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Governor Kathy Hochul was forced to apologize after making a controversial claim that 'young Black kids growing up in the Bronx who don't even know what the word "computer" is'.

The New York Democrat claims she 'misspoke' when she issued the highly criticized remark at an on-stage forum in California on Monday and, in a statement later that evening, said: 'I regret it.'

She attempted to clarify the intent of her remark, alleging she was trying to highlight her focus on increasing economic opportunity for children in the Bronx, which has the highest rate of poverty in New York City.

'Of course Black children in the Bronx know what computers are,' Hochul's statement said. 'The problem is that they too often lack access to the technology needed to get on track to high-paying jobs in emerging industries like AI.' 

But despite her lackluster apology, residents and lawmakers alike have hit back, claiming the Governor is 'disconnected from reality', needs to 'do better' and 'should resign in disgrace'.

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So these Jews get an email saying there is a bomb. There is no bomb. In response to this “no bomb” situation, they get $400 million in free money from the Americans.

It’s a Jew that gives them the money.

Does this incentivize Jews to send themselves emails saying that there are bombs?

Are we actually supposed to believe that Jews are so moral that they would not send themselves an email for $400 million?

It’s so funny that throughout all of history, Jews were considered the least moral people, and now everyone has to pretend they are so moral that they are physically incapable of lying.

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On April 13, Islamic Iran launched a retaliatory strike against the genocidal zionist regime. Coming almost two weeks after the zionists had bombed Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing eleven people including three senior military commanders, Iran’s delayed retaliation was a historic masterstroke that radically changed the West Asian and global power systems.

The zionist attack on Iran on April 1 had been completely illegal—and tantamount to a declaration of war not just on Iran and Syria, but also on international law and basic decency. It was so outrageous that even the US regime, which normally follows Tel Aviv’s marching orders, had no choice but to deny that it had been informed in advance (and may even have been telling the truth for once). The Washington Post reported: “Senior Pentagon officials were frustrated that Israel did not notify the United States before conducting a strike on an Iranian site in Syria this month, an escalation that they assess increases risks to American forces in the Middle East, US officials said.” That claim may or may not have been truthful, given US officials’ habitual mendacity, but it underscored the fact that the zionist bombing of Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus was beyond the pale and had to be publicly denounced, whatever was being said in private.

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The ink was barely dry on President Biden’s signature transferring another $61 billion to the black hole called Ukraine, when the mainstream media broke the news that this was not the parting shot in a failed US policy. The elites have no intention of shutting down this gravy train, which transports wealth from the middle and working class to the wealthy and connected class.

Reuters wrote right after the aid bill was passed that, “Ukraine’s $61 billion lifeline is not enough.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on the Sunday shows after the bill was passed to say that $61 billion is “not a whole lot of money for us…” Well, that’s easy for him to say – after all it’s always easier to spend someone else’s money!

Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, was far from grateful for the $170 billion we have shipped thus far to his country. In an interview with Foreign Policy magazine as the aid package was passed, Kuleba had the nerve to criticize the US for not producing weapons fast enough. “If you cannot produce enough interceptors to help Ukraine win the war against the country that wants to destroy the world order, then how are you going to win in the war against perhaps an enemy who is stronger than Russia?”

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The Biden administration’s Ukraine policy, though it lacks a coherent strategy, is at least centered on an explicit guiding principle: Russia must not be allowed to win in Ukraine. This sentiment is widely shared by U.S. allies across the Atlantic. "I have a clear strategic objective,” said French President Emmanuel Macron in a recent interview. “Russia cannot win in Ukraine.”

But, even in this consensus position, there is a major fly in the ointment: there has not been enough serious consideration of what a Russian victory in Ukraine would look like. The discussion has, instead, centered on alarmist predictions that obfuscate more than they reveal about Russian intentions and capabilities. “Who can pretend that Russia will stop there? What security will there be for the other neighboring countries, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and the others?” said Macron, echoing the unfounded narrative that Russia’s ultimate goal is to attack NATO states.

