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"One-third of teens and young adults reported worsening mental health during the pandemic. According to an Ohio State University study, suicide rates among children rose 50 percent. A study in August 11, 2021 by Brown University found that infants born during the quarantine were short, on average, 22 IQ points as measured by Baylor scale tests. Some 93,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2020—a 30 percent rise over 2019." -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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US President Joe Biden speaks while meeting with business and labor leaders in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. Biden will discuss ways to tackle inflation and shore up the economy with the CEOs of Ford Motor Co., Carrier Global Corp. and Kaiser Permanente, as well as labor officials.

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Washington Post slammed President Joe Biden in a statement Friday for shielding Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from a lawsuit on Thursday over his involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, one of the newspaper’s columnists.

The Biden administration said Thursday evening that MBS’ status holding a high office “allows immunity” in response to a lawsuit filed by Khashoggi’s fiancée and by the rights group he founded, Democracy for the Arab World Now.

“In granting legal immunity to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Biden is failing to uphold America’s most cherished values,” Fred Ryan, Publisher and CEO of The Washington Post, said in a statement. “He is granting a license to kill to one of the world’s most egregious human-rights abusers who is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist.”

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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) condemns shelling attacks around the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine, calling reports from its team on the ground “disturbing.” Russian officials in control of Europe’s largest nuclear site accuse Kyiv of shelling the area. Ukraine’s nuclear energy agency Energoatom says Russia is behind the explosions.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) condemns shelling attacks around the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine, calling reports from its team on the ground “disturbing.” Russian officials in control of Europe’s largest nuclear site accuse Kyiv of shelling the area. Ukraine’s nuclear energy agency Energoatom says Russia is behind the explosions. Alexander Ermochenko

Powerful explosions have rocked the area around Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said.

“In what appeared to be renewed shelling both close to and at the site of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, IAEA experts at the ZNPP reported to Agency headquarters that more than a dozen blasts were heard within a short period of time in the morning local time,” the IAEA said in a statement.

Renat Karchaa, an adviser to the head of Russia’s Rosenergoatom nuclear power company, said shelling around the Zaporizhzhya nuclear site was ongoing.

“They not only shelled yesterday, they are shelling today, shelling right now. As of now, about 15 hits at nuclear power plant facilities have been recorded. Any artillery strikes on the nuclear plant put nuclear safety at risk,” Karchaa was quoted as saying by Russia’s TASS news agency.

Posted on: Nov 20 12:42

Rev. Al Sharpton received a massive raise through his National Action Network charity that's nearly doubled his pay packet to nearly $650,000 with his non-profit also shelling out $1million on private jets. 

Sharpton, president and CEO of NAN, was compensated $348,174 by his charitable foundation, according to tax filings. He was also allocated $278,503 in bonuses and $22,117 in benefits, bringing his total compensation to $648,794.

That's a giant increase in pay for Sharpton, who's salary was $347,183, and did not include bonuses, two years ago (in 2020). 

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In late September videographer Matt Orfalea made a pair of videos for TK. One, Memory Holed: “The Election Was Hacked,” seen above, was a simple montage of Democratic politicians, media officials, and enforcement officials saying the 2016 election was, among other things, “illegitimate,” “rigged,” “hacked,” and a “cyber 9/11.”

The second, Memory Holed, Part II: The “Rigged” Electionwas a similar exercise, with one exception: it compared the post-2020 statements of Donald Trump to the post-2016 statements of Democratic partisans. When Trump tells Chris Wallace, “I have to see,” when asked if he’d concede an election, Orfalea shows Hillary Clinton saying, “No, I would not,” when asked in 2017 — after her loss — if she’d contest the results. He shows Trump later saying he’ll of course respect the results, “if I win,” and Hillary Clinton saying Joe Biden should not concede “under any circumstances,” essentially exact analogs.

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The US State Department is funding a video game with an anti-populist message aimed at teaching kids to recognize “disinformation,” according to documents published by the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) on Thursday. The game, 'Cat Park', is being rolled out globally, with US embassies asking employees to push it through schools and community organizations.

In a memo sent on October 31 to all US diplomatic posts worldwide, the State Department encouraged staff to “promote,” “publicize,” and “organize special rollout events” for ‘Cat Park’, a game developed by a Dutch studio and funded by the State Department’s ‘Global Engagement Center’ (GEC).

The game demonstrates “how sensational headlines, memes, and manipulated media can be used to advance conspiracy theories and incite real-world violence,” read the memo, which was obtained by America First Legal and made public by the FFO. 

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ELECTION 2020 TULSI GABBARD - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.11.2022

The Hawaii politician, once considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, quit the party last month, attacking its leadership for being an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.”

