"As for what is not true, you will always find abundance in the newspapers." -- Thomas Jefferson

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The United Nations Human Rights Counsel says that there are human rights violations happening in Libya, according to a new report. The report describes a "generalized practice" of arbitrary detention, murder, torture, rape, slavery and forced disappearance in the country since 2016. Who is doing this? The report points the finger at the European Union and its member states for "directly or indirectly, [providing] monetary and technical support and equipment, such as boats, to the Libyan Coast Guard and the Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration that was used in the context of interception and detention of migrants." The report does not mention the Obama administration's role in destabilizing Libya and backing the overthrow of Moammar Gaddafi.

Posted on: Mar 29 07:36

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s congressional Twitter account was suspended Tuesday after apparently being swept up in a platform-wide crackdown on posts referencing a so-called “Trans Day Of Vengeance” protest in the wake of a Nashville school shooting carried out by a transgender former student.

The far-right lawmaker shared a screenshot from her personal Twitter account, which remains active, showing that her government account was hit with a seven-day ban for violating Twitter’s rules on “violent speech.”

In the offending tweet, Greene (R-Ga.) shared an image of a poster promoting an April 1 protest organized by group called Our Rights DC that seeks to “Stop Trans Genocide.” 

The Georgia Republican accused Twitter of trying to “whitewash” violence promoted by far-left groups on social media.

Posted on: Mar 29 07:31

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has served Secretary of State Antony Blinken with a subpoena for a classified document from diplomats in Kabul warning the Afghan government was at risk of collapse as the last American troops prepared to exit.

It marks a significant escalation in the GOP probe of how the Biden administration handled the tumultuous U.S. withdrawal.

The Republican chairman of the committee, Rep. Mike McCaul, said in a statement Monday night that the panel "made multiple good faith attempts to find common ground" with Blinken to allow lawmakers to see what's called a "dissent cable" sent to State Department leadership in July 2021 as well as Blinken's reply, calling the communication "a critical piece of information."

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Following the horrific murder of innocent Christian children and staff in Nashville, TN on Monday Morning many have taken to social media to rebuke the evil and support the families. Tragically a transgender individual took the lives of six innocent people, three children and three adults. Police have reported that the shooter had a manifesto and plan to intentionally attack the Christian private school she once attended.
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Posted on: Mar 28 20:54
Tucker Carlson opened his show on Tuesday with a discussion on the trans community and violence.
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Posted on: Mar 28 20:54
More details have continued to be released about the tragic shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, that claimed the lives of six and injured others.
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Posted on: Mar 28 20:54
California Democrats on Tuesday advanced a bill that will allow children as young as 12 to enroll in group homes without parental consent.
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Posted on: Mar 28 20:52
Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit a semiconductor plant.
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Posted on: Mar 28 20:52
In the wake of a tragic shooting at Covenant High School in Nashville, Tennessee, stories of heroism from first responders have emerged as they were able to subdue the shooter in minutes before they harmed more students.
Posted on: Mar 28 20:51
Katie Hobbs on Tuesday vetoed the GOP legislature passed SB1063, titled, Food; Municipal Tax; Exemption, which would eliminate the grocery tax across the state, saving Arizonans money amidst the ongoing inflation crisis.
Posted on: Mar 28 20:51

After the first full day of deliberations in the meme trial of Douglass Mackey, the jury sent a note saying that they had completed their deliberations and were unable to reach a unanimous decision as to his guilt.

"After the first full day of deliberations in the Douglass Mackey trial, the jury sent this note: 'We have completed our deliberations and we have not reached a unanimous decision. Please advise.' The judge sent them home for the night, told them to keep going in the morning," the Daily News' Brooklyn Court reporter John Annese reported.

Posted on: Mar 28 18:03

A case has been brought before the Supreme Court asking justices to rule on the constitutionality of a Washington state law that prohibits therapists from advising their patients against transitioning to a different gender, Fox News is reporting.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a non-profit civil rights organization, filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Monday on behalf of Brian Tingley, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Washington state. Tingley argues that the state law is unconstitutional because it prohibits private discussions between client and counselor regarding sexual orientation and gender, the outlet noted.

The group argued that the state law only allows for a one-way conversation regarding gender transitions.

Posted on: Mar 28 17:32

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Tuesday it’s too early to say whether the Monday shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, will be investigated as a hate crime.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., suggested earlier in the say that authorities should treat it as a hate crime that targeted students and staff at the private Christian school. But when asked by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., if federal officials would open up a hate crime investigation, Garland told him a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing that it’s too early to determine motive.

Webmaster addition:  A transgender shooting up a Christian school, and you don't think that's a hate crime?!?

