"I started investing in gold coins, but then I found out they lose their value if you eat the chocolate part out of the center!" -- Michael Rivero

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Apple faces its longest revenue decline in 22 years, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of contraction in 2023. Despite this, the stock hovers near record highs, raising eyebrows about a potential shift in market direction.

The company is experiencing its worst year in the past 15 years, and historical data suggests that such downturns could lead to a significant stock decline—up to 50%. This juxtaposition of declining revenue and soaring stock prices adds an element of uncertainty to the current market landscape.

Posted on: Dec 09 08:19

Former President Donald Trump penned an op-ed aimed at enticing younger voters to his side by emphasizing how difficult and expensive American life has become under President Joe Biden.

The op-ed, published by Newsweek, comes on the heels of a recent survey that found Trump gaining more support from a younger voting demographic that traditionally skews towards Democrats than Biden. In his column, Trump compared the results of his economic policies to those of Biden, arguing that young voters had it better under his leadership.

“With less than one year to go until Election Day, the polls show that we are beating Joe Biden by wide margins both nationally and in the battleground states—and young people are a major part of the reason why,” Trump began. “A recent NBC News poll found that we are leading Biden 46 percent to 42 percent nationally among voters ages 18 to 34—a clear sign that young Americans are rejecting Joe Biden’s reign of failure, incompetence, and corruption.

Posted on: Dec 09 08:09

The group that bonded out a man who went on to allegedly murder six people and shoot three others is backed by millions in left-wing dark money, according to tax filings.

Shane James, a man who was arrested on Tuesday as the only suspect in a string of attacks that left six people dead, was previously bonded out of jail by the Texas Organizing Project, according to documents obtained by KSAT News. The Texas Organizing Project received more than millions from George Soros’ philanthropic network and other major liberal organizations.

Posted on: Dec 09 08:08

Sources who spoke with a leading legacy news outlet have conveyed information that will not be well-received by Democrats and former President Donald Trump’s detractors.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge reported there is no evidence to suggest that former President Donald Trump shared nuclear secrets with an Australian. Also, the sources said that special counsel Jack Smith has yet to file any charges related to the alleged illegal sharing of such information by Trump.

“Sources tell CBS News there is no indication former President Trump shared sensitive records with an Australian billionaire + no charges have been filed by the Special Counsel through their alleged discussion about US Nuclear subs was investigated,” CBS’s Catherine Herridge posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Her post came after CBS News reported earlier that Trump allegedly talked about sensitive information regarding U.S. Navy nuclear submarines with Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt.

Posted on: Dec 09 08:07

In a shocking revelation, New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez’s letter outlines the distressing findings of an undercover investigation into Meta’s platforms. 

Posted on: Dec 09 08:06

If you needed any more evidence we're in the most entertaining timeline imaginable (or this is all a simulation), Hunter Biden has now picked a fight with Elon Musk.

Following Hunter's multiple felony tax charges that hit Thursday night - and less than a week before Hunter's scheduled closed-door testimony in front of Congressional investigators, Biden sat down with musician Moby for an interview which appears to have been taped prior to the new charges, but was released on Friday. Yes, the same Moby who claimed in 2018 that the CIA asked him to spread the Trump-Russia hoax. On the same day WaPo buried the story six ways from Sunday.

Posted on: Dec 09 08:06

The Independent has an article out titled “Inside a southern Gaza hospital: Screaming orphaned children, amputee toddlers and the stench of rotting flesh,” which begins as follows:

“A badly burned toddler screaming for the mother he doesn’t know is dead — and screaming because doctors do not have enough painkillers to relieve his suffering. An eight-year-old boy whose brain is exposed as bombing damaged parts of his skull. A teenage girl, her eye surgically removed, because every bone in her face is smashed. A three-year-old double amputee, whose severed limbs are laid out in a pink box beside him.

“And in the background is the stench of rotting flesh as maggots ‘creep out of untreated wounds’.”

