Migrants are getting fed up with the hustle and bustle of New York City, and are leaving for Canada on buses paid for with taxpayer money.

As migrants arrive in NYC, National Guard soldiers have been stationed in the Port Authority bus terminal to hand out free tickets for shuttles heading upstate towards the Canadian border.

City Hall sources said the move was part of a 're-ticketing' plan to help migrants work their way to Canada, according to The New York Post, where president Justin Trudeau has been outspoken about building a haven for people in need.

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Israel will carefully study the possibility of supplying Ukraine with defensive weapons, including the Iron Dome air defense system, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on February 5, answering a question on the matter by French news channel LCI.

The Israeli PM, who assumed his position very recently, stressed that his country does not want to start a confrontation with Russia in Syria.

“I’m going to look into it. But I’ll judge it in the best way that [I] can,” Netanyahu said, adding that Israel would examine the issue “in light of our national interest.”

Netanyahu went on to explain to reporters that Israeli and Russian warplanes “fly within spitting distance over the skies of Syria.”

“We’re not interested in having a military confrontation between Israel and Russia. I don’t think that will serve anyone’s purpose. So far, we’ve avoided it,” he added.

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Doctors Were Bullied Into Not Writing Medical Exemptions

Despite a number of efforts, the university refused to engage in a debate, and instead put the mandatory COVID jab policy in place. As students started to be steamrolled, many reached out to him for help. They’d day things like, “I’m not a religious person, and so, in good conscience, I don’t want to submit a dishonest religious exemption, but I have other moral or ethical concerns about this vaccine.”

Others were unable to get an appropriate medical exemption. The reason they couldn’t get one was because the California Medical Board sent a letter threatening to revoke the medical license of any physician who wrote “inappropriate exemptions.” They, of course, never defined what was appropriate or inappropriate, but it had the intended effect. Doctors were incredibly hesitant to write medical exemptions at all, for fear of the repercussions.

“I remember one patient of mine, a young man who went to his rheumatologist and this doctor told him, ‘Given your autoimmune condition, given what I’ve seen of the vaccine data so far, I recommend that you don’t get the vaccine because I think you’re young and otherwise healthy. You’re not at high risk of COVID, but the vaccine could exacerbate your autoimmune condition.’

The patient then turned to him and said, ‘OK, can you write me a medical exemption because there’s a mandate at my place of employment?’ The same doctor that just recommended against the vaccine said, ‘No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that because I might lose my medical license.’ So this was the, in my view, intolerable situation that we found ourselves in 2021.

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Federal Election Commission filings reveal that Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) gave six figures from campaign funds to two family members during the 2022 election cycle.

The Democrat lawmaker gave thousands of dollars to a firm associated with his son-in-law. He also gifted his grandson with nearly $100,000, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission per Fox News.

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• 96 food processing and distribution facilities destroyed since Biden took office
• People who received all five shots recommended by their governments increased the likelihood of their dying within the year by 35%
• Why are our governments killing us and how is Hunter Biden involved?

It turns out that Charles McGonigal, the disgraced former New York FBI Counterintelligence Chief arrested and charged last week for taking bribes from Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska was in charge of the office that was monitoring Hunter Biden’s business dealings with CCP spy and CEFC China Energy Vice Chairman, Patrick Ho.

Hunter recorded himself describing Ho as China’s “Spy Chief” during a phone call that he archived on his infamous Laptop from Hell.

Ho paid Hunter roughly $1 million to represent him as his lawyer while he was under surveillance by McGonigal’s FBI Counterintelligence Division office in New York.

As fate would have it, both Patrick Ho and Charles McGonigal would eventually be arrested by the FBI at JFK Airport, Ho in 2017 and McGonigal a couple of weeks ago. When Patrick Ho was arrested in November of 2017, he called Joe Biden’s little brother, Jimmy, who later told The New York Times that he believed that the call had been meant for Hunter, who was his lawyer at the time.

Garrett Ziegler, Founder of the Marco Polo Research Group and a Biden laptop archivist calls this admission by Jimmy Biden “Insane, because it’s clearly illegal, in that they’re violating the FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act].”

