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"The problem we face today is that the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856- 1950)


There was celebration in the White House overnight when the AAA reported that the average retail gasoline prices fell below $4 a gallon to the lowest level since early March.

It wasn't just the Biden admin (which eagerly awaits the plunge in gas prices to translate in sharply higher approval ratings) however, which was enthused by the drop in gasoline: so was the broader market, expecting this drop in gas prices would allow the Fed to ease its tightening pace and accelerate the stock market bounce.

Webmaster addition: "When prices go up, Russia gets the blame, but when they go down, thank Biden!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Posted on: Aug 12 09:24

Previously undisclosed details behind the July 28 phone call between President Joe Biden and China's Xi Jinping have been revealed Thursday, wherein the Chinese leader urged "Now isn't the time for a bull-blown crisis."

A fresh Wall Street Journal report relates that while Xi warned Biden of unspecified consequences should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi follow through with her visit to Taiwan, making her the highest US official to do so in 25 years, he stressed he had no intention of entering a war with the United States. Citing people briefed on the call, Xi emphasized that both sides must "maintain peace and security" while reiterating Beijing's longstanding position on the Taiwan question. 

Posted on: Aug 12 09:23

As Israel unleashed a surprise wave of air strikes on Gaza last Friday, the two remaining Conservative politicians vying to replace disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson publicized letters vowing fealty to Israel.

Their timing underscored the degree to which British politicians on both sides of the aisle have now joined their American counterparts in making commitment to Israel a defining issue in their campaigns for highest office.

Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, and Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, trumpeted their pro-Israel credentials over the weekend, as Israel killed 45 Palestinians, including 16 children, and injured hundreds more. Israel said several Islamic Jihad leaders – the intended targets – were among the dead. A ceasefire went into effect late on Sunday night.

Posted on: Aug 12 09:23

Taiwan on Thursday rejected China’s new white paper that calls for the island to be absorbed under “one country, two systems” and emphasizes Beijing’s goal for “peaceful reunification.”

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council said “one country, two systems” was “unacceptable” and is “not an option for Taiwan.” The island’s Foreign Ministry slammed the release of the white paper, which came after China held its largest-ever military drills around the island in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taipei.

“China has repeatedly staged provocative actions, including sabre-rattling drills, cyberattacks and disinformation to try to coerce Taiwan in recent days, and even released its so-called policy white paper towards Taiwan to promote its so-called grand mission of unification with the motherland,” Taiwanese Foreign ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said.

Posted on: Aug 12 09:22

WHEN A CEASEFIRE on Sunday night ended a three-day Israeli offensive in the Gaza strip, over 350 Palestinians were wounded and 46 were dead, including 16 children, according to Palestinian officials. Media coverage in the U.S. was mainly led by photographs of smoke-filled skies or Gazans walking amid piles of rubble. While the photos were accurate and recent, the safety of selecting these images, rather than graphic ones, effectively portrayed a reality for American audiences far removed from what had truly unfolded on the ground.

To look at the totality of images that are made during a news event is an experience most Americans, with the exception of photo editors in newsrooms, rarely experience. As the Palestinian death toll climbed over the weekend, images from photojournalists based in Gaza poured into massive databases like Getty Images and AP Images. A quick search for “Gaza” on Getty Images, for example, returns hundreds of recent photographs, a near-endless grid of brutality from the last week.

In many images, children killed by Israeli bombs are displayed prominently. These images show funerals, the faces of the deceased uncovered, their bodies held aloft and marched through the streets. In some photographs, mourners are seen taking their own images of the bodies on their cellphones — proof of what horrors have occurred.

Posted on: Aug 12 09:22

Social media giant Meta has been censoring posts referencing the recent killing of a prominent Palestinian resistance fighter, mainly targeting journalists based in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, activists claim.

Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, a senior commander of Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, was killed on 9 August by Israeli forces during an army raid in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus and subsequent exchanges of fire, along with Islam Sobhi and Hussain Jamal Taha.