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has ripped into President Biden, the Washington elite and the US military-industrial complex, accusing the government of wringing Americans dry by hiring an army of Internal Revenue Service agents, while sending billions of dollars to the MIC and unaccountable and corrupt actors in Ukraine.

“We have politicians from both political parties who are the permanent Washington elite, and who must be held accountable for what they’re doing with our taxpayer dollars and how they’re undermining our national security as they push us closer and closer to the brink of nuclear catastrophe,” Gabbard said, filling in for Fox News host Tucker Carlson on a special anniversary edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight this week.

Demanding that Washington “stop giving a blank check to Ukraine and demand accountability” for the tens of billions of dollars already sent, Gabbard stressed that much of this money has gone to the US military-industrial complex, which has already made “trillions of dollars” off of US wars abroad.

“Now the Biden wants to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to go over every receipt and every deductible of American taxpayers with a fine tooth comb, squeezing every penny that they can. [For] the Ukrainian government and their corrupt bureaucrats and oligarchs, and the defense contractors who are profiting from all these weapons, the Biden administration requires no receipts at all. Why is this? Is because they know that most of this money, our taxpayer dollars is going to corrupt bureaucrats…Their actions expose who they really care about. It’s not us,” Gabbard said.

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If you have been to the grocery store lately, you have probably noticed that meat prices have gone up dramatically.  Unfortunately, we are being warned that things could get much worse in 2023.  All over the northern hemisphere, cattle ranchers are dramatically reducing the size of their herds due to relentless drought conditions.  Meanwhile, the bird flu has already resulted in the deaths of nearly 100 million chickens and turkeys in the United States and Europe.  On top of everything else, progressive politicians throughout the western world continue to be absolutely determined to get us all to start eating less meat.

So prices are likely to continue to go up for the foreseeable future, and supplies are starting to get really tight.

Posted on: Nov 20 12:29

WikiLeaks campaigners are meeting with the president of Colombia and six other heads of state in attempt to raise support for founder Julian Assange.

Assange, 51, is facing extradition from London to the US, where he is charged with violating the US Espionage Act by publishing US military and diplomatic files in 2010 related to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. 

WikiLeaks delegation will meet with Colombian President Gustavo Petro tomorrow morning in Bogotá to discuss press freedom and the 'political nature' of Assange's prosecution, sources confirmed to The Mail on Sunday.

The campaigners, including WkiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson and Assange's chief of staff Joseph Farrell, are set to meet with six other heads of state in the region following the meeting with Mr Petro.

They hope their south American tour will bear influence on the White House by raising support for Assange and appealing to the Hispanic and Latino population in the US.

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WikiLeaks campaigners are meeting with Colombian President Gustavo Petro (right) and six other heads of state in attempt to raise support for founder Julian Assange (left)

Assange is wanted by US authorities on 18 counts, including a spying charge, relating to WikiLeaks' release of confidential US military records and diplomatic cables.

In April 2010, WikiLeaks began publishing documents supplied by a US Army intelligence analyst which included Afghanistan war logs and Guantánamo Bay files. 

Washington says he put lives in danger. His supporters say he has been victimised because he exposed US wrongdoing in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He has been living in London's Belmarsh prison since his asylum was withdrawn in 2019. The US has been attempting to extradite Assange since a 2010 sexual assault investigation which has since been discontinued.

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Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that with former President Donald Trump caused the Republican Party to lose, so he will not win the presidential nomination in 2024.
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Posted on: Nov 20 12:04
Hungary, Austria, and Serbia have agreed to coordinate to reduce illegal migrant flows on the Balkan route, with Serbia deploying more police along its southern border and Austria providing reinforcements.
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Texas Department of Public Safety troopers arrested a human smuggler from California following a high-speed pursuit in Val Verde County. The troopers found 14 migrants following the chase.
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China’s ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, was spotted with his staff at the Venetian resort Saturday evening before the annual gala dinner of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
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Hundreds took to the streets of a working-class area in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday after the country’s government moved a large number of male migrants into a former office block in the area.
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Firefighters recently ran through thousands of gallons of water as a Tesla electric car burned in the state of Pennsylvania earlier this week.
Posted on: Nov 20 12:00
A Virginia state lawmaker has put forward legislation that would prohibit public schools and colleges from allowing biological males to compete in girls' sports.
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Posted on: Nov 20 10:22
The Biden administration has agreed to pay into a United Nations fund to compensate countries that have experienced damages from climate change, according to new reports.
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Elon Musk announced on Saturday night that he would reinstate Donald Trump's account on Twitter. The Twitter CEO made the announcement following an online poll that the billionaire posted to the social media platform.
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CBS News was mocked online Friday evening after announcing that the network would pause their use of Twitter “out of an abundance of caution” as the social media platform goes through an intense period of change following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company.
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Posted on: Nov 20 10:19
A Tesla exploded into flames on a Pennsylvania highway this week and spewed toxic fumes from its lithium ion battery for a considerable amount of time because it took firefighters a significantly longer period of time to extinguish the fire compared to vehicles that use a standard combustion engine.
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The mother of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is a law professor and Democratic fundraiser who once wrote an essay decrying “personal responsibility.”
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Everything in the universe has gravity – and feels it too. Yet this most common of all fundamental forces is also the one that presents the biggest challenges to physicists. Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity has been remarkably successful in describing the gravity of stars and planets, but it doesn't seem to apply perfectly on all scales.