In just these revelations, alone the Biden family committed dozens of FARA violations with the punishment for each being up to 5 years in prison. This is on top of the influence-peddling, the bribery, the money-laundering and the treason.

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I believe the Ukraine situation will be post-war sometime in 2023.  This contradicts the recent words of the NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and last year’s statements by US CJCS General Mark Milley.

The recent Judge Napolitano interview with Scott Ritter is invaluable. Ritter, who has studied this situation in depth, and US warfighting and war-making for decades, explains that the war should be finished as early as August 2023.  Interestingly, he notes that both Zelensky and General Zaluzhnyi have made similar projections.

Ritter mentions things that we don’t often hear in US media, although given the US military is missing its recruitment targets, year after year – we certainly should. He refers to Ukrainian video, like this one, of policemen chasing down men in the street to “recruit” them to a deadly and unpopular front.

US spokespeople do seem to recognize is that the situation has settled into a kind of trench warfare, mutual defense of lines and territory already held.  There is no substantial eastern movement possible by the Ukrainian side, and similar lack of western movement forward by the Russian side. The lines roughly match the ethno-linguistic dividing line of what was the Ukrainian land mass.

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On February 16, 2022, a full week before Putin sent combat troops into Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army began the heavy bombardment of the area (in east Ukraine) occupied by mainly ethnic Russians. Officials from the Observer Mission of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) were located in the vicinity at the time and kept a record of the shelling as it took place. What the OSCE discovered was that the bombardment dramatically intensified as the week went on until it reached a peak on February 19, when a total of 2,026 artillery strikes were recorded. Keep in mind, the Ukrainian Army was, in fact, shelling civilian areas along the Line of Contact that were occupied by other Ukrainians.

We want to emphasize that the officials from the OSCE were operating in their professional capacity gathering first-hand evidence of shelling in the area. What their data shows is that Ukrainian Forces were bombing and killing their own people. This has all been documented and has not been challenged.

So, the question we must all ask ourselves is this: Is the bombardment and slaughter of one’s own people an ‘act of war’?

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Russia has warned that Ukraine is planning to carry out a false-flag operation in which it will blow up buildings in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, before blaming it on Moscow.

Russia’s Defense Ministry sounded the alarm on Sunday, saying the mock operation is designed to target three medical buildings, namely two dispensaries and one hospital, in Kramatorsk.

Kiev would then “accuse Russia of an allegedly ‘deliberate attack’ on civilian objects” and committing war crimes, the ministry said.

“The bombing of the medical institutions will be presented as another ‘atrocity’ of Russian troops, requiring a response from the world community and accelerating the supply of long-range missiles to Kiev [to be used] for strikes on Russian territory,” the defense ministry added.

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower once decried the “military-industrial complex.” (Has it brought us the war in Ukraine?) Yet my years in the Border Patrol taught me that there’s also an immigration-industrial complex that is similarly venal, and dangerous.

Northern Virginia has two of the country’s wealthiest counties because so many residents are in the business of government, either as bureaucrats or the federal contractors once called “Beltway Bandits,” or as think tankers and staffers on Capitol Hill. They’re taking taxpayer money in one form or another, and so the biggest business in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area is the government itself.

Similarly, a few years back, when I was detailed to help out the border invasion that occurred when Trump capitulated to the “kids-in-cages!” propaganda, I learned a corollary to the adage that nothing is more expensive than cheap labor: Nothing is more expensive than stopping border enforcement. It costs the taxpayers a lot more money to invite an invasion of illegals than securing the border to keep them out.

When I landed at Ground Zero, not just the number of illegals coming across appalled me—so did the amount of money we spent to import them.

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They talk for hours before you finally realize who it is, leading to most people avoiding those phone numbers they don’t know. A new bill in New Jersey will require telemarketers to give out their names and phone number.

Fox News states, “You’ve got to read the bill introduced by Republican state Sen. Jon Bramnick, which would require telemarketers ‘to provide the customer the name and telephone number of the person on whose behalf the call is being made.’” Not only do they have to release that information, but they must say it within the first thirty seconds of the phone call.

