"This obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South, again, it is something that happened in the past. No White person alive today in the United States of America has ever owned a slave. No Black person alive today in the United States of America has ever had to pick cotton.

But the reality is, we are all (White or Black, Brown, Red, Peach Taupe Mauve, Plaid) slaves anyway to the "Infernal" Revenue Service, to the Federal Reserve, to the IMF, to the military industrial complex, to the Medical Industrial complex.  We do not have the freedom to be independent. 

We are forced to buy and to use certain products, to surrender our money for things we don't really want, and that really is an ideal definition of slavery: that your work product is taken away from you and you get nothing in return that you want.

But this obsession with the slavery of the Antebellum South is being fanned up to divide the American people against each other so that we don't unite together against the slavery that is happening in front of us now today. 

You think about that for a while." -- Michael Rivero

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A report published on Sunday raises new concerns about the safety and security of the country’s top elected officials.

In response to mounting concerns about security risks faced by members of Congress, over 50 senators have reportedly been provided with satellite phones for emergency communication, as per sources familiar with the matter cited by CBS News. The devices are among several new security measures being offered to senators by the Senate Sergeant at Arms, who assumed the role shortly after the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the report added.

The offer of satellite a phone has been extended to all 100 senators, according to reports. CBS News revealed that a minimum of 50 senators have chosen to accept these phones and, as recommended by Senate administrative staff, were advised to keep the devices readily accessible while traveling.

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The existence of a second IRS whistleblower in the criminal investigation of first son Hunter Biden emerged Monday in documents sent to Congress following the purge of the entire investigatory team looking into President Biden’s son for tax fraud and related crimes.

The new whistleblower is a special agent in the IRS’s international tax and financial crimes group and worked on the Hunter Biden case since it opened in 2018 — before being ousted without explanation last week.

The agent joins his supervisor, who plans to testify behind closed doors before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday, in publicly registering concerns about how the Justice Department has handled the investigation.

Both IRS whistleblowers expressed concerns internally for years about the case being swept under the rug but got nowhere, and lay out extensive claims of retaliation in new disclosures to Congress.

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Roles in asset management and banking pay much more if they are associated with the environmental, social, and corporate governance movement, also known as ESG, according to data from Revelio Labs shared with Reuters.
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Washington state is preparing to spend an estimated $83,000 on an employee diversity training featuring the Director of Drag Queen Story Hour, information obtained by The Daily Wire reveals.
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The Biden administration plans to end a family DNA testing system at the U.S.-Mexico border that authorities use to prevent smugglers from trafficking migrant children across the southern border, according to a leaked memo obtained by Just the News.
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Hillary Clinton encouraged voters to contemplate President Joe Biden‘s age when they head to the ballot box in 2024.
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President Joe Biden is moving closer to allowing Ukraine to have F-16 fighter jets, an about-face after pushing off similar requests earlier this year.
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More than half of U.S. Senators accepted taxpayer-funded emergency satellite phones as part of a series of new security measures implemented after the January 6 Capitol riot.
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Democratic Governor Roy Cooper (NC) has declared a “State of Emergency” because the GOP-led legislature is about to pass school choice amongst other conservative measures that fight back against radical emergency.
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John Poulos, the CEO and founder of Dominion Voting Systems, has mysteriously predicted the company’s collapse as the “damage Dominion has endured [following the 2020 presidential election] is just too severe,” despite their Fox News payday.

Poulos believes that regardless of the recent Fox News defamation victory, which saw the news outlet pay Dominion $787.5 million, the public outcry against the company will result in contractors opting to go elsewhere for their voting systems in the future.

He believes: “Whenever the next time a customer chooses to buy a new system—because every eight years or so, you replace your voting system for obsolescence and for certification issues—they’ll just say, ‘Man, it’s just not worth going through the hassle just to buy Dominion.’”

One example of this loss of confidence was the recent decision of Shasta County, California, to abruptly end its contract with Dominion.

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FBI officials met with House Oversight Committee staff Monday, but did not produce the subpoenaed unclassified record by Chairman James Comer allegedly linking Joe Biden to a cash-for-access 'criminal scheme.'

As a result, a committee aide told DailyMail.com that Comer is expected to announce next steps 'soon.' 

The meeting Monday comes after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the FBI is poised to hand over the potentially damning document after he spoke with FBI Director Chris Wray.

'I wanted to be clear with the FBI director,' McCarthy told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo Sunday. 