These horrors are all caused by a genocidal onslaught that is being backed to the hilt by the US government, who just single-handedly blocked a UN resolution demanding a ceasefire to end this nightmare. Instead of focusing on the unfathomable depravity of all this, Americans are being propagandized into worrying about a completely fictional epidemic of university demonstrators chanting for the genocide of Jews. 

Posted on: Dec 09 08:05

The 20th century witnessed an important period of development in the field of robotics, ushering in a transformative era of technological progress.

It begins with the word itself, which Czech playwright Karel Čapek used in his play "R.U.R." Was coined in. (Rossam's Universal Robots) in 1920, this century saw the conception and subsequent development of a wide range of robotic technologies.

In 1927, the film "Metropolis" featured the iconic robot Maria, a symbolic representation of the era's imaginative exploration of human-like machines.

During this period, a British inventor named Charles Lawson introduced a robot named "Superman Dennis", capable of various tasks, standing as a testament to the pioneering spirit of the era.

However, technological advances did not allow robotics to make significant advances until the latter half of the century.


Posted on: Dec 09 07:54

One of the most fascinating and important events in human history is the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. While exploring the events that unfolded during this historic mission, one must pay attention to the conspiracy theories that have surrounded it. We invite you on a journey that examines the basic timeline of the Apollo 11 mission, while also acknowledging the existence of conspiracy theories that challenge the official narrative.

Along the way we'll examine the many claims that the moon landings were faked, as well as present facts and evidence that debunk these conspiracy theories. So, let us move forward together on this thought-provoking discovery of the moon landing, one of the most important events of the 20th century.


Posted on: Dec 09 07:53

Over a million Americans in the northeastern US could be at risk of a tsunami due to a newly discovered fault line.

Scientists have found an approximately 45-mile-long fracture in the Earth that runs through British Columbia in Canada and escaped detection for thousands of years.

Experts suspect that because of the layout of the fault it could spark a large earthquake in Canada. 

The quake's effects could generate a tsunami in the area around the Georgia Basin, which could hit parts of Washington, as well as British Columbia.

The discovery was made by a team that included Nick Harrichhausen, a postdoctoral researcher at the Université Grenoble Alpes in France.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:51

It has been almost 15 years and Bitcoin still hasn’t become any more useful than it was when it was a fraction of a penny.

In fact the volume for actual purchases is at an all time low.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:51

Are gold prices and interest rates joined at the hip? Based on recent market action, it would appear the answer is: yes.

A major rally in gold is now underway. Gold moved from $1,831 per ounce on Oct. 6 to $2,091 per ounce on Dec. 1, a 14.1% rally in just eight weeks and a new all-time high price for gold.

Gold has pulled back to $2,037 as of today, but that’s not surprising given its previous surge. Like every other asset, gold can sometimes get ahead of itself and experience a pullback. Importantly, it’s still holding firm above $2,000.

This rally correlated almost perfectly with the rally in 10-year Treasury notes that occurred at the same time. Treasury note rates plunged from 5.00% on Oct. 19 to 4.17% as of today. That 83-basis point drop may seem small but it’s not.

That’s like an earthquake in the world of Treasury notes. As explained below, market signs indicate that these dual rallies and close correlations will continue for months to come.

This dual rally gives investors a double-barreled opportunity to make huge gains.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:50

Are “greedy” corporations driving inflation? Could taxing billionaires solve the federal government’s fiscal problems?

According to President Joe Biden, the answer to both questions is yes.

And the correct answer is no.

So, Biden is either economically ignorant or a liar. Or maybe both.

Biden put his economic ignorance on full display with a couple of comments last week.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:49

Bloomberg pointed out that hundreds of tankers are part of the shadow fleet that allows Venezuela, Iran, and Russia to ship their US-sanctioned crude and crude products around the world.

The International Maritime Organization recently warned about shadow fleets operating outside international regulation, usually with no insurance, calling it a "grave concern" to the environmental safety and welfare of crews and countries that reside on coastlines. 

The dangers posed by the dark fleet were realized earlier this year when a tanker called "Pablo," which was thought to be transporting Iranian oil, caught fire off the coast of Malaysia

This could be the tip of the iceberg as the growth in the shadow fleet soars, mainly because the US has been on a sanctioning spree against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. 