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A Wisconsin man has been charged in last year's firebomb attack of a pro-life center in Madison, Wisconsin, according to a Tuesday press release from the Department of Justice.

During the May 2022 attack on Wisconsin Family Action, Vandals threw a Molotov cocktail inside the building and then started a separate fire when it didn't ignite, investigators told Fox News Digital at the time. Photos showed the exterior of the building was also tagged in cursive: "if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either."

According to the DOJ's release, Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, 29, of Madison, is charged with one count of attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive, and was arrested earlier on Tuesday in Boston.

Posted on: Mar 28 16:32

Calls for police to release the "manifesto" that authorities say was written ahead of Monday's Nashville school shooting has prompted concern among LGBTQ+ groups, who caution against the publication of such a document.

While many details remain to be unveiled about the massacre at The Covenant School this week, police have identified the shooter as 28-year-old Audrey Hale. On Monday, Hale, armed with two assault-style weapons—a rifle and a pistol—as well as a handgun, fatally shot three children and three staff members at the school before being killed by police.

Speaking at a press conference hours after the shooting, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake, who said the shooter identified as transgender, confirmed that officials were in possession of a "manifesto," a map detailing how the incident would take place and writings "that pertain to this date, the actual incident."

Some conservatives, like Tennessee Republican Representative Tim Burchett, have called for the release of the document, arguing that doing so would give the public critical information about the perpetuator's state of mind.

Posted on: Mar 28 16:30

During a heated speech at the Texas State Capitol, transgender activist Loren Perkins expressed support for drag performances, which culminated in a physical altercation last week, a report noted on Monday.

Fox News reported that the incident “quickly went viral on TikTok, picking up more than 1 million views on the platform.”

In her speech, Perkins likened Texas lawmakers to Nazis, expressing her opposition to legislation that would prevent public libraries and other venues from receiving state funding if they host drag shows, the outlet reported.

“By manipulating the words of an ancient text and shoehorning it into legislation aimed at an at-risk minority population, you liken yourself to another group that gained popularity in Germany in the 1930s,” Perkins said.

Posted on: Mar 28 15:39

A former FBI special agent said on Tuesday that the Covenant Christian school shooting in Nashville is part of a pattern of mass shooters having "sexual identity dysfunctions" and psychological confusion that must be addressed.

"Right now, they're probably combing through the evidence to try to figure out what the motivation was here. But with somebody who has a mental illness or not, the motivation may be completely unbiased or based in false reality," former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam told "Fox & Friends First." 

"I think there's much deeper issues going on here. And the hatred they have a hatred at some point. They have confusion in their mind. And not only do they want to die, but there's something in there that is also pushing them to kill others." 

Posted on: Mar 28 15:19

US-led institutions granted China “developing country” status in the late 1990s and early 2000s, allowing the country to take advantage of certain perks, such as the right to apply higher tariffs, reduced responsibilities on climate change, and lower interest loans. In recent years, Beijing has voluntarily agreed to give up many of these benefits.

In a rare display of bipartisan unity, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation requiring the US government to refuse to treat the People’s Republic of China as a developing nation.

The bill, literally entitled the “PRC is Not a Developing Country Act,” passed unanimously in the House in a 415-0 vote on Monday, and requires the State Department to “oppose the labeling or treatment of the People’s Republic of China as a developing country in any treaty or other international agreement to which the United States is a party.” The same goes for international organizations.


Posted on: Mar 28 15:18

The United States Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall said on Tuesday that the latest hypersonic test “was not a success,” although it met some of the objectives.

"The one that we just had was not a success. We did not get the data that we needed from that test," Kendall said when asked about last ARRW test.

Last Friday, the U.S. Air Force informed it had conducted a test earlier in the month of a hypersonic AGM-183-A Air launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) built by Lockheed Martin, noting it met several of the objectives, without further elaborating on the issue.

Posted on: Mar 28 15:17

Amajority of American voters agree with Tucker Carlson that the events of the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol were less violent than have been portrayed by the media.

According to exclusive polling for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, 69 percent of American adults believe the incident was less violent than reported, with just 26 percent saying it was more violent.

The Fox News host described those involved in the riot—in which supporters of then-U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to disrupt the certification of the election of Joe Bidenas "sightseers" earlier in March, as Carlson reproduced CCTV footage from the day that he was granted access to by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Posted on: Mar 28 15:00

Children of Donbass know what war is, that there should be a bomb shelter at school and that another call home may be their last.

Children in Donbass, living under constant Ukrainian shelling, know when to run for cover, but they don’t always manage to do so. Child mortality has become a terrible routine here.

Pupils have to study in basements because going to school is sometimes simply life-threatening.