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The GOP/ GAP took back the U.S. House of Representatives in 2022 on the pledge to thwart Amnesty and to stop the illegal alien invasion at the southwest border. But, while the caucus generally shows no sign of wavering on Amnesty, some squishes are wimping out on serious border control. And they cower from impeaching, not only President Biden, but also even his appalling Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Nor do they want to force the immigration issue into the upcoming debt ceiling fight. Still, patriot Republicans, like Arizona’s Andy Biggs and Texas’ Chip Roy, are pressing for something more than talk—and they believe the debt ceiling fight is the perfect opportunity. Will they stage a revolt of the kind that forced House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to make key concessions to get his job?

Biggs just announced articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. “The first thing that goes when a country is actually devolving is when you lose your geographical integrity," he told Tucker Carlson. “And Secretary Mayorkas—that’s his main job—he has willfully imposed his own dangerous policies on us,” Biggs continued, channeling VDARE.com. “It’s not negligence. It’s not incompetence. It’s willful.” [Mayorkas facing articles of impeachment from GOP lawmaker, by Charles Creitz, Fox News, January 31, 2023]

Biggs’s is the second impeachment effort offered by Republicans in the new Congress. Oklahoma Rep. Pat Fallon also introduced articles of impeachment over Mayorkas undermining border security and encouraging illegal immigration That measure even gained the support of squishes like Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Significantly, Fallon had opposed impeachment in the last Congress, but now thinks it’s time to send a message [House GOP lays groundwork for Mayorkas impeachment as moderates balk, by Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju and Annie Grayer, CNN, January 17, 2023].

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The FBI keeps track of homicide statistics, including the race of victims and offenders. However, a substantial number of homicides have unknown offenders. Herein I develop a method that combines CDC victimization data and FBI perpetrator data to produce more reliable homicide perpetration statistics. The analysis provides clues about the distribution of the unknown perpetrators.

The black line is @Scientific_Bird’s estimate, using both FBI (blue line) and CDC data (red line), of the black share of all homicide offenders. The black share has gotten considerably worse from the early 1980s, when the black share of murder offenders was in the upper 40s, to the “racial reckoning” year of 2020, when it reached almost 65%.

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Sherelle Jacobs, herself black, thinks

“The evil ‘whiteness’ stuff is getting out of hand. Everywhere one looks there are excesses. Take the decolonised university courses that seek to purge Dead White Men (the intellectual cousin of the Evil White Male) from the curriculum. Or the obsession with toppling statues of figures such as Cecil Rhodes. That’s before we get onto the full-blown anti-white discrimination. When I attended a colourism workshop at my old university not long ago, mixed race women, including me, were prohibited from speaking on account of our “proximity to whiteness”. Even worse is the trend towards barring white people from black spaces altogether. Two Canadian theatres have sparked an outcry by limiting performances to an ‘all black-identifying audience.’”

In other words, her British university would not be inclined to let Obama speak, because he has white blood and is not an authentic black. Does this mean that California’s reparations will only be for 100% blacks?

How evil that whites made blacks sit in separate areas of theaters, but whites are prevented from being in the theater at all. This is OK because it prevents blacks in our multicultural society from having to tolerate any association whatsoever with whites.

Sherelle Jacobs remains confused about a number of things and does not bring herself to the realization that the slave trade in backs, as contrasted with the slave trade in whites, originated in the black African slave wars. The blacks sold into slavery were sold by blacks who captured them in slave wars. The whites purchased already enslaved blacks. The whites did not enslave them. The whites and Arabs were the customers of the black enslavers. This aspect of the story is completely left out. And will continue to be. It doesn’t fit the false narrative that is being used to dismantle Western civilization. Nevertheless, Sherelle Jacobs received a wake up call at her university by being prohibited from speaking because of her “proximity to whiteness.”