While it is true that Russia’s victory in this war broadly contradicts U.S. interests, a closer look at Moscow’s possible endgame scenarios in Ukraine reveals that total victory — even if it were possible — is not in Russia’s interests and is probably no longer expected or desired by the Russian leadership.

Moscow, according to Western officials, can win this war simply by defeating Ukraine’s Armed Forces (AFU) on the battlefield. At first blush, it seems like a reasonable enough interpretation of a belligerent state’s wartime objectives, but this simplistic framing of the conflict quickly falls apart upon further examination.

What would really happen if the AFU’s lines collapsed — a prospect that, though not yet imminent, appears increasingly less distant by the day — and Russian forces found themselves in a position to steamroll Ukraine?

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Israel was supposed to be letting in more aid. But a move to seize the Rafah Crossing on the Gaza side and shut down all aid flowing into the strip indicates otherwise, as the crossing was a key pipeline for humanitarian assistance.

Until now, it was the only crossing not controlled by Israel — it's supposed to be under the control of Egypt, per a 2007 agreement.

According to an Israeli official, the operation "involved special ground troops and the Israeli air force" and "resulted in the killing of 20 Gazan combatants, as well as the discovery of Hamas infrastructure that included three operational tunnels." The official added that the operation is ongoing.

The seizure of the crossing comes hours after reports that Hamas accepted the latest deal on the table for a ceasefire. There are actually pictures of Palestinians celebrating in the streets. The Washington Post reported that upon the news, Israeli negotiators were headed to Cairo to hammer out details. However, reflecting remarks from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli officials said they would press on with the Rafah attacks, which began Monday with airstrikes, anyway. In addition, they indicated that Hamas was asking for more than the deal the Israelis and U.S. had put on the table.

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Israeli tanks have entered Rafah and appear to be pushing to capture the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing that connects to Egypt, several media outlets have reported.

Heavy airstrikes have been reported in the city as well, with some media reports describing it as a “carpet bombing,” although the scale of destruction and death toll is unclear at this time.

An Egyptian official told The Associated Press that the Israeli operation could be limited and that Israeli forces could soon withdraw. But Egypt is also preparing for the possibility of a major influx of Palestinian refugees entering its territory. According to Middle East Eye, Cairo estimates between 50,000 and 250,000 Palestinians could flee toward Sinai.

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Hamas officials have shown Al Jazeera a copy of the Egyptian-Qatari ceasefire proposal that the movement says it has agreed to.

The proposal includes three phases and would see an end to Israel’s war on Gaza as well as the release of Israeli captives held in the enclave and Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.

Hamas’s announcement on Monday was met with celebrations in Gaza as Palestinians hoped it would finally bring an end to a nearly seven-month-long war, in which Israel has killed at least 34,700 people in the Palestinian territory.

However, Israel’s response has been less enthusiastic, as it continued to emphasise its desire to attack Rafah in southern Gaza and to completely defeat Hamas.

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The FBI is being pressed by members of Congress to investigate the student protests, both for possible foreign financing and for students chanting "Death to America" — a phrase Fox News says is becoming a "key slogan" of the protests. 

There's just one problem: students never said it. 

I’ve searched, scoured photographs, and waded through social media. There’s no evidence that any of the student demonstrators taking to dozens of college campuses in recent weeks to protest Israel’s war in Gaza said “Death to America.” 

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Among other things, I’ve learned that if a crime is alleged to have been committed by a particular person, but you have no damning CCTV or credible witnesses, you begin your investigation by asking if the “person of interest” has a plausible motive for the offense. If not, the chances are good that the person is innocent. People act, which means they have motives.

That’s what I want to do here regarding the campus demonstrations, which are on their face objections to Israel’s bloody (not just in the British figurative sense) seven-month campaign against the Gaza Palestinians. That campaign has taken at least 34,000 lives, injured and starved countless other people, and destroyed so many homes, hospitals, universities, and other facilities vital to life.

