"An error becomes a mistake only if we refuse to correct it." -- John F. Kennedy

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What Jean Raspail described in Camp of the Saints is happening now to Lampedusa. Literally. While VDARE often describes the Great Replacement invasion of illegal aliens at our southwest border as a Camp-of-the-Saints deluge because of the numbers, the description is a metaphor.

But the besieged Italians who live on Lampedusa face the real thing. Myriad Twitter video posts have reported that a Last Chance Flotilla of 100 boats that carried some 8,000 to 10,000 Africans has landed at the tiny island, which is just 61 miles from Tunisia. Video shows cops trying to contain the seething mass of penniless illiterates.

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Elon Musk controls one of the world’s most powerful media megaphones. If he chose to do so, he could easily ensure that tens of millions of Americans learned the true origins and history of the ADL, an organization that today controls much of what our citizens are allowed to read or see. Such a bold stroke might completely break the power the ADL possesses over him and the rest of our society—Ron Unz, Editor, The Unz Review

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In 1997, Zbig Brzezinski, the original ‘driver’ behind the making of Afghanistan as a quagmire of ‘mud’ into which Russia was to be dragged, wrote his celebrated book, The Grand Chessboard. It was a work that ‘forever’ embedded the Mackinder doctrine of ‘he who controls the Asian heartland controls the world’ into the U.S. zeitgeist.

Tellingly, its subtitle was American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. Brzezinski had already written in his book that absent Ukraine, Russia would never become the heartland power; but with Ukraine, Russia can and would. Thus, Mackinder’s doctrine, ‘He who controls the heartland’ dictum, was codified into U.S. ‘cannon law’ – never to permit a united heartland. And Ukraine became seen as the hinge around which heartland power revolved.

Brzezinski further ordained that this ‘Grand Game of Chess’ was to be one of pure U.S. primacy: “No, no one else plays”, he insisted; it is a game purely for one. Once a chess piece is moved; ‘we’ (the U.S.) simply turn the board the other way around – and move the other side’s chess pieces (for ‘them’). There is ‘no other’ in this game”, Brzezinski warned.

This is today’s dilemma – It is so long since Brzezinski originally formulated the Mackinder notion, that classical diplomacy has become etiolated.

It was Henry Kissinger however, that gave Mackinder its celebrated twist: ‘He who controls money controls the world’ was to become the dollar and banking financialised hegemony.

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They’re giving tranny books to toddlers in the public school!

Remember when the boomer Republicans proudly said “what two consenting adults do in their own home is their own business”???

If you’re a zoomer, you don’t remember. But I remember!

It didn’t work out that way!

New York Post:

California lawmakers passed a bill last week prohibiting books from being banned in public school districts because of content related to gender or racial diversity, and now, the governor is expected to sign it into law.

Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom showed his support of the bill, suggesting he plans to make it law.

“California is the true freedom state: a place where families — not political fanatics — have the freedom to decide what’s right for them,” he said. “With the passage of this legislation that bans book bans and ensures all students have textbooks, our state’s Family Agenda is now even stronger. All students deserve the freedom to read and learn about the truth, the world, and themselves.”

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At the data-intense Human Varieties blog, Chuck sums up average SAT or ACT score submitted to the Common App in 2021. Like the name says, the Common App is the most common way to apply to college online (with 900+ colleges accepting applications submitted vias the Common App), so the sample sizes are large: Chuck says over 1 million applicants per year.

Like the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) database of 10-year-olds (for which I graphed Chuck’s findings of average IQ by ethnicity at Taki’s), the Common App pries deeply into applicants, so Chuck can come up with average SAT / ACT scores (on the SAT’s more famous 400 to 1600 scale) for all sorts of detailed ethnicities:

The rank order of average scores is quite similar to the ABCD’s IQ test averages for 10-year-olds.

But the absolute averages are highly inflated (e.g., the white average is 1278 on the SAT’s 400 to 1600 scale). The idea behind the SAT is for the mean to be 1000 with a standard deviation of 200. This inflation is due to a number of reasons, most notably this data is from 2021 and most colleges made submitting test scores optional for pandemic/racial reckoning reasons.

