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"These people are so brainwashed that when the count sheep at night, they start with themselves." -- Richard Bauer

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Marvel Studios’ decision to feature an Israeli superhero called “Sabra” in its upcoming film has been met by outrage from Palestinian artists who say it is evidence of “racism” and “white-washing colonialism”.

Marvel, which is based in New York and is owned by Disney, announced late last week that the character, who operates as an Israeli intelligence (Mossad) agent, would be featured in the 2024 Captain America movie.

Posted on: Sep 26 12:19

The Joe Biden administration has sent several warnings to Russia via backchannels regarding the possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Washington Post reports. The White House’s messages to Russia have been intentionally nondescript to foster uncertainty in Moscow about what the US would do if Russia deployed its ultimate weapon.

The White House has sent the message several times since the war in Ukraine started, according to the US officials who spoke with the Post. The White House’s communications with the Kremlin have been intentionally vague.

The Biden administration believes these nonspecific threats will deter Russia through "strategic ambiguity." "Strategic ambiguity" is an intentionally unclear policy that causes the enemy not to act out of fear it could cross a red line without knowing it.

For nearly 50 years, the US maintained a policy of "strategic ambiguity" toward Taiwan. By refusing to commit to defending the island, Washington has deterred Taipei from declaring independence. At the same time, suggesting it could defend Taiwan has deterred China from acting more aggressively against the island.

Posted on: Sep 26 12:19

The economy is braking hard, if the Fed keeps this up, they are going to have a serious recession and people will lose their jobs. Look at the housing market, the Fed has caused a crash of unprecedented proportions and you are seeing housing prices correct. They are taking a sledgehammer to the economy and they don’t need to”

Barry Sternlicht — Billionaire Chairman & CEO of Starwood Capital

“I can not help but emphasize that we are not just at war with Ukraine or the Ukraine army, we are at war with the collective West.”

Sergei Shoigu, The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army

“Ignore the government and all its fake numbers. The CDC now has zero credibility, along with the FDA and all other government agencies. Listen to them at your own peril. If you follow their advice you will be guaranteed to be miserable, lonely, confused and unhealthy”.

Posted on: Sep 26 12:18

Methanol output in Russia has fallen to minimum levels necessary to keep production plants functioning, business daily Kommersant reported on Monday.

Suspension of trade with customers in Europe and a drop in domestic demand are forcing producers to dramatically reduce output and sell their produce to China at a knockdown price, the paper writes, citing its sources.

In 2020 Russia was the world’s fourth-largest methanol supplier, accounting for 10% of global exports, according to economic data portal TrendEconomy. Among top methanol importers are China, the US and India.

Methanol, the simplest alcohol, can be obtained from natural gas and has a variety of industrial uses. It’s a chemical building block for plastics, paints and building materials and also widely used in the car industry and as a fuel.

Posted on: Sep 26 12:18
Posted on: Sep 26 12:17
  • An Arizona judge on Friday ruled in favor of a 1901 law that would ban nearly all abortions in the state.
  • A Pima County judge lifted an injunction that had been in place since Roe v. Wade in 1973.
  • The only exemption to the abortion ban is if the mother's life is in danger.

An Arizona judge on Friday ruled in favor of a 1901 law that would ban abortions in the state at nearly all stages of pregnancy.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson granted a request by Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich to lift a court injunction that had been in place since the Supreme Court's decision in the Roe v. Wade case, according to CNN .

Posted on: Sep 26 12:15

The rise of far-right politician Giorgia Meloni has left many outside Italy asking how her brand of what many argue is fascism can achieve such prominence in a country that has experienced life under the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini. The answer can be traced back to a recent normalisation of reactionary politics.

In truth, the existence of a far-right government in Italy is not entirely without precedent in the post-war era. Between 1994 and 2011 a speciously labelled “centre-right” alliance – consisting of Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (FI), various iterations of a small Christian democratic or centrist wing, Umberto Bossi’s Northern League (LN) and Gianfranco Fini’s National Alliance (AN) – governed Italy four times. The National Alliance was the predecessor party to Meloni’s Brother’s of Italy

Posted on: Sep 26 12:11

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has mocked the claim that a US-government-hired Iranian opposition figure is “leading” what Washington is projecting as a “freedom” movement in Iran amid deadly riots over the death of a young woman.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Paul pointed to the close ties between Masih Alinejad -- a commentator for Washington’s official Persian language propaganda network Voice of America (VOA) – and the ultra-rightwing neoconservative elements (neocons) in US politics and ridiculed the notion as “totally legit.”

“Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange that the “leader” of this “freedom” movement in Iran is a US government employee and bosom buddy of the neocons? But hey, sure, it’s totally legit…,” the ex-lawmaker wrote, posting a photo of Alinejad with former hawkish US Secretary of State and CIA Director, Mike Pompeo.

Posted on: Sep 26 10:16

Andrew Weissmann led the Mueller exam.  Because of this, there can be no doubt that the Mueller examination was dirty, conflicted, unconstitutional and criminal in its attempted coup of the Trump Administration. 

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Posted on: Sep 26 10:00

Liz will be out of a job in January so she is making the rounds in the Democrat media. Liz is hoping to persuade enough leftists that the spawn of Dick Cheney is truly on their side.

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Posted on: Sep 26 10:00

The Biden economy is taking over and the results of his administration’s actions are devastating. 

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Posted on: Sep 26 09:59

A police officer from Columbia, South Carolina, died after suffering cardiac arrest during SWAT team training on Saturday.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:58

Local and federal law enforcement recently rounded up 21 suspects in Arizona who solicited and/or brokered deals for various sex acts with children.

The “children” were undercover detectives who “placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts,” according to the Surprise Police Department, located in Maricopa County, Arizona.

“Operations of this type are a part of the Surprise Police Department’s continuous effort to reduce the demand that fuels child sex trafficking and exploitation of children in our community,” the department stated in a Facebook post on Sept. 22.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:50

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt plan to join BRICS, and their potential membership bids could be discussed and answered at next year’s summit in South Africa, Purnima Anand, the president of the organization, told Russian media on Thursday.

All these countries have shown their interest in joining [BRICS] and are preparing to apply for membership. I believe this is a good step, because expansion is always looked upon favorably; it will definitely bolster BRICS’ global influence,” she told Russian newspaper Izvestia.

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) account for over 40% of the global population and nearly a quarter of the world’s GDP. The bloc’s stated purposes include promoting peace, security, development, and cooperation globally, and contributing to the development of humanity.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:22
Posted on: Sep 26 09:21

 The uprisings in Iran continue as protestors have started calling it a “Revolution” and claiming certain towns and neighborhoods in Tehran have been liberated from the Islamic dictatorship. Police, Bassiji militia and Revolutionary guards have started shooting randomly at protestors. At least 50 are believed dead.

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Posted on: Sep 26 09:15

On Sunday night, a gang of juveniles wreaked havoc by brazenly looting and destroying the Wawa Food Market in Northeast Philadephia’s Mayfair section.

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Posted on: Sep 26 09:14

On Friday, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill that will make it possible for illegal immigrants to obtain state IDs into law.

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Posted on: Sep 26 09:13

Iran continues to erupt in protests following the murder of 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, from injuries sustained after her arrest for the “improper” wearing of a hijab.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:12

 We know what we need to do to reduce our risk of getting cancer, right? Wear SPF, stop smoking, avoid processed foods, keep fit, lose weight and get enough sleep. But what if much of what causes cancer has already happened in our early years, or worse still, before we were born. A recent study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University says that may be the case, especially in cancers that happen before the age of 50 (early-onset cancers).

The most important finding in this study, published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, is that people born after 1990 are more likely to develop cancer before the age of 50 than people born, for example, in 1970. Meaning that young people will be more heavily burdened by cancer than generations gone by, with the knock-on effects on healthcare, economics and families.

What we are exposed to in early life can affect our risk of developing cancer later in life, and this review of cancer trends looks at how these factors might be affecting early-onset cancers. What exposures matter in early life are still not fully clear, but front-runners include diet, lifestyle, the environment and the bugs that live in our gut (the microbiome).

Posted on: Sep 26 09:10

There have been rumblings, online and off, throughout the world of finance that "something" is going on, but rumors being what they are, one must take that chatter with a grain of salt.

With that said, anything adding more weight to the camels back is going to contribute to the economic crisis we already face.

The Issues We Already Know Of:

Gas still above what it was before Joe Biden started occupying the White House (Expected to rise again after the November midterms). Food inflation causing more and more people to food banks, and others to change their eating habits because they get less food for more money at the grocery store. Overall inflation already costing American families more than 4K in annual income, according to the most recent reports.

