"It is the very nature of power that it attracts the very sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world's last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do anything to win that power, and hence are willing to do anything with it once they have it. It is racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we're Americans. America has escaped the clutches of a dictatorship only through the efforts of those citizens who, unlike the Germans and Russians of the 1930s, have the moral courage to stand up and point out where the government is lying to the people." -- Michael Rivero

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Two executives at Silicon Valley Bank worked at banks that contributed to the Great Recession in 2008, it has been revealed.

Joseph Gentile joined the now-failed bank in 2007 after leaving his position as the chief financial officer at Lehman Brothers' Global Investment Bank.

His departure came just one year before Lehman Brothers, which was then the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States, collapsed — leading directly to the Great Recession.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has spearheaded a statewide campaign to outlaw gender-affirming medical treatments for minors. DeSantis has publicly stated that doctors should face legal action for providing these treatments and even suspended a state attorney for failing to comply with the ban.

In response to DeSantis’ actions, Biden appeared to criticize the governor’s handling of transgender youth and hinted at the possibility of implementing a nationwide transgender law.

“What’s going on in Florida, is as my mother would say, is close to sinful. I mean, it’s just terrible what they’re doing. It’s not like, you know, a kid wakes up one morning and says, ‘you know, I decided I want to become a man or I want to become a woman or I want to change.’ I mean, what are they thinking about here? They’re human beings,” Biden said.

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Forty-fifth President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump, a legendary man known for shattering attendance records, traveled to Davenport, Iowa on Monday to give an address on education to a massive crowd of supporters that not only overflowed the arena, but wrapped around the block outside in freezing temperatures.

Trump’s speech was held at the Adler Theatre which offers seating for 2,400 people. Despite the event not being advertised heavily, Trump massively overflowed the theater with a crowd much larger than 2,400 people and a crowd of over 500 people waiting outside.

Videos show a massive two-mile-long line of loving supporters there to see President Trump wrapping around the block of the Adler Theatre.

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While the Fed’s move yesterday (Sunday, March 12th) to bailout depositors from the Big Tech banks that crashed in recent days may have prevented a stock market crash today, it did not stop the bank runs, and more than 30 banks halted trading at one point today.

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Since I launched my Substack site, a recurring theme of my writing has been the sorry state of mainstream journalism and (alleged) “journalists.”

My main critique has been that corporate journalists all think alike and only publish articles that protect the “authorized narrative.”

However, another feature explains the sorry state of journalism in America - namely, the number of journalists at big-city newspapers is evaporating at a stunning rate.

Even if journalists did cover taboo topics (which they don't), there's no longer enough journalists in newsrooms to devote the time to complex and time-consuming investigations.

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An investigative reporter has revealed a link between Janet Yellen, who is Joe Biden's treasury secretary, and the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

The bank serving mostly tech startups was shut down on Friday after failing, while Biden and others promised no depositor would be forced to bear losses.

It is Paul Sperry, a New York Post columnist and longtime Hoover Institute media fellow, who posted his discovery on social media.

Under a "Developing" alert, he explained, "Fed Reserve Bank of SF that missed massive red flags @ SV Bank run by openly gay diversity quota & Janet Yellen protege Mary Daly who focused more on 'climate change and inequities' than regulating rogue banks like SVB. Also chairs SF Fed Diversity & Inclusion Council…"

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While WW1 ended nearly a century ago, its scars can still be found across Northern France and Belgium. Zone Rouge (French for Red Zone) is perhaps the ultimate example of this.

At the end of the war in 1918, the French government isolated the areas in red above and forbade activities such as forestry, farming and even the building of houses from being performed inside them.

In total the non-contiguous areas took up 1,200 sq km (460 sq mi) (roughly the size of New York City).

The primary reason the areas were declared no-go zones was that they had seen some of the worst fighting during the war, particularly during the Battle of Verdun in 1916. The areas were environmentally devastated and contained large numbers of unexploded ordnance along with human and animal remains that further contaminated the environment.

The Battle of Verdun lasted 303 days and was one of the longest and bloodiest in human history with somewhere between 700,000 and 1,250,000 casualties in total. It also resulted in the destruction of villages, 6 of which have never been rebuilt.

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From producing reports and analysis for U.S. policy-makers, to enlisting representatives to write op-eds in corporate media, to providing talking heads for corporate media to interview and give quotes, think tanks play a fundamental role in shaping both U.S. foreign policy and public perception around that foreign policy. Leaders at top think tanks like the Atlantic Council and Hudson Institute have even been called upon to set focus priorities for the House Intelligence Committee. However, one look at the funding sources of the most influential think tanks reveals whose interests they really serve: that of the U.S. military and its defense contractors.