The Submits column shows that only 53% of applications were accompanied by test scores among whites (1278 average), 36% among blacks (1108), 61% among Asians (1382), and 37% among Hispanics (1195). Presumably, applicants who chose not to submit their test scores did worse on average than those who chose to submit their test scores. So the racial gaps would likely be even larger if we knew everybody’s tests scores.

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A reminder why you should be extremely careful when engaging in pattern recognition. Especially if you are in a position of authority and dealing with black pupils in a public school setting, and you dare call out their collective poor performance when compared with what your average white students create as minimum standards in education/achievement. [Florida principal claims she was forced out over black-pupils-only assembly on improving grades, NY Post, September 12, 2023]:

A defiant Florida principal claims she was forced to resign in the wake of an assembly on poor academic performance that included only black students.

Bunnell Elementary School chief Donelle Evensen stepped down from her post last week after increasing calls for her removal.

According to reports, fourth- and fifth-grade black students were pulled from their classrooms to attend an assembly on poor performance on standardized tests by African American kids.

The students were told they could end up “dead or in prison” if they did not focus on academics and elevate their grades.

Staffers highlighted high-performing black students, telling their peers that they could attain similar results with improved focus.

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As the national security workforce ages, dementia impacting U.S. officials poses a threat to national security, according to a first-of-its-kind study by a Pentagon-funded think tank. The report, released this spring, came as several prominent U.S. officials trusted with some of the nation’s most highly classified intelligence experienced public lapses, stoking calls for resignations and debate about Washington’s aging leadership.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who had a second freezing episode last month, enjoys the most privileged access to classified information of anyone in Congress as a member of the so-called Gang of Eight congressional leadership. Ninety-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., whose decline has seen her confused about how to vote and experiencing memory lapses — forgetting conversations and not recalling a monthslong absence — was for years a member of the Gang of Eight and remains a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on which she has served since 2001.

The study, published by the RAND Corporation’s National Security Research Division in April, identifies individuals with both current and former access to classified material who develop dementia as threats to national security, citing the possibility that they may unwittingly disclose government secrets. 

“Individuals who hold or held a security clearance and handled classified material could become a security threat if they develop dementia and unwittingly share government secrets,” the study says.

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Armenia, despite being a member of Russia’s Collective Security Treaty Organization, began last Monday joint military exercises with the United States that will conclude September 20.

This would appear to be Armenia’s finger in Russia’s eye. Clearly, Big Bucks Washington bribed someone in Armenia. The Russians are yet to learn that Putin’s idealism exists nowhere else and that they must out-bribe the Americans.

About a year ago Washington organized “Regional Cooperation 2022,” an exercise of the US armed forces with the former Soviet Central Asian Republics of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kryrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

As Washington’s cover for stirring up new troubles for Russia, Washington’s ambassador to Tajikistan, John Pommersheim, explained Washington’s presence in Central Asia as working on peaceful responses to global challenges.

Just as Putin, the Kremlin, the Russian media sat sitting on their butts for 8 years while Washington built and equipped an Ukrainian Army poised to destroy the Russian peoples in the Donbas breakaway republics, the Kremlin, and the Russians media sit on their butts doing nothing while Washington, motivated by Putin’s failure to bring the Ukrainian war to an end, prepares to present the butt-sitter with another Ukraine in Central Asia.

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The saga of Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is long, but here’s a brief recap. Obama couldn’t get Congress to work out amnesty on a large scale or even for so-called “Dreamers,” so he grabbed his trusty pen and wrote out the DACA ‘memorandum.’ It was not constitutional. Obama knew he didn’t have the power to do it, but he did it anyway. Democrats do that.