Posted on: Dec 09 07:48

After Binance’s settlement with the DOJ and the removal of its longtime leader Changpeng Zhao, one of the most important figures at Binance – Chief Compliance Officer Noah Perlman – is poised to have an outsized role over the activities of and data held by the world’s largest crypto exchange. Despite this, Perlman’s past ties from scandals ranging from FTX to Jeffrey Epstein have been entirely ignored by the mainstream media.

The Department of Justice’s and Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s recent announcement of its $4.3 billion settlement with cryptocurrency exchange Binance has jolted the digital finance world and sparked rumors that the massive exchange could soon face collapse roughly one year after the implosion of another massive exchange, FTX. Those criminal cases, which charged Binance with money laundering and failing to report suspicious transactions tied to terror groups and entities under U.S. sanctions, placed considerable blame on Binance’s former Chief Compliance Officer, Samuel Lim. Lim, who left the company in 2022, was subsequently replaced with Noah Perlman.

In that role, Perlman has clearly been a crucial part of Binance’s attempts to navigate the US government investigations targeting the exchange, including its recent settlement with the DOJ and CFTC as well as the exchange’s ongoing litigation with the SEC. Now, with Binance’s long-time head Changpeng Zhao, or “CZ,” stepping down as part of the DOJ settlement, Perlman is one of the few executives who has chosen to stay on to steer the world’s largest crypto exchange into the post-CZ era.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:47

But all this effort into promoting the scheme, and by top global financial industry bureaucrats like Georgieva, isn’t happening by chance; by her own admission, implementation of CBDCs is still far from a done deal, even if, according to IMF’s data, 60 percent of countries are “exploring” this possibility “in some form.”

Hardly a firm commitment by the world, and that is why a nevertheless “optimistic” Georgieva admitted that CBDC adoption is, globally speaking, “nowhere close” – at the same time urging “the public sector to keep preparing to deploy” this type of money.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:44

Breaking news reveals a robust job addition of 199,000 in November, exceeding expectations, and pushing the unemployment rate down to 3.7%. A commendable 35 consecutive months of job growth paints a positive picture. However, the critical question remains: Can the Fed pivot amidst escalating inflation and a deteriorating economic landscape?

Posted on: Dec 09 07:44

The United States has offered strong support to Israel in its war against the Hamas militant group that rules the Gaza Strip. But the allies are increasingly at odds over what will happen to Gaza once the war winds down.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, this week announced that Israel would retain an open-ended security presence in Gaza. Israeli officials talk of imposing a buffer zone to keep Palestinians away from the Israeli border. They rule out any role for the Palestinian Authority, which was ousted from Gaza by Hamas in 2007 but governs semi-autonomous areas of the occupied West Bank.

The United States has laid out a much different vision. Top officials have said they will not allow Israel to reoccupy Gaza or further shrink its already small territory. They have repeatedly called for a return of the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority and the resumption of peace talks aimed at establishing a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:43

Due to the sealed borders and the minuscule passage of food, water medicine and fuel through the single Rafah crossing from Egypt, many Palestinians are already down to a single meal a day. 

But now, according to the Israeli plan, they may be the lucky ones.

This video is the first major sign that I have seen that food will become a rare commodity and starving Palestinians with skin over bones may soon be more commonplace:

Posted on: Dec 09 07:42

I watched, heard, and read with dread, sorrow, and desolation. Furthermore, I witnessed – helplessly – the unbelieving “events” “executed” (literally) in this world, the so-called “our world”. During these monstrous times – horrified and mortified – I refrained from writing while scrutinizing acts, actions, and reactions but mainly because of a refusal in my deeper self to express or react at an earlier stage… in quest, and in request, of Reality and Truth. Then came a lull and… I decided to write in English, in that actual, global language, most suitable for reaching out where it should and is meant to reach most. 

I write in the very language, in the name of which, these human horrors were thought of, designed, made, meticulously manicured, “signed” and perpetrated, and at first condoned, then condemned, and finally consoled… the very language in which this shred of writing will trigger (literally) an episode in the saga of the never-ending series of human barbarism.

