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"In a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out. It was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation." -- Dr. Peter A. McCullough

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“The Ukrainians are in bad shape… It won’t be long before the Ukrainians run out of food. It won’t be long before they freeze… They have done all that we can reasonably expect them to do. It’s time to negotiate…. before the offensive begins, because once it begins, there will be no further discussion between Moscow and Kiev until it is over to the satisfaction of the Russians.” Colonel Douglas MacGregor, “War in Ukraine; Quiet Before the Storm”, 15 minute-mark

“Strictly speaking, we haven’t started anything yet.” Russian President Vladimir Putin

Posted on: Nov 21 09:23

Virginia lawmakers are moving on legislation prohibiting biological males from competing in female sports.

The measure would require all athletes to complete a form submitted by a doctor that verifies their biological sex before competing in sports.

Any sports team sponsored by a public school would be required to designate the team as either a male team, a female team, or a coed team. Biological males would NOT be permitted to play on female teams.

Posted on: Nov 21 09:14

The decision of the Hague Court on the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777, Flight MH17, looks politicized as no solid evidence was presented, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs said, RIA Novosti reports.

The Hague Court rules Russia not guilty of Flight MH17 crash. It was shot down by mistake

Russian specialists were not allowed to participate in the activities of the joint investigation team in the MH17 case, he added.

"The decision, is, of course, politicised. We can not agree with it,” Slutsky said.


Posted on: Nov 21 09:13

The execution of prisoners of war is not a "tragic exception" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the Russian Defense Ministry said, commenting on the video of captive Russian servicemen being executed.

Videos of Ukrainian servicemen executing Russian POWs appear on social media

According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the killing of the captive Russian soldiers was deliberate and methodical.


Posted on: Nov 21 09:13
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) vowed to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from her committee assignment for her "repeated antisemitic and anti-American remarks."
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Posted on: Nov 21 09:09
The 17-year-old male had a gun when he jumped out of a vehicle at Westside High School — which is in Macon — and ran away Wednesday, the Bibb County Sheriff's Office said.
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Posted on: Nov 21 09:09


Yesterday’s article entitled The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine and the FTX Scandal expanded on a mountain of Moonshine work into Ukraine that draws back to 2018 and earlier; even before Moonshine existed and with the work being published at a different website. That article enveloped the FTX scandal that now evidences the now certain Ukrainian money laundering operation that was used to fund the stolen 2022 midterm elections.

Unsurprisingly, the Democratic party was the beneficiary of those funds.

Posted on: Nov 21 09:08
CBS News has declared that it will cease posting on Twitter because of "uncertainty" under the new leadership of Elon Musk. However, CBS News continues to operate an account on TikTok – which the U.S. government has warned is a Chinese surveillance tool.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 21 09:08

THIS is a crisis born out of serial material errors over many years and short-term fixes designed to kick the can down the road. Yesterday’s Budget compounds the error.

It not only raises taxes to an unprecedented peacetime level but it utterly fails to address the fundamental problem of far too much Government, far too much regulation and a dreadful bang for the buck. Rather than spending cuts, spending will continue to increase in real terms.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt smirks with pride as he says public spending will rise 1 per cent real in each of the next five years as the private sector pays the price. Without a hint of irony he says: ‘As Conservative we do not leave debt to the next generation’.

Posted on: Nov 21 09:07

Between 1943 and 1945, Ukrainian nationalists attacked 99 Polish towns and villages in Wolyn, a Nazi-occupied region of Poland and is now part of Ukraine, and massacred thousands of Poles. It is estimated that around 100,000 Poles died at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists.

The killings were initiated and directed by a radical Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera and his Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military arm, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Ukrainian villagers eagerly participated in the massacre. Their goal was to purge all non-Ukrainians from a future Ukrainian state. They wanted not only to purge Polish civilians, but also to erase all traces of Polish presence in the area.

Posted on: Nov 21 09:07
A gun-toting masked man threatened a worker inside a Philadelphia deli Thursday night while his accomplice, also masked, dragged an ATM out of the corner market in the 200 block of West Olney Avenue.
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Posted on: Nov 21 09:06
Delusional neoconservative weirdo Nikki Haley has once again heavily implied that she plans to run against former President Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 21 09:05

A surprisingly frank article by The New York Times titled “Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons” describes how the imperial war machine is capitalising on the US proxy war to test its weapons for future use.

“Ukraine has become a testing ground for state-of-the-art weapons and information systems, and new ways to use them, that Western political officials and military commanders predict could shape warfare for generations to come,” write’s NYT’s Lara Jakes.

Jakes writes that “new advances in technology and training in Ukraine are being closely monitored for the ways they are changing the face of the fight.” These new technological advancements include an information system known as Delta, as well as “remote-controlled boats, anti-drone weapons known as SkyWipers and an updated version of an air-defense system built in Germany that the German military itself has yet to use.”

Posted on: Nov 21 09:05

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner has admitted that former President Donald Trump was right about TikTok being an “enormous threat.”

