“Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” -- Alexis de Tocqueville

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The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Sunday the introduction of a new actionable decision in support of Gaza, which will see the prohibition of all ships bound to the occupation entity, regardless of their nationality, from passing through the Arabian and Red seas until food and medicine sufficient to the needs of the population enter the besieged Strip.

In a statement, Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Saree declared that this prohibition is "effective immediately," noting that Sanaa, "out of its commitment to the safety of maritime navigation, warns all ships and companies against dealing with Israeli ports."

"The Yemeni Armed Forces emphasize their full commitment to the continuity of global trade movement through the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea for all ships and all countries, except those ships associated with Israel or those that will transport goods" to the occupation entity.

Posted on: Dec 11 07:03

The head of UNRWA, the U.N. aid agency for Palestinians, on Sunday said that dehumanization of Palestinians has allowed the international community to bear continued Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Posted on: Dec 11 07:03

An elderly Palestinian woman who went viral on social media after saying that she's "older than Israel" was shot dead by Israeli snipers outside her house.

The woman, Hadiya Nassar, appeared in a video where Palestinian journalist Saleh Aljafarawi, holding her ID card, said, "you are older than Israel".

Nassar, who was born in 1944 - four years before Israel's creation - replied, "of course, of course," adding, "I am holding on to the [Palestinian] land."

Posted on: Dec 11 07:02

The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency closed meeting Friday at the request of Guyana following Venezuela’s weekend referendum claiming the vast oil- and mineral-rich Essequibo region that makes up a large part of its neighbor.

In a letter to the council president, Guyana’s foreign minister, Hugh Hilton Todd, accused Venezuela of violating the U.N. Charter by attempting to take its territory.

The letter recounted the arbitration between then-British Guiana and Venezuela in 1899 and the formal demarcation of their border in a 1905 agreement. For over 60 years, he said, Venezuela accepted the boundary, but in 1962 it challenged the 1899 arbitration that set the border.

Posted on: Dec 11 07:01

For most of the automobile’s first century of existence, it became safer.

In the 1920s, the death toll from vehicle crashes was so high that gruesome photos of accidents were a staple of newspaper coverage. By 2010 — thanks to better design of roads and vehicles, the addition of seatbelts and greater awareness of drunken driving, among other things — the death rate from crashes had fallen almost 90 percent from its 1920s level.

But the progress ended about a decade ago, or at least it did in the United States. Even as vehicle deaths have continued falling in most counties, they have risen in this country.

Here’s a stark way of thinking about the problem: If the U.S. had made as much progress reducing vehicle crashes as other high-income countries had over the past two decades, about 25,000 fewer Americans would die every year.

Posted on: Dec 11 07:00

An autopsy Sunday revealed an M16 bullet and pieces of shrapnel in the exhumed body of Yuval Castleman, a civilian who was shot by an off-duty reserve soldier at the scene of a deadly terror attack in Jerusalem last month, Hebrew media outlets reported.

The findings are at odds with the Israel Police’s position immediately after the incident that there were no bullets left in Castleman’s body, and that such a procedure was unnecessary. He was buried but exhumed on Friday after the Israel Defense Forces’ Military Police found new evidence that the test was needed.

As a result of the discovery, Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai told the head of Israel Police Investigations and Intelligence Division, Superintendent Yigal Ben Shalom, to probe the newfound evidence and the overall handling of the investigation.

Posted on: Dec 11 06:59

A U.S. delegation gave its support to Argentine President-elect Javier Milei over talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and developing its lithium sector during a meeting in Buenos Aires on Saturday, a White House official told Reuters.

Juan Gonzalez, adviser to U.S. President Joe Biden and the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere senior director, said the talks, a day ahead of Milei's inauguration, were "very positive" and focused on the country's embattled economy.

Argentina is struggling with inflation nearing 150%, while over two-fifths of the population is in poverty. Its $44 billion IMF program has skidded off track, central bank net reserves are deep in the red and a recession is looming.

Milei is set to roll out a series of measures to rein in state spending after his inauguration, a "shock" therapy plan which his backers hope will stabilize the economy, but which is likely to be painful for Argentines at least in the short-term.

