"The first casualty of war is truth." -- Rudyard Kipling

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Senior officials from the region’s various resistance groups have met in the Iranian capital with senior commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The meeting took place in Tehran on Wednesday with the IRGC’s Chief Commander, Major General Hossein Salami and Commander of the Corps’ Quds Force, Brigadier General Esmail Qa'ani in attendance.

It was also attended by Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas’ Political Bureau Chief, Ismail Haniyeh, Deputy Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement, Mohammad al-Hindi, and the senior representative of Yemen’s National Salvation Government, Mohammed Abdul-Salam.

The participants discussed the latest political, social, and military situation in the Gaza Strip, which has been enduring a genocidal Israeli war since last October, as well as al-Aqsa Storm, the retaliatory operation by Gaza’s resistance groups, following which the occupying regime launched the military onslaught.

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Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq have conducted separate operations against Israeli military positions in the 1948 occupied territories in support of Palestinians amid the genocidal war on Gaza.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television reported that Hezbollah fighters launched a volley of shells at three buildings housing Israeli troops in the Even Menachem moshav in the Western Galilee and the projectiles struck the designated targets precisely.

The Lebanese resistance group also targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, opposite the southern Lebanese village of Yaroun, with several missiles.

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Medvedev’s full essay title is “How the Anglo-Saxons Promoted Fascism in the XX Century and Reanimated it in the XXI: Five Questions on History to Our Former Allies.” Published just prior to Victory Day 2024, Medvedev is Deputy Chairman of The Security Council of the Russian Federation. Sorry for the delay in getting this out in English. I don’t know how widely distributed it was in Russia, and I’m pretty sure this is one of the first English translations. I didn’t block quote or provide any emphasis. Medvedev’s footnotes are at the end along with a closing note and link.

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A leading British think-tank has defended its decision to invite a far-right Ukrainian party founder to speak at an event in London this week. Ukrainian politician Andriy Parubiy, who set up a political party that attracted neo-Nazi sympathisers, was set to attend a public briefing at the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) this Friday. He was set to discuss Ukraine’s attempts to counter separatist and Russian attacks.

Mr Parubiy sparked controversy after he co-founded the far-right Socio-National Party of Ukraine in 1991, which was later renamed Svoboda. The party, which described itself as an “enemy of communism”, was modelled on Hitler’s fascist ideology and restricted membership to ethnic Ukrainians.

Mr Parubiy went onto head up the National Security and Defence Council. He is currently the First Deputy Speaker at the Ukrainian parliament.

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Donald Trump campaigned before a crowd of thousands in one of the most heavily Democratic and non-white sections of the US on Thursday days after he was mocked by many for declaring 'we're going to win New York' prior to a court appearance. 

The rally crowd in the South Bronx's Crotona Park extended far beyond the 3,500 who were slated to appear as thousands had to make do with waiting outside of the fenced in area, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 45th president. 

And worryingly for the Democrats, the rally was extremely-well attended by black and Hispanic people - two groups whose votes Joe Biden's party have been accused of taking for granted.  

As Trump fights to win minority voters, the famous New York real estate mogul delivered a speech about the decline of a city he loves - vowing to 'make New York City great again.' 

He also brought on stage rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow. Trump admired the dazzling diamond 'grills' on their teeth, with the bling-loving Republican joking he wanted to get one for himself.

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Authored by Citizen Soldier via RealClearDefense,

All Aboard! Here comes the latest Postwar Gravy Train, laden with massive government spending, lax oversight and other goodies for cunning contractors and economic opportunists seeking to benefit from the near-destruction of Ukraine.

Last week, the State Department announced it intends to seize Russian assets in the United States to help fund rebuilding efforts, though the estimated $300 billion here and in Europe won’t cover the projected price tag of $500 billion. “What Putin destroyed, Russia should – must – pay to rebuild,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

Like an earlier generation of interventionists, Blinken cites the “Pottery Barn rule” – You Break It, You Own It – to explain an aggressor’s moral obligation to rebuild. Colin Powell used the same reasoning in the summer of 2002, as a "caution" to President George W. Bush about the consequences of military action in Iraq. A major difference is the dollars at stake. American and European firms undoubtedly are eager to reconstruct a modern, high-tech country from the ground up.

Our government seeks every opportunity to impose itself, at home and abroad, but has a poor track record for managing projects.