He confirmed that he held a phone call with Wray, adding 'Congress has a right, and we have the jurisdiction, to oversee the FBI.'

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Biden’s corrupt Justice Department shut down their ‘investigation’ into the Clinton Foundation in August 2021, according to FOIA documents obtained by the New York Times.

The FBI then ‘returned’ or destroyed all of the evidence!

“The Justice Department kept open the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s family foundation for nearly all of President Donald J. Trump’s administration, with prosecutors closing the case without charges just days before he left office.” The New York Times reported.

The DOJ investigated the Clinton Foundation’s relationships with foreign donors while Hillary Clinton was the head of the Department of State during Obama’s presidency.

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A female high school runner let her frustrations be known on Saturday, as she gave a big thumbs down following her loss to a trans athlete. A loss that resulted in her exclusion from the state championships.

In a video posted by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, Adeline Johnson, a track & field athlete from Branson High School in California, can be seen giving a thumbs down after her fourth-place finish in the 1600-meter race at the North Coast Meet of Champions of California. Next to her is second-place finisher and transgender athlete Athena Ryan of Sonoma Academy.

Ryan, along with the first and second-place finishers, advanced to the state championships. Had Ryan, a male, not been in the race, Adekine Johnson would be on her way to state. Had Ryan run in the male division, he would have finished last.

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Most Americans say their tax bill is too high and few think the tax code is fair, according to a poll from Gallup.

Six in 10 Americans say the amount of federal income tax they pay is “too high.” That’s the highest percentage since 2001.

Forty-six percent believe the income tax they pay is fair, more or less tying 1999’s 45 percent as the lowest in Gallup’s trend. A new high of 51 percent say their income taxes are not fair.

Complaints about federal income taxes are rising. The share who say the amount they pay is too high jumpedsix percentage points from a year ago and is 15 points from the recent low measured in 2018 and 2019.

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A global recession that makes the 2008 financial crash "look like a tea party" could be unleashed on the world in weeks as the United States battles for a solution to its $31.4trillion debt default.

US politicians across rival parties only have until June 1 to strike a deal to borrow more money, also known in Washington as raising the "debt ceiling". Failure to do so would see the the world's largest economy default on its debt.

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During an appearance on Face The Nation over the weekend, New York City Mayor Eric Adams pitched the idea of having the federal government direct migrants to more New York State counties and more places all over the country to relieve an over-burdened NYC.

“We have 108,000 cities, villages, towns,” Adams said. “If everyone takes a small portion of that, and if it’s coordinated at the border, to ensure that those who are coming here to this country in a lawful manner is actually moved throughout the entire country, it is not a burden on one city.”

Adams says NYC has taken in more than 70,000 migrants — and cares for approximately 42,000.

The Big Apple mayor attempted to bus migrants out of the city to Rockland County as part of his “decompression strategy” but was quickly sued county leaders.

“This is a home rule state and New York City does not have the authority over this County or Town to volunteer us for placement, especially when we are telling them we do not have the infrastructure to help,” Rockland County Executive Ed Day said.

Posted on: May 22 15:20

A report confirms that United States Senators have been issued emergency satellite phones.

CBS News reported these devices are part of a series of new security measures being offered to senators by Karen Gibson, Senate Sergeant at Arms.

The official line of reasoning behind offering the satellite phones was “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.

CBS News also notes that the satellite phones were offered partially in response to the January 6, 2021 protests at the U.S. Capitol.

Sources confirmed to CBS News all 100 senators were offered the phones last month and more than 50 ( over four dozen) accepted Gibson’s offer. The senators who agreed to take the devices were urged to keep them close by during travel.

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A majority of Americans now believe that Trump’s alleged Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign, alongside the Steele dossier, are ‘false stories’ according to a recent poll conducted by Harvard Caps Harris.

More than half of Americans – 56 percent – believe that Trump working in concert with Russia was a lie. Another 56 percent also believe that the Steele dossier was untrue, but 44 percent still believe it. Still, that’s a marked shift from 2020, when 53 percent said they believed it to be real.

The 44 percent still convinced, despite the Durham report’s findings, are predominantly Democrats in their political affiliation. Seventy percent of Dems still believe the Russian collusion narrative.

