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"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." -- Patrick Henry 

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A surge in drone activity in restricted airspace over sites such as the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon in Washington has U.S. officials concerned about possible Chinese espionage, Politico reported Wednesday.
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Posted on: Nov 27 07:55
Canada’s tyrant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a visit on the latest edition of “Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World” on Friday to give the participants some inspirational words before the makeover showdown.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:54
Ten defendants are currently on trial in the Vatican Court for embezzlement involving participation in an investment fund and the purchase of a building in London.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:53
Joe Biden got caught in another big lie about his involvement in rail strike negotiations.
Posted on: Nov 27 07:53

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that it is monitoring another new Covid variant known as “XBB” that is reortedly responsible for around 3.1% of all new infections in the United States.

Last month US health officials said they were tracking the new Covid strain which had been described as the “most vaccine-resistant ever” after it caused a surge in cases in Singapore.

Webmaster addition: "We're gonna be RICH(er)!!!!" -- The Medical Industrial Complex

Posted on: Nov 27 07:49

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of using the coming winter as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

He made this claim on Tuesday, Nov. 22, through of a video message shown during a meeting of the Association of French Mayors.

“Now, on the eve of winter, we are facing one of the greatest threats since the beginning of all-out war,” said Zelensky. “The Kremlin has set the task of continuing the attacks on energy facilities – to turn the cold of winter into a weapon of mass destruction.”

In response to Ukrainian saboteurs targeting civilians and non-military infrastructure deep within Russia’s borders, the Russian armed forces attacked the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, notably power plants.

Webmaster addition: If Zelensky knew the history of Napoleon and Hitler, he would gave seen this coming!

Posted on: Nov 27 07:38
The Trucker Commission in Canada showcased testimony from top Trudeau officials from the Privy Council Office who were forced to justify why the trucker convoy protests were designated a “threat to national security” requiring invoking the Emergencies Act.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:35
Though the mainstream media won’t tell you this, the Biden economy is bad and getting worse.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:34
While Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are destroying the country like never before Kevin McCarthy is way too weak to stand up against this destruction of the USA. This is because McCarthy has never shown strength. He’s Paul Ryan’s puppet in the House.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:33
On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it is monitoring a new COVID-19 variant known as “XBB,” which is responsible for an estimated 3.1% of all new infections in the United States, according to Yahoo News.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:32
The climate extremists who have been vandalizing artworks and cars in recent months have now glued themselves to a conductor’s stand at a Beethoven concert on Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 27 07:32

UK-supplied Brimstone 2 missiles provide Ukraine with “new tactical options” with which to punish Vladimir Putin’s invading troops, a defence analyst has said. The Ministry of Defence is supplying the weapons to Ukraine, with pictures taken by the British Armed Forces Network showing them being loaded on to a plane at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire recently.

Prior to this, Britain supplied a consignment of previous-generation Brimstones to Volodymyr Zelensky in May.

However, Nick Brown, Director of Defence News at defence, intelligence provider Janes said Kyiv’s acquisition of the upgraded projectiles was highly significant.

He told “The original-generation Brimstone missiles that the UK donated to Ukraine were designed to be launched toward enemy vehicles in a fire-and-forget mode, with the missiles finding their targets using a millimetre-wave radar.”

Posted on: Nov 27 07:31
On Wednesday, the Biden regime banned the world’s largest sugar producer from exporting its product to the United States due to allegations that it was produced using forced labor.
Posted on: Nov 27 07:31

Although today was the deadline for EU diplomats to determine the specifics of the Russian oil price cap, we pointed out earlier just how "great" discussions were going with Poland rejecting a proposed cap of $65 per barrel as being too soft, while Greece refusing to consider anything below $70.

Meanwhile, amid the growing discord, in typical European fashion - where nobody has even looked at the math ahead of time - the entire concept of a price cap was clearly meaningless as explained in "The Ridiculous Reality Of The Russian Oil Price Cap Debate In One Picture."

Posted on: Nov 27 07:27

The full interview with Vladimir Kozin, a Russian expert at the Political-Military Studies Center, was made by Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti at the Russia Today headquarters in Moscow.