No-bid contract awards, bribes and billions of missing dollars are the legacy of the Coalition Provisional Authority’s rebuilding work in Iraq, where officials concluded that not enough was accomplished for the amount of funds expended. We learned that when taxpayer money is plentiful, oversight and results will be negligible. Just imagine how generous and hands-off our government might be spending Russia’s money.

Not everyone endorses the act of confiscating Russia’s money, pointing to the principle of reciprocity as a reason to show restraint. “Stealing” the assets of a foreign country sets a dangerous precedent that could be applied against us. For example, what if China confiscates American assets to fund rebuilding projects in Libya, Iraq or other nations the United States has damaged through war?

The DC hype-meisters talk about the Great Power Competition of wannabe superpowers; they tell us that China is on the brink of becoming the dominant international force, that Russia is preparing to seize all of Europe. Here, though, the façade falls away—the elites believe the United States has no economic or military peers. When you’re as rich and mighty as America, there’s no fear of reciprocity.

The elites will do what’s in the immediate best interest of their friends, which include certain corporations and investors who will benefit from the most extensive international project since World War II. For this group, the only morality is a morality of power: Treating other nations the way you want to be treated is a rule for losers and weaker players.

Blinken and the politicians talk about our categorical imperative in Ukraine, how the world relies on America to “defend democracy” and “protect the rules-based order.” But their words ring hollow. The cynical truth is that what Russia breaks, America will take—using confiscated money to fund a massive rebuilding project that will be poorly managed, but lucrative for the chosen few involved.

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Amidst all the sadness and grief over the loss of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, let’s take a moment to showcase the critical path he helped forge toward a new global order. 

In the nearly three years since Raisi ascended to the Iranian presidency, Eurasian integration and the drive toward multipolarity have become fundamentally conducted by three major actors: Russia, China, and Iran. 

Which, by no accident, are the three top “existential threats” to the hegemonic power.

At 10 pm this past Sunday in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Iran’s ambassador to Moscow, Kazem Jalali, to be at the table in an impromptu meeting with the cream of the crop of Russia’s Defense Team. 

That invitation reached far beyond the myopic media conjecture over whether the Iranian president’s untimely death was due to an “accidental crash” or an act of sabotage. It came from the fruits of Raisi’s tireless labor to position Iran as an east-facing nation, boldly forging strategic alliances with Asia’s major powers while sweetening Tehran’s relations with past regional foes.

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Authored by Megan Redshaw, J.D. via The Epoch Times 

A new analysis suggests COVID-19 was reported more frequently than it should have been as an underlying cause of death, inflating COVID-19 mortality numbers and attributing deaths from other causes to the virus.

(Lane V. Erickson/Shutterstock)

In a preprint paper published in Research Gate, researchers aimed to identify who truly died “from” COVID-19 versus who died “with” COVID-19 but were included in U.S. COVID-19 mortality numbers.

To determine if COVID-19 was overreported as an underlying cause of death, researchers calculated the overreporting adjustment factor and compared the ratio of reporting COVID-19 as a multiple—or contributing—cause of death versus an underlying cause of death on death certificates from 2020 to 2022. They also examined how “pneumonia and influenza” were reported on death certificates from 2010 to 2022.

An overreporting adjustment factor for mortality is a statistical correction applied to mortality data to account for the propensity of certain death counts reported more frequently or inaccurately than others. It typically involves comparing reported death counts to a more accurate independent benchmark, which helps ensure data reflect the true incidence of deaths in a population. Here, the researchers chose pneumonia and influenza because the conditions are similar in nature to COVID-19, and they could compare patterns using mortality data before and after the pandemic began in 2020.

According to the preprint, data show COVID-19 was systematically overreported as an underlying cause of death during the pandemic by an average of about three times for all ages compared to influenza and pneumonia during the same period—and was highest in those aged 15 to 54. Additionally, only about one-third of influenza and pneumonia-related deaths were reported as underlying causes, whereas almost all COVID-19-related deaths were reported as “deaths from COVID-19.”

When comparing underlying cause death rates for different age groups for COVID-19 with death rates from influenza and pneumonia, researchers observed that underlying cause COVID-19 death rates were higher than those for influenza and pneumonia in the 15 to 24 and older age groups. After adjusting to obtain the overreporting factor, they found COVID-19 death rates were still higher than they were for influenza and pneumonia for ages 25 to 34 and older and equal for those aged 15 to 24.