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We’ve finally learned what Tucker intended to say the night of Monday, April 24th, when he was pulled from Fox News. As you may remember, CBS “60 Minutes” aired a biased segment on Sunday, April 23, showcasing Ray Epps and criticizing Revolver and Tucker Carlson for their bombshell coverage of the events of January 6th and the questionable nature of Epps’ role in the so-called Capitol breach.

Revolver covered the 60 Minutes Ray Epps puff pice extensively. Darren Beattie even revealed how he was scheduled to appear on the show to defend his reporting on Epps and J6 but was canceled at the last minute.


There’s something really weird going on when it comes to the media’s treatment of January 6th main instigator Ray Epps. Despite being one of the few individuals directly involved in the events of that day who has not been arrested or charged, Epps has managed to become something of a “media darling.” In fact, last Sunday, 60 Minutes aired what many have called a “puff piece” on Epps, painting him as some misguided, buffoonish patriot who was just caught up in the moment and didn’t know what was happening.

But why is Epps being treated so differently from the other folks involved in January 6th? And why is he the only one who seems to be adored by the media? These are all questions that have been raised by many, including right here at Revolver News. In fact, it was Revolver who first questioned Epps’ role in the January 6th uproar, and it was Darren’s investigative reporting that apparently caught the attention of 60 Minutes.

Posted on: May 22 14:54

The Daily Signal talked to current and former Fox employees who requested anonymity to speak candidly about the company.

“They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values,” a former producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” told The Daily Signal. “But in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.”

Carlson’s show was canceled April 24, days after he delivered a viral speech at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala. Fox News Media has not given a reason, simply stating that the two parties “agreed to part ways.”

A source who still works at Fox News told The Daily Signal that after Carlson’s show was canceled in April, producers for the new 8 p.m. “Fox News Tonight” program were told not to bash Mulvaney. That directive came from high-level executives, the source said.

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A voter registration error caused up to 6,000 Arizona voters to get a mail ballot with only federal races, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Tuesday.

Hobbs, who is the Democratic nominee for governor, said in a statement that affected voters will receive the correct ballot shortly.

Hobbs has staked her gubernatorial campaign largely on her staunch defense of the 2020 election in the face of criticism from former President Donald Trump and his allies. Her Republican rival, former television news anchor Kari Lake, has spread Trump's unsupported claims of fraud two years ago and has called on Hobbs to step aside from overseeing the midterms while she's on the ballot.

When people register to vote in Arizona or update their registration, an election system queries driver's license records to verify whether the person has proven their citizenship. Those who don't have citizenship documentation on file are not eligible to vote in state elections and are registered as “federal only” voters.

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While in Hiroshima, Japan over the weekend, President Biden delivered remarks at a news conference following the G7 leaders summit —and maybe it would have been better if he hadn’t.

During his remarks, Biden rambled incoherently for almost a minute.

“There’s a lot of other. For example, the idea that we’re in terms of taxes. That they’re used to. For example… I was able to pass Global Warming. Anyway, I was able to cut the deficit that we were. I was able to say to that 50 corporations that made 40, 400 billion. That they pay zero in tax,”

But that wasn’t the only Biden blunder; Joe refered to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol as “President Loon.”

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Kari Lake joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning. Kari’s election integrity trial finished up on Friday evening. The Lake Team had three days in court to discuss their case against the willy-nilly signature evaluation procedures during the 2022 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Kari dropped this bomb on The War Room – At least 99 employees could work from home, alone, without supervision analyzing ballot signatures.

Kari Lake: When you do a signature verification, you got to compare signatures. You can’t do that by just hitting one button. You have to scroll up. And they’re not doing that to the tune of more than a quarter of a million of ballots that they just threw in and counted. Apparently we’ve got the Usain Bolt of signature verifiers sitting there in Maricopa County just speed demoning through it. And then another interesting thing that we… We use their own evidence to show that they are approving ballots in 0 second. I mean, it takes a full second to load an image. It takes a full second and they had people approving these in 2 seconds. This is crazy. This is all a show to make the voters in Arizona think that we have really tightly run elections when in fact they are a complete sham. We found out that 99 people, Steve, were approved to approve signatures behind closed doors, including people like Bill Gates and Stephen Richard. They could be sitting at home in their underwear approving ballots with no observation.

Posted on: May 22 14:35

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson drew attention Monday to a tweet from his biographer Chadwick Moore which confirms the explosive allegation that Dominion Voting Systems demanded Fox News fire its primetime host as part of a massive settlement agreement reached in April.

