"All terrorist actions are staged incidents, because acts of terror alienate the very people whose support the people blamed for the terror act need." -- Michael Rivero

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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson has dismissed Kari Lake’s election contest a second time. His first dismissal was reversed by the Arizona Supreme Court in March, and he was ordered to reconsider the signature verification issue. Thompson issued an opinion merely six pages long on Monday, just one business day after the trial ended Friday afternoon.

Thompson stated in his ruling that the legal standard was whether Lake had shown there was misconduct by election boards participating in a canvass, citing A.R.S. 16-672(A)(1). However, the Arizona Supreme Court did not specifically refer to that part of the statute in its remand opinion. Thompson then tied the misconduct to the standard the Arizona Supreme Court did use, which was to show that “votes [were] affected ‘in sufficient numbers to alter the outcome of the election’ based on a ‘competent mathematical basis to conclude that the outcome would plausibly have been different, not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.’”

The Arizona Supreme Court tied that standard to all of A.R.S. 16-672, not just its misconduct clause. That statute lays out the grounds for an election contest, which includes “On account of illegal votes” and “by reason of erroneous count of votes.”

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South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, faces demands from state Democrats to apologize for a remark he used to refer to them during a Republican Party event over the weekend.

“I look forward to the day that Democrats are so rare, we have to hunt them with dogs,” McMaster said at a state GOP convention, a reporter for The State newspaper, Joseph Bustos, tweeted during the event.

McMaster’s comment swiftly drew condemnation from South Carolina Democrats, who called for the Republican governor to apologize.

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Joe Biden announced his re-election campaign, claiming he needed another term to “finish the job.” What job–wrecking the U.S. economy? No, of replacing American workers with illegal aliens! Perhaps the job of bankrupting our country by giving billions to corrupt foreign governments? Maybe the job of shutting down our fossil fuel industries and investing in Chinese-made “green” tech?

Whatever the case, Biden thinks he is a shoo-in, assuming Republicans will nominate Donald Trump. And since Biden “beat” Trump in 2020, he’s going to beat him again, right? Well, we can’t predict who will be the Republican nominee. But we do know that Biden is far from a shoo-in. In fact, the latest numbers on Joe’s presidency are the worst we’ve seen.

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The planet should be ready for a disease even deadlier than Covid, the head of the World Health Organisation warned yesterday.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the World Health Assembly forum that the threat of another public health crisis could not be kicked 'down the road'.

He also claimed that, despite the darkest days of the pandemic being consigned to history, a doomsday Covid variant with the power to send the world back to square one could still spawn. 

In Geneva, Switzerland, Dr Tedros said : 'The threat of another variant emerging that causes new surges of disease and death remains. And the threat of another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential remains.'

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The long-delayed, much-awaited Durham report has finally dropped. And what it shows is nothing short of shocking: A conspiracy at the highest levels of our government to fix an election in favor of one candidate over another. This is not something that deserves merely a handslap or the usual Inside-The-Beltway tut-tutting. It’s a criminal act for which people should go to prison.

Just for the record, this is far worse than Watergate. And that ended Richard Nixon’s presidency, even though he neither planned nor approved of the break-ins against the Democratic Party offices in the famed Watergate Hotel. What will the perpetrators of this crime get?

The FBI launched its now-infamous “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of alleged Russian “influence” on the Trump campaign in July 2016. The premise for the investigation was a “dossier” of information from former British spy Christopher Steele that implicated Donald Trump and several of his supporters as being improperly influenced by Russia’s government.

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I was told that the VAERS contractor for CDC and FDA (Oracle had the contract) told the agencies there was a myocarditis adverse event signal in February 2021. This was 2 months after the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were authorized. (Myocarditis shows up within 4 days of the second shot over 80% of the time, so it is hard to miss the obvious vaccine connection.) This involved people reporting myocarditis to VAERS before there had been any publicity about the connection. I spoke about this on CHD’s Friday Roundtable program with James Lyons-Weiler on May 19. Here is a tweet of me talking about this issue.

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An FOI reveals that the Australian Government made over 4,000 requests to digital platforms to take down content related to Covid, in the latest example of the Censorship Industrial Complex in action.
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The planet should be ready for a disease "even deadlier" than Covid, the WHO has warned. Even deadlier than 0.2% fatality rate? Goodness. Fortunately, we have the WHO to lock us in our homes till the vaccines are ready.
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In 2022, The Gateway Pundit reported  that the office of the secretary of state in Colorado has ‘mistakenly’ sent a postcard to 30,000 illegal immigrants encouraging them to register to vote.

The Secretary of State claims the notices were sent due to a ‘database glitch.”

