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"I don't like political jokes, but a lot of them get elected!"

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It started with a fingerprint of a 25-year-old college professor who opposed the Vietnam War and ended with a search for his remains, 32 years later, in a wooded area near Eveleth, Minn.

The FBI's files on Paul and Sheila Wellstone, many of which are being made public for the first time, shed new light on the extent of the relationship between the FBI and the political activist who would go on to become a U.S. senator from Minnesota.

Some of the information uncovered in the 219 pages was new to one of his closest confidantes, former Wellstone campaign manager and state director Jeff Blodgett.

The files show that although the FBI initially took interest in Wellstone as part of the broader surveillance of the American left, the agency later served as his protector, investigating death threats the freshman senator received for his views on the first Gulf War, and, in the end, helping sift through the wreckage of the fatal plane crash that killed Wellstone and seven others eight years ago.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:34

CNN’s Don Lemon got a history lesson on Monday after he tried to tell royal commentator Hilary Fordwich that the royal family needs to pay reparations for colonialism.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:34

Woke MSNBC Frequent Guest Sounds Off On "White People"

MSNBC is at it again with one of their favorite guests, Elie Mystal. The guest is known for being controversial at times. Now, she’s voicing her opinions on white people and how white people act.

According to, “Mystal reacted to an interview that former President Donald Trump had with radio host Hugh Hewitt earlier in the week, warning of the reaction if he is indicted. However, Mystal said that was how ‘white people’ reacted when they didn’t get their way in America.”

Posted on: Sep 21 08:32

In 2020, a high-level Brereton inquiry report found the unlawful killing of civilians by elite Australian commandos in Afghanistan during their operation between 2006 and 2015. The report revealed that senior officials instructed young commandos to execute detainees, which they described as “blooding” of young troops.

The 2nd Commando Regiment, a special forces unit of the Australian Army, has been captured in several videos showing them discussing killing unarmed civilians in cold blood in Afghanistan during their nine years of operations.

The elite forces can be heard discussing a “quota of 10” for each one to kill during the “War on Terror,” which was announced by the US following the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001.

The video obtained by ABC shows an entire unit happily discussing their “kill quota” ahead of an operation.

“We’ve got a quota of 10. The quota is 10,” one soldier tells the cameraman, while the second soldier replies, saying he will meet the “quota.”

They use the word “quota” at least a dozen times in the 90-second film captured by an Australian soldier in 2012.

Another video shows a soldier opening fire from his assault rifle from combat helicopter at what appear to be unarmed civilians.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:32

While mainstream media continue to report breathlessly about an ongoing “climate crisis,” there are still scientists willing to honestly assess the issue and declare otherwise. Four Italian scientists recently published a study based on an exhaustive study of extreme weather events, and concluded that it’s too early to declare a climate emergency.

Both the media and climate hysterics assure us that the so-called climate crisis is already here, and point to extreme weather events such as droughts and large scale flooding as proof that the Earth’s climate system is collapsing due to mankind’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

But not so fast, according to the Italian team, which includes physicist Gianluca Alimonti, professor of agrometeorology Luigi Mariani, atmospheric physicist Franco Prodi, and physicist Renato Angelo Ricci. The team concludes in their study, published earlier this year, that “the climate crisis that, according to many sources, we are experiencing today, is not evident yet.”

Mariani, Prodi, and Ricci were among 168 Italian signatories of the declaration “There is No Climate Emergency” signed by 1,100 scientists in June.


Posted on: Sep 21 08:30

We periodically read missives to the effect that “the dollar is doomed.” And we’ve been reading them for many years.

Consider this newsletter promotion from 1985. The headline was a lot like those we see today: “Get Your Dollars Out of the USA Before Uncle Sam Gets Them Out of You.” The copy predicted an imminent collapse in the US dollar’s value, along with hyperinflation.

Of course, neither of these things happened in 1985 … or over the next 37 years. Given this, you can understand why we tend to be skeptical when we read breathless pronouncements of impending gloom and doom for the greenback.

That’s especially true because at the moment, the dollar is surging in value. It’s at a 20-year high against the euro; a 24-year high against the Japanese yen; and a 37-year high against the British pound.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:26

BlackRock Unregulated Investment Firm: Getty

BlackRock Unregulated Investment Firm: A virtually unregulated investment firm today exercises more political and financial influence than the Federal Reserve and most governments on this planet.

The firm, BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, invests a staggering $9 trillion in client funds worldwide, a sum more than double the annual GDP of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This colossus sits atop the pyramid of world corporate ownership, including in China most recently, writes F. William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant and lecturer, best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Since 1988 the company has put itself in a position to de facto control the Federal Reserve, most Wall Street mega-banks, including Goldman Sachs, the Davos World Economic Forum Great Reset, the Biden Administration and, if left unchecked, the economic future of our world.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:25

The first-ever Alpha News/Trafalgar Group statewide Minnesota poll was released this morning, marking Alpha News’ expansion into polling.

Republicans could be on the verge of winning their first statewide race since 2006, with the attorney general’s race representing the best opportunity for a GOP pickup, according to the results.