Images of Nabulsi went viral following the news of his death. Yet, a number of Palestinian journalists and activists who shared photos and videos of Nabulsi said their posts were banned on Meta-affiliated social media platforms.

They said Instagram and Facebook began deleting and censoring photos of the "martyrs" and their families following the killings. Posts that mentioned Nabulsi, Sobhi and Taha were blocked, as well as any content that mourned their death.

Posted on: Aug 12 09:20

Former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss claimed that a staffer at the Times sought to get an op-ed from Senator Tim Scott, R-S.C., approved by then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., before publishing the article in 2020.

Weiss recounted the story of blatant media bias during the latest episode of her podcast, "Honestly with Bari Weiss," on Wednesday, with Scott as her featured guest.

The audio snippet, flagged by Mediaite on Thursday, featured Weiss describing the account to the South Carolina Senator, who had been unaware of the incident. 

Posted on: Aug 12 09:11

Eric Trump provided more details into the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday, in which the second-oldest son stated that agents were in areas of the residents where they “shouldn’t have been.”

The president’s son told The Daily Mail that agents asked Mar-a-Lago staff to turn off the estate’s security cameras. However, they refused to do so: “There’s 30 agents there,” Eric began. “They told our lawyer… you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras.”

The staff’s refusal to turn off the security cameras allowed Eric Trump to see that agents were in parts of the property that they shouldn’t have been —  such as Melania Trump’s closet. President Trump said that agents left the area a mess: “Just learned that agents went through the First Lady’s closets and rummaged through her clothing and personal items. Surprisingly, left area in a relative mess. Wow!”

Posted on: Aug 12 08:43

Despite what is being peddled to the public, we are in a recession. But, more importantly, optimism in the economy is sinking extremely low.

A study conducted by CNBC before the numbers indicating a recession were reported claimed that 66% of Americans were worried that a recession would likely happen soon. On top of this, Americans continue to worry about inflation, especially since the inflation rate reached 9.1%. The highest point of inflation in the United States has been since the 1980s.

So, why is inflation so high? The simple answer is Joe Biden, along with his extreme policies. It seemed like just a few years ago, we had a robust economy, with a much lower inflation rate, with both rising wages and lower taxes. These benefits came with the Trump administration.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:30

 After admitting to signing off on the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Attorney General Merrick Garland now faces a long list of questions.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 12 08:26

Outgoing Whole Foods CEO John Mackey issued a dire warning about the encroachment of socialism in an interview this week.

What did Mackay say?

Mackey announced last September that he was retiring from managing the supermarket chain that he co-founded more than 40 years ago. But before his departure from Whole Foods at the end of August, Mackey is warning Americans about socialism.

"My concern is that I feel like socialists are taking over," Mackey said on the "Reason" podcast this week.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:23

‘Save America’ Attorney Christina Bobb praised former President Donald Trump’s decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions from New York Attorney General Letitia James at a deposition Wednesday.

“It’s a fundamental right that he has as an American citizen,” said Bobb. “It’s one of the reasons we have such an amazing, great nation that he loves so much and fights to serve this country. The Fifth amendment is to protect people against an oppressive government. You don’t have to speak to the government. You don’t have to say anything that could potentially incriminate you.”

Bobb explained that the burden of responsibility in this situation falls on the government.

“It’s the government’s responsibility,” said Bobb. “If they believe you’ve done something wrong and want to take away your liberties by throwing you in jail or doing something to you, it’s their responsibility to figure it out. And you have no obligation to help them.”

James scheduled the deposition to question Trump as part of a three-year civil lawsuit regarding the Trump Organization’s business dealings, specifically whether the business improperly inflated the value of its assets.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:22

Responding to the criticisms of her race-swapped casting as Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of their animated take on the Danish fairytale, The Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey has revealed that she was able to weather the negative reception by believing that her casting would be a huge win for black representation.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:19

Preliminary data obtained by The Center Square from a U.S. Border Patrol agent show apprehensions and gotaways at the southern border total 232,809 in June.