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 Joe Johnson-Winfield remembers when west Baltimore’s Pennsylvania Avenue attracted locals and tourists alike to its renowned jazz clubs, upscale shops and vibrant nightlife. Back then, the bustling commercial strip, also known as The Avenue, was a Black cultural hub frequented by civil rights leaders.

Over a half-century later, nearly everything has changed.

On his way to the store for cat food Monday morning, Johnson-Winfield walked past the scene of a Saturday evening shootout that killed two people and left three others injured.

At least one of the gunshot victims, a young mother, was an apparent bystander. She was waiting for takeout with her two small children when gunfire broke out, according to police. She tried to drive away, but a bullet left her critically wounded behind the wheel. Her vehicle continued down the block before crashing into a pole. The children – a baby and a toddler – both suffered serious injuries from the crash. The woman died Monday in the hospital, police said.

Less than two weeks earlier, a man was stabbed to death at the same busy intersection, which includes a subway stop, corner stores and other businesses.

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One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union between Intelligence and Organized Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein (Volume 1 & 2)
Whitney Webb
Trine Day, 2022

Far from being an anomaly, Epstein was one of several men who, over the past century, have engaged in sexual blackmail activities designed to obtain damaging information (i.e., “intelligence”) on powerful individuals with the goal of controlling their activities and securing their compliance.”[1]

Jeffrey Epstein is dead and Ghislaine Maxwell is locked away in prison, and the thought-makers of our world seem keen to let the more explosive parts of the scandal dissipate from the public consciousness. As far as the mainstream media is concerned, Epstein and Maxwell were little more than well-connected socialites who ran a sex-trafficking ring for the rich and the powerful, and the focus has shifted instead to the criminal and civil cases seeking to achieve redress for the victims of sexual abuse.

On occasion some newspaper articles will mention the hidden cameras littered across Epstein’s properties, others the reams of CDs and hard drives found within them during the FBI raids. Altogether missing from the Netflix documentaries (Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich [2020] and Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich [2022]) or the articles that spend their time narrowly focusing on the links between Epstein and Bill Gates, is the acknowledgement of the true nature of Epstein himself and the ultimate purpose of this sex-trafficking of minors — a sexual blackmail operation.

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British soldiers are facing temperatures as low as -12 as they take part in Nato war games just 80 miles from Russia.

Flying in Chinook helicopters and charging round the snow-covered forests with tanks, the squaddies are ready for anything in the icy conditions of eastern Estonia.


On the vast military base, about the size of 15,000 football pitches, Brit troops along with other Nato forces, including the native Estonian army, have been building up for huge war games featuring heavy armour, helicopters, and rocket launchers.

Many of the soldiers have been here in the tiny Baltic nation bordering Russia for the past five months, conducting training drills and improving their battle readiness.

All of their hard work will pay off as they take part in Nato’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup.

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The art dealer representing Hunter Biden said the president's son had the potential to be one of the most influential painters of the modern era, but declined to say whether he'd cooperate with a congressional investigation into sales of the art.

Georges Bergès, who has been overseeing the sale of Biden's paintings, said the 53-year-old would 'become one of the most consequential artists in this century.'

His comments came as the New York Post pressed him on whether he would comply with requests from the House Oversight Committee, which asked to see the names of individuals who purchased Biden's artwork and the price they paid for it.

The Republican committee's investigation is part of an ongoing probe into the president's son's murky business dealings, which some contend involved him leveraging his closeness to the White House for profit.

His artwork attracted attention after some of his paintings were listed for a whopping $500,000, but the identities of buyers and prices they actually paid were kept secret.

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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has issued an evacuation notice for anyone living within a mile of the derailment of a cargo train that triggered a huge fire and the spillage of hazardous chemicals, with officials suggesting there could be a 'catastrophic' chemical explosion.

The fireball and release of chemicals, including vinyl chloride, happened after 50 cars of a 140-car freight train derailed from their tracks at around 9pm on Friday.

While over 2,000 people had been evacuated Saturday, DeWine is now calling for anyone within a mile of the accident to leave imminently as a harrowing rise in the temperature in one of the rail cars could cause an explosion of shrapnel.