Where humans become numbers, where massacred kids become statistics, where, in a savage barbaric “première” in the History of Humanity, children, of Palestine, are orphaning their parents, at the bloodied hands of the fascist colonial “powers” blindly backed by their aides and subserviently supported by their lackeys.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:42

California retailers that refuse to incorporate “gender-neutral” toy sections could face hundreds of dollars in fines from the state under a new law that takes effect Jan. 1.

Any California department store that has 500 or more employees and sells childcare items will be required to feature a “gender-neutral” section “regardless of whether [the toys] have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys,” thanks to a new law signed by Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom. Lawmakers claimed the new requirements are based on the state’s civil rights statutes.

“Any department store that fails to create a gender-neutral section could face a $250 fine for the first violation,” the New York Post reported, “and a $500 fine for any subsequent violations.”

Posted on: Dec 09 07:41

Israel is facing growing resistance from Hamas as the fighting rages from house to house and 'tunnel shaft to shaft' through Gaza City.

The Israel Defence Forces pounded the length of the strip today as it stepped up its strikes, hitting more than 450 targets.

Refugees who fled the north at the start of the conflict have now been left with no place to go as operations were launched in the south.

Aid agencies warned society in Gaza was 'on the verge of a full-blown collapse' ahead of a UN Security Council vote on a ceasefire today.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:39

Russia has threatened to target Western countries with missile strikes if Ukraine's newly-donated F-16 fighters are based in NATO territory.

Such an act by Vladimir Putin would also certainly trigger a World War Three scenario between the West and Russia. 

It comes as the Kremlin warned today that a nuclear world war is closer than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Maria Zakharova - spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry - warned the West that the advanced F-16 fighters delivered to Ukraine will be a fair target for Russia if they are based in NATO countries.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:38

Thousands of tons of dead fish have washed up on a beach in northern Japan, prompting speculation that the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant has wrought havoc on local ecosystems. 

The sardines and some mackerel washed ashore in Hakodate on Japan's northernmost main island of Hokkaido on Thursday morning, creating an unsettling sliver blanket that covered almost a mile of shoreline. 

Officials could not come up with an explanation for the phenomenon, but Takashi Fujioka, a Hakodate Fisheries Research Institute researcher, posited a number of theories as to why the fish could have died en-masse.

He said they may have become exhausted due to a lack of oxygen while moving in a densely packed school in shallow waters, or may have suddenly entered cold waters during their migration and succumbed to shock.

There have been several recorded cases of similar phenomena springing up on several parts of Japan's coastline.

But this particular phenomenon occurred just three months after Japanese authorities began releasing treated radioactive water back into the sea - a move which angered its neighbours including China and South Korea.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:38

The US embassy in Baghdad has been bombarded with 60mm mortar rounds in an attack believed to have been carried out by Iran-aligned militias.

Missiles were fired at the diplomatic hub in Iraq in the early hours of Friday morning and they set off the emergency sirens. 

Staff and residents in the local area were told to 'take cover and await further instruction' as the sound of explosions rung out. 

Around seven mortar rounds landed within the embassy compound. The US military said there were no casualties or major infrastructure damage but the attack reportedly damaged the headquarters of an Iraqi security agency.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:37

Joe Biden botched his big announcement about rail investment on Friday, declaring that the federal government would spend 'over a billion, three hundred million, trillion, three hundred million dollars'.

The president was in Las Vegas, unveiling $8.2 billion in new federal funding for 10 major passenger rail projects across the country. Among them is a new line from the Nevada city to Los Angeles, which when completed - potentially as soon as 2028 - can carry over 11 million passengers a year, powered entirely by renewable energy.

Biden mocked his predecessor for repeatedly promising Infrastructure Week, but failing to deliver.

'Trump just talks the talk. We walk the walk,' said Biden, speaking at a hall for unionized carpenters.

'He likes to say America is a failing nation. Frankly, he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. I see shovels in the ground, cranes in the sky. People hard at work rebuilding America together.'

Posted on: Dec 09 07:36