"Communism is what happens when Socialists realize that they want complete control over every aspect of human life." -- A.E. Samaan

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The West African nation of Sierra Leone is at full throttle with its digital transformation efforts, and its MOSIP-based foundational identity system is the nucleus of this project. The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (“MOSIP”) is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative that provides a platform on which all countries can build their own digital ID system “for free.”
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Harvard is joining the ranks of other universities in recognizing the obvious: SATs are a great way to measure aptitude. And now that Harvard is busy grappling with other issues like plagiarism among its top ranks, it has decided to quietly shuffle SAT requirements back to where they were pre-Covid. 

Harvard will reintroduce standardized testing requirements for admissions starting with the Class of 2029, deviating from its prior commitment to remain test-optional through the Class of 2030.

This change, prompted by criticism as peers like Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown resumed mandatory testing, will affect applicants for fall and winter 2024, who must submit SAT or ACT scores unless exceptions apply. In specific cases where students can't access these tests, Harvard will accept scores from Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams instead, according to the Harvard Crimson.

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The government is preparing vaccine mandates for humans to tackle bird flu as top health officials warn that the H5N1 avian influenza virus will be a full-flown pandemic before the fall.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccines for human bird flu and now ready for “mass production.”

Dr. Richard Bartlett, an emergency room director and former Texas Department of Health and Human Services advisory council member, joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss the latest media and government reports about bird flu, following the detection of the “highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) A.”

H5N1 and related strains have been identified in birds, poultry, cattle, mammals including cats and dolphins, and humans in Texas and Vietnam.

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Blacks have become just silly. It’s like slapstick comedy. I guess the media is still claiming they are victims, though I think they’ve backed off from that a lot.

“A victimized young victim, very oppressed and still reeling from the trauma of slavery, pushed a granny down the church steps today, leaving her with a cracked skull and brain bleed. However, this is necessary, because like Nikki Haley says, whites need to feel personal pain because George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest after committing a felony.”

It’s a lie on par with global warming or the coronavirus. However, it’s not quite as bad as the lie that Jews are victims of the Holocaust and therefore justified in massacring tens of thousands of children.

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Russia launched massive missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure on Thursday morning and destroyed one of Ukraine’s largest power plants in the Kyiv region.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the bombardment was in response to Ukrainian attacks on oil refineries and other energy infrastructure inside Russian territory. Ukraine has been stepping up attacks inside Russia as it has become clear there’s no hope for victory on the battlefield, and Ukrainian lines are at risk of collapsing.

“The Russian Armed Forces delivered a massive strike last night by air-launched and seaborne long-range precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian fuel and energy facilities. The goal of the strike were achieved. All the targets were destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said, according to TASS.

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Triple Tap Murders…Oh Look, a Cat Video

by | Apr 10, 2024

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Recently the Israeli Defense Force murdered an aid convoy. A group of international aid workers who had coordinated with the IDF and who were traveling on an IDF approved route. When the aid workers came under attack, they contacted the IDF. Three assaults were launched by the IDF, killing seven World Central Kitchen aid workers.

The term “triple tap” has been used. The IDF will investigate itself.

The outraged, the shocked, and the indifferent alike watch as children die daily in Palestine. The aid workers’ bodies were mutilated by weapons likely supplied by the United States.And in response to their deaths, the president blathered something about ice cream cones as the arms supplies keep on rolling in. Pundits for murder grinned with sharp teeth over their support of the Israeli government. “Murder them all” is the bi-partisan mantra of U.S. domestic politics.

Liberal democracies tend to vote for murder, especially if natives are being killed in the name of colonial exceptionalism. Democracy is civilized, after all, since it provides jobs and welfare. The elites and political beasts in Australia, the United Kingdom, and other member nations of the crusader coalition of the willing invaders may whisper here and there in condemnation, but Israel is still a friend. And sometimes friends have to murder. Among statesmen who sit in the plush seats of national interest, this is understood. Important people must murder because that’s how policy bread is baked.

The mass murder makes sense when you are paid to believe. It makes sense when your faith in law and order is built on self-interest. It makes sense when your career and pensions requires it to. Babies getting starved to death, aid workers blown to pieces, are just more eggs. And statist omlettes require endless eggs.

The digital spectators will have moved on from the murdered aid workers by the time the next TikTok dance goes viral, assuming any even noticed the craters where corpses were baked into powder. Smelly man eats liver, Fleetwood Mac cranberry juice, and Ben Shapiro is the number one rapper are all more important than dead children. The “my life is too busy” generation will shrug off what is done in their name even if they are in someway complicit. “Sssh it’s time to watch a sportsball or binge a trending show on streamingflix.” No time to care or pay attention, so they say between stints of inebriation.

Uppers in the morning, downers at night, anti-depressants, meltaway fat pills and video games help escape the job you hate, and make it easier to buy things you never wanted. It’s too hard to read a headline now, and your attention span wanes into indifference. Oh look, a funny cat video. Click. Who even has time for the dead children? Life is too complicated. I can just order my food online, push some buttons, and it arrives. They had it easy when they had to make everything for themselves. At least starving babies don’t have to worry about their waist line.

Claire's Observations;  This writer's observations are knife-sharp savage, but bang spot on.

Every American who will not, peacefully and logically, speak up regarding the genocide in Gaza is complicit in these deaths, and I mourn for both those deaths, and general American silence and indifference to what is happening in Gaza.  

Please, find out who your Congressional  House and Senate Representatives are https://www.house.gov/representatives,    https://www.senate.gov/senators/leadership.htm  and call them on Monday, and let them know you do not want to see one more death in Gaza, courtesy of American bombs and bullets, or the starvation and death  of more Palestinian kids, courtesy of Israel's weaponization of food.  Be polite, but measured.   

Please let them know that unless they are willing to move to stop this carnage, no matter how much money AIPAC and Israel throw at them, the will lose their next elections.  And that needs to be a peaceful promise; NOT a threat.

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