Posted on: Mar 28 14:49

The Ukraine war has become a game of resources. Both the Russians and the West (the US and NATO) are throwing in vast amounts of munitions, armor, aircraft and manpower. Both sides are concerned about the galloping consumption of assets. Each would like to shock the other into quitting. Both are saber rattling. But only one appears to be saber rattling with nuclear weapons – risking an escalation that would devastate Europe.

Russia is under severe US and EU sanctions. Its huge weapons inventory, much of it left over from Soviet days when the USSR poured most of its wealth into armaments, is being consumed rapidly. A lot of nearly antique weapons are being brought to the Ukraine battlefield. At the same time, some of Russia’s more modern weapons have proven to be inadequate for the task.

The Russians, therefore, have changed the game.

Posted on: Mar 28 14:48

Providing thousands of eligible illegal aliens with driver’s licenses is set to cost Massachusetts taxpayers some $28 million, Gov. Maura Healey (D) reveals.

Last year, Massachusetts joined a swath of other states after voters approved a new law that will make driver’s licenses available to potentially 85,000 illegal aliens living across the state.

Everton Candido, a 19-year-old illegal alien, had become the face of the driver’s license law after he was arrested for allegedly killing 77-year-old Walter Wishoski Jr., a veteran of the Army National Guard who was born and raised in Malden, Massachusetts.

Candido, who was driving without a license, allegedly killed Wishoski in a fatal crash.

Posted on: Mar 28 14:48

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not bothered by criticism from Democrats and the mainstream media after he released over 40,000 hours of unseen footage from the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. McCarthy released the unseen footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who spent several days airing footage on his program.

During an interview with Breitbart News, the California Republican is now promising to release the Jan. 6 security footage to the general public. McCarthy said his team will need to review all of the footage to address any security concerns before they release it all.

“We just want to make sure we go through them all, and it takes time,” McCarthy said. “The first thing that Tucker said too, was he didn’t want to show any exits to cause any problems.”

Posted on: Mar 28 14:38

House Republicans led by Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan of Ohio are reportedly “building” a case against the former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, according to a breaking report on Friday.

“So, specifically before your committee, and also before Rand Paul over in the Senate, Dr. Fauci has, of course, absolved himself of all funding of gain-of-function,” conservative podcaster Benny Johnson said in an interview with Jordan. “He said he doesn’t know anything about it. It is verifiable and demonstrable that he lied. Now, there are codes in Congress. I have a code right here, 18 U.S. Code 1001.”

“1001,” Jordan responded.

“Statements — false statements to Congress,” Johnson noted. “Says you can be imprisoned, says you can be imprisoned for eight years if you lie to Congress. It seems like there has never been a more clear-cut case of some individual lying to Congress.”

Posted on: Mar 28 14:33

At a time when the International Labour Organization already estimates that 208 million people will be unemployed in 2023, will this new wave of AI dramatically increase joblessness? Which jobs would these tools potentially replace? What is the future of work?

The short answer: ChatGPT and its rival AI models could dramatically disrupt the labour market, including replacing routine jobs in some sectors. But overall, the technology could enhance productivity and complement human workers, instead of leading to unemployment, experts told Al Jazeera.

Posted on: Mar 28 14:30

School libraries and grade school classrooms have become battlefields in America’s culture war. School districts from Broward County in Florida to West Ada School District outside of Boise, Idaho, have stocked pornographic books promoting transgenderism and gay sex. Curricula are curated to get kindergarteners to question their genders and third graders to think about anal sex. Parents are incredulous and irate—and wondering how it has come to this.

The ideology of sexual revolution does not drop down from the sky and land in a school library. There is a plan to bring sexual liberation down to earth. Planned Parenthood has long been in the business of mainstreaming transgenderism, the queer agenda, and “kinky” sex. It has gained such power through strategic control of the administrative state, as we show in our new report from the Claremont Institute. 

Planned Parenthood’s influence in sex education depends on four main funding streams established by Congress. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention program (TPP) and the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) are competitive grants created through Obamacare. The other two Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) programs have been around for decades, and were originally designed to promote abstinence-only until-marriage education. These four programs collectively dispensed $228 million through 243 grants between 2020-2023. 

Posted on: Mar 28 14:28

What is the repeating theme here? Transgenderism is a deadly ideology.

Over the last several years, deranged and mentally-ill people are coming out of the woodwork exposing themselves as haters of God who are willing to take extreme measures to exterminate from the face of the earth anyone who represents the God they rebel against. This is true of liberalism in general, but particularly among the transgender movement. The left has been pushing the narrative for quite some time that conservatives, particularly, straight, white conservatives, are the enemy and need to be eliminated. So, it’s unsurprising that mentally unstable people would carry out their aggression on those who they believe are opposed to them.

Posted on: Mar 28 14:27