So here’s the detective’s challenge: why would non-Jewish pro-peace demonstrators on college campuses across the country knowingly, intentionally alienate their clearly Jewish pro-peace co-demonstrators with whom they encamp all day every day, sharing meals, having teach-ins together, and participating in ecumenical outdoor religious events, like Passover seders? Why would antisemites want to do it?

Does that sound remotely plausible? Are the Jewish students idiots who don’t recognize antisemitism when they’re supposedly drowning in a sea of it? Are the antisemites able to threaten Jewish non-demonstrators and pro-Israel demonstrators while keeping it a secret from Jewish demonstrators standing next to them? That seems unlikely.

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"The children in Gaza need a cease-fire."

That's how Catherine Russell, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), concluded a brief video Wednesday about the harrowing conditions across the Gaza Strip, particularly in Rafah, where about 1.5 million of the besieged enclave's 2.3 million residents have sought refuge from Israel's devastating assault.

The video was released nearly seven months into Israel's retaliation for the Hamas-led October 7 attack—which has killed at least 34,596 Palestinians in Gaza, wounded another 77,816, and left thousands more missing—and as a full-scale Israeli assault of Rafah looms.

The war has already taken "an unimaginable toll," and a major military operation against the crowded southern Gaza city "would bring catastrophe on top of catastrophe for children," Russell warned. "Nearly all of the some 600,000 children now crammed into Rafah are either injured, sick, malnourished, traumatized, or living with disabilities."

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An NPR reporter delivered news from the campaign trail on Sunday that doesn't look good for President Joe Biden.

During a roundtable discussion on ABC News' "This Week," NPR correspondent Asma Khalid confirmed that voters who typically compose the "core" of the Democratic Party lack enthusiasm for Biden's re-election.

Khalid was pushing back on Texas Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett's claim that voters are falsely "glamorizing" Donald Trump's presidency.

"What I've already heard in so many of my interviews with people is a lackluster sense of enthusiasm," she said of voters' attitudes toward Biden, "whether it's black voters, whether it's — you'd call them, sort of like, disaffected Republicans."

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken has blamed social media and TikTok for Israel losing the PR war in Gaza.

While speaking before the McCain Institute on Friday, Blinken lamented that social media is allowing the world to see "the inescapable reality of people who have and continue to suffer grievously in Gaza," whereas in the past the "information environment" was controlled by a few newspapers and TV outlets who could shape the narrative. 

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who was interviewing Blinken, concurred and added that the US banning TikTok is being done to help Israel in their PR war.

Webmaster addition: It may be a PR war, but it is still a war by Israel against the American people and look which side Blinkin is on!

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The unmatched bravery of the IDF is beyond belief. 

These tough guys are not afraid to take on any women or children who get in their way -- just like the IDF!

According to his bio on the Tikvah Fund, Dr. Jonathan Yudelman "earned a PhD from Boston College in political science, and holds an MA in philosophy and a BA in Jewish thought, both from the Hebrew University."

The incident took place on Sunday outside of Arizona State University, where Yudelman is a professor.

ASU said in a statement that they're "aware of the allegations against Jonathan Yudelman" are are investigating them. 

"Dr. Yudelman is on leave and will remain so pending the outcome of the investigation," ASU said. 

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The New Arab Staff


Netanyahu said that Israel 'could protest itself' in his speech, as it wages a brutal war in Gaza [Getty/file photo]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has implied that non-Jews are "untrustworthy" in a video statement issued on Sunday, ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day.

In his message, Netanyahu said that a Holocaust survivor told him "gentiles who make promises are not to be trusted," without comment.

He added that "Israel is the one and only refuge for the Jewish people", and if Israel "doesn’t "protect itself, no one else will".

Six million Jews were killed by Nazi German across German-occupied Europe during World War II.

"These heroic [Holocaust] survivors are right. In the terrible Holocaust, there were great leaders in the world who stood by, so the first lesson of the Holocaust is this: If we don’t protect ourselves, no one will protect us. And if we have to stand alone, we will stand alone," Netanyahu said.