About 30 percent of influenza and pneumonia-related deaths were registered as an underlying cause of death on death certificates, whereas 90 percent of COVID-19 deaths were recorded as the underlying cause of death in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, 76 percent of COVID-19 deaths were registered as the underlying cause.

“There was a systematic overreporting of deaths from COVID when we analyze versus the flu and pneumonia, as almost all COVID deaths were reported as the underlying cause,” Edward Dowd, founder of Phinance Technologies, told The Epoch Times. “Basically, when one wants to understand the pandemic, only about 30 percent of the reported COVID-19 deaths were ‘from COVID-19’ as the underlying cause,” Mr. Dowd said.

Claire's Observations: The fear-mongering, supported  by these fake statistics, was the element used to hype the MRNA shots;  now,. we find that everything we thought we understood about the  MRNA shots was utterly a lie, and the shots themselves have been the underlying causes of massive illnesses and deaths, both in this country and beyond.

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The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be 'extraordinary' as officials have revealed the most aggressive May outlook in history. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) held a live briefing Thursday to discuss the preseason outlook, forecasting 25 named storms that could result in up to 13 hurricanes - putting Florida in the path of these natural disasters.

NOAA officials said that there could also be up to seven tropical cyclones with  wind speeds of 111 miles per hour that could reach Category 3 or higher - the highest ever outlook given by the agency.

An above average season is qualified as having  14 named storms, seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes.

The predictions are based on the development of La Niña, a weather system that occurs when equatorial trade winds strengthen and causes ocean currents to change, and much warmer than usual in the main hurricane development region.

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Some war criminals from US media cried that it was fake and no, there are no Nazis in 404. 


Azov's emblem is a re-imagined "wolf's hook" of SS Division Das Reich. But because UK elites are inbred low lives, most of them anyway, here is freshest from UK today--former UK PM hosts Azov Nazis in Parliament. 



So, it is a logical conclusion for UK which has no honor, no integrity nor national pride left and it is only appropriate that they follow Canada's path to applauding human scum of Nazis.
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British lawmakers cheered a delegation of the notorious Azov Ukrainian military unit at a roundtable in Parliament on Wednesday, while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson called them “heroes.”

The neo-Nazi militia was founded in 2014 by white supremacist Andrey Biletsky, who designed its logo with symbols once used by the SS. It was eventually integrated into the Ukrainian armed forces, while retaining its Third Reich iconography. The battalion has been accused by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the UN of multiple human rights abuses, including rape and torture of civilians.

Three members of Azov visited London and spoke before a group of parliamentarians. Lieutenant Arseniy Fedosiuk and Ruslan Serbov had been captured in Mariupol in 2022, while the third, Sergeant Vladimir Vernygora, joined the unit in 2023. 

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Moral decay in the political West is obvious to the entire world. Even the relatively mundane things such as the laughable Eurovision “Song Contest” are a clear proof of this. It shows that most people in the political West cannot even enjoy music anymore without being subjected to a forceful display of societal degeneracy that is slowly but surely deconstructing Europe and all others unfortunate enough to be dominated by EU/NATO. And yet, the scale of the extremist, ultra-liberal dictatorship that has taken over all these countries is very difficult to understand unless one delves deeper into its darkest corners. This is particularly true when it comes to things like pedophilia and similar deviations that are considered criminal offenses in normal societies.

As pedophilia becomes more openly prevalent in the European Union’s and America’s political discourse, there are new euphemisms that such people would like to impose, including the ridiculous acronym known as the MAP or “minor-attracted person”. Even the United States government institutions openly support this agenda, promoting the “need to understand” pedophiles. Obviously, this means that anyone sane would want to keep their children as far away as possible from the political West, particularly as the so-called “transgender” people are now commonly seen dancing virtually naked in front of preschool kids, usually in sexually explicit ways. To the dismay of anyone even remotely sane, this has become the “new normal” in many Western countries.

Unfortunately, there are heavily indoctrinated people who are ready to expose their offspring to the severe childhood trauma of watching grown, virtually naked men pretending to be women. The majority still find it absolutely repulsive, but are too afraid to do anything about it. Such tectonic changes and the collapse of traditional and time-tested values also perfectly explain the virtual exodus of hundreds of thousands of normal people from areas afflicted by the (neo)liberal disease to other regions and countries where their families (children in particular) can be safe from escalating moral degeneracy. However, the number of places in the political West where one can be safe from this (which is already dangerously low) is going down fast.

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The Russian military has destroyed a rare MR-18 long-range aerial surveillance radar of Kiev forces in the special military operation zone.