This ecosystem of overlapping networks of government institutions, think tanks, and defense contractors is where U.S. foreign policy is derived, and a revolving door exists among these three sectors. For example, before Biden-appointed head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin took his current position, he sat on the Board of Directors at Raytheon.

Before Austin’s appointment, current defense policy advisor Michèle Flournoy was also in the running for the position. Flournoy sat on the board of Booz Allen Hamilton, another major Pentagon defense contractor. These same defense contractors also work together with think tanks like the Center for Strategic and International Studies to organize conferences attended by national security officials. On top of all this, since the end of the Cold War, intelligence analysis by the CIA and NSA has increasingly been contracted out to these same defense companies like BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin, among others — a major conflict of interest. In other words, these corporations are in the position to produce intelligence reports which raise the alarm on U.S. “enemy” nations so they can sell more military equipment!

Webmaster addition: See "War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and his wife, Sarah Clarke, have expressed concerns for their safety following increased death threats from left-wing extremists.

The threats come almost three years after the police-involved death of George Floyd, which caused unrest in the city. Frey and Clarke told the Star Tribune they had been subjected to violent messages and vandalism.

"I think right now is probably the most concerned I've ever been about Jacob's physical safety since he's been in office," Clarke said. Frey added that public officials are changing their positions out of fear for themselves or their families. "Taking a position against this kind of thing should not be hard," he said. "It should be a prerequisite for entering public service. Part of what we uphold is the institution of democracy. This is an attack on our ability to exercise democracy."

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“Thousands of people gathered at the Kiev Caves Monastery yesterday to show support for the monks who have been ordered to leave by the monastery by Zalensky, one of the holiest shrines of the Russian Orthodox Church, where the Church has been for over 1,000 years. It is the first monastery of the Russian Church. The monks have stated that they will not leave. Our government is supporting this criminal, who has also bombed and killed 1000’s of people in the Donbass, who refuse to go along with his government, which was imposed on Ukraine by the West. They are attempting the same thing in Georgia now,” quoted an American priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, who supplied this video.

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The House floor approved a bill on a 62-1 vote to make it a fourth degree felony to intimidate election workers such as poll workers and county clerks and other election employees.

The bill would expand the state’s election code to include the penalties.

There was no debate on the bill.

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Forbes magazine, the once conservative publication that has since turned hard left shows that the leftward mentality affects their picks as well.
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According to a recent report, the U.S. government, through the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Agency for International Development, may have made duplicate payments involving tens of millions of dollars for high-risk research in Wuhan, China prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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California's Reparations Task Force is considering a proposal to provide approximately 1.8 million Black Californians, who have ancestors enslaved in the U.S., just under $360,000 each in reparations.

This would cost the state around $640 billion, presenting practical questions about how the state would fund such a program while already facing a budget deficit of $22.5 billion for the coming fiscal year.

While no plan has been outlined for a large-scale reparations program, one potential funding source could be raising taxes on the wealthy. However, California's tax revenues are already much lower this year than the previous one. In January, California's monthly tax revenue was about $14 billion lower than during the same month last year. Meanwhile, tax revenue in the current fiscal year, which started in July, was about $23 billion lower than in the previous year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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A pre-print study published in February 2023 by Dr. Wilson Sy shows an incredible analysis of excess mortality data in Australia. Based on his research and analysis of the data, Dr. Sy concluded that there is an excess death rate in 2021 that is 7-fold higher than than 2020 and 14-fold in 2022. The 2022 data was only available up to September 2022. Dr. Sy predicts the final months of 2022 could amount to a 19-fold increase overall for that year.
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The United States might survive another 10 years, but the crises will increase in both frequency and intensity until the end. And, as Steve Bannon has said since Friday night, this is not your fault.
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How many times can someone lie to you before you stop believing him? Popular podcaster Tim Pool applies this question to a source you might be trusting a little too much.

Posted on: Mar 14 11:09

As illegals continue to pour over the Biden Administration’s broken border, The Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered The Red Cross is sharing guides for U.S. bound illegals that includes a map to the border and helpful tips and free resources available to them.

According to Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer, the map is “part of a packet stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, shows a list of resources, including hotels, clinics and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America.”

The map shows defined paths which take illegals directly to cities along the U.S.-Mexican border including direct routes to El Paso, Texas, Nogales, Arizona, and McAllen, Texas.

The packet also provides a helpful “self care” tips for surviving the desert, addressing diseases most likely to occur, how to safely jump on trains and how to obtain free contraceptives.

