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"A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." --  Ted Turner
"The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." --  Margaret Sanger, Woman and the New Race, Chapter 5, "The Wickedness of Creating Large Families." (1920)

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A federal appeals court Wednesday ruled that beauty pageants can't be forced to accept transgender contestants, citing First Amendment expression considerations.

The case, decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, comes amid a flurry of federal cases balancing freedom of speech and religion against transgender and sexual orientation discrimination concerns.

Anita Green, who is transgender, in 2018 aimed to compete in the Miss United States of America pageant but was not allowed because of its rules.

"Plaintiff Anita Green claims to have been ‘assigned the gender of male at birth’ but ‘came out as transgender at the age of 17,'" the appeals panel wrote in its ruling. "Green later took medication to alter hormone levels and underwent cosmetic surgery in which Green’s male anatomy was reconstructed to appear as female anatomy."

Posted on: Nov 03 15:38

Trump-backed Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is leading Democratic opponent John Fetterman in a new survey following last week’s highly-watched debate.

A new Emerson College / The Hill survey released on Thursday finds Oz leading Fetterman 48 percent to 46 percent among very likely voters. Four percent said they were undecided. The poll notes that Oz’s support has risen by 5 points since September. On the other side, Fetterman’s support has only ticked up by one point since then.

Posted on: Nov 03 15:37

Within a 24-hour period this week, a homeless encampment at a Portland, Oregon park was removed, and a construction crew showed up to build pickleball courts and a skate ramp in its place. 

Homelessness has skyrocketed in Portland, most notably during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more than two years, tents have lined a two-block area of Laurelhurst Park, according to Willamette Week. 

On Monday, the homeless encampments were removed by city officials, and by Tuesday morning, construction crews showed up to build courts for the popular paddle sport called pickleball, KOIN 6 reported. A skate ramp and bicycle course will also be built in the area, Portland Parks and Recreation told KOIN 6.

Webmaster addition: Well, there's Liberal Compassion on display!

Posted on: Nov 03 15:34

A Milwaukee election official could face criminal charges accusing her of fraudulently requesting absentee ballots reserved for members of the military and sending them to a Republican lawmaker to prove how easy it is to defraud the Wisconsin election system.

Posted on: Nov 03 15:26

Like many other TV anchors at business-news outlet CNBCShepard Smith finds himself facing a closing bell.

The veteran journalist, who arrived at the NBCUniversal venue in the fall of 2020 with a mission to grow the network’s audience in early evening with a non-partisan general-news program, will leave CNBC as it focuses more intently on its core product: information tailored for viewers interested in the markets and personal finance.

Smith’s last show will air later in November, and CNBC intends to replace his program, “The News with Shepard Smith,” with an evening hour devoted to business news in early 2023. The anchors for that program will be named at a later date, and it remains to be seen whether CNBC will select candidates from among its current roster or seek to woon someone from outside its ranks.

Posted on: Nov 03 15:06

Joe Biden took to Union Station yesterday to give an unhinged rant about “ultra MAGA Republicans” and the “threat to OUR democracy.”

In other words, it’s an election season, and the Democrats are trying to paper over awful, unpopular, anti-American policy with crazed rhetoric.

Tucker Carlson was having none of it, describing a desperate Biden as grabbing a microphone to ‘bark at the rest of us for our moral failures.’

If you’ll watch the clip below, Joe Biden also hinted at how he’s going to steal the election: since more and more ballots in this country are cast by mail thanks to the Democrats illegal or barely legal shenanigans, it’s going to take several days to count the ballots.

It takes time to harvest ballots and stuff ballot boxes at centralized, specialized absentee ballot counting facilities.

Posted on: Nov 03 15:05

According to a New York Post report, CNN’s new morning show, called CNN This Morning, drew a mere 387,000 viewers and averaged 71,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demographic, according to Nielsen ratings.