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The U.S. State Department is pretending to offer grants for proponents of free speech while disqualifying anyone who disagrees with their woke agenda.

If your “speech” promotes biological males playing women’s sports, abortion-on-demand, and the sexual indoctrination of six-year-olds, the State Department is offering $750,000 grants to help you stamp out the free speech of anyone who disagrees with you.

If you want government funding, your free-speech initiative “should include women and girls in all their diversity; LGBTQI+ persons, transgender or gender-diverse persons in particular; migrants; members of marginalized racial, ethnic, and Indigenous communities, religious minority group members; and others targeted by anti-rights actors,” the State Department stipulates.

In its Notice of Funding Opportunity “Ensuring Freedom of Expression for Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations Responding to Anti-Rights Efforts and Targeted Attacks,” the State Department notes that grants will only be given to those whose programs “have strong support from and participation by lesbian and bisexual women, transgender and intersex individuals, and other gender diverse persons.”

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The German government is reportedly considering diverting green agenda subsidies aimed at cutting coal power to the defence industry in order to ramp up production of arms amid the war in Ukraine.

A report from Bloomberg claims that the federal government in Berlin is conducting confidential conversations with regional state governments to direct green subsidies to produce more weapons and ammunition and thereby create more jobs in areas of the country impacted by the attempted move away from coal.

According to a source familiar with the plans who spoke to the news organisation, German defence contractor Rheinmetall AG is planning to build a factory to produce the basic components for ammunition in the state of Saxony, one of the main hubs of the coal industry in the country.

The defence firm is also planning on investing over €10 million into a production line near Hamburg to produce ammunition for the 30 Gepard anti-aircraft guns that Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has committed to sending to Ukraine following Russia’s full-scalle invasion in February 2022.

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Russia is regrouping its forces in eastern Ukraine and launching offensives along five lines of attack, Ukraine’s armed forces said on Saturday as officials in Kyiv and Western capitals continue to warn of a major Russian push to gain territory.

The main focus of Russia’s offensive remains the besieged city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, which it is seeking to surround and capture. The Ukrainian military said it had repelled multiple attacks, inflicting significant losses for the Russians.

But in his nightly address on Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the situation in eastern Ukraine was “very difficult” as Russia pressed for territorial gains around Bakhmut and prepared for expected offensives along multiple fronts in the country’s east and south in coming weeks.

“I thank all of our fighters who are withstanding severe pressure from the occupiers,” Mr. Zelensky said. He said he was doing everything to expedite the delivery of Western tanks promised by Ukraine’s European allies, which Kyiv hopes will help swing the balance in its favor and enable counteroffensives against Russian forces.

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The woke Disney company has once again proven its hateful, anti-American bias.

Woke Disney is teaching our children to be angry young communists, who hate themselves and hate their own country.

The second season of the reboot Disney+ animated series The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder premiered on February 1, just in time for Black History Month.

In one of its upcoming episodes, “Juneteenth,” 14-year-old Penny and her friends decide to learn more about Juneteenth’s importance in her fictional town of Smithville, California. After digging deeper into Smithville’s history, they discover that the city’s founder was a slave owner.

In another scene, Penny and her friends were delivering a speech during which they claimed that “this country was built on slavery, which means slaves built this country.”

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In Western societies today, telling the truth regarding human biology can have detrimental consequences. A so-called Catholic School suspended a conservative Canadian teenager named Josh Alexander for the remainder of the school year because he refused to abandon his correct beliefs on gender and for standing up for girls uncomfortable with biological males in their restrooms.

No one should be surprised this happened in Canada, either. The country is led by a globalist authoritarian who has declared war on both people of faith and conservatives.

Alexander, 16, was first suspended back in November by St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario after organizing a demonstration against transgender students using girls’ restrooms. He said he launched the protest because two girls expressed their discomfort to him over biological males in their washrooms.

Alexander made clear to school officials he had no intention of starting conflicts with transgender students but simply wanted the freedom to express his views. The school, however, rendered their final judgment that Alexander’s mere attendance on school campus would damage the “well-being” of transgender students.

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