With nationally-recognized strategist Robert Cahaly at the helm, Trafalgar Group is consistently described as one of the most accurate pollsters in America.

He earned his reputation in 2016 when he predicted a Trump win in the presidential election, “effectively rejecting the industry consensus of a large significant Hillary Clinton electoral victory,” as he explains on his website.

The results of the new Alpha News/Trafalgar Group poll show tight races in all four statewide contests with just a few days to go until early voting begins.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:24

Joe Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks on the DISCLOSE Act – an attempt at a federal election takeover – from the Roosevelt Room.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:14

First it must be said that Russia and China are terrible at propaganda. Just hopeless. They are so lousy at propaganda, they have basically given up. In today’s propaganda war with the West, they have failed miserably and lost.

However History is written by the Victors, and all objective evidence today indicates that Eurasia (more inclusively, the BRICS+) will inevitably prevail in today’s new Cold War (short of global nuclear war – in which case everybody dies).

In the bad old days, official declarations from the lofty heights of the Soviet leadership or Communist Party of China delivered on downwards to their citizens were blunt, high handed and frequently contradicted reality. They had no idea how to carefully craft persuasive messages. The cognitive dissonance afflicting ordinary people in the Soviet Bloc was what George Orwell parodied in 1984, using a fictional pseudo-British setting. Such blatant lies, such clumsy attempts at mind control from officialdom, were an affront to sanity and reason in the real world and simply did not wash. The Soviet and Chinese citizens, while superficially pretending to believe such hamfisted propaganda to appease the officials, completely distrusted the official narratives and sought to discover the truth by other means. They developed healthy scepticism and they forced change within their own societies.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:14

Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter Brian Glenn is also in the photo.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 08:13

TPUSA Targeted AGAIN: This Time, Leftist Mob Attacks During University Event

A woke mob puts people in danger and cries that they cannot exercise their right to free speech because they weren’t allowed into an event with a conservative speaker. They put a hole in the wall, put students in danger, and those who wanted to hear Tomi Lahren couldn’t. The event ended early because of safety concerns.

Per KRQE News, “Protesters were chanting to shut down the event as they were trying to get through a UNM Police officer stationed outside the ballroom doors. Inside, another officer and organizers try to hold the doors closed.”

According to, “It turned violent,” Lahren explained in a video after the incident. “They started pushing the officers that were guarding the door. They fought to bust in the door. At one point, they almost forced their way through the guarded door,” she added. “Not nearly enough officers were present. I don’t think anybody knew it would be this bad.”

Posted on: Sep 21 08:13

Trump’s lawyers on Tuesday responded to the Justice Department’s request to block Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling on the seized documents.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 21 08:12

Russia to begin partial mobilization – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin. ©  Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization during an address to the nation on Wednesday morning. He said the Defense Ministry had recommended drawing military reservists into active service as the country faces a protracted conflict in Ukraine and Donbass.

The measure is sensible and necessary under the circumstances, Putin said, considering that Russia is fighting “the entire Western military machine” in Ukraine. He has already signed an order for the call-up to start immediately.

The move will see the armed forces draw on military reservists only, and those who have completed national service, the president added. He promised that they would be provided with additional training, along with all the benefits due to people involved in active duty.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:11

When the Russian Revolution toppled the Tsar and put the Bolsheviks into power, the civilized countries of western Europe had good reason to tell themselves it could never happen to them.

Russia was a "barbaric" country with a lopsided social structure, masses of peasants and no middle class to speak of. Their political system was a relic of the past, a time when street revolutions still happened. The rest of Europe was more modern, with constitutions and parliaments and labor unions. Any political conflict could work itself out through those proper channels.

Russian army officers take the oath of allegiance to the October Revolution, 1917. (By Everett Collection/Shutterstock)

Then came the German revolution of 1918-19, and civilized Europe had to recalibrate its sense of what was possible. Street unrest led to the forced abdication of the kaiser, the proclamation of a republic, a soviet government in Munich, and a near-miss of one in Berlin, only prevented by a timely blow to Rosa Luxemburg’s head. The uprising did not fulfill all its proponents’ hopes, in terms of ushering in a new socialist dawn, but it decisively refuted the idea that modern conditions had made revolution obsolete.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:10

Judge Raymond Dearie, the “special master” appointed to review the ‘classified’ documents seized from Mar-a-Lago blasted Trump’s lawyers at Tuesday’s preliminary conference.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:10

A man in the southern French city of Marseille is just the latest victim of fatal gun violence as the city continues to see gang violence carried out by those wielding illegally owned Kalashnikov-type rifles.

The fatal shooting took place on Sunday afternoon in front of a bakery in the 14th district of the city, as the victim, a 40-year man, was heading to the bakery where he worked.

The shooting was carried out by a group of two to three people armed with a Kalashnikov rifle according to witnesses, who fled the scene in a Peugeot 308 car, which was later found set on fire just a few hundred metres from where the shooting took place, newspaper Le Provence reports.

