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"The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of 'Men who wanted to be left alone'.<p>They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.<p>They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.<p>They know, that the moment they fight back, the lives as they have lived them, are over.  <p>The moment the "Men who wanted to be left alone" are forced to fight back, it is a small form of suicide.  They are literally killing off who they used to be.<p>Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these "Men who wanted to be left alone", fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives.  <p>They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.  TRUE TERROR will arrive at the left's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy...but it will fall upon deaf ears." ~ Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

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On Wednesday, Steve Bannon had a sit-down interview with OANN New York correspondent Caitlin Sinclair.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 10:14

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has released its 2022 Global Innovation Index. It evaluated innovation levels across 132 economies focusing on a long list of criteria such as human capital, institutions, technology and creative output as well as market and business sophistication, among others.

The 2022 index has found that innovation is still blossoming in some sectors despite the global economic slowdown and coronavirus pandemic, especially in industries to do with public health and the environment.

As Statista's Katharina Buchholz reportsSwitzerland topped the rankings with a score of 64.6 out of 100, the 12th time it has been named the world leader in innovation. The United States come second while the Sweden rounds off the top three.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:14

People initially answered by a two-to-one margin that they support red flag laws (58% to 29%), with the strongest support coming from Democrats, the wealthy, blacks and Hispanics, and people aged 18-29.

However, after being told that there are no court proceedings before an individual’s guns are taken away, and that there are no mental health care experts involved in the process, support changed to opposition (29% to 47%). Strong support plummeted from 34% to 14% and strong opposition rose from 18% to 29%.

Finally, people were asked if they prefer “involuntary commitment” or red flag laws. They were told that involuntary commitment laws provide for evaluations by mental health care experts, that an emergency court hearing takes place before a judge’s decision, and that a lawyer is provided if the person can’t afford one. They are also told that, under such rules, judges have a range of less extreme options, such as mandatory outpatient mental health care and weapon confiscation.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:13

The US admitted that Ukrainians were responsible for the assassination of Putin’s ally’s daughter, who was killed in an explosion outside of Moscow.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 10:13

In a very short time, Joe Biden has taken the most secure border in US history and turned it into an absolute warzone that is being run by the cartels, which have made billions trafficking people north.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:12

It looks like there might not be enough energy to go around in Germany this winter after all, according to federal economy minister Robert Habeck.

After earlier reassuring the German public that everything will be just fine during the cold winter season, Habeck is now telling the media that there is a very good chance Deutschland will run out of gas in the very near future.

Rather than end the disastrous sanctions Germany agreed to impose against Russia and its energy supply, which is what created this crisis, the country’s leaders are instead pushing German citizens to reduce consumption somehow.

The German government also launched a new price break program that will cover 80 percent of a consumer’s regular consumption. This, Habeck says, will encourage more German people to use less gas this winter.

“For the upper 20 percent of normal consumption, you will certainly have to pay the full bill,” Habeck clarified. (Related: Energy prices in Germany have increased 1,000 percent, which is driving many companies and industries out of business.)

Posted on: Oct 07 10:12

This time, it’s war.

One day after we wrote that “OPEC Is Taking On The Fed“, the oil cartel did just that when it announced that it was cutting output by 2mmb/d the despite a furious diplomatic campaign by the White House hoping to avoid the inevitable, and warning that any cut would be seen as a “hostile act” by the Soros administration. Of course, despite Biden’s fondest wishes that OPEC+, which of course counts Russia among its members, would help Democrats win the midterms by keeping the price of gas low, this was not going to happen…

… and not just for political reasons, but also due to the Fed’s increasingly challenging monetary policy. Yesterday, we summarized the dynamic as follows:

  • Fed hiking rates to crush oil demand and send US economy into recession fast.
  • OPEC+ cutting supply to offset reduced US oil demand and send US economy into recession even faster so Fed is forced to cut rates.
Posted on: Oct 07 10:11

At least 12 North Korean military planes flew in formation close to the South Korean border on Thursday, prompting U.S. allies to scramble dozens of fighter jets.

A group of eight fighter jets and four bombers operated by North Korea flew in formation near the inter-Korean air boundary at around 2 p.m. local time, officials with the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff told Yonhap. They are believed to have carried out air-to-surface military drills, the officials said.

In response, South Korea mobilized 30 fighter jets and scrambled them to near where North Korea carried out its drills, authorities told Yonhap.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told news outlets that the 12 North Korean warplanes “flew in squadron this afternoon in the South Korean side … to stage a protest.”

“Reportedly, North Korea’s Air Force has not been able to train properly due to the scarcity of fuel, it is extremely unusual for North Korea to have flown 8 fighter jets and 4 bombers,” Cheong Seong-Chang, the head of the Center for North Korean Studies at the Sejong Institute, told ABC News.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:10

Official government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that 1.2 million Americans have already passed away because of the COVID-19 mRNA injections falsely being called “vaccines.” Ben Armstrong did not mince words in the September 23 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show,” as he shared shocking data provided by official government sources.