This includes 188,787 encounters/apprehensions and at least 44,022 gotaways.

The preliminary data excludes Office of Field Operations data, meaning the official numbers, once released, will be higher, although U.S. Customs and Border Protection doesn’t make the gotaway data public.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:15

Facing what by all accounts will be a drubbing on election night, Democrats are scrambling to come up with a campaign message voters might actually embrace for the midterm election.

Now they think they might have hit on it. The message will be to portray Republicans as pursuing an “extreme MAGA agenda that costs families,” according to a White House communications memo. 

That’s the talking point President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris intend to use as they travel around the country touting their latest tax hike and climate spending bill, dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Posted on: Aug 12 08:13

President Joe Biden and his family arrived in South Carolina on Wednesday for a week-long vacation on Kiawah Island hours after his grandson Beau stole the show upon departure by imitating the president by wearing a matching blue mini-me suit and waving at the crowd.

Biden, attended by first lady Jill Biden, departed the White House by motorcade to Joint Base Andrews outside the capital where they were joined on Air Force One by his son, Hunter Biden, daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen and grandson Beau.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:11

The son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who quietly accompanied his mother on last week’s controversial trip to Taiwan where she called out China for its threatening moves toward the self-ruled island, holds a stake in a Chinese technology company, according to a report on Thursday.

​​Paul Pelosi Jr., who received 700,000 shares of Borqs Technologies as compensation for his services, became the second-largest investor after CEO Pat Sek Yuen Chan​ ​​when other company insiders sold ​their ​​shares i​n June 2021​​, the Daily Mail reported, citing Security and Exchange Commission filings.

As of March 2022, Pelosi Jr. still owned around 147,000 shares — or about 0.07% of outstanding shares. 

Posted on: Aug 12 08:10

An armed man who held a bank hostage for more than six hours in Beirut because he could not withdraw savings has been hailed a hero by the public.

Banks in Lebanon have put tight rules on how much money people can access, amid a deep economic crisis.

The suspect entered the bank with a rifle, poured petrol and demanded his money for hospital bills, AFP reported.

His actions captured public support - with cheering crowds gathering outside and chanting: "You are a hero."

The stand-off eventually ended peacefully with no injuries, after negotiators struck an agreement allowing the suspect to receive $35,000 (£29,000) of his savings upfront, LBC TV channel reported.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:08

China’s government-run Xinhua News Agency announced on Tuesday that the Communist Party would lower gasoline and diesel prices nationwide, a move following growing purchases of cheap Russian petroleum products and of American gasoline leftist President Joe Biden released from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

“The prices will go down by 130 yuan (about 19 U.S. dollars) per tonne and 125 yuan per tonne, respectively, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC),” Xinhua reported. The communist regime outlet noted that the price drop was the fifth of its kind this year and fourth since June. The government agency announcing the move, Xinhua detailed, acted in response to a drop in international oil prices – partially fueled by a collapse in demand in China, where the Communist Party regularly, and arbitrarily, imposes sweeping Chinese coronavirus lockdowns in major cities without warning.

Posted on: Aug 12 08:07

 Conditions are getting so bad in President Joe Biden’s America, even the normally insulated political and financial elite are starting to suffer.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 12 08:00

A special Cabinet meeting began at 11:30 local time. It is expected that soon it will become known about the new composition of the Japanese government under the leadership of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, Pledge Times reported.

The desire to renew the composition of the Japanese government was announced last fall. Then Kishida declared that the country’s leadership needed to “meet face to face with public opinion.” At the same time, the head of Japan’s main opposition force, the Constitutional Democratic Party, Yukio Edano, stressed that “a change in the entire government is needed since the LPD will not change.”