Posted on: Dec 11 06:58

More than 5,600 federal-only ballots were cast in Arizona in the 2020 presidential election because there was no evidence of U.S. citizenship required of the voters who cast them.

Arizona has an uncommon condition of bifurcated elections, in which residents who present confirmation of U.S. citizenship can vote in all elections, while others can only vote in federal elections, resulting in ballots cast by voters who have not established their U.S. citizenship. The voting anomaly was uncovered by Just the News.

Residents registering to vote in Arizona must produce proof of U.S. citizenship, according to state law. However, following the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision that Arizona must accept U.S. voter registration forms due to federal requirements under the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, the state now allows residents registering to vote who do not provide proof of citizenship to receive ballots only for federal races.

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China’s economic troubles deepen as consumer prices experience the sharpest decline in three years, highlighting growing deflationary pressures amid weak domestic demand. The consumer price index (CPI) dropped 0.5% year-on-year and month-on-month in November, exceeding forecasts and marking the steepest year-on-year decline since November 2020.

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We tend to think of the global food crisis as something that is happening on the other side of the world.  And it is certainly true that there are vast hordes of impoverished people that are desperate for food in other areas of the planet right now, because hunger is spreading like wildfire in poor countries.  But the truth is that hunger is spreading rapidly in the United States as well.  According to a report that was just released by the USDA, a whopping 44 million Americans now live in “food insecure households”…

Posted on: Dec 10 21:29

A New Zealand whistleblower, who exposed the mortality rate from individual COVID-19 vaccine lots, was arrested and faces an aggressive government retribution scheme that seeks to silence and punish him.

Journalist Liz Gunn was first to interview the whistleblower, whose name is Barry Young. He worked for the New Zealand government and had access to vaccine-related data from providers across the country. When he noticed that people were dying after vaccination, he decided to publicize the data.

This act of bravery has been met with cruel acts of totalitarianism.

Posted on: Dec 10 18:12

Legislation would also require BlackRock vanguard hedge funds to sell their portfolios of houses.

I'm sure it's to win brownie points with the voters although the implications of it actually came to pass could be devastating to areas like Phoenix Arizona.

Posted on: Dec 10 18:04

An NHS whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward with allegations that the NHS hospitals were not overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as was reported by authorities and the mainstream media.

The whistleblower also confirmed that the little care given throughout the pandemic amounted to negligence, and that the government and NHS bosses essentially instructed staff to let people die, or in some cases kill them through the ‘End of Life Care’ programme and falsely label the deaths as being due to Covid-19.

Posted on: Dec 10 17:31

Last Wednesday, The Telegraph published an article on a study that showed one in four who had Moderna or Pfizer Covid jabs experienced an unintended immune response.  This “unintended immune response,” The Telegraph reported, was created by a “glitch” in the way the vaccine was read by the body.

The Telegraph went on to say that “mRNA vaccines were affected by the glitch but no adverse effects were created, Cambridge researchers say.”

“If Kevin McKernan’s SV40 monkey-virus discovery tossed a hand-grenade into Pfizer’s machine-gun bunker, this carefully-written study dropped a tactical nuke on Pfizer’s Pacific Fleet anchoring at Hawaii,” Jeff Childers wrote.

Posted on: Dec 10 17:29

As inflation continues to take a toll on consumers' wallets, a surprising sentiment is emerging – more than a third of consumers, including new homeowners, are willing to embrace a recession if it brings down soaring prices. This sentiment is revealed in a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult, shedding light on the frustrations of individuals grappling with the impact of prolonged inflation.

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Posted on: Dec 10 16:56

A deputy U.S. Marshal has been accused of sexually assaulting a passenger on board a transatlantic flight.

The incident allegedly took place while the man was travelling to London as one of two deputies responsible for extraditing a criminal defendant.

WNBC reports that the man is currently in custody after a woman complained that she had been unwillingly assaulted during a Delta Air Lines flight from New York JFK to London Heathrow.

The arrest has since been confirmed by Delta.

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