The adverse effects numbers associated with the Covid-19 injections are already horrifying. In the “best case scenario” Armstrong estimates that 2.3 million Americans are permanently disabled and 1.2 million are already dead because of the shots.

Armstrong said that he was given the actual Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data which the mainstream media does not report on, at least not accurately.

“I’m giving you the calculated VAERS data. And this is not a scam,” Armstrong told his viewers. “This is not scaremongering. But if you’re skeptical and thinking, oh my gosh, this is over the top. In fact, I’m underselling it. I am giving you what I think is the best-case scenario.”

Posted on: Oct 07 10:10

The satirical news headline above recently made a powerful point about Washington’s warped priorities.

It’s scathing because for seven months, Congress has shipped the American people’s money, some $65 billion (and counting), to Ukraine – money that could have gone to disaster relief or even (perish the thought!) returned to taxpayers.

In July, after four months of support for Ukraine and when the total was “only” $54 BILLION, that figure accounted for more than what U.S. taxpayers paid for the first five years of the Afghan conflict.

Just last week, when Congress passed its Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded through mid-December, they included $12 BILLION in new aid to Ukraine.

So as The Fed recklessly prints more and more money, I have to ask:

What has this $65 billion gotten us – and when will it end?

Posted on: Oct 07 10:06

Yesterday was all about oil, geopolitics, and geostrategic errors; and, in the background, domestic politics, accepting past errors, and trying to make amends for them. Ironically, it all happened on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, which back in 1973 jump-started a Middle East war, and then the energy crisis that led to the collapse of the post-WW2 Western political-economy model, and ushered in global neoliberalism.

OPEC+ lined up with Russia to slash output by 2m barrels a day from November and through 2023, pushing energy prices up, and seeing a slew of calls for oil to again top $100 in the near future. That was as US gasoline inventory data dropped 4.7m barrels to the lowest level since November 2014 despite apparent demand destruction.

The White House response was furious. The official statement said President Biden was “disappointed by the short-sighted decision” to cut production. The White House Press Secretary accused OPEC+ of “aligning with Russia” Off the record the response was probably blunter given such a cut had been flagged as a “hostile act”. Yet Saudi Arabia’s message to the White House also couldn’t have been blunter.

The Saudis have moved from swing producers who help the US at times of trouble to ones who cut to keep prices high; under a leader building Western-style tourist resorts and holding raves(!) That’s testimony to a staggering US geopolitical and geoeconomic error, compounded by its multi-layered domestic energy policy failures. The longer-term question is if it will prove to be the same kind of massive error for OPEC+ to have made itself a geostrategic problem for the US.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:03

The recent ceremony of accession of four Ukrainian regions to Russia brought a speech from President Putin that outlined the reasons behind Russia’s current struggles, the character and identify of its foes and, more importantly, laid the groundwork for Russia’s next level of confrontation with the West beyond the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.  In his speech, Putin clearly defined the present fight as a worldwide battle in which Russia plays a leading role against the Deep State that ultimately runs the West and which uses all available tools - including military, economic, cultural, and social – in its attempt to preserve unipolar world domination.

Putin’s words were directed to three distinctive audiences: the collective West, the Global South and Russia. He went back to Middle Ages history to remind the origins and impact of Western resource exploitation and colonialism in the Americas, Asia and Africa through imperialistic wars, racism, and slavery.  He touched upon the military exploits of the 20th century led primarily by the US and its allies and its impact in Germany and Japan at the end of the Second World War, Korea in the 1950s, Vietnam in the 1960-70s and its latest failed adventures in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. He also highlighted the dire days of Russia during the 1990s and the Western powers’ attempts to turn it into a dismembered and passive cheap natural resources outlet. Putin’s message to Russians had nationalistic and religious tones, touching on the defence of traditional family values as a call to arms against the threat caused by dwindling population growth. He also named US monetary printing as one of the key tools used by the Western establishment to achieve its self-preservation and supremacy goals, reminding that paper doesn’t feed nor warms human beings.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:03

 The US is increasing its supply of medications used to treat injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome.  This may be an indicator of a looming danger.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 10:02

This is a scam website disguised as an official Amazon page encouraging people to win various prizes by completing a survey. Amazon has nothing to do with this deceptive website and, therefore, it should not be trusted. Typically, scammers behind these sites attempt to trick people into providing information that could be misused to generate revenue in various ways.

These scam websites are opened by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), which people unintentionally install on their browsers and/or operating systems.

Posted on: Oct 07 10:01

Joe Biden does not want the US to produce more oil and gas. That would make too much sense. No, Joe Biden wants hostile regimes to provide the US with the oil we need here at home.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 10:00

Republican Mayra Flores stunned the world of politics and media earlier this year when she won a special election in southern Texas.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:59

Voters overwhelmingly oppose sexually explicit books in public school libraries, and believe schools have an obligation to inform parents what their children are being taught.