Vladimir Kozin denounces the fact that the United States after tearing up the INF Treaty is deploying intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe close to Russia, in addition to the new B61-12 nuclear bombs. Regarding these bombs, he declares:

“The B61-12s are already being sent to Europe, contrary to what was announced by Politico that they will arrive in December. We have information that the bombs already arrived because a specific aircraft such as the US F-35A fighter has already been delivered to NATO member countries. Even to Finland, which has not yet become a full member of NATO but is awaiting ratification. Finland has requested 65 F-35s capable of using nuclear weapons. And recently rumors have come from Helsinki that they would like to have US nuclear weapons on Finnish soil, as Germany has them, Belgium has them like Holland has them, and also Italy and Turkey. So, Europe is becoming a nuclear powder keg”.


Webmaster addition: Much worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis!

Posted on: Nov 27 07:26

According to the global grassroots organization 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers website (, there were no Muslim hijackers at the controls of the 9/11 aircraft but that these aircraft were electronically hijacked and remotely controlled through employment of a system called the uninterruptible autopilot that enables a remote source to take complete control of the aircraft autopilot and flight management computer and remotely guide it to its target destination. Once engaged, the pilots cannot disconnect this system.

According to the 9/11 Commission, the alleged hijackers had never flown the sophisticated B-757 and B-767 aircraft in their lives but were mainly trained in light, single engine Cessna 172s and the like.

This would be akin to only having driven your family automobile and climbing into a huge 18-wheeler semi-tractor trailer that you had never driven before, getting it up to a very high speed, and driving it through a garage without scraping the sides of the truck or hopping into a formula one race car that you hadn’t driven before and keeping it on the track at a very high speed.

Just because one can pilot a Cessna 172 does not qualify one to pilot a large commercial jet aircraft at very high speeds. It just doesn’t work that way.

A comparison of the cockpit layout of these types of aircraft will demonstrate the ludicrousness of the official story. There is no way the hijackers could have climbed into the cockpits of the jet aircraft, interpret the instrumentation and flight navigation systems, and fly the aircraft to their designated targets.

So how did three of four aircraft flies from the point at which they were hijacked to where they flew with cruise missile precision into buildings on the first attempt in New York City and Washington, DC?

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Posted on: Nov 27 07:25

Doctors in Ontario are reportedly being advised to consider using psychiatric medicines on patients who refuse the vaccine.

During an interview at ‘Let Freedom Reign Tour,’ Physician and Cancer Researcher Dr. William Makis claimed that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario sent out a note to doctors implying that their unvaccinated patients may be suffering from a mental illness and should be prescribed psychiatric medicine.

“So this has come out recently out of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The college sent out a letter or a memo to all the doctors in Ontario suggesting to them now, so far, they’re not mandating it, they’re just suggesting it, that any of their unvaccinated patients, that they should consider that they have a mental problem and that they should be put on psychiatric medication. So far, it’s just a suggestion,” Dr. Makis told Lynn Tyler Thompson.

“But the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario should not be making these kinds of suggestions. This is extremely unethical and this is a very, very slippery slope. If they’re suggesting that people who wish to have bodily autonomy and don’t want an experimental vaccine, that there may be something mentally wrong with them, that is a very, very dangerous, slippery slope that we’re on,” he continued.

Posted on: Nov 27 07:24

The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) and Rosgvardiya (National Guard of Russia) carried out a series of raids in Lugansk region, according to reports in Russian media.

The recent raids were aimed at dismantling a network of agents of the Ukrainian intelligence agency SBU, infamous for killing civilians and staging terrorist attacks.

According to the available reports, the pro-Kiev network included artillery observers and various radicals.

During the raid, Russian security services seized various means of communication, grenades, explosives and small arms. Persons detained for espionage and high treason may face up to 20 years in prison.