By comparison, MSNBC’s Morning Joe drew 793,000 viewers head to head from 6 to 9 am ET. Meanwhile, Fox News’ Fox & Friends averages nearly 1.5 million viewers.

The show is hosted by Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins.

Posted on: Nov 03 15:00

The Biden administration is on pace to dump millions of barrels of crude oil on the market, shrinking the nation's oil reserve to its low level since 1984.

Why it matters: Biden's decision to tap into the reserve may have helped lower gasoline prices from their $5 highs in June.

Context: The Biden administration hasn't been shy about authorizing oil releases.

  • Biden announced in mid-October that he would authorize the release of more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in December as a way to bring down gas prices.
  • He said 15 million barrels would be released as part of the 180 million barrels that had been announced earlier in 2022.

How it works: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve — which currently has about 402 million barrels of crude oil underground in Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast — is an emergency stockpile that is used to ward off any disruptions to the oil market. Biden has been using it as a way to curb gas prices.

Posted on: Nov 03 14:58

A leaked email sent out to hospital staff at a Fresno, California hospital reported an increase in stillbirths that is expected to continue.

The email leaked to The Epoch Times by a staffer who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing their job explained last week that the stillbirth rate has skyrocketed from the pre-COVID-19 vaccine average of one to two every 90 days in her hospital alone.

“There were 22 demise patients in August [2022], which ties the record number of demises in July 2021, and so far in September there have been 7 and it’s only the 8th day of the month,” a managing nurse wrote, adding she hopes the “trend doesn’t continue indefinitely.”

Posted on: Nov 03 14:54

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Biden was “optimistic” on if Democrats would maintain control of Congress after the midterm elections because most Americans do not support “denying an election.” Notably, Jean-Pierre and Biden have both denied election results in the past.

“Does President Biden think democracy can’t survive if Democrats aren’t in charge of Congress?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked.

“The president is optimistic. He understands that a majority of Americans do not believe in denying an election,” Jean-Pierre responded.

Posted on: Nov 03 14:47

MSNBC’s perpetual race baiter Joy Reid hosted Hillary Clinton Tuesday, who immediately suggested that the mysterious attack on Paul Pelosi, which was seemingly carried out by a whacked out left wing hippy, is part of the violent racism enabled by conservatives… or something.

“I wonder if you can just tell me how the attack on Paul Pelosi struck you?” Reid asked Clinton, adding “And what did it tell you about the state of the right in this country and the hate toward a powerful woman?”

Talk about framing the question.

“There’s always been a streak of violence, of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, as you have said,” Clinton replied.

Posted on: Nov 03 14:01

Last year, Nigeria launched its much-ballyhooed eNaira, Africa’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Central bankers, academics, politicians, and an assortment of elites from over 100 countries hoping to launch their own CBDCs have closely followed the eNaira.

They used Nigeria—Africa’s largest country by population and size of its economy—as a Petri dish to test their nefarious plans to use CBDCs to enslave the people of North America, Europe, and beyond.

The jury is now in.

The eNaira has been a massive failure.


According to Bloomberg, only 1 in 200 Nigerians use the eNaira. That’s even after the government implemented discounts and other incentives as desperate measures to increase adoption.

This came as a surprise to the elites.

Nigeria has one of the highest Bitcoin adoption rates in the world—ranking #11 among all countries.

Bitcoin’s ability to bypass the government’s capital controls—which restrict the use of foreign currencies and sending and receiving money from abroad—was a big draw for Nigerians, as it is in other countries with these repressive policies.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:59

There was a remarkable moment during today's Jay Powell post-FOMC presser, which revealed once again just how out of touch the Fed is when it comes to correctly evaluating the broader economy. Asked about the ongoing devastation in the housing market in general, and rent inflation in particular, Powell's response was the following:


Here, Powell is doing two things; i) he is referring to the latest shelter/OER (owner equivalent rent) inflation data as reported by the CPI and which is indeed soaring...