In light of Biden’s broken border, the significance of the “glitch” has resurfaced on social media.

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Today the Minnesota legislature approved an Omnibus health bill that repeals a bipartisan measure protecting newborns and a bipartisan program supporting pregnant women who want to carry their babies to term. It also rescinds a number of longstanding laws surrounding abortion. Gov. Tim Walz is expected to sign the wide-ranging bill, which the House and Senate passed along narrow party lines, into law.

“First Gov. Walz and DFL majorities enacted abortion-up-to-birth, a policy at odds with the vast majority of the world,” said MCCL Co-Executive Director Cathy Blaeser. “Now, somehow, they have gone even further. They have revoked a law that requires lifesaving care for newborns. And they have wiped out the Positive Alternatives program that supports pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Babies and women are both harmed by this sweeping extremism.”

The Omnibus bill, SF 2995, was largely crafted behind closed doors without input from Republicans on the conference committee. The bill strips out Minnesota’s existing requirement that reasonable measures be taken to “preserve the life and health” of born-alive infants, replacing it with a requirement for “care,” which the bill’s House author, Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester), has described as mere “comfort” care. Under the new language, an infant could be denied lifesaving care and allowed to die.

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A silence kept in order to hide the truth is a lie.

By that maxim, there are plenty of liars among prominent Democrats who knew that the damning Trump-Russia collusion narrative was all a hoax.  But they chose to remain mum, preferring instead to watch contentedly as an American president was vilified nonstop by a media-driven orgy of lies.  It consumed the nation for years and inflicted untold harm.  None of them had the decency to volunteer the truth.

This is one of the key findings in the 306-page Durham report that the special counsel filled to the brim with documented acts of deviousness, dishonesty, and malice by high officials in government whom we are supposed to trust but should not.

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The existence of a second IRS whistleblower in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden was revealed Monday in a series of documents sent to Congress, according to a report from the Washington Examiner. The existence of a second whistleblower comes just over a week after the IRS removed the entire investigative team from its years-long probe into the president’s troubled son.

A 13-year veteran for the agency, the new whistleblower is a special agent in the IRS’s international tax and financial crimes group. He had worked on the Hunter Biden probe since it was opened in 2018 until his unexpected dismissal last week.

In an email Thursday to seven senior IRS officials, including Commissioner Daniel Werfel, the new whistleblower stated his belief that he was removed for doing the “right thing.”

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With talks stalled between Fox News and attorneys for Tucker Carlson regarding the former host being released from his contract, allies of the conservative superstar are planning a scorched earth campaign against the network that will call into question its conservative bona fides.

The Daily Beast scooped inside information from one person briefed on the matter who said talks between the two camps have devolved into “meaningless conversations” as both sides dance around the prospect of Carlson drawing viewers away from Fox ahead of the 2024 election season.

Since Carlson announced his intent to launch a show on Twitter — a move initially permitted by Fox — the network has since retracted its OK. That has left Carlson allies venting about plans to air some of Fox’s most embarrassing secrets, including extramarital affairs and workplace misconduct.

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An IRS agent working with federal prosecutors and investigators on the Hunter Biden tax probe is alleging the agency ignored his team's warnings about years of improprieties by Justice Department officials supervising the case. 

The allegation appeared in a May 18 letter the agent sent to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, and it was made public Monday evening as part of a whistleblower package his supervisor sent Congress and the Office of Special Counsel, the government's official whistleblower protection agency.  

Last week, attorneys for an IRS supervisory special agent (SSA) informed Congress that the DOJ had removed their client and his entire team from the investigation in what they deemed an act of retaliation.

The SSA came forward in late April, alleging that federal prosecutors had engaged in "preferential treatment and politics" to prevent charges from being filed against Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The whistleblower further alleged that his entire team had been sidelined after he made protected disclosures.

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Have you heard of the reset which the International Monetary Fund has planned for the world’s financial system? Likely you haven’t, but that’s OK, most people haven’t. If this weren’t the head of the most powerful financial institution in the world, it would be easy to write off as irrelevant, but the IMF has the power to pull this off.

But how? Quick answer, the SDR. The SDR is short for “Special Drawing Rights,” which is IMF money, so to speak. Without getting into the complexities of it, think of it as currency for nation states only.

Businesses and individuals cannot access SDR’s. SDR’s are what the IMF uses to bail out nations and “rebalance economies.” They are digital, not hard currency. You cannot hold an SDR in your hand, nor can you write a cheque for one. What backs them? International currencies. Larger economies like the EU, USA, Britain, China, and others contribute their currencies to the IMF as donations to be used to maintain the global financial system.

