"Palestine was hardly Britain’s to give away." -- President John F Kennedy

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A group of ten independent experts studying the situation in Gaza declared that the Israeli military operations amount to genocide and have created a famine. Over the past nine months, Israel has destroyed most of the infrastructure in Gaza and only allowed a trickle of aid to enter the besieged enclave. 

On Tuesday, the officials explained, “We declare that Israel’s intentional and targeted starvation campaign against the Palestinian people is a form of genocidal violence and has resulted in famine across all of Gaza.” They continued, “We call upon the international community to prioritize the delivery of humanitarian aid by land by any means necessary, end Israel’s siege, and establish a ceasefire.”

Tel Aviv attacked the experts, claiming they were spreading “misinformation.”

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On Monday, the White House ruled out the idea of resuming negotiations related to Iran’s civilian nuclear program despite the election of a new president who seeks a revival of the Iran nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, which the Trump administration tore up in 2018.

On the campaign trail, President-elect Masoud Pezeshkian, considered a reformist in Iranian politics, vowed to work toward Western sanctions relief and favors the idea of engaging directly with the US.

Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, has noted that Iran seeking direct negotiations with the US in the context of another Trump presidency is a significant shift in Tehran’s policy. But it’s unlikely Pezeshkian will have a willing partner in negotiations since the White House has ruled out talks and a second Trump administration is not expected to soften its stance on Iran.

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NATO is likely to tell Ukraine that its path toward NATO membership is “irreversible” during the alliance’s summit that has begun in Washington, POLITICO reported on Tuesday.

The report said the language is already included in a draft version of the communique that’s set to be released on Wednesday. The text will be finalized on Tuesday night, but it has already been approved by the US and other major NATO countries.

The POLITICO report said the inclusion of the language would be a “stunning development” for Ukraine and a “major defeat” for Russia. But there’s no sign that Ukraine will be given a clear road map toward membership at the summit, meaning the communique will be another empty promise designed to continue the proxy war.

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A Contrary to earlier reports, the U.S. Senate has joined the House of Representatives in moving toward a foolhardy attempt to ‘automatically’ register all draft-eligible U.S. citizens and residents for a possible military draft, by extracting and aggregating information obtained from other Federal agencies.

The proposal for “automatic” draft registration is among several previously-undisclosed provisions related to Selective Service in the newly-release version of the National Defense [sic] Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2025 approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) and to be considered by the full Senate.

The 1,197-page SASC proposal for this year’s NDAA was approved by the committee in closed session last month, and only a summary was released. At the time, a spokesperson for the SASC told me that if “automatic” Selective Service registration had been included in the bill, it would have been included in the summary. That proves to have been incorrect: The proposal for “automatic” draft registration was included in the SASC version of the bill, but not in the summary.

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who tore into then-Senator Kamala Harris during the 2019 presidential debates and essentially caused Harris to plummet in the polls, had some harsh words regarding the possibility of Harris becoming president.

Gabbard, who now serves as a contributor for Fox News, was asked by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, “You debated Kamala. Do you think she actually thinks she is smart and effective, and if so, why?”

“Without a doubt, she believes this,” Gabbard replied. “I can’t even begin to analyze why that is the case. She has been unqualified to serve as vice-president and is not qualified or capable at all for the very real prospect that if Biden wins, she will be president of the United States. That’s a fact; regardless of who’s on the top of the ticket as the Democrats figure this thing out, whether it’s Biden-Harris or Harris-whoever, a President Kamala Harris will be our Commander-In-Chief. And I can tell you as a soldier who was deployed to multiple war zones and I can speak for a lot of my brothers and sisters in uniform, that prospect should be terrifying for all Americans.”

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A quadruple board-certified neurologist based in New York City told NBC News that President Joe Biden “definitely” has Parkinson’s disease and degeneration of the brain.

Dr. Tom Pitts was interviewed by NBC News’ Tom Llamas, who asked, “What you’ve seen from the president over the last two years, what you saw at the debate, the last few interviews, the way he speaks, the way he maybe walks, have you noticed anything that gives you a red flag as a doctor?”

“Oh yeah, I see him 20 times a day in clinic,” Pitts answered, indicating how common Biden’s symptoms were among his patients. “It’s ironic because he has just this classic features of neurodegeneration: word-finding difficulties — and that’s not just ‘Oh, I couldn’t find the right word’ — that’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area.”