Posted on: Nov 21 09:05

With Kiev exposed for a lie that could have triggered a third world war, it is time to examine past deceptions that Western media promoted.

A missile that exploded on Polish soil on November 15 killed two civilians and destroyed farm equipment. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Western corporate media rushed to blame the explosion on Russia in apparent hopes of triggering NATO’s Article 5, which requires NATO states to defend one another militarily when attacked by a hostile force.

Polish and NATO members including US President Joseph Biden have since confirmed the missile that struck Poland was, in fact, a Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile. Yet Zelensky is sticking to his line, blaming Russia for the strike, while NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg still insists that “Russia bears ultimate responsibility.” Meanwhile, the media outlets that reflexively pointed the finger at Russia have been forced to take a step back from their initial reporting.

Posted on: Nov 21 09:04

If anyone wants to see just how far that Martha's Vineyard "stunt" initiated by Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis has gone, take a look at what's going on in France and Italy:

According to the U.K. Express:

A diplomatic row between France and Italy erupted last week when Rome forced Macron's hand to accept a humanitarian rescue ship, the Ocean Viking with 234 migrants aboard, after Italy had refused it a port for weeks.

The presidents of Italy and France sought to tamp down tensions over migration Monday by asserting the need for “full cooperation” on a host of issues and the importance of strong bilateral relations after days of diplomatic barbs over the fate of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. In response to Italy's demand France accepted migrants from the Ocean Viking rescue ship, President Emmanuel Macron retaliated by suspending its participation in an EU solidarity pact to accept 3,000 relocated migrants this year from Italy and sent officers to reinforce its southern border crossings and prevent migrants from entering.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:58

It only took 40 hours for CBS News to realize what absolute morons they'd been to stop posting on Twitter over "security concerns" with the platform.

"After pausing for much of the weekend to assess the security concerns, CBS News and Stations is resuming its activity on Twitter as we continue to monitor the situation," the news organization's communications team tweeted Sunday morning.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:56

The head of Germany's Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK), Ralph Tiesler, has warned citizens to prepare for short-term power outages, particularly in January and February, and to stock up on rations in advance.

"We have to assume that there will be blackouts this winter. By that, I mean a regional and temporary interruption in the power supply. The cause will not only be energy shortages, but also the targeted, temporary shutdown of the networks by the operators, with the aim of protecting the networks and not endangering the overall supply," Tiesler told the news outlet Welt am Sonntag, adding that local authorities in several German municipalities are preparing for the possibility of blackouts, and have developed 'precise plans' that include procuring emergency generators to support the system.

That said, some municipalities are not prepared - and despite German gas storage facilities being near capacity, experts don't think the stockpile will be enough to last the country through the winter due to a lack of new supply from Russia.

"We expect short-term blackouts rather than long-lasting, large-scale blackouts. But good preparation is important for that, too," Tiesler added.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:56

The Arizona attorney general's office has launched an investigation into irregularities in Maricopa County's handling of the midterm elections.

Trump-backed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake

AG Mark Brnovich's election integrity unit has demanded a full report of well-publicized irregularities, and what he claims is evidence of "statutory violations."

The letter, sent late Saturday by Assistant AG Jennifer Wright to the county's top civil division attorney, Thomas Liddy, is a major escalation over widespread problems with voting tabulators and printers, which delayed the declaration of a winner in razor-thin races in the attorney general's race and the gubernatorial race.

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has questioned the media's premature declaration that her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs - who wasn't exactly popular, won.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:55

It’s been more than a year since the U.S. military’s chaotic withdrawal from Kabul, and the Defense Department actually has no clear idea how much U.S.-funded military equipment fell into the Taliban’s hands in Afghanistan, according to a new report from a top government watchdog.

While a previous Pentagon inspector general report in August estimated that roughly $7.12 billion in U.S.-funded military equipment was still in the inventory of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) when the central government in Kabul collapsed, a new assessment from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) revealed last week that the Pentagon “has struggled for years with accurately accounting for the equipment it provided to the ANDSF.”

The lack of accurate accounting stemmed from using the Core Inventory Management System (Core IMS) despite “limitations with the utility and accuracy of that system” reported by SIGAR since at least 2008. Indeed, a 2020 DoD IG audit revealed that Core IMS was never utilized at more than half of the Afghan-maintained weapons storage sites across the country simply because they lacked consistent access to electricity or the internet.

In addition, U.S. military officials concluded since at least 2014 that ANDSF personnel were “not entering information correctly into the system,” and maintained inventory records using  “hard copy documents, handwritten records, and some Microsoft Excel spreadsheets,” according to the SIGAR report — the same system that created the conditions for ‘ghost soldiers,” or nonexistent personnel created solely to funnel money and equipment to (often-illicit) sources.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:52

Russia used to be the dominant player at China’s biennial air show. However, at the recent 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, Russia kept a low profile, and its two air show teams were absent this year. Moreover, a Russian defense company showed a publicity film in which a Russian military plane blew up a Chinese warship.