Posted on: Nov 27 07:19

A hybrid version of coronavirus, which fuses an Omicron version with a virus of the Wuhan strain, was developed by researchers at Boston University in October, Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said at a briefing on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

"In October, Boston University developed a chimeric coronavirus based on the Omicron variant and the original 'Wuhan' strain. The hybrid virus developed by the Americans killed 80% of the infected lab animals causing atypical neurological symptoms and significant lung injury," Kirillov said.

Webmaster addition: WHY?!?

Posted on: Nov 27 07:18

There can be no better example of the old saying “a lie can travel half way around the world before the truth is even putting its shoes on” than Lockerbie. This tragic story of a U.S. passenger flight brought down by a bomb over the small Scottish village just a few days before Christmas in 1988 is heartbreaking on a number of levels. But the main one is that even to this day, the Americans continue to keep the huge lie alive: Libya’s involvement.

Just in the last week of November, still we see news reports from U.S. media newswires writing about Lockerbie and continuing to promote Libya’s involvement when 34 years after the terrible event the evidence is so overwhelming to show that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing.

In recent days, it has been reported that a third man in the Lockerbie bombing – a Libyan intelligence officer with bomb-making skills – has disappeared, sparking worries in Libya that the Americans might restart a case against the country even though a previous agreement with the U.S. is in place. The officer in question is Abu Agila Mohammad Masud Kheir al-Marimi who in 2020 was charged by U.S. Attorney General William Barr a week before he left office during Trump’s presidency. Barr is the useful idiot who earlier during George W. H. Bush’s term in office charged in 1991, two Libyan nationals for the bombing: Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah.

Posted on: Nov 27 07:17

European politicians are once again fueling war with their calumnies against Russia and their deliberate stoking of Nazi embers.

One would think, perhaps, that with a perilous war raging on the European continent, the European Union’s parliament might want to show some leadership in promoting diplomatic solutions to end that conflict. No, not a bit of it.

The European Parliament has shown itself again this week to be nothing more than a giant reactionary talking shop whose proclaimed democratic values have an inverse relationship to its copious chamber of 705 parliamentarians.

Posted on: Nov 27 07:16

The United States proceeds with the policy of building up its military and biological capabilities, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention.

"I would like to point out that the United States continues to include the objectives of building up its military and biological capabilities in its doctrinal documents. For example, on October 18, the White House published a new strategy to counter biological threats that calls for $88 billion in funding, including $17 billion in the first year," he said.

Kirillov pointed out that another attempt by the US to interfere in the internal affairs of other states could be seen again. Under the strategy, "the actions to counter biological threats are supposed to be conducted regardless of the fact they occur on the US territory or abroad.".

Posted on: Nov 27 07:16

A civil liberty group is sounding the alarm after British Columbia’s New Democratic Party (NDP) Premier David Eby announced a forthcoming new law that would permit the government to take away one’s property or goods prior to being charged with a crime.  

The soon-to-be introduced “unexplained wealth order” (UWO) was announced by Eby on Sunday as part of a broader “public safety plan.” The government says the law is intended to target gangs and criminals who “profit on misery,” but experts warn that such a law would be a severe “infringement” on one’s constitutional rights as defined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

“The BCCLA (British Columbia Civil Liberties Association) believes that UWOs are an unnecessary expansion of government power,” the organization said in a statement, adding that such measures are “an unacceptable infringement of Canadians’ rights to the presumption of innocence, due process and privacy.”

Posted on: Nov 27 07:15

Elon Musk seemed to take a swipe at the Associated Press on Thursday, the latest pushback on news outlets that Musk claims are pushing misinformation.

In a pair of tweets, Musk called the news outlet an "expert in misinformation" after it published a report about a poll he conducted earlier in the day.

"Twitter couldn’t hope to compete!" he added in the tweet.

Posted on: Nov 27 07:06
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 12:40
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 12:40
A group of medical workers called Do No Harm has come forward with damning information about the University of Florida College of Medicine, which it says is injecting critical race theory (CRT) and other anti-white propaganda into its curriculum.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 12:40
Joe and Jill Biden are spending the Thanksgiving weekend at a $30 million estate in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
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Posted on: Nov 26 10:37