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President Joe Biden, 80, once again falsely claimed that his son Beau Biden was killed while serving in Iraq while visiting with United States troops stationed in Japan Monday.

'My son was a major in the US Army. We lost him in Iraq,' Biden told the troops in Iwakuni on Thursday. 

Beau Biden, who served as Delaware's attorney general and in the Delaware Army National Guard in the Iraq War, died at age 46 in 2015 from brain cancer at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. 

His death may have been linked to burn pits he encountered while serving in Iraq, although Beau did not die while fighting in the Middle East. 

The president was speaking while visiting with troops on his way to the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, according to the New York Post.

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Russian authorities have ordered residents of nine villages in the Belgorod region bordering Ukraine to evacuate their homes after anti-Putin rebel groups began capturing territory on Russian soil

The Kremlin's order comes hours after a pair of explosions rang out in the city of Belgorod overnight amid drone attacks on the FSB security service building and Interior Ministry offices.

Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov confirmed the aerial bombing raid had caused fires at government buildings and urged citizens to take shelter amid the rebel attacks.

Ukrainian military intelligence said two armed Russian opposition groups, the Freedom of Russia Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps, were behind the biggest armed incursion into Russian territory since Putin's February 24, 2022 invasion of his neighbour – recognised as a 'serious cause for concern' by the Kremlin.

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The cat is out of the bag. The successive covid lockdowns imposed on humanity, on 8 billion people Worldwide in more than 190 countries, starting on March 11, 2020 is now acknowledged in a historic report by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. See London’s Daily Mail Report below. 

The Independent media including Global Research have incessantly reported upon the Covid-19 Lockdown and the subsequent imposition of the mRNA vaccine from the very outset in January 2020.

Global Research has published several thousand articles on the corona crisis, including testimonies and analysis. We have been in contact with the victims of this diabolical agenda in different regions of the World.

From the outset our reports have been the object of persistent smears by the mainstream media as well as censorship.

GR articles have been excluded from the search engines and social media platforms for telling the truth.

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Beatrice Herron, 73, clutched a flier offering low-cost cable TV, imagining herself in an apartment, somewhere out of the Arizona heat where, like others her age, she could settle into an armchair and tune into a television of her own.

Instead, the grandmother and former autoworker can be found most mornings in a food line, or seeking shade under the awning of a mobile street clinic. At night, she sleeps on a floor mat at a homeless shelter. She laments the odors of human waste outside and the thieves who have victimized her repeatedly.

“My wallet’s gone,” she said. “My purse was stolen.”

She hardly stands out from the dozens of seniors using wheelchairs and walkers at a complex of homeless shelters near downtown Phoenix, or from the white-haired denizens of tents in the surrounding streets — a testament to a demographic surge that is overwhelming America’s social safety net.

Posted on: May 23 10:10

Once patriotic and conservative Ford Motors is now jumping on the far-left, gay and transgender bandwagon. The company released two ads “redefining tough” in an obvious pandering to the gay and transgender community.

Ford’s entire customer base is straight men who buy F-150s. Their brand was that they made the toughest, most reliable trucks for construction workers, farmers, and everyday men. But now, they are torching decades of goodwill to drink the fairy Kool-Aid.

Talk about shooting yourself in the head! Ford does know there are better trucks on the market, right? Ford F-150s are notorious for falling apart after only a few years. Ford’s entire business model is “planned obsolescence” where their trucks are designed to break down, forcing owners to pay for expensive repairs.

Meanwhile, Toyota and other car makers are eating Ford’s lunch by making trucks that don’t fall apart after hitting 20,000 miles.

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The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has updated its facial recognition guidelines for law enforcement. 

The guidelines provide guidance to EU and national lawmakers, as well as to law enforcement authorities, on implementing and using facial recognition technology systems.

Among others, the guidelines stress that facial recognition tools should only be used in strict compliance with the Law Enforcement Directive (LED). Moreover, such tools should only be used if necessary and proportionate. 

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Amazon plans to lay off 9,000 employees in the “new few weeks,” according to a memo sent to staff on Monday by CEO Andy Jassy.

The additional layoffs come after Amazon cut 18,000 employees between November 2022 and January 2023. According to CNBC, most of the employees impacted by the cuts were in retail, devices, recruiting and human resources.

This latest round of layoffs will impact employees of Amazon’s cloud computing, human resources, advertising and Twitch livestreaming businesses.

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Special warfare tactical air control party Airmen with the 124th Fighter Wing’s Air Support Operations Squadron conducted combat proficiency training May 8-12 at Saylor Creek Air Force Range.

TACP members coordinate air support to defend allied forces. The next step in a TACP member’s training is becoming joint terminal air controller certified. JTAC training focuses on proficiency with various weapon systems, vehicles and battle tactics.