With Obama finally out of office, then-president Trump tried first to bargain for the wall with Democrats, and when that failed, he tossed the DACA back to Congress, giving them six months to get a DACA bill on his desk. They didn’t; he extended the deadline, and they again failed to act, so finally, Trump tried unsuccessfully to reverse it. I’m not a fan of DACA, but at least Trump was trying to make the thing legit by getting it passed through Congress and signed into law; when that failed, he rightly sought to eliminate it.

Nine Republican-led states have been challenging DACA, most recently opposing the Biden-era changes to the rule. On Wednesday, a federal judge declared it unlawful (again, he’s the same one who previously declared it unlawful in 2021).

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Holy crap. The White House sent letters to major outlets, demanding their reporters go after the House GOP over its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Can you imagine the outrage if President Donald Trump’s White House sent a letter to the media demanding the same actions?

Oliver Darcy at CNN did not provide a copy of the letter:

“It’s time for the media to ramp up its scrutiny of House Republicans for opening an impeachment inquiry based on lies,” Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House Counsel’s Office, wrote in the letter, which was first obtained by CNN.

The letter, which said an impeachment inquiry with no supporting evidence should “set off alarm bells for news organizations,” was sent to executives helming the nation’s largest news organizations, including CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, the Associated Press, CBS News, and others, a White House official familiar with the matter said.

This is crazy:

In its letter Wednesday, the White House asked news organizations to be more clear-eyed in their coverage of the impeachment inquiry, and not to fall prey to the traps of false equivalency in reporting.

“Covering impeachment as a process story – Republicans say X, but the White House says Y – is a disservice to the American public who relies on the independent press to hold those in power accountable,” Sams wrote.

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The White House is doubling down on the “the President loves his son” defense as Republicans gear up for impeachment.

While appearing on CNN, host Phil Mattingly asked WH spokesman Ian Sams; “Ian, one of the other allegations is that the president was present at some of the meetings between Hunter Biden and his business associates. Why was the president at those meetings, on those phone calls?”

While Representative Dan Goldman previously offered the defense that Biden phoned in to discuss the weather with Biden’s business associates, Sams would like us to believe that Joe was simply checking in on Hunter during the dozens of business meetings he was a party to. 

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Justin Christopher Moore was sentenced on Wednesday after being convicted in a plot to burn down the Seattle Police Officers Guild during the BLM Antifa riots in the summer of 2020. Moore was sentenced to 41 months in prison for manufacture of homemade bombs with intent to burn down government property.

"Moore’s offense was extremely dangerous and created a substantial risk of injury to numerous bystanders," said Assistant US Attorney Todd Greenberg. "Moore carried the box of 12 Molotov cocktails in a crowd of over 1,000 people who were participating in the protest march. All of them were in harm’s way if one of the devices had exploded."

Webmaster addition: But Jan 6 prisoners get sentances years long, even for people not actually at the capitol building!

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A remarkable moment unfolded in a New York courtroom on Wednesday as Attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, who is representing petitioners against Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration, received a standing ovation for her impassioned oral arguments.

Cox was defending the rights of New Yorkers against draconian and unconstitutional isolation and quarantine camps initially implemented by the Department of Health.

The lawsuit was originally filed in April 2022 in the State Supreme Court of Cattaraugus County. Petitioners include State Senator George Borrello, Assemblyman Chris Tague, Congressman Michael Lawler, and the organization Uniting NYS.

The regulation in question allows for mandating isolation and quarantine orders for individuals without concrete proof that they are sick or have been exposed to diseases listed in the regulation. This regulation granted Department of Health bureaucrats the ability to force indefinite isolation and quarantine upon citizens of any age for any reason.

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The purpose of a conventional foreign service is to foster friendship, peace, and mutual understandings with other states. Emissaries typically try to bridge gaps and mend fences.

The US State Department does not share this philosophy. Spreading the “New Bolshevism” of left-liberal globalism has long been official foreign policy of the US government, and as the empire declines, they have decided to accelerate the plan to turn every nation into a racially incoherent nihilistic dystopia. This agenda was reaffirmed in a 2021 National Security Memorandum that instructed agents of the State Department to “embed intersectional equity principles into diversifying public diplomacy and communications strategies.” In other words, if a country asks Washington to respect its sovereignty, the answer is to meddle more.