Posted on: Nov 03 13:58

US equity markets were weaker into the FOMC statement after 'good' news from ADP on the labor market. The FOMC statement was met with euphoria in stocks as traders saw hopes for a 'pause' but Powell pissed in that punchbowl during the presser with the following exchange:

“the labor market continues to be out of balance, with demand substantially exceeding the supply of available workers” reinforces the notion that the Fed is looking at both employment and inflation as giving it plenty of reasons to keep tightening.

Powell reiterated previous comments that “at some point” it will become “appropriate to slow the pace of increases.”

But most notably pointed out that there is “significant uncertainty” around that end-point.

“We have some ways to go," adding that the ultimate level of the terminal rate may be higher than previously expected.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:58

The Supreme Court is likely to rule that colleges may no longer consider race as a qualification for college applications.

This has been a problem in America for many years as colleges aim to admit racially diverse incoming classes and overlook test scores in the process.

Even Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed to be Native American to gain access to a job at an Ivy League school, earning her the name of “Pocahontas.” The SCOTUS 6-3 conservative-liberal majority is reconsidering Affirmative Action in general.

Justices Kagan and Jackson threw around the word “diverse” many times, but Clarence Thomas said that “diverse” has not been properly defined.

Thomas has long been a critic of Affirmative Action and believes it is in itself racist.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:56

A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, the world's largest owner of container ships and one of the best bellwethers for global trade, lowered its outlook for the growth of 2022 global container demand and warned next year could be worse. 

Maersk's warning about a slowdown in container demand and economic turmoil ahead was conveyed in a third-quarter earnings report released today and in an interview by the company's top executive on Bloomberg

The Copenhagen-based company lowered its outlook for the growth of 2022 global container demand to decline 2-4% from the previous estimate of plus or minus 1%. The forecast sent Maersk's shares tumbling nearly 6%. 

Posted on: Nov 03 13:55

Does gaslighting still represent an effective debate strategy in 2022, or does the public understand how the tactic works?  We're about to find out this month as the midterm elections approach, but for now the political left has decided that instead of addressing the numerous problems that have arisen nationwide on their watch, they would rather pretend that those problems don't exist and anyone that says they do is a liar.  

The View's Joy Behar is leaping into action to save Democrats, arguing that the nationwide spike in crime is not real and that the numbers have been inflated by the Republican party.  Behar once again tried to distract from the main issue by mentioning the Jan 6th riot and suggests that protesters “tried to kill the vice president,” even though there was not a single death at the event attributed to the protesters.  She then states that crime has actually gone down under Joe Biden.  

“Republicans now, coming up to the next election all they do is talk about crime, crime, crime...I looked it up, murders in major cities have fallen by 4% so far in 2022, compared with the same period a year ago. So crime is not on the rise, it’s actually going down under Joe Biden.”

Posted on: Nov 03 13:55

The United States said Wednesday it hoped officials in the next Israeli government would respect “the values of an open, democratic society” including minority rights, in striking comments as Benjamin Netanyahu looked set to return to power with the support of far-right allies.

The US relationship with Israel “has always been based on our shared interests, but importantly our shared values,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“We hope that all Israeli government officials will continue to share the values of an open, democratic society including tolerance and respect for all in civil society, particularly for minority groups,” he said.

Webmaster addition: We could use some of that 'open Democratic society' around here!

Posted on: Nov 03 13:52

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that while he values input from the United States allies, he will not be dictated to when it comes to choosing his next coalition partners, adding that he will "not bow his head."

The comments came after election day exit polls showed that far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir and his Religious Zionist party won a whopping 14-15 Knesset seats, making him a likely kingmaker in the next government.

בנימין נתניהו

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(Photo: Reuters)
Posted on: Nov 03 13:51

 In August of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pressured regulators at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the first covid booster shot for Pfizer and Moderna WITHOUT clinical trials. The coercion took place even though the CDC was fully aware that “fully vaccinated” patients were filling up the ICUs.