A Chinese J-20 stealth fighter of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) performs at the Airshow China 2022 in Zhuhai, in southern China's Guangdong Province, on Nov. 8, 2022. (CNS/AFP via Getty Images)

The six-day exhibition, which kicked off on Nov. 8 in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, attracted public attention amid the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war.

State-run media Global Times reported on Nov. 10 that the booth of Rosoboronexport—the only state organization in Russia that exports the entire range of military, dual-use products, services, and technologies—was much smaller than before, which had “a video display to showcase the Russian developed Su-57E stealth fighter, Su-35 super maneuverable fighter, Su-34E fighter-bomber, etc.”

Posted on: Nov 21 08:51

Three days after Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoked the state's "Invasion Clauses" to tackle the record-setting influx of migrants illegally crossing the southern border, a new planning document obtained by Army Times and The Texas Tribune reveals Texas Military Department officials are planning to deploy a fleet of fully tracked armored personnel carriers and National Guard troops. 

Texas Military Department officials issued the order Thursday to the headquarters leading Operation Lone Star reveals. It detailed the deployment of ten M113 armored personnel carrier vehicles to the border. 

By Friday, the Texas Military Department released a statement that "aircraft flights and security efforts" will also be ramped up. 

"These actions are part of a larger strategy to use every available tool to fight back against the record-breaking level of illegal immigration.

 "The Texas National Guard is taking unprecedented measures to safeguard our border and to repel and turn-back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally," the department said.

Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021, deploying soldiers and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers to counter the influx of illegals crossing the border while the Biden administration turned a blind eye to the migrant crisis they sparked. 

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted a shocking video from Eagle Pass, Texas, via drone outfitted with a thermal imaging system. He said the drone "shows a large group of migrants crossing illegally into private property early this morning [Thursday morning]."

Webmaster addition: I don't know. That little box might not scare the illegal immigrants. How about something like...

Posted on: Nov 21 08:48

An executive from the online crowdfunding platform GoFundMe said in testimony before a parliamentary committee that there is no evidence suggesting that any of the funds raised for the Freedom Convoy protest through the platform were illegal or acquired through criminal means.

A person crosses the street beside a big rig parked on Metcalfe Street in downtown Ottawa during the second week of the Freedom Convoy protest against federal COVID-19 restrictions, on Feb. 7, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Justin Tang)

Conservative MP Larry Brock asked GoFundMe general counsel Kim Wilford if she agreed that there was “no evidence that any of the funds originating to your platform were proceeds of crime.”

That is correct,” Wilford told the parliamentary joint committee on the declaration of emergency on Nov. 18.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in the House of Commons on Feb. 9 that there was a “flow of funds through criminal activities” being sent to the convoy.

Just over a week later, the prime minister also told the House that the convoy was “being heavily supported by individuals in the United States and from elsewhere around the world.”

“We see that roughly half of the funding that is flowing to the barricaders here is coming from the United States,” he said on Feb. 17.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:47

Six-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards says the upcoming book “Sold Out” lays out the case why a huge crash is already a certainty sometime in 2023. 

In a nutshell, broken supply chains have already caused big inflation, and the Fed is raising rates to tamp it back down.  On top of the perfect storm of inflation and prolonged supply problems, we have the recent meltdown of the FTX crypto currency exchange.  Rickards says,

It is definitely going to cause sequential collapses in the crypto world, but will it jump the fence into the broader financial world?  My expectation is it will, but it can take six months or more to play out...

We probably have an acute global financial crisis coming anyway.  If FTX never existed, I would say we are staring at a worse financial crisis than 2008.  Throw FTX on top of that, and it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.  It will accelerate the fire.  So, we’re probably going to have problems anyway, but the FTX implosion just makes it worse.”

As far as the dwindling supply chains, Rickards says, “The old supply chain has collapsed.  A new supply chain will emerge, and I talk about that in my book and what it will look like..."

Posted on: Nov 21 08:44

With schools teaching sex and gender ideology beginning in kindergarten, the Biden administration encouraging early medical treatments for gender dysphoria, and social media influencers discussing the topic, a record number of adolescent girls believe they are transgender and are transitioning to live as males.

Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, in New York on Sep. 23, 2022. (Blake Wu/The Epoch Times)

Concerned adults are sounding the alarm on the lack of scientific studies to support transgender medical treatments that permanently alter a young person’s physiology and leave their mental health issues unresolved.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Miriam Grossman, who has been a mental health professional for 40 years, said the gender industry is built on the lies of one troubled psychologist.

“The person who came up with the theory was Dr. John Money, and he came up with this idea that a person’s biology—their body, their chromosomes—is completely separate from their feeling of whether they are male or female,” Grossman said during a Sept. 23 interview for EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

Grossman said the industry surrounding gender ideology—from gender clinics and hospitals to transgender pride flags and the emergence of a transgender civil rights movement—is based on a concept that was never proven to be true.

“In fact, the opposite was proven,” she said. “This whole concept of having an identity as male or female being completely separate from your biology has actually been proven incorrect by John Money’s experiment.

Posted on: Nov 21 08:43