American embassies abroad do not operate as conventional diplomatic missions, they behave more like provincial governors charged with managing the day-to-day affairs of occupied nations. US embassies are without exception nests of spies and intrigue, providing State Department funding and coordination for superficially independent Washington influence operations (“Non-Governmental Organizations”) in order to impose offensive values, orchestrate coups and assassinations, liberalize and take over economies, and terrorize or jail any emerging opposition.

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You are not supposed to say so in polite company, but Joe Biden is no longer fit to be President of the United States. It would be a lot better for America, and for the rest of the free world, were he to step down early for reasons of ill-health, or at the very least not stand again for the presidency.

Such thinking is anathema to the US coastal elites, who are terrified that it could let a Right-wing Republican – either Donald Trump or a more competent but equally radical rival – into the White House. So, they pretend not to notice Biden’s gaffes, blunders and tragic signs of rapidly deteriorating capacity and ignore that he seems to be protecting his wayward son, Hunter, from the full force of the law. 

To the Left-wing establishment, denying such deeply uncomfortable realities amounts to a noble lie in the Platonic tradition, a case of the ends justifying the means; to many others, it looks more like a case of misplaced cruelty, a callous decision to keep an 80-year old man in office when he would be far better off enjoying his retirement. 

The incidents are accumulating daily. Biden announced he was “going to bed” before being cut off mid-sentence by an aide at a press conference. He walked out of a ceremony, leaving a war hero alone on stage. He appears to speak in riddles, or proffers strange quotations in answer to questions. He seems wedded to reading from notes, and unable to ad lib on any difficult issue. 

Watching old videos from the 1970s and 1980s, it is almost impossible to recognise the brilliant Biden of yore in today’s shockingly diminished president. Ronald Reagan, whose health was permanently damaged after an assassination attempt and who went on to suffer from Alzheimer’s, was never in anything like such a bad state while in office. 

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Millions of pensioners rely on the triple lock to keep their income rising in line with the cost of living and workers’ wages. But next year, this could change, as the Government is considering plans to change the formula so that it rises by a smaller amount next spring.

Every year state pension payments rise in line with the highest of the previous September’s inflation, pay growth including bonuses in the three months to July, or 2.5pc. This year, pay growth hit 8.5pc, which experts believe will be higher than inflation for this month.

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The White House has confirmed that the administration of US President Joe Biden has spent more than $100 billion on the war in Ukraine despite repeated warnings from Russia that such moves would only prolong the conflict in the former Soviet republic.

The confirmation was made in a letter from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to more than 30 Republican lawmakers at the Senate demanding a “full crosscutting” report in January on US military assistance provided to Ukraine.

The letter, penned by OMB Director Shalanda Young and obtained by Fox News, offers a detailed account of more than $100 billion worth of military assistance the United States has provided to Ukraine since the start of what it calls “Russia’s brutal invasion” on February 24, 2022.

“With bipartisan Congressional support, the United States has provided security, economic, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine as it continues to fight to defend its sovereignty following Russia’s brutal invasion,” Young wrote.

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The first 9/11 truth film to name names of the perpetrators. 9/11 Missing Links presents a credible, well-documented case that the 9/11 atrocities were a war provocation carried out by Israeli assets: Neocons and dual nationals working within the top levels of the US government, and Mossad agents running private sector contracting firms. Utilizing evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, foreign intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to.

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New Mexico’s Democrat Governor just took another hit after she unilaterally suspended the Second Amendment in Albuquerque.

A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s gun ban.

U.S. District Court Judge David Urias, a Biden appointee, issued a temporary restraining order against Grisham’s gun grab.

Reuters reported:

A federal judge in New Mexico on Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order against state Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s ban on carrying guns in Albuquerque and its surrounding county, on grounds it violated the U.S. constitution.

