“If [danger] ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.” --Abraham Lincoln

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Here’s a noncontroversial statement: Joe Biden is unfit to be President of the United States. Democrats know it, Republicans know it, people in the media know it, other world leaders know it, you know it, and I know it.

Putting aside your partisan biases for a second, think of the endless deluge of clips where the current President of the United States trails off while talkingmumbles incoherently, loses his frame of reference, shakes hands with nobody, trips and falls, falls asleep, or stares off into outer space during important international gatherings.

I know this isn’t just a case of my “lying eyes” or simply taking clips out of context because friends of mine who lean left also notice it and tell me that they wish the Democrats would run another candidate.

Last week, a clip surfaced where Joe Biden, in the midst of a meeting with Italy’s Giorgia Meloni and other world leaders at the G7 summit, wanders off from the group of leaders and needs to be directed back to where to stand by Meloni, who assists him.

One ally at the summit reportedly said about Biden it’s the ‘worst he has ever been’.

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Legendary actor Morgan Freeman has expressed his disapproval of Black History Month.

During an interview with Variety, the Oscar-winning actor said that his history is tied to the story of America rather than the idea of being black.

“I detest it. The mere idea of it. You are going to give me the shortest month in a year? And you are going to celebrate ‘my’ history?! This whole idea makes my teeth itch. It’s not right,” the actor said.

“My history is American history,” he continued. “It’s the one thing in this world I am interested in, beyond making money, having a good time and getting enough sleep.”

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"We should eliminate electronic voting machines. The risk of being hacked by humans or AI, while small, is still too high," Musk wrote on X in response to Kennedy's post.

In addition to paper ballots, Musk also suggested he supports voting in-person on one day, rather than early voting and voting by mail.

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The constitutionality of special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment will be put to the test next week during a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon.

Cannon, who already indefinitely postponed former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial in May, will hear arguments June 21 on whether the entire case should be dismissed based on Smith’s allegedly “unlawful” appointment. Trump’s attorneys argue Smith, a private citizen neither nominated by the president nor confirmed by the Senate at the time of his November 2022 appointment by Attorney General Merrick Garland, lacks the authority to even bring charges.

Trump faces 41 felony counts in his Florida case. He was initially indicted last June on charges relating to his handling of classified documents.

“The Appointments Clause does not permit the Attorney General to appoint, without Senate confirmation, a private citizen and like-minded political ally to wield the prosecutorial power of the United States,” Trump’s attorneys argued in a February motion. “As such, Jack Smith lacks the authority to prosecute this action.”

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Webmaster addition: Starts at 4:10. The government wants to send your sons and daughters to war for wealth, not Democracy!!!!!!

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Hillary Clinton cracked an awkward joke about her 2016 election loss Sunday night during a surprise appearance at the 2024 Tony Awards

Clinton came out to fawning applause and a standing ovation from almost the entire A-list crowd at the Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Theater in New York City .

She was there to present a performance from the musical Suffs, a Broadway show about the movement to give women the right to vote, which counts the former Secretary of State and First Lady as a producer.

Clinton began her introduction by attempting to nod at her now eight-year old electoral failure, which she recently blamed on women voters abandoning her.

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The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes.

In a Monday opinion piece in the The New York Times, Dr. Vivek Murthy said that social media is a contributing factor in the mental health crisis among young people.

“It is time to require a surgeon general’s warning label on social media platforms, stating that social media is associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents. A surgeon general’s warning label, which requires congressional action, would regularly remind parents and adolescents that social media has not been proved safe,” Murthy said. “Evidence from tobacco studies show that warning labels can increase awareness and change behavior.”

Murthy said that the use of just a warning label wouldn’t make social media safe for young people, but would be a part of the steps needed.

Webmaster addition: WARNING: Contains Democratic bullshit!

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Dr. Robert Malone foresees a new wave of psychological bioterrorism using the fear of infectious diseases.

“There’s no question that we’re going into another round of psychological bioterrorism involving weaponized fear about an infectious disease.”

Dr. Malone points out a crucial fact that often gets overshadowed by media and government-induced fear: there is currently no evidence to support sustained human-to-human transmission of H5N1.

He underlines the ethical concerns surrounding using fear for control, equating it to psychological bioterrorism.

“The deployment of fear about infectious disease to manipulate and control populations is fundamentally unethical.”

According to Malone, the weaponization of infectious disease fear undermines trust and freedom, warranting public exclusion of those who perpetrate such tactics:

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First, they lost the comedians. They let the politics get in the way of the funny. You never do that. The late-night shows became sappy appeals. Comedy Central would play half an hour of an Englishman explaining how stupid we all are in America. “Clapter” replaced laughter. The message became the point. And funny men like Shane Gillis, Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle rebelled.

But progressive politics are getting in the way of a whole lot more these days. Public safety is a top concern. Illegal immigration is impacting daily life in Boston, Manhattan, and Chicago. Public opinion on transitioning children is finally — mercifully — starting to sink.

Fear is in the air, panic is contagious, and party discipline is creaking, if not yet cracking.

Democrats are seriously worried about their electoral prospects. A party famous for its discipline and unity on the floor and in primaries (if not in Twitter spats) is splintering.

Hillary Clinton threw her support behind a primary challenger against a sitting Democratic congressman, Squad member Jamaal Bowman of New York. Endorsements don’t often have as big an impact as people pretend, but that’s not the point. The point is the naked aggression against a sitting left-wing congressman from the former head of the party.

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Former President Donald Trump has an idea that is going to be music to the ears of many Americans as he wants to eliminate income tax.

The president and Republican lawmakers have an “all tariff policy” that would replace income tax if implemented, CNBC reported.

“He does want to look at lowering the income tax, and that could be offset and paid for by some type of tariffs, particularly on adversarial nations,” New York  Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said.

“President Trump says ‘this is an idea, but I’d love to raise tariffs’ and then he said, ‘and maybe even no income taxes on Americans.’ Everyone was clapping in the room,” Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said. “I think that’s a fantastic idea.”

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The senior data reporter for CNN was floored by his latest findings showing that former President Donald Trump’s progress with Black voters is approaching never-before-seen levels for a modern Republican presidential candidate.

Harry Enten, who has previously highlighted deep discontent among Black voters with President Joe Biden, said the race for the White House will hinge on this critical voting bloc, especially in key swing states like Georgia and Michigan.

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