According to the newspaper, the 40-year-old victim was already well-known to the police and the judicial system and had been involved in several criminal cases in the past. The French judicial police have taken over the investigation into the shooting, which is currently believed to have been related to a settling of scores in the Marseille criminal underworld.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:09

The youth wing of the ruling German Social Democrats (SPD) in Berlin has called on public broadcasters to show pornography in their media catalogues, arguing broadcasters should carry “anti-racist and feminist” pornography films.

The SPD youth wing, known as the Young Socialists or “Jusos”, argues that German public broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF should buy the rights to pornography films that fit with leftist sensibilities and show feminist and anti-racist messages, claiming that normal mainstream pornography often fulfils “sexist and racist stereotypes.”

The Jusos also criticise the fact that most mainstream pornography is directed at men and that, as a result, the perspective of women relating to pornography is neglected, the German tabloid Bild reports.

“Since free pornography is consumed primarily on the Internet, feminist porn must also be available free of charge, permanently and with low thresholds,” the Berlin branch of the Socialist youth said.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:08

IT IS hard to know if these are the end days for monkeypox, but I think they are. One of the main drivers, if not the sole driver, for pushing the monkeypox agenda was Big Pharma and the likely profits it would make from manufacturing a monkeypox vaccine. But with the imminent retirement of the representative of Big Pharma on earth, Anthony Fauci, to his $350,000 per annum package (and continued Covid infection and Paxlovid treatment ‘rebound’) and the start of the exposure of its high priest Bill Gates in the mainstream media, we can but hope the vaccine pushers may no longer prevail.

The exposure I refer to is an astonishing in-depth investigative article, published by the hitherto pro-vaccine Politico, entitled ‘How Bill Gates and his partners used their clout to control the global Covid response – with little oversight’ which reveals the extent of this one man’s control over the production and distribution of vaccines.

The disclosures will come as little surprise to readers of TCW, where Gates’s Covid vaccine development role has been under the microscope since December 2021. They will know already from TCW reporting that in March 2020 Gates stepped down from his position on the Microsoft board of directors, citing his desire to concentrate on Covid-19, that a month later he pledged to make Covid-19 vaccines available to 7billion people (the global population was estimated at 7.8billion last year) and that in December 2020 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation committed $1.75billion to develop Covid-19 tests and vaccines, making itself the self-appointed leader of the global response to Covid-19. They will know, too, that this comes on the back of his hubristic long-term total global vaccine project. 

Posted on: Sep 21 08:06

Featured Image

Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada of Brescia, Italy rebuked Father Fabio Corazzina for a sacrilegious Mass he celebrated wherein the Eucharist was blown off the table-altar by a gust of wind while the priest dawned skin-tight cycle shorts and an LGBT pride stole.

Posted on: Sep 21 08:00

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed controversial legislation over the weekend authorizing the “composting” of human remains for soil. The law will allow the material derived from the decomposed bodies to be sold and used to grow food for human consumption, SFGATE reported.

Signed into law Sunday, The Cemetery and Funeral Act (AB 351will implement regulatory methods for the state to approve so-called “reduction facilities,” in which dead human bodies are broken down in a process not dissimilar to a household composting system.

The measure is slated to take effect in January 2027.

Webmaster addition: I actually think this is a cool idea!

Posted on: Sep 21 07:57

About a decade ago, Europe had a good idea: pass a pipeline from natgas-producing giant Qatar through Syria, Turkey and into Europe, reducing or completely eliminating Europe's reliance on Russian gas. We then get the entire staged ISIS interlude which captivated the world's attention for several years, and which gradually faded away as CIA funding dwindled after Putin and Assad proved too powerful to be removed by western "liberators." And just as fast as ISIS disappeared as quickly as it appeared, so did Europe's ambitions of a natgas pipeline from Qatar.

But while Qatar may not send gas by land, nothing prevents it from doing so by sea, and with Europe facing a historic energy crisis and desperate to try literally anything, overnight Reuters reported that German utility giants RWE and Uniper are close to striking long-term deals to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) - the kind that doesn't need a pipeline but needs a rather expensive ship to transport it from expensive LNG terminal A to expensive LNG terminal B, or in this case from Qatar's North Field Expansion project. Why? Simple: to help replace Russian gas, three Reuters sources said.

While talks between Germany and Qatar have been riddled with differences over key conditions such as the length of contracts and pricing - Reuters reported in May that the talks had run into difficulties because Germany was reluctant to commit to deals for at least 20 years and also wanted prices linked to Dutch benchmark gas prices, rather than oil - the industry told Reuters the parties were expected to reach a compromise soon; one of the sources said the talks were now more constructive than a few months ago. Another source said the utilities were likely to agree 15-year deals, while a third source said a deal could be reached within weeks.

Posted on: Sep 21 07:57

Switzerland’s environment minister is facing backlash after recommending that people shower together in an effort to cut energy consumption this winter and fend off power cuts.

Simonetta Sommaruga, 62, suggested that people “turn off the computer when you don’t need it, or turn off lights, or shower together” as part of her measures promoting a 15 percent energy consumption reduction, The Times of London reported.

Webmaster addition: Does that mean showering with a migrant?!? :(

Posted on: Sep 21 07:55