According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Judicial Watch, the government’s internal emails show blatant collusion, coercion, and medical fraud occurring between the federal agencies. The emails show that there was a complete disregard for vaccine safety and efficacy at the highest levels of government. The agencies also admitted yet ignored evidence that the “fully vaccinated” were filling up ICUs.

CDC pressured the FDA to authorize emergency use vaccines that they knew were damaging the population

While the emails are mostly redacted, there is enough written correspondence to show that CDC officials wanted to force out vaccines on the population, without any clinical trials and even while the data showed that the vaccines weren’t working as initially propagated.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:50

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reacted to Elon Musk owning Twitter by saying that “one billionaire in a very dark room” could be making decisions about what people are seeing on the social media platform, “based on whatever is running around in the middle of his head.” Warren didn’t seem to share this concern about the leftists running Facebook and Google, who make decisions about what people see on the internet through extensive censorship operations.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:48

Lebanon has received requests from Germany and France to allow judges from the two countries to travel to Lebanon and launch a direct investigation into Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh, according to information obtained by Al-Akhbar.

The European judicial authorities reportedly want on-the-ground support from the Lebanese courts and security forces to investigate banks, companies, and individuals involved in Salameh’s corruption schemes.

According to the report, European officials are displeased with the “slow process” of Lebanese judges and are considering them “participants in these crimes,” particularly regarding money laundering accusations.

In response to the request by the EU member states, Beirut has asked that a Lebanese judicial delegation be allowed to go to their capitals and conduct direct investigations with the support of local authorities.

Neither France nor Germany have answered this request yet; however, Al-Akhbar claims that both nations are aware that “the Lebanese probe is no longer limited to Salameh and his close allies, but includes banks, bankers, and senior European financial figures, especially in France, Germany, and Switzerland.”

Posted on: Nov 03 13:46

China's foreign ministry said on Wednesday that offices set up in the Netherlands were not police stations but rather centres to help Chinese citizens renew documents, a day after the Dutch government ordered their closure amidst a probe into their activities.

The Dutch government announced last week it would investigate whether the offices had been operating illegally on behalf of Beijing, following reports by RTL Nieuws and website "Follow The Money" that two such sites had carried out functions, including remotely renewing Chinese citizens drivers' licences without official diplomatic status.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:46

The United States will allocate nearly four billion Philippine pesos ($70 million) to bolster the cooperative defense capabilities of the Philippines’ Armed Forces, a US official has revealed.

US Ambassador to the Philippines MaryKay Carlson said the budget would expand the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the two allied nations, increasing infrastructure improvements at five additional military facilities.

“These improvements are designed to enhance cooperative defense capacities and support Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response activities, in ways that best meet the needs of the [Armed Forces of the Philippines] and the Alliance,” Carlson said. 

Posted on: Nov 03 13:45

The U.S. government has funneled more than $1.1 billion in taxpayer dollars into Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of the country in August 2021 with minimal oversight or accountability according to the watchdog responsible for overseeing U.S.-led reconstruction efforts there.

A new report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) notes that the watchdog, for the first time since it was established in 2008, is unable “to provide Congress and the American people with a full accounting of this U.S. government spending due to the non-cooperation of several U.S. government agencies.” 

Those agencies include the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Treasury Department, which “refused to cooperate with SIGAR in any capacity” during the watchdog’s regular audit of reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. The State Department, which only shared “high-level funding data but not details of agency-supported programs,” still administers funds there.

“A State official has informed SIGAR that department staff have received internal direction to not engage with or speak to SIGAR without prior clearance from State legal counsel,’ the report states. 

Posted on: Nov 03 13:45

So, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan picks up the phone and calls his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin: let’s talk about the “grain deal.” Putin, cool, calm and collected, explains the facts to the Sultan:

First, the reason why Russia withdrew from the export grain deal.