Kishida was confirmed on October 4, 2021, by a majority vote as the Prime Minister of Japan. Now in the lower house of the Japanese Parliament, out of 465 seats, 305 belong to the deputies of the ruling coalition as part of the LDP and its partner, the Komeito party.

Posted on: Aug 12 07:57

Is the military industrial complex insane enough to incinerate Earth's last remaining forests in order to achieve the objectives of the global controllers? The short answer is yes. A formerly classified US military document titled "Forest Fire As A Military Weapon" is a truly shocking exposé of planned scorched Earth destruction. The US Forest Service actually participated in the research and planning that went into this military instruction manual for carrying out orchestrated forest fire catastrophes. What part have climate intervention operations played in the preparation of forests for extreme and unprecedented incineration all over the world? The short video report below reveals the shocking degree of research that the US military and the US Forest Service has put into preparing forests for extreme incineration. 

Posted on: Aug 12 07:56

A source close to Pompeo explained to Yahoo News that the Justice Department reached out to give him advance notice that he was the different high-ranking Trump official mentioned in charges against Shahram Poursafi, a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, unsealed on Wednesday.

Posted on: Aug 12 07:54

Scientists in China have reportedly developed a submarine drone that can also fly at high speeds. The drone has both civilian and military applications, including inspecting underwater mines and weakening enemy warship defense systems.

The South China Morning Post reported Monday that China’s latest drone has four propellers, including two that can tilt. It can slowly approach underwater targets and idle in one area for an extended period, researchers said. 

Professor Ji Wanfeng of the Naval Aviation University in Yantai, Shandong province said the drone can dive underwater when detected by radar and quickly resurface to avoid sonar. The maneuvers could overwhelm a warship’s computer, making the drone a cheap and effective way to cripple aircraft carriers’ defense systems.

Posted on: Aug 12 07:54

Boston Children’s Hospital advertises their surgeries through a video series on their official YouTube channel, with titles like "What You Need To Know Before Phalloplasty Surgery." The 90 videos in the series paint a rosy picture of the genital, chest and face surgeries they offer, followed by upbeat background music.

Chris Elston, otherwise known as "Billboard Chris," shared a tweet on Tuesday of a video in the Children’s Hospital playlist called "What happens during a gender-affirming hysterectomy?"

In that video, Dr. Frances Grimstad outlines the process of getting a "gender affirming hysterectomy."

It is "very similar to most hysterectomies that occur. Hysterectomy itself is the removal of the uterus, cervix, which is the opening of the uterus, and the the fallopian tubes which are attached to the sides of the uterus," Grimstad says

with a smile. Grimstad says that some "gender affirming hysterectomies will also include the removal of the ovaries," in short, the entire female reproductive system.

Posted on: Aug 12 07:52

In an opinion piece written for the New York Post by author James Bovard, he stressed several other former presidents that have taken years, if not decades, to produce records and tapes covered under the Presidential Records Act.

The Presidential Records Act, which states that "The United States shall reserve and retain complete ownership, possession, and control of Presidential records," has come into the attention after FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence under the option that he has held onto documents covered under this act.

According to Bovard, the Nixon Library did not reportedly publish its final set of the former President’s secret tapes until 2013, 39 years after his presidency ended in his resignation following the Watergate scandal.

Posted on: Aug 12 07:50

On July 24, licensed sex therapist Miranda Galbreath posted a video titled "Let's talk about minor-attracted persons." In the video, Galbreath cites pedophiles as "minor attracted people," stating that the term "pedophile" is a "judgemental, hurtful insult."

According to her, these pedophiles are "the most vilified population of folks" who suffer from the disparaging assumptions of the wider population.

In the video, Galbreath likened attraction to children to other sexualities stating that "[Minor-attracted person] simply means that the person has an enduring sexual or romantic attraction to minors. They have not chosen this attraction… you don't get to choose to be heterosexual or gay, and you don’t get to choose to be a minor-attracted person."

Webmaster addition: People don't get to choose to be homicidal maniacs, but we still lock them up to protect others. 

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