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A former economic adviser to former President Donald Trump said Monday that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) prevented several efforts to purchase Silicon Valley Bank.

Federal regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank Friday after its stock price collapsed and customers began a bank run following the financial institution’s disclosure of a $1.8 billion loss on asset sales due to high interest rates, CNBC reported. The FDIC also shut down Signature Bank Sunday, citing “systemic risk,” CNBC reported separately.

“I have heard it from people I have a great deal of faith in that were very close to the situation that there were buyers who were willing to step in and buy the bank and that the radicals at the FDIC basically weren’t going to allow that to happen,” Kevin Hassett, a former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “I even heard again someone told me this directly that was close to the situation, that the Biden administration had a whitelist of companies were allowed to buy the failed bank and companies that weren’t.”

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, I researched on the Internet and found that the mortality rate following infection with the coronavirus was around 2%. In comparison, sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease, and the most important interstitial lung disease in Western Europe is described as having a mortality rate of just under 5%.

Have you ever heard anything in the media about sarcoidosis, which has a much higher mortality rate than COVID-19?

In addition, in medical school, I was given a different definition of the term “pandemic than we used today. In the period that followed, I observed the events very closely.”

I’ve been working in pathology for 25 years. For the last 19 years, I was mainly involved in the diagnosis of breast specimens. Almost eight years ago, I got the opportunity to work in breast cancer research at Lund University. Here I have reevaluated 1,500 breast cancer cases according to currently valid guidelines.

With this experience, I know approximately the distribution of average age, tumor size, and degree of malignancy that I can expect in the daily input material of breast cancer.

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The Islamic Republic of Iran may soon drop the U.S. dollar in trading with Africa.

Iranian Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaee put forward the possibility during a March 6 conference that touched on scientific and economic cooperation between the Islamic republic and West Africa. Highlighting the importance of multilateral cooperation, he remarked that Tehran could give a boost to many advanced industries in West Africa.

Rezaee even went as far as suggesting the creation of a joint bank, adding that settlements in local currencies would facilitate trade.

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Several banks in the Cuban capital city of Havana started accepting Mir payment system cards, according to a TASS reporter.

ATMs now display the logo of the Russian payment system and provide an option to withdraw funds from cards, issued by Russian banks. The money is provided in Cuban pesos. The approximate ruble to Cuban peso exchange rate is about 1 to 1.5, not counting operation fee.

Posted on: Mar 14 11:02

China's third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, has made smooth progress in mooring trials ahead of its expected maiden voyage later this year, analysts said on Monday, after the latest reports showed the ship has seemingly already tested its auxiliary power systems.

The report by China Central Television (CCTV) on Monday featured an interview with Captain Zhang Chuanqian, head of an undisclosed department on the Fujian.

"As sailors on China's first aircraft carrier that is equipped with electromagnetic catapults and arresting devices, we aim at realizing the centennial goal of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), as we are comprehensively enhancing our training and combat preparedness, so we are ready at all times to fight and win," Zhang said.

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The line dividing consensus from group think is narrow and not well defined. There are four principal agencies in the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) who actually produce raw intelligence — the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research.
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Australia is "planting a time bomb" for its own peace and that of the region, and it would bear the cost of the "expensive mistake" of following the US, Chinese experts warned, as the AUKUS leaders of the US, UK and Australia are expected to meet in San Diego, California and announce a mega nuclear submarine deal to arm Australia.

The three-way pact is back in focus after the US picked up the clique confrontation approach against China. AUKUS, launched in September 2021 after Australia scrapped a deal with France, was aimed at strengthening defense cooperation among the Anglo-Saxon brothers and counter China, including offering Australia US nuclear powered submarine technology. 

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are expected to further enrich AUKUS with a new nuclear submarine agreement during their meeting in California on Monday (US time), according to media reports. 

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In January, Elizabeth Warren did an interview with WGBH in Boston and was asked about Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate in 2024.
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China's scientific research ship Tansuo-1 carrying manned submersible Fendouzhe (Striver) has finished the first international, large-scale and systematic manned deep-diving survey in the Kermadec Trench area of the southwest Pacific Ocean.

The research ship returned to the city of Sanya, South China's Hainan Province on Saturday, to a welcoming and boisterous crowd. 

The vessel had traveled for 157 days starting from October, and sailed more than 22,000 nautical miles around Oceania, reported the Xinhua News Agency citing the Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

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Asyakhamsin, the Houston-based Tanzanian fashion designer who alleges Sam Brinton stole her luggage in 2018 appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday evening.
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