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A female middle school teacher in New Jersey has been charged with sexual assault after the school’s vice principal alerted authorities about an inappropriate relationship.

Allison Havemann-Niedrach, 43, has been charged with one count of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, according to a press release from the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office.

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by Tyler Durden

How do corruption perceptions in Latin America compare to other countries?

In this graphic, LVisual Capitalist's Latinometrics uses data from Transparency International to provide visual context to corruption opinions across nations.


What is the Corruption Perceptions Index? Every year, a German organization called Transparency International embarks on measuring corruption in each of the world’s countries. It does so through a metric they’ve branded as the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which, as the name implies, measures how corrupt a given country is perceived by the people living there.

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The Daily Wire’s Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro is set to testify to Congress on Wednesday for its hearing on the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, which is under investigation by the House Judiciary Committee for organizing its member organizations to work in coordination to demonetize disfavored news outlets.

The Judiciary Committee’s investigation into GARM began more than a year ago, when Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote to the head of GARM and its parent organization, the World Federation of Advertisers, to alert them that the committee believed GARM was “potentially violating U.S. antitrust law by coordinating their members’ efforts to demonetize and eliminate disfavored content online.” In the past year that investigation has gotten more targeted, with the committee specifically charging that GARM targeted conservative outlets including The Daily Wire, Breitbart, and Fox News.

Shapiro has also long had GARM in his sights — the advertiser coalition which controls 90% of global advertising dollars and counts the biggest corporations in the world as its members was the subject of the first episode of his Facts series. He described GARM as part of “a network of global elites who have created a universal framework full of guidelines and ratings designed to enforce ‘approved’ narratives and punish disapproved ones.”

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The Israeli army did deploy its so-called Hannibal Directive, which allows the military to use all necessary force to prevent the capture of soldiers, during the October 7 Hamas-led attacks on Israel, resulting in the loss of both civilian and military lives, an investigation by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has found.

Here is what we know so far:

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Authored by Nick Giambruno via InternationalMan.com,

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed brought interest rates to roughly 0% and held them there for years.

Then, in late 2015, they started a rate-hiking cycle that lasted until the repo market turmoil in late 2019.

After the outbreak of the Covid hysteria in early 2020, the Fed brought interest rates back down to around 0%.

Inflation subsequently hit 40-year highs in 2022, forcing the Fed into another rate-hiking cycle, one of the steepest in history.

In just 18 months, the Fed hiked rates from around 0% to over 5%, where they remain today.

The chart below illustrates these last 18 years of monetary policy.

With the soaring interest expense on the federal debt set to become the largest item in the budget, I do not expect the Fed to raise interest rates much more.

For context, the last time inflation was raging, Paul Volcker needed to raise interest rates above 17%. However, that was in the early 1980s, when the US debt-to-GDP ratio was around 30%. Today, it’s north of 120% and rising rapidly.

Today’s higher debt load and accompanying interest expense are why the Volcker option is not on the table; the growing interest expense could lead to the US government’s bankruptcy.

So, I do not expect the Fed to raise interest rates much more, if at all.

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$43.99. That is the price of “12 delicious pieces of fire-grilled chicken with a choice of 3 large sides, warm tortillas and fresh salsa” at El Pollo Loco, at least according to one online influencer. (I checked the prices for the same meal at the local franchise in my suburban-Los Angeles neighborhood, and it’s $41.79; so prices do vary a little bit.) As the political class debates whether Joe Biden is going to actually get nominated by the Democrat Party, much of America is dealing with a new reality: fast food is no longer synonymous with cheap food.
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t directly answer whether Joe Biden would be able to personally handle a nuclear strike if it happened after 8pm, when he’s tuckered out for the day.

When asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy if Biden would be able to personally respond to a nuclear attack against the U.S. after 8pm, referring to the White House announcing Biden would stop scheduling events after that time.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to indicate on Tuesday that President Joe Biden would not be directly or immediately contacted by the Pentagon if a nuclear weapon was launched against the United States late at night.

On Tuesday, Peter Doocy, a Fox News White House correspondent, asked Jean-Pierre to explain who would be contacted if a nuclear weapon was launched against the United States while Biden was sleeping in light of recent reports that suggest the president is only able to work limited hours and has even skipped important meetings for rest.

“He also said he’s sharpest before 8 p.m.,” Doocy said. “So, say that the Pentagon at some point picks up an incoming nuke. It’s 11 p.m. Who do you call? The First Lady?”