U.S. District Court Judge David Urias said the governor’s 30-day suspension of concealed and open firearm carry rights went against recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings and violated the rights of law-abding citizens to defend themselves.

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Lawyers for former President Donald Trump have asked the federal judge presiding over his forthcoming trial on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election to recuse herself.  Washington District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan should do so, but likely won’t.

Getting a judge kicked off a case because of bias against the accused is exceedingly rare.  Recusal motions don’t normally succeed since the burden on the defense is quite high, and most judges reject the notion that they harbor personal prejudices, even if they do.  But that doesn’t mean that Trump’s lawyers were without cause to try it.

Some of Judge Chutkan’s past remarks are deeply troubling to the defense attorneys who claim that she has proven she can’t possibly be fair and impartial while overseeing the trial.  They fear that her rulings from the bench will consistently favor the prosecution.  They probably will.

In particular, Trump’s lawyers cite comments Chutkan made in other J-6 cases where, for example, she openly criticized a defendant for having blind loyalty to one person who —quote— “remains free to this day.”  Was she saying that Trump belongs behind bars, despite no trial?  Did she pronounce him guilty in the court of public opinion in a statement that was widely reported?

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A senior Iranian businessman has revealed that the country will soon have access to another chunk of its funds that have been blocked in banks in other countries because of US sanctions.

Majid Reza Hariri, who chairs Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce, said on Wednesday that the funds that are going to be unfrozen will be worth $10 billion.

Hariri said in a post on the X platform that there are “rumors about the release of another $10 billion” without elaborating on the country or countries where they are kept.

The remarks came hours after media reports said the United States had cleared the way for the transfer of some $6 billion worth of Iranian funds from Switzerland to Qatar where the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) can access them for purchase of non-sanctioned goods.

The funds being released to six bank accounts in Qatar had remained inaccessible in South Korea for nearly five years because of US sanctions and Iran has won their release under a prisoner exchange deal with the US.

Iranian officials indicated last month after reports about release of funds in South Korea that Tehran has no more blocked funds in other countries.

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One woke Ontario school is demonstrating how undesirable books are removed from libraries. The material doesn’t perish in book burning ceremonies but is simply removed from the shelves. 

The Peel District School Board (PDSB) went even further and decided to eliminate all books published in 2008 or earlier, according to CBC News. 

The blanket censorship is a result of an Ontario Ministry of Education decree on equity that demands all books available to students are inclusive. Apparently, at least one school apparently determined that 2008 was the demarcation line between acceptable, inclusive books and those that do not meet this undefined standard. Weeding by publication date may explain why The Very Hungry Caterpillar is unavailable in a Toronto School, Diane Lawson of Libraries not Landfills was told by a kindergarten teacher.

Books that have been removed from Erindale Secondary School in Mississauga include Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Grade 10 student Reina Takata told CBC that the shelves of her school library are literally bare because of the seizure of forbidden books.

Webmaster addition: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” -- George Orwell, 1984

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The State of Illinois is providing taxpayer funded incentives, of more than half a billion dollars, to lure a Communist China tied company, Gotion, to build an electric vehicle (EV) battery factory in the state.  Gotion will receive additional federal tax incentives.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Gotion’s recent failed attempt to build a similar factory in a small farming community in Green Twp, Michigan.

But Illinois Governor JB Pritzker announced on Friday that Illinois is more than ready to hand over tax dollars to the CCP tied company.

The plant’s location in Manteno, Illinois lies approximately 30 miles from one of the largest inland ports in the United States.

Pritzker said in a statement announcing the deal, “In partnership with the business community and the General Assembly, two years ago we set out to make Illinois a destination for electric vehicle and clean energy companies from across the globe.”

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An LGBTI rights organization in France is calling on the Minister of Equality to intervene in the case of a gynecologist who they are accusing of “transphobia.”

On September 8, SOS Homophobie, which describes itself as a “national association against LGBTIphobia” took to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn a gynecologist for stating he only provided services to females. The comment from Dr. Victor Acharian, who operates in the Pau region, was made in reply to a Google review he received in which a trans-identified male’s partner complained that Acharian refused to provide services to him.