Israeli political analyst Yonatan Touval described Netanyahu’s words as "giving the middle finger to Israel’s closest allies who rushed to its rescue" following the events of October 7, which saw Hamas launch an unprecedented attack in the south of the country which killed an estimated 1,160 Israelis.

Israel has been waging a deadly in Gaza for almost seven months, killing at least 34,735 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injuring over 78,000 more.

The United States, has provided billions of dollars in financial and military aid over the decades, and has offered constant backing to Israel despite the atrocities it has committed against Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

European countries have also proclaimed their backing for Israel in its war on Gaza

Claire's Observations:  Well, Mr. Prime Minister, if you are going to characterize your  biggest benefactor, in both money and arms in this manner, I would suggest that thinking Americans peacefully protest for an end to money and weapons for your country, both of which are illegally sent to you under the Glenn Act, which states it is illegal to send aid or arms to any country which has nuclear weapons , but refuses IAEA inspection of its nuclear sites,  and the Symington Amendment.

And that this ending of cash and weapons begin immediately, sir!!



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In the tumultuous world of finance, patterns often emerge as harbingers of impending shifts, and one such pattern—the double top—has caught the attention of market watchers worldwide. As investors grapple with the specter of uncertainty, a 40-year chart paints a stark picture of the US stock market’s trajectory, with ominous implications for the technology sector and beyond.

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Republicans will hold US Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt over the Justice Department’s refusal to hand over audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

“The House Judiciary Committee is aiming to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide audio recordings of President Joe Biden’s interview with the special counsel who investigated his handling of classified documents.” – the Washington Examiner reported.

“The Republican-led committee is planning to hold a meeting to review a contempt report and hold a committee vote on the matter on May 16, according to two sources familiar with the plans.” The Examiner reported.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer last month released a statement after the DOJ rebuffed his committee’s request for the audio recordings.

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Now I am thousands of miles away, but my mind is still stuck in Gaza. I think of my patients all the time. I think of their faces, their names, and the conversations we shared. They occupy my thoughts regularly, and I wonder: Are they still alive, or did they succumb to their injuries, or to famine? I am stuck in the day I had to perform amputations on six children. I am stuck in the days that I had to work after receiving the news of colleagues, who I saw or worked with hours before, being killed.

After more than 200 days of this genocide, I keep thinking “surely we’ve seen it all”, and then a new atrocity is uncovered. Hospitals have been turned into rubble. They became sites of mass graves of Palestinians murdered in cold blood by Israeli forces, hands tied behind their backs. The heinous crimes committed at al-Shifa and Nasser hospitals were streamed live to our screens, but the world watched silently. Israel has faced no accountability. Countries, and academic institutions, continue to support and defend Israel. Many continue to provide it with weapons.

I completed my medical education at the University of Glasgow, ironically one of the biggest academic investors in companies that continue to sell arms to Israel. I decided to return to my alma mater and stand in the elections for the position of rector because I knew that the university’s position on Israel did not reflect the views of its students who overwhelmingly wanted to end the institution’s complicity in the mass slaughter of Palestinians. I won the election with an overwhelming 80 percent of the vote, and the students welcomed me to my new role with an outpouring of love and support.

As a result of my victory, my media appearances, and calls for accountability and justice, I have been the target of several smear campaigns and the subject of several articles that make unfounded claims about me. I was even denied entry to Germany, detained for three hours and ultimately deported. I was going there simply to speak at a conference.

I cannot comprehend the horror of the moment we live in. A genocide is taking place live on TV – a genocide in which many states, politicians and respected institutions are complicit.

Over 34,000 Palestinians have been murdered by Israel, many more have been maimed and Gaza has been bombed to rubble. Israel says it will move ahead with its planned ground invasion of Rafah, which will be disastrous for hundreds of thousands of people sheltering there. Multiple cases have been launched against Israel and its allies at the International Court of Justice. Yet Israel continues to act with a sense of complete impunity.

