed this fraud because the king and Parliament wanted the money.

But the fraud went further still: The Bank of England was allowed to use its new government bond holdings to back private loans, which meant creating even more money with no silver behind it to lend to private banks. This, too, earned interest, even though the money was created out of nothing.

The explosion of money caused a tissue fire in the British economy—a short period of fast growth followed by rampant inflation and an economic collapse. The boom-bust cycle was born, what we now call the “business cycle.”

When the Bank of England didn’t have enough silver to exchange for all the money it created, the British government pulled the 18th-century equivalent of a bailout by suspending specie redemption, allowing the Bank of England to stop repaying in the silver it had promised.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:22

One of the co-defendants charged along with Former President Donald Trump has pled guilty in the Georgia 2020 Election case, making him the first to do so.

On Friday, Scott Hall appeared on video in court where he entered a plea with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and pled guilty to five misdemeanor charges. Reportedly he will be sentenced to five years’ probation if he complies with the terms set.

The District Attorney’s (DA) office asked Hall to testify in related court hearings and trials before Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee, in which he agreed.

“Do you understand that the conditions of your probation in this sentence is that you testify truthfully at any further court proceedings to include trials of any co-defendants that is listed on the original indictment in which you were charged,” the DA’s office asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he responded.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:20

There’s been an astonishingly brazen propaganda push to normalize war profiteering in Ukraine as Kyiv coordinates with the arms industry and western governments to convert the war-ravaged nation into a major domestic weapons manufacturer, thereby turning Ukrainians into proxies of the military industrial complex as well as the Pentagon.

At an event in Kyiv which hosted 250 “defense” industry corporations from 30 different countries on Friday, President Zelensky gave a speech urging war profiteers to open factories in Ukraine to cut out the middleman of securing and delivering so many weapons from abroad. This is an investment that the arms industry would ostensibly have plenty of time to set up, given that western officials are now going out of their way to communicate to the public that this war will stretch on for many more years to come.

Zelensky’s speech twice made use of the phrase “defense-industrial complex”, and used the phrase “arsenal of the free world” no fewer than three times.

“Ukraine is developing a special economic regime for the defense-industrial complex,” Zelensky said. “To give all the opportunities to realize their potential to every company that works for the sake of defense — in Ukraine and with Ukraine or that wants to come to Ukraine.”

Posted on: Oct 01 06:19

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) ripped down two signs warning a second floor door in the Cannon House Office Building was for emergency use only before pulling the fire alarm and running out through a different door on a different floor, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

Multiple sources familiar with the investigation into Bowman pulling the fire alarm in the House, which triggered a full scale law enforcement and emergency services response leading to the evacuation of the building, told Breitbart News exclusively that Bowman ripped two signs down and threw then on the ground first.

The sources familiar with the investigation provided Breitbart News with photographs of the scene of the alleged crime later after the emergency door had been restored after the damage Bowman did to it.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:14

Smartmatic Implicated In Alleged Bribery Scheme Involving Top Filipino Election Official

Posted on: Oct 01 06:11

Democrat Rep. Jamal Bowman says claims he purposefully pulled a fire alarm to disrupt House Republicans as they debated a stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown are 'BS.' 

The New York representative was allegedly caught on camera pulling the stunt in the Cannon Building, which houses numerous Congressional office spaces, as lawmakers scrambled to pass a plan to keep the government funded before it ran out of money on Saturday at midnight.

Bowman is now being investigated after the incident that unfolded during chaotic scenes on Capitol Hill on Saturday as the deadline loomed to avert what seemed like an inevitable shutdown.

The House passed a short-term solution to keep the government funded for 45 days without additional funding for Ukraine, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy turning to Democrats to help him push it through. It went to the Senate, which was set to vote on Saturday night.

With the Republicans in disarray, Bowman quickly became the center of a firestorm over what he insists was a simple mistake that he thought would 'open a door'.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:09

A ground-breaking class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in a California superior court against Gilead Sciences for people injured or killed by remdesivir.

The complaint alleges violations of consumer protection laws, false advertising, deceptive promotion, negligent misrepresentation, and other charges related to the marketing and administration of remdesivir, also known as Veklury.

And “seeks restitution, injunctive relief, disgorgement (return of all profits made by Gilead from the sale of remdesivir), and other relief for Gilead’s alleged wrongdoing that resulted in countless personal injuries and wrongful deaths,” a statement released on Wednesday said.

Let’s not lose touch…Your Government and Big Tech are actively trying to censor the information reported by The Exposé to serve their own needs. Subscribe now to make sure you receive the latest uncensored news in your inbox…

The nationwide syndicate of health and freedom lawyers, in cooperation with FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation (“FFFF”) filed the complaint on behalf of potentially 100,000 relatives who have tragically lost loved ones and former patients who have suffered grievous injuries due to hospital treatment protocols.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:08

The Ukrainian soldiers trained by the US Army will possess only the most basic skill levels associated with the M1A1 Abrams. They will lack any tactical or operational skill when it comes to the employment of the tank in combat. Their gunnery skill will be rudimentary (they will more than likely miss their target on the first try, a kiss of death in modern combat), and they will lack the experience and skill necessary to troubleshoot the range of complex malfunctions that occur in the tank turret, electrical, hydraulic, armament, and fire control systems that come with the kind of intensive operations experienced in combat, but not during basic training.