Key points via Breitbart:

• “New economic numbers show that the average American has lost the equivalent of $4,200 in annual income under the Biden administration because of inflation and higher interest rates,” the Heritage Foundation said in a press release Thursday.

• Heritage experts calculated this shocking number based on different sets of data. Consumer prices have risen 12.7% since January 2021, significantly faster than wages, so that the average American worker has lost $3,000 in annual purchasing power. Further, as the Federal Reserve implements tighter monetary policy to reduce inflation, interest rates are rising. Higher rates have in turn increased borrowing costs on mortgages, vehicle loans, credit cards, and more. The higher interest rates and borrowing costs have effectively reduced the average American’s purchasing power another $1,200 on an annualized basis.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:07

On not one but two separate occasions, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates ordered then-President Donald Trump not to investigate the potential dangers associated with mRNA (messenger RNA) covid “vaccines.”

The Microsoft co-founder turned “philanthropist” bragged – watch below – that his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation heavily lobbied Trump against his proposed vaccine safety research project.

“In both of those two meetings [with Donald Trump], he asked me if vaccines weren’t a bad thing, because he was considering a commission to look into ill-effects of vaccines … And I said, ‘No … that would be a bad thing, don’t do that,'” Gates said about his interactions with Trump.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:06

As previously reported, the feds seized $86 million in cash, precious metals and family heirlooms stored in about 800 safe deposit boxes in Los Angeles in spring 2021.

A class-action lawsuit claimed the FBI “exceeded the search warrant approved by the court” when it raided storage provider, US Private Vaults (USPV) and snooped through the contents of the safe deposit boxes.

USPV was indicted by the feds for conspiracy to sell drugs and launder money, however the owners of the boxes are not accused of committing any crimes.

The search warrant only authorized the FBI to inspect the safe deposit boxes to “identify their owners in order to notify them” about claiming their property.

The FBI agents were caught on video going through the boxes, tearing open packages with coins after already identifying the owner’s name.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:06

Most mission scientists would wince at the thought of their spacecraft being smashed to smithereens. But for those behind Nasa’s Dart probe, anything short of total destruction will be chalked up as a failure.

The $330m (£300m) spacecraft is due to slam head-on into an asteroid about 11m kilometres above the Indian Ocean soon after midnight on Monday. The impact, at nearly seven kilometres a second, will obliterate the half-tonne probe, all in the name of planetary defence.

Not that Dimorphos, the asteroid in question, poses any threat to humanity. The Dart, or double asteroid redirection test, is an experiment, the first mission ever to assess whether asteroids can be deflected should one ever be found on a collision course with Earth. A well-placed nudge could avert Armageddon, or so the thinking goes, and spare humans the same fate as the dinosaurs.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:05

The flesh-eating animal tranquilizer xylazine has been linked to thousands of drug overdoses across the country as it inundates heroin and fentanyl supplies in places such as Philadelphia, Delaware and Michigan, reports say.

Known on the street as “tranq,” the sedative is now found in 91% of Philly’s heroin and fentanyl supplies, according to a report earlier this month in the peer-reviewed journal Science Direct.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that its prevalence is also soaring in President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, it was reported last week.

In Michigan, deaths from the drug, which is often used on horses as a muscle relaxant and anesthetic, increased 86.8% between 2019 and 2020 before dropping off slightly in 2021, the Detroit Free Press reported Friday. In the past two years, it was detected in half the opioid deaths in the Ann Arbor region, accelerating fears of its westward proliferation, the paper said.

Webmaster addition: Part of the depopulation agenda????

Posted on: Sep 26 09:04

U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday made it official: with one month remaining in the fiscal year, a record-shattering two million border encounters have been made.

August marked the sixth consecutive month that tallied over 200,000 migrant encounters at the border, and the 203,597 for the month pushed the fiscal year total to 2.1 million. And there’s still a month to go.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:03

The effects of inflation have rippled across America since early 2021, with the consequences now being seen in empty food banks around the nation.

Posted on: Sep 26 09:03

 President Trump held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio the previous weekend for Republican U.S. Senate nominee J.D. Vance and other Ohio GOP candidates for federal and state offices. The rally was held at the mid-sized Covelli Center and drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 6,000, falling a few hundred short of a ‘sellout’, but a great crowd in a deep blue part of Ohio (while Ohio State played a home game against Toledo.)

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Posted on: Sep 26 09:01