This is according to the latest Rasmussen Reports and Capitol Resource Institute poll.

The survey found that 89% of likely U.S. voters think it is important that public schools fully inform parents about what is being taught to their children in classrooms, including 70% who say it is "very important."

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters believe books containing explicit sexual depictions of sex acts, including homosexual sex, should not be present in public high school libraries.

The majority opposed to sexually explicit books in public school libraries rises to 79% for middle schools and 85% for elementary schools.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:55

On Thursday, American Oversight sued the Treasury Department and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) for records related to trips that former White House adviser Jared Kushner and former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin took to the Middle East in late 2020 and early 2021. 

Among the records at issue are travel itineraries, reimbursement records, and communications that American Oversight sought in public records requests filed in July 2022 following reports that Kushner and Mnuchin secured billions of dollars from members of the Saudi Arabian government in the form of investments in their new private equity funds.

Just before the 2020 election, Kushner launched the Abraham Fund, a U.S. government-sponsored program purportedly intended to raise $3 billion for projects in the Middle East. Mnuchin promoted the fund’s launch on a trip to the United Arab Emirates and Israel. In the final weeks of the Trump administration, both Kushner and Mnuchin met with Saudi officials, ostensibly to discuss the fund.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:48

Recently declassified Israeli Foreign Ministry documents reveal deep Israeli military ties with Burma, now known as Myanmar, and its significant role in the brutal massacre of the Rohingya Muslims.

According to a report published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Thursday, the 25,000 pages of documents detail how the Israeli regime armed and trained the Burmese army, from the 1950s until the beginning of the 1980s.

Since the end of British rule in Myanmar in 1948, different parts of the country have been rocked by relentless civil war.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:47

Sharon Osbourne wants her money back.

The former “The Talk” co-host agreed with Kanye West about Black Lives Matter being a “scam” when TMZ asked her about the rapper’s recent antics, from his White Lives Matter shirt to his social media tirades.

“Well, we gave $900,000 to [Black Lives Matter], and I’d like my money back please,” she told a reporter.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:42

Eleven pro-lifers were indicted by a federal grand jury for blocking access to an abortion clinic in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee in March 2021.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 09:32

In October 2020 the number of minors crossing into the US unaccompanied was 1,929.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 09:31

Since the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, Illinois has become an oasis to prevent future women, people of color, LGBTQIA?’s and all of God’s other children from entering this world, but why stop there?

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 07 09:30

A Texas man was arrested after he entered a newborn baby nursery, started running around, snatched a baby and choked it while saying, “Die!”

Posted on: Oct 07 09:29

NASA's first planetary defense test mission created a comet-like trail from the asteroid Dimorphos stretching thousands of miles into space, according to astronomers. 

Last week, NASA intentionally crashed a refrigerator-size spacecraft into a tiny asteroid moonlet named Dimorphos orbiting another larger asteroid, Didymos, to test one possible planetary defense method. The goal was to change the speed of the moonlet, Dimorphos, by just a tiny percentage, maybe an inch or two a second.

Scientists with NASA said the test mission went smashingly because DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test) hit its target head-on, ending the spacecraft's life. Still, the work continues as astronomers will monitor the binary asteroid system for tiny changes to Dimorphos' orbit around Didymos.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:27

The White House is slamming congressional Republicans, accusing them of working to "defund the police," "defund the FBI" and choosing the "gun lobby over the fight against gun crime" by opposing assault weapons ban legislation backed by President Biden and Democrats.

The White House told Fox News Digital that they are going on offense in an attempt to hold Republicans accountable for obstructing legislation that would ban assault weapons.

The official told Fox News Digital that the American people "know" that the passage of the assault weapons ban legislation is "key to taking on the rise in violent crime," which the official said the Biden administration "inherited from the Trump administration."

Posted on: Oct 07 09:26

ACalifornia man arrested with what authorities described as an “astonishing” amount of child pornography – including over 1,000 DVDs with content showing children being raped – will spend less than a year in jail.

The light sentence was issued by Fresno County Superior Court Judge Leanne Le Mon, a self-identified Democrat and judicial appointee of Governor Gavin Newsom.

On Tuesday, 57-year-old Michael Wayne Martin of Fresno was officially sentenced to 180 days in jail and two years of formal probation, according to court documents.

Posted on: Oct 07 09:23 Inc. is shutting down tests of its home delivery robot, the latest sign that the e-commerce giant is starting to wind down experimental projects amid slowing sales growth.

Work on Scout, an autonomous machine launched about three years ago, has already been halted, according to a person familiar with the situation. Amazon spokesperson Alisa Carroll said the Scout team was being disbanded and would be offered new jobs in the organization. About 400 people were working on the project globally, according to the person, who requested anonymity to discuss a private matter. A skeleton crew will continue to consider the idea of an autonomous robot, but the current iteration isn’t working.


Posted on: Oct 07 09:22