Video footage of the strike on the radar were posted to social networks on May 22. However, it is still unclear when or exactly where the radar was struck. The footage shows the radar being shredded into pieces by a precision-guided missile that appears to be either a Kh-35 or Kh-38.

The MR-18 is a mobile 3D aerial surveillance radar for medium and high altitudes with coordinate and track outputs that can operate off-line or as a part of regional and national automatic control posts. It has a maximum range of around 400 kilometers.

The radar was developed by Ukraine’s Scientific and Production Complex, also known as Iskra, and only a few were manufactured.

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On the evening of May 23, the Ukrainian/NATO military launched another missile attack on the Crimean peninsula. According to the local reports, explosions thundered throughout the peninsula, except its western part. The attack was presumably launched by Ukrainian drones and US-made ATACMS or French-British Storm Shadow missiles. Unfortunately, the attack resulted in civilian casualties.

According to monitoring sources, at least 16 missiles were spotted heading for Crimea. Some of them were launched from the Odessa region. Also, about four UAVs were launched from the Kherson region.

Meanwhile, MQ-8 Reaper reconnaissance drone of the US Air Forces is circling in the sky over the Black Sea.

At about 10 p.m. local time, explosions were reported in the area of the capital of the Crimean Republic – Simferopol, as well as in the southern cities of Yalta and Alushta, in the north in Dzhankoy and in the west in Yevpatoria. Sirens sounded in Sevastopol. At least 20 explosions are heard in the Simferopol district of Crimea. Presumably, the detonation of ATACMS cluster missiles. According to preliminary reports, Ukrainian drones were shot down in the Alushta area.

Most of the explosions were likely the result of operations of Russian air defense forces. Local sources confirmed interception of several targets in the area. The official report by the Russian Defense Ministry is likely to reveal more details on the morning of May 24.

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reportedly asked President Biden to formally greenlight Ukrainian strikes against targets deep inside Russia using US-provided long-range weaponry amid growing pressure from hawks in Washington. Sputnik asked seasoned international affairs observer Scott Ritter about the development's dangerous endgame.

House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael McCaul added fuel to the fire of escalatory rhetoric swirling around Washington on Wednesday regarding restrictions on Ukraine’s use of American long-range strike weapons, trotting out a map during Secretary Blinken’s testimony showing areas of Russia hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian frontlines that weapons like ATACMS and HIMARS could hit.

“Will you change this policy so that Ukraine can fight without one hand tied behind its back?” McCaul asked.

“When it comes to enabling or endorsing attacks outside of Ukraine, that’s not something we’ve done, but Ukraine will have to make and will make its own decisions and I want to make sure that it gets the equipment that it needs,” Blinken said, avoiding a direct answer.

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by Tyler Durden

A new trove of emails released by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic reveal that top researchers involved in manipulating bat coronaviruses to better-infect humans then conspired to delete email evidence of their communications surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak.

Peter Daszak, David Morens, Peter Hotez

The communications focus on top NIH adviser Dr. David Morens, who solicited help from the NIH's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office to dodge records requests. Morens is currently on administrative leave.

"Evidence in possession of the Select Subcommittee suggests that Dr. Morens, while employed by NIAID and NIH acted as an agent on behalf of a federal grantee, EcoHealth," the Subcommittee notes. "Morens began assisting Dr. Daszak in how to respond to NIH compliance efforts," the release continues - referring to EcoHealth Alliance boss Peter Daszak, whose organization was suspended this month from receiving federal funds for three years.

"i learned from our foia lady here how to make emails disappear after I am foia’d but before the search starts," Morens wrote in a Feb. 24, 2021 email to an unknown recipient, adding "Plus i deleted most of those earlier emails after sending them to gmail."

In another email, Morens claims that "With the help of our IT folks, I went over the whole computer and phone situation... Basically, my gmail is safe from FOIA."

"Please pass this on to Peter and I ask you both that NOTHING gets sent to me except to my gmail."

Claire's Observations:  Are alleged "scientists" this vile, when there is money to be made in an  "alleged cure" for an illness that neither prevents you from getting it,    nor prevents your transmitting it to another person?!?  The short answer is, HELL, YES!!!!

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Earlier this month, Israel seized the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing in Gaza, the main crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Since that time, humanitarian aid coming into Gaza has slowed to a crawl, despite the much-hyped US-built pier constructed off the coast.