“It was my trans partner’s first appointment. He refused to see her, his secretary threw us away coldly. I advise against [visiting]. Never again,” the review stated.

Webmaster addition:

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Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul provided a troubling message for individuals who received the previous experimental COVID-19 shots.

Hochul said the old COVID-19 shots won’t work against new variants.

“Tell everybody don’t rely on the fact that you had a vaccine in the past, it will not help you this time around,” Hochul said.

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The Group of 20 leaders have agreed to a plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations, despite fears that governments will use them to monitor their peoples' spending and crush dissent.

The G20, which is currently under India’s presidency, adopted a final declaration on the subject over the weekend in New Delhi.

The meeting, which included the world’s leading economies, announced last week that they had agreed to build the necessary infrastructure to implement digital currencies and IDs.

The group said that discussions were already underway to create international regulations for cryptocurrencies, but claimed that there was “no talk of banning cryptocurrency” at the summit.

Many critics are concerned that governments and central banks will eventually regulate cryptocurrencies and then immediately replace them with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which lack similar privacy and security.

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that discussions were underway to build a global framework to regulate crypto assets since they believe cryptocurrencies can not be regulated efficiently without total international cooperation.

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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on "The Tim Dillon Show" explaining how the Democratic primary has already been rigged against him.

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The New York Times reported Wednesday that Russia has been able to significantly ramp up its production of ammunition and other armaments despite Western sanctions meant to degrade the country’s military industry.

According to one senior Western defense official, before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia could produce 100 tanks a year. Now they can make 200. Western officials also believe Russia is on track to produce 2 million artillery shells per year, twice the amount they estimated Russia could make before the war.

As a result of the increase in production, Russia can make more ammunition than the US and Europe combined. The US and its NATO allies are working to bolster their production, but results aren’t expected to be seen for years. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg previously said Ukraine was using artillery rounds at a faster rate than the entire alliance could produce.

Kusti Salm, a senior Estonian Defense Ministry official, estimated in comments to the Times that Russia’s current ammunition production is seven times greater than the West’s. The figure demonstrates how time is on Russia’s side in the conflict and how fueling the proxy war may be unsustainable for the US and its NATO allies.

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Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) has voiced his opposition to the ongoing impeachment efforts against President Joe Biden. Tuberville’s stance comes as a blow to House Republicans, as he joins a growing list of GOP senators expressing skepticism about the impeachment inquiry.

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press NOW,” Tuberville emphasized the importance of having a solid case before moving forward with impeachment proceedings. “You don’t bring a vote to the floor unless you are pretty sure that you can get the amount of votes that you need,” he stated.

He further expressed doubt about the Senate’s ability to secure the necessary votes to convict Biden, saying, “I know that wouldn’t make it to anywhere over here in the Senate. That probably wouldn’t even — wouldn’t even let it make it to the floor.”

Posted on: Sep 14 07:34

Hunter Biden on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler for accessing his ‘laptop from hell.’

The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California just one day after Speaker McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden.

The lawsuit accuses Ziegler of violating California and federal computer privacy laws after he posted content from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop to the website of his nonprofit, Marco Polo.

Hunter Biden claimed in his lawsuit that the “data appears to have been manipulated both before and after Ziegler obtained it,” according to Politico.

How convenient! After denying the laptop is even his, Hunter Biden is now claiming the data has been manipulated.

Ziegler laughed at the allegations in a statement to far-left Politico.

“I nor the nonprofit, Marco Polo, have been served with any lawsuit — but the one I read this morning out of the Central District of California should embarrass Winston & Strawn LLP,” Ziegler wrote in an email to Politico. “It’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Apart from the numerous state and federal laws and regulations which protect authors like me and the publishing that Marco Polo does, it’s not lost on us that Joe’s son filed this SLAPP one day after an Impeachment inquiry into his father was announced.”

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