The M1A1, when crewed by an experienced team of soldiers, is a lethal weapon. When crewed by Ukrainians possessing only basic skills—especially when going up against veteran Russian soldiers equipped with modern tank-killing weapons—the M1A1 is little more than a death trap, a mobile steel coffin for the four men inside. This was the case with the German Leopard 2A6, with the Swedish Strv 122, and the British Challenger 2. And it will be the case with the American M1A1.

Posted on: Oct 01 06:07

Great little docu-narration here, quite old but so important to unterstand the geopolitical and financial system history therein! Since found the guys who made it - Michael Rivero / Zane Henry here at https://whatreallyhappened.com/ !

Posted on: Oct 01 06:04

Ukraine will set up a new defense fund that includes seized Russian assets among its primary sources of financing, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has announced.

The move is aimed at providing authorities in Kiev with “additional resources” to boost military production, create new defense programs and support the country’s troops, Zelensky said, speaking on Friday at the first International Defense Industries forum in the Ukrainian capital.

“The fund will be replenished with dividends from state defense assets and with profits from the sale of confiscated Russian assets,” he stated.

The Ukrainian leader didn’t specify if he was talking about nearly $300 billion of Russia’s gold and forex reserves that have been frozen by the country's Western backers, or about Russian-owned properties in Ukraine, seized after the launch of Moscow’s military operation in February 2022.

Posted on: Oct 01 05:59

Desertion has become a major problem for the Kiev regime forces as soldiers become increasingly disenchanted with their cause, a Ukrainian soldier who was taken prisoner by Russian forces in the Zaporozhye region has revealed.

Morale in the Ukrainian forces is low as soldiers suspect that they are being sent their deaths while their commanders try to persuade them to keep fighting, a captured Ukrainian POW has revealed.

He also mentioned that the Ukrainian soldiers who deserted did so after seeing action.

“They did not say anything. They just spent a few days drinking vodka, then they grabbed their things and went AWOL,” the prisoner recalled, noting that “maybe about 50” Ukrainian soldiers deserted that way. “They just turn around and leave, maybe after realizing that their superiors are lying. Everything they [Ukrainian officers] say is a lie. People begin to think and realize that this is a meat grinder.”

Posted on: Oct 01 05:43

Qatar has called for intensifying international efforts to subject all Israeli nuclear facilities to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards and for Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The demand was put forward on Friday by the Chairman of Qatar's National Committee for the Prohibition of Weapons, Abdulaziz Salmeen al-Jabri, at the annual general conference of the IAEA currently underway in Vienna.

Jabri stressed these were legitimate demands that had been confirmed by "international legitimacy resolutions [that were passed] half a century ago," including "resolutions of the UN General Assembly [that have been passed] since 1974, [United Nations] Security Council Resolutions 487 of 1981 and 687 of 1991, numerous IAEA resolutions, and the resolution of the Review Conference of the Middle East Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1995."

He also said that bringing the Israeli nuclear program under international safeguards "is a prerequisite for establishing a nuclear-weapon-free zone in [West Asia]."

"Confronting nuclear proliferation in [West Asia] is at the core of the tasks assigned to the IAEA," he stressed.

Estimates of Israel's nuclear stockpile range between 80 and 400 warheads, which can be delivered via aircraft, submarine-launched cruise missiles, and the Jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental-range ballistic missiles.

Its first deliverable nuclear weapon is thought to have been completed in late 1966 or early 1967, making it the sixth country in the world to have developed them.

Israel has never openly tested its nuclear weapons nor signed the NPT, making it the world’s only unacknowledged nuclear power.

Posted on: Oct 01 05:42

Journalist and geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar discusses Henry Kissinger's trip to China in July and what it tells us about the failure of the US to win a broader war.

Posted on: Oct 01 05:38

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned on Thursday that the “next step of Ukraine War escalation” is stationing United States military advisers on the ground.

He flagged a recent article by Foreign Affairs titled “Why America Should Send Military Advisers to Ukraine: On-the-Ground Help Will Bolster Kyiv Without Risking Escalation.”

He posted on X: “Establishment journal Foreign Affairs signals the next step of Ukraine War escalation: stationing U.S. military advisors on the ground. Have they forgotten how we got embroiled in Vietnam?”

Posted on: Oct 01 05:37

A German member of parliament says his account with Deutsche Bank-owned Postbank has been closed for political reasons, claiming his being a politician from the right has made him a target for debanking.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) member of the Bundestag and party co-chairman Tino Chrupalla claims to have been debanked, telling national television: “On Friday my account was cancelled by Postbank because I am an AfD member”. This is part of a process of excluding and discrediting people outside the political mainstream, he claimed.

Postbank is owned by Deutsche Bank, one of the largest global banks. The AfD is a right-wing populist political party that campaigns on issues like mass migration, the European Union, and failures of the legacy political establishment. Critics say the party is racist and should be banned as unconstitutional.

German broadsheet newspaper Die Welt reports the comments of a Postbank spokesman, who stood behind client confidentiality to avoid discussing the case, but stated nevertheless they had the right to cancel any account they wanted to without having to give a reason.

Posted on: Oct 01 05:36