Capt. Luke Nelson, a TACP with the 124th ASOS, said this training focused on combative maneuvers to improve battlefield effectiveness.

“The fight doesn’t stop when the planes go away,” said Nelson. “When the jets are in the area, we’re talking to them. When they’re not, we cannot be deadweight. Anything we can do to improve lethality within any particular function of a unit is a win for everybody.”

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We are getting closer to what could be a major shakeup in the 2024 Election. While Donald Trump is the current GOP frontrunner, things could change quickly, when Ron DeSantis announces his campaign. Rumors abound that he will make an announcement next month. But some big names aren’t waiting that long to get behind the successful Florida governor.

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When politicians debate tax rates they usually focus on federal income taxes. But despite all the attention given to income taxes, they are just a fraction of the total taxes Americans bear. In fact, total personal income taxes represent much less than half (42 percent) of Americans’ tax burden. 1

This paper identifies $657.5 billion in additional “hidden” taxes, or $2,462 in hidden taxes per person.2 These hidden taxes violate a basic principle of taxation — that taxes should be visible to the people who pay them. If people don’t accurately perceive how much government policies cost them, then how can they make informed decisions in our democratic process?

As Steve Entin, President of the Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation points out, “Visibility requires that the tax system reveal clearly to the citizen/taxpayer what he or she must pay for government goods, services, and activities. Taxes are the ‘price’ we pay for government ; taxes ‘cost out’ government for the taxpayer.”3

While many Americans associate a lack of visibility in the tax code with excise and value added taxes, the visibility of some taxes is impaired by the fundamental public misunderstanding of who actually pays taxes. Many believe corporations pay taxes when economic reality demonstrates they do not; the tax burden is displaced to individuals. Yet very few taxpayers are cognizant of this fact. Income tax withholdings and the employer’s share of payroll taxes are further examples of taxes whose clouded visibility continues to mislead the average taxpayer with respect to how much he or she really pays in taxes.

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The US middle class is wasting away in Bidenville. While Climate Envoy John Kerry threatens to seize farms in the name of … climate change? The moral hazard problems associated with farm seizures boggle the mind.

So, everyone keeps talking about the debt ceiling and the fact that America is about to run out of money. How did we just find $375 million dollars AGAIN to ship on over to Zelenskyy?

Biden and McCarthy met on the debt ceiling and nothing has been resolved. They both represent the BIG donor class and big Pharma, big defense, big tech, big media, big tech, anything that is big runs Congress and the Administration. So of course they will finally agree to raise the debt ceiling and continue their insane spending on the donor class.

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New footage shows a Chicago police station filled with mattresses and dozens of illegal migrants, as the city struggles to house the hundreds of border crossers arriving there each day.

Officials in Chicago have said they cannot afford to rent hotel rooms for the more than 8,000 migrants who have arrived in their city and have pushed for more federal funds to cover costs.

Due to the lack of available shelters, some migrants have turned to police stations for a safe place to sleep.

Videos and photos showed hallways at a Chicago precinct littered with mattresses and personal belongings with migrants camped out on them, while cops and visitors go about their daily business. 

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Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed Kari Lake’s lawsuit against the stolen 2022 Midterm Election late Monday night, following a three day trial exposing election misconduct and fraudulent mail-in ballot signature verification.

The new Minute Entry states, “rather than trying to cast doubt on a specific number of ballots (a herculean evidentiary endeavor in these circumstances), she attempts to prove that the signature review process for Maricopa County was not conducted pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-550(A) or the EPM.” 

However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake attorney Kurt Olsen told the Court, “11 of the signature verification workers approved 170k signatures at a rate of less than 0 and 2.99 seconds with a 99.97% approval rating.” Later, in closing argument, Olsen revealed that “there were approximately 274,000 ballot signatures compared and verified in less than three seconds.” 

Olsen also concluded that AT LEAST 70,000 mail-in ballots were not properly verified in accordance with Arizona law, and therefore the election must be set aside. The bogus election was called by roughly 17,000 votes.

Webmaster addition: I am very angry, and you should be as well. But I am not surprised. Nobody in  government dares admit even one case of election fraud of the whole swindle unravels. Our elections are a fraud and more will happen in 2024. I hate to say it, but Civil War is now inevitable.

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Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) countries have not yet established a common currency. However, if we assume that they would create a new currency and oil-rich Middle East nations accept it, several things could happen. Many U.S. sectors could take a hit if Middle East countries reject the dollar and use the new BRICS currency. Read here to know which sectors are most likely to suffer if the oil-rich nations ditch the dollar.

Also Read: 24 Countries Ready to Accept BRICS Currency

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