Israel has dismantled all parts of life in Gaza: destroying bakeries, schools, mosques and churches; blocking humanitarian aid and restricting electricity. It has done so to ensure that Gaza becomes uninhabitable even after a ceasefire. When Israeli soldiers first broke into al-Shifa Hospital they destroyed medical equipment and machinery to ensure that the hospital could not function. Now, little remains of the hospital itself.

Despite being thousands of miles away my heart and mind remain in Gaza, and to the dismay of the cheerleaders of genocide, I will never stop advocating for justice and accountability

Claire's Observations:  This Doctor, and those like him, are true heroes; those who ordered, and execute, this genocide, are war criminals, and should be treated accordingly by the world.  

I never thought the planet would need a second set of" Nuremberg Trials", after Germany's massacre of its "undesirables".  

And yet, ironically,  here we are,  with Israel as the assailant, in an horrific attempt to slaughter as many Palestinians as possible, through the use of US-made bombs and bullets with which to destroy homes; and medical facilities,  through the weaponising of food aid; and through a massive spread of opportunistic diseases among those severely weakened by malnutrition or from being wounded.

Of all the peoples on the earth, it is the people of Israel should understand what it is like to be the outcast; the "other" , and persecuted for both faith and customs, as has happened to Jews over the centuries on this earth.

Yes, October 7th was an horrific massacre and tragedy for Israel,  and utterly stupid on the part of the Palestinian idiots who planned it; but how the hell, between Mossad and the IDF, was this allowed to happen?!?  

And is this bloodbath vendetta against all Palestinians, most of whom don't want violence, but simply the opportunity to live their lives, the highest, and best answer the Israeli government could conjure ?!? Or has its own"Final Solution" to its alleged "Palestinian Problem, been in the works all along, and the Israeli government felt that the timing was just perfect to begin its genocide of Palestinians?!?

One cannot, in the 21st century, conflate "self-defence" with genocide; nor does the quotation of ancient Biblical texts, provide a rational explanation for what the country is doing now, to its Palestinian inhabitants.

These acts may well destroy the very young country of Israel, if a regional war ensues, and Russia and China side with Iran, with which they already have good economic and military relations; 

And unfortunately, US weaponry has already proven itself very antiquated and inferior to that of Russia, in the Russia/Ukraine war.

And for both the Israeli and Palestinian leadership, I have a final thought in this post;  those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has admitted to testing self-assembling nanoparticle technology on the public using Covid mRNA shots.

A video emerged of Gates giddily explaining how he’s been funding efforts to experiment on the public with the dangerous nanotech.

He revealed that his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has used the pandemic to “mess around” with nanoparticle technology via the Covid shots.

Gates also suggests that his Foundation has been experimenting with mRNA injections and nanoparticles in treating “every disease” that doesn’t “have vaccines.”

“For every disease that we don’t have vaccines, we will try mRNA,” said Gates, who isn’t a doctor or a scientist.

“We just need to mess around,” he continued.

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A U.S. soldier was detained in Russia last week, a U.S. Army spokesperson said in a statement.

The soldier, Staff Sgt. Gordon Black, had been stationed in South Korea and traveled to Russia on his own, not on official business, according to four U.S. officials.

He had finished his deployment and was heading back to the U.S. when he made a side trip to Vladivostok, Russia, to visit a woman he was romantically involved with, officials said. They added that he had traveled there without permission from his superiors and that he is being held in pretrial confinement.

The soldier is accused of stealing from a woman, the officials said. It was not immediately clear whether it was the same woman he was visiting.

Webmaster addition: This feels contrived.

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Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) appeared on MSNBC on Monday and floated an unhinged conspiracy theory that Trump supporters are “training up in the hills somewhere.”

Maxine Waters said she’s going to ask the weaponized Justice Department and Joe Biden what they’re going to do to protect the country against violence if Trump loses the 2024 presidential election.

“I wanna know about all those right-wing organizations that he’s connected with who are training up in the hills somewhere and targeting what communities they’re going to attack,” Maxine Waters said without providing any proof whatsoever to back up her claims.

Webmaster addition: My concern is that there may be a plan to stage a phony insurrection to be blamed on conservatives.

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