Using an enigmatic eyes emoji, Carlson highlighted a two-minute interview given by Moore where he talks about having behind-the-scenes access to Carlson as part of his upcoming biography on the conservative superstar. Moore was working with Carlson during his abrupt firing in mid-April and says in the video that sources with Fox News told him that Dominion indeed made its demand, something the company and Fox News have so far denied.

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Disney's new The Little Mermaid film, starring black actress Halle Bailey as the main character Ariel, has a Chinese poster that obscures the character's race, as the film is on track to flop in the Communist-led country.

According to Comic Book Resources, "the film is likely to be Disney's worst-performing Chinese release this year," and has only earned $13,000 in pre-sales.

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Over the weekend, legal expert Alan Dershowitz was interviewed by Forbes where he talked about the alarming revelations detailed in the Durham report of FBI investigatory double standards as well as political malfeasance when it came to their handling of the debunked Trump collusion hoax. 

Mr. Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, described the Durham report as being "a damning, damning report" during the course of that interview. Professor Dershowitz previously authored an article on Substack that called the Durham Report an exoneration of Trump and useful in highlighting the "special double standard employed by Democrats and some Republicans specifically against former President Donald Trump."

The interview with Forbes started out with the interviewer asking Mr. Dershowitz if there is anything from the Durham report that he wished he knew when defending Mr. Trump during his first impeachment trial back in 2019. Dershowitz revealed that he "wasn't involved really much in the strategy" of Trump's defense during the first impeachment and that he "was asked to come in just to make a pure constitutional argument" that argued that the House of Representative's impeachment was unconstitutional itself as "the Constitution requires treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." He noted that the House's Articles of Impeachment did not list any of those requisite items as the basis of Trump's impeachment. 

Posted on: May 22 14:30

On Sunday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) brought forth yet another catastrophic idea to the table, but this time one aimed at overwhelming the entirety of America rather than just his poorly run sanctuary city. 

Adams appeared on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ where he put forth the ingenious idea that rather than just burdening major metropolitan cities with the influx of migrants, the federal government should have a system that directs them to other towns and cities throughout the nation.

“We have 108,000 cities, villages, towns,” when discussing his ideas on where the federal government should be sending the illegal immigrants. “If everyone takes a small portion of that, and if it’s coordinated at the border, to ensure that those who are coming here to this country in a lawful manner are actually moved throughout the entire country, it is not a burden on one city.”

The Big Apple mayor seems entirely unaware that, unlike his hyper-liberal city that has happily declared itself a sanctuary for these illegals crossing the border, those other 100,000+ plus towns and cities have not. Rather than Adams being willing to admit that the open border causes a problem that cannot be contained, he’s deflecting all he can to save the image of the Democratic Party’s ignorant and flawed ideals. 

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Ultimately, the F.B.I. moved the case to Little Rock. In 2017, after prosecutors there requested help, the deputy attorney general’s office said the Justice Department would support the case.

Eventually, prosecutors secured a subpoena for the charity in early 2018 and the F.B.I. detailed personnel to examine donor records. Investigators also interviewed the former chief financial officer for the foundation.

Career prosecutors in Little Rock then closed the case, notifying the F.B.I.’s office there in two letters in January 2021. But in a toxic atmosphere in which Mr. Trump had long accused the F.B.I. of bias, the top agent in Little Rock wanted it known that career prosecutors, not F.B.I. officials, were behind the decision.

In August 2021, the F.B.I. received what is known as a declination memo from prosecutors and as a result considered the matter closed.

“All of the evidence obtained during the course of this investigation has been returned or otherwise destroyed,” according to the F.B.I.

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Nearly all swing state voters experienced negative emotions toward President Joe Biden when they viewed footage of him in a recent focus group, describing their feelings as sad, concerned, worried, and panicked.

Published Monday, a Washington Post-backed focus group by the research firms Engagious and Sago offered terrible assessments of Biden’s physical abilities and mental health during his stint as president of the United States.

Many of the swing state voters called the 80-year-old president “too old” and speculated about if he has dementia.

In February, Biden refused to disclose to lawmakers if he took a cognitive test upon releasing a physical assessment. The assessment found that Biden suffers from neuropathy in feet and atrial fibrillation, among other ailments.

Three in four Democrats are worried about Biden’s health and mental acuity, with 50 percent being either “very” or “somewhat” concerned and 26 percent being “slightly” concerned, recent polling in May found.

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