General relativity has passed many years of observational tests, from Eddington’s measurement(opens in new tab) of the deflection of starlight by the Sun in 1919 to the recent detection of gravitational waves(opens in new tab). However, gaps in our understanding start to appear when we try to apply it to extremely small distances, where the laws of quantum mechanics operate(opens in new tab), or when we try to describe the entire universe.

Our new study, published in Nature Astronomy(opens in new tab), has now tested Einstein's theory on the largest of scales. We believe our approach may one day help resolve some of the biggest mysteries in cosmology, and the results hint that the theory of general relativity may need to be tweaked on this scale.

Posted on: Nov 20 10:02

Ukrainian troops subjected the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (NPP) to massive artillery shelling, damaging strategic facilities, an adviser to the head of Rosenergoatom, a subsidiary of Russian state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom, told Sputnik on Sunday.

“The Ukrainian military launched a massive strike directly at the station. Twelve rockets were fired. It is known that six of them hit the cooling system of reactors, two — hit the dry cask storage [of radioactive waste]. The consequences of the shelling cannot be determined yet since the risk of repeated attacks remains,” Renat Karchaa said.
None of the Zaporozhye NPP personnel were injured, according to Karchaa.

Posted on: Nov 20 10:01

The Elections Integrity Unit of the Arizona Attorney General's Office has reached out to Maricopa County officials to demand that they account for the issues surrounding the 2022 election procedures in the state's largest county.

A letter from Attorney General Mark Brnovich's office to Maricopa County Attorney Thomas Liddy's office said that the AG's office received an excessive number of complaints, into the hundreds, regarding "issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County."

These complaints included first-hand, witness accounts of alleged improprieties that led the Elections Integrity Unit to become concerned that Maricopa County was not in "lawful compliance with Arizona election law." 

Posted on: Nov 20 09:52

Watch: MASSIVE Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Celebs Who Pushed Ponzi Scheme

A major lawsuit has been filed against several stars who decided to expose the public to the cryptocurrency exchange FTX failures.

Accusers in the lawsuit claim that the accused engaged in a Ponzi scheme and must stand trial for their actions.

The Daily Wire reported, “The company filed for bankruptcy on Friday after customers discovered that firms controlled by Sam Bankman-Fried and his associates were allegedly fraudulently intertwined, causing a liquidity crisis as users rushed to withdraw funds.”

The company made many mistakes along the way that led to its downfall. Nothing was done to keep the company stable before it was taken public.

The Daily Wire reported that “Among the defendants listed were Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, who appeared in an advertisement for the company and held equity stakes. The lawsuit also noted that celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary assured the public that FTX was a reliable entity as recently as last month.”

Posted on: Nov 20 09:41

A REAL Feminist: Wisconsin Counselor Sues District After Firing Over Denouncing "Gender Identity Ideology"

Marissa Darlingh has filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee School District.

She is a former school counselor who denounced the gender ideology taught in the schools where she worked.

Allen-Field Elementary School terminated her after the school learned of comments she made at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, earlier this year. She spoke up at that rally to denounce the radical gender ideology she saw taught around her.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty represents Darlingh and has filed a lawsuit against Milwaukee Public Schools on her behalf. They say that the school violated her First Amendment rights. She took a stand against children’s social and medical transition, and the school punished her for her opinion.

Webmaster addition: Good for her. And I love that T-shirt!

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An investigation from a British newspaper has found that the Conservative government has wasted at least £14 billion on frivolous expenditures such as luxury villas in Italy, vegan ice cream, and massive levels of fraud during the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

According to an investigation from London’s Daily Telegraph, the broadsheet most closely aligned with the ruling Tory party, financial disclosures since the start of the year found at least £14 billion in waste as finance minister announced on Thursday that the nominally conservative government would be raising taxes yet again by £24 billion.

Items identified as waste by the paper included £6,000 on a villa in Naples, £837 Vegan ice-cream in Uruguay, £5,393 on a ‘storytelling training’ session with a narrative ecologist, and £3,376 on children’s swimming lessons in Panama.

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