According to a journalist with sources on the ground in Gaza, the US-built pier that was constructed off the coast of Gaza ostensibly to bring in aid for hungry Palestinians was first used to bring in military equipment and then food, but the first batches of food went to Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers and not the starving citizens of Gaza.

Leila Hatoum was a guest on Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Thursday, where she described the current situation with the controversial pier.

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A Bill filed in the Italian Parliament provides for the return of compulsory military service, with 6 months of civil or military service for young people between 18 and 26 years of age, both men and women.  Men go military, women go Civil.

Matteo Salvini, vice-premier and leader of the League (political party), announced this initiative on social media, stressing that it represents a form of civic education, discipline, attention to others and respect for themselves and others, with potential positive effects on young people.

The bill, signed by the deputy of the Eugenio Zoffili League, is entitled “ Establishment of the territorial universal military and civil service and delegates to the Government for its discipline ”. Zoffili, member of the Defense in the Chamber commission, developed this proposal, anticipated by Salvini during the national Alpine meeting in Vicenza. The proposal aims to involve young people in activities useful to the community, such as rescue, civil protection, first aid and forest protection.

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Chinese Ambassador to Japan, Wu Jianghao, today publicly announced “The Japanese people will be dragged into a fiery hell,”  after Japan pledged support to Taiwan.

The ambassador has already been summoned to the Taiwan Foreign Ministry.

Hal Turner Snap Analysis

WOW!  That language is so unusual as to be completely unknown coming from _any_ China official.  

Seems as though old animosities are resurfacing in Asia.

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Ukrainian troops booby-trapped the bodies of dead civilians before retreating from the city of Avdeyevka, a security official in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) told TASS.

"We came to know that Ukrainian forces had booby-trapped the bodies of dead civilians before retreating. Those were the bodies of the people gunned down by them or killed in military operations," he said.

According to the official, in some cases, family members saw troops booby-trap the bodies of their dead relatives. "Bomb squad members did their best to remove mines in the most careful manner in order to make it possible for the families to bury the dead," he noted.

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Israeli forces will step up activity in Rafah, a city near Gaza’s border with Egypt, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, the Times of Israel reported.

"We are strengthening our effort against Rafah. This operation will go on and increase, more forces on the ground, more forces from the air, and we will reach our goals — to deal a very hard blow to Hamas, to deprive it of its military capabilities, to create the conditions to return the hostages to their homes," he said onboard a patrol boat on a trip to the Gaza coast.

While on the tour, Gallant was joined by several Navy commanders, the Times of Israel reported. Gallant was briefed on "the operational and humanitarian efforts in the maritime arena."

The international community earlier called on Israel to not conduct a full-blown operation in Rafah. The US said the operation would be a mistake, putting civilians in the city in harm’s way and weakening Israeli security. Israel insists that the operation in Rafah is necessary for full victory over Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the operation in the city will be crucial to the country’s entire campaign in Gaza.

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With the accession of new states to the BRICS group the total strength of national satellite constellations of the association's member-countries has exceeded 1,200 spacecraft, Roscosmos CEO Yury Borisov has said.

"On May 23, a meeting of the heads of space agencies from the BRICS member-countries was held in Moscow under Russia’s presidency. The event was also attended by Russia’s sherpa in BRICS, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. In his welcoming speech, Yuri Borisov, the CEO of Roscosmos, said that the accession of the new member-countries to BRICS increased the overall strength of national orbital groups to more than 1,200 satellites," the corporation said in a news release.

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The threat of a world war is growing due to "insane statements" by Western politicians speculating about sending soldiers to Ukraine against the background of exercises in Russia involving non-strategic nuclear weapons, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has said.

He noted that "there has been no day without another crazy statement uttered by of some of the European politicians."

"There are those who want to send soldiers to Ukraine. Others are already speculating about the use of nuclear weapons. Every day the threat of a world war is getting closer," Szijjarto told a news conference after a meeting in Budapest with his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis.

"We see what is happening: European politicians are making statements about the use of nuclear weapons. The Russians are conducting exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons," Szijjarto said. He believes that "the time has come to stop this madness."

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Marianne Gingrich has said she could end her ex-husband's career with a single interview. 

Earlier this week, she sat before ABCNEWS cameras, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. 

She spoke to ABCNEWS reporter Brian Ross for two hours, and her explosive revelations are set to rock the trail. 

But now a "civil war" has erupted inside of the network, an insider claims, on exactly when the confession will air! 

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