Second, how Moscow seeks a serious investigation into the – terrorist – attack on the Black Sea fleet, which for all practical purposes seems to have violated the deal.

And third, how Kiev must guarantee it will uphold the deal, brokered by Turkey and the UN.

Only then would Russia consider coming back to the table.

And then – today, 2 November – the coup de theatre: Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announces the country is back to the Black Sea grain deal, after receiving the necessary written guarantees from Kiev.

The MoD, quite diplomatically, praised the “efforts” of both Turkey and the UN: Kiev is committed not to use the “Maritime Humanitarian Corridor” for combat operations, and only in accordance with the provisions of the Black Sea Initiative.

Moscow said the guarantees are sufficient “for the time being.” Implying that can always change.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:44

Special Forces Master Sgt. Richard Stayskal began having problems breathing in March 2017, and within months he was coughing up blood. Military doctors were unable to determine what was wrong but suspected that Stayskal was suffering from pneumonia or allergies. It was not until he saw a civilian pulmonary specialist that Stayskal learned he had lung cancer.

Stayskal became an advocate for service members to be able to hold the military accountable for medical malpractice. In December 2019, the National Defense Authorization Act enacted a law named after Stayskal that finally gave troops and their families the right to file medical malpractice claims against the military.

But nearly three years later, Stayskal, whose lung cancer is now at Stage IV, is still waiting for his medical malpractice claim to be resolved and he has been given no indication of how long the process will take.

Stayskal’s attorney filed his medical malpractice claim on Jan. 1, 2020. Since then, he said he has heard a variety of excuses about why his claim is still being considered, but the process has been so opaque that he is not sure what the real holdup is.

“It just feels like they can take an infinite amount of time, and let’s say 99 doctors agree that I was wronged, it was egregious, it was malpractice, it’s all clear, cut and dry; but they’re going to keep on going to no end to find the one that says: ‘Ah, no, no I totally disagree; that was never malpractice.’”

Posted on: Nov 03 13:44

If this editorial by retired Col. Douglas Macgregor doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I don’t know what will. Macgregor cites an interview with former Gen. David Petraeus by France’s L’Express weekly. During the interview, Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, said it is time for the USG to directly confront Russia on the ground in Ukraine to prevent the fall of Zelenskyy and his government.

Macgregor writes:

Admittedly, the whole business seems weird, but Petraeus’s suggestion should not be dismissed. Not because Petraeus’s military expertise warrants consideration—it doesn’t. Rather it merits attention because Petraeus would never make such a recommendation unless he was urged to do so by powerful figures in Washington and on Wall Street. And as Jeffrey Sachs tells Americans, globalist and neocon elites clearly want a direct armed confrontation with Russia.

Petraeus, according to Macgregor, “rose through the ranks by checking with everyone in a position of authority above him before doing anything,” making sure not to offend or challenge his superiors, and thus carving out a path to promotion.

Recall Iraq and Petraeus’ “coalition of the willing” that steamrolled over the sanctions-destroyed nation with little trouble. This is the mindset Petraeus is locked in. “Ukraine is not Iraq nor is the Russian Army an Iraqi-like force,” Macgregor warns.

Posted on: Nov 03 13:43

American soldiers are now in Ukraine. Allegedly, they are there only to monitor what is happening to the arms deliveries from the US and NATO countries.

As previously reported, not all of the vast amount of heavy weapons sent by the West end up on the battlefield. Instead, some find their way into the weapons market where they are sold to who for who’s profit? The same with the money, much of which ends up in unintended pockets.

The US State Department’s explanation is that the US troops are in Ukraine, not to fight, but to “assist the government of Ukraine with handling US security assistance.” In other words, to identify and stop the theft of resources meant for war against Russia.

But why is this the job of uniformed troops?

Is this a way to sneak US uniformed soldiers into Ukraine and maneuver them into combat?

Posted on: Nov 03 13:42