In response to Doocy’s question, Jean-Pierre explained, “He has a team that lets him know of any news that is pertinent and important to the American people. He has someone… that is decided obviously with his National Security Council on who gets to tell him that news.”

Webmaster addition: Remember the Hillary Clinton "3 AM" campaign ad?

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Electric appliance maker Dyson is cutting about 1,000 jobs in the UK as part of a global workforce review, slashing its British workforce by more than a quarter.
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CNBC reports that the cryptocurrency world has been rocked by a dramatic surge in successful hacking attempts, according to a recent report from TRM Labs. The blockchain research firm’s findings reveal that between January 1 and June 24, 2024, cybercriminals managed to pilfer a staggering $1.38 billion worth of digital assets. This figure represents more than twice the amount stolen during the same timeframe in 2023, which stood at $657 million.
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We saw it happen first in California. People could not handle the restrictive policies during the pandemic, which was worsened by the drastic increase in taxes and crime. Americans are fleeing blue states in droves – precisely why we cannot forecast real estate as whole for the United Stated. Recent data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicates that Americans want out of Illinois.
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France’s left-wing New Popular Front (NPF), now the largest group in parliament, has proposed several ambitious policies, including a 90% tax on any annual income above €400,000. The NPF aims to introduce a progressive tax rate for high earners. This proposal would significantly impact individuals with substantial incomes.
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by Tyler Durden

For the past two years it seemed that the Fed's rate hiking cycle has been flipped on its head and that Erdoganomics, as batshit insane as it is, was the rule of the land: instead of home prices dropping, as one would expect under tighter financial conditions, home prices kept rising and rising, because in a world where the marginal home buyer has been limited to an extremely narrow group of 1%ers, who needs mortgages?

But tighten long enough, and even the top wealth tiers begin to fray, and that's precisely what we are now seeing in the US housing market, which - since it is the biggest asset of the US middle class, unlike the stock market which is the playground of the top 1% - is also the most tangible leading indicator for the broader economy. We saw that in the latest Case Shiller numbers where the Composite 20 city index posted its first YoY decline since early 2023...

.... and we are also now seeing it in the latest Redfin home price data, where among other things, we find that as average home sale prices hit new all time highs, the number of actual transactions has collapsed while the number of new listed homes is surging and last but not least, the number of price drops reported - which is what those who need the extract the money from their real estate yet can no longer afford to live in the mark-to-myth world created by record wide bid/ask spreads, just jumped to the highest on record

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New Russian Su-30SM2 multirole fighter aircraft have recently been caught on video deploying bunker buster bombs in the Ukrainian conflict zone.

Compared to its predecessor Su-30SM, the new Su-30SM2 features more advanced weaponry and radar systems, which effectively allows the aircraft to detect and engage targets at twice the distance of its predecessor.

While it is not immediately clear exactly what bunker buster bomb was deployed by the Su-30SM2s, Russia's arsenal currently includes several kinds of this type of munition.

BetAB-500 is a 500-kilogram concrete-piercing bomb that can penetrate reinforced concrete up to 1 meter thick covered by a layer of up to 3 meters of ground.

BetAB-500ShP is essentially a modification of the BETAB-500. This bomb is equipped with a parachute that helps stabilize the munition after launch as it glides in a position to attack. Once there, a rocket engine inside the bomb’s hull ignites and propels the munition towards its intended target.

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ABC News recently faced scrutiny after editing the official transcript of an interview with President Joe Biden conducted by George Stephanopoulos. The change was made following claims from White House officials that the original transcript inaccurately represented the president’s words.

During the interview, Stephanopoulos asked Biden how he would feel if he remained the Democratic Party’s nominee and lost to former President Donald Trump. According to the initial transcript, Biden responded, “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.”

The next day, ABC News updated the transcript, explaining that the revision was made “for clarity.” The edited version reads, “I’ll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the good as job as I know I can do, that’s what this is about.”

The alteration sparked controversy, particularly after Biden campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo reportedly pressured columnists who quoted Biden’s “goodest” moment. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who referenced the original quote in her op-ed, recounted being contacted by Ducklo but did not retract her commentary.

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China and Belarus are holding military exercises near the Polish and Ukrainian border. The military exercises started on Monday and will include counter-terrorism missions. They are expected to last 11 days.
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President Trump on Tuesday called on Republican Attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and David Braden to stop the Democrats from allowing illegal aliens from voting in the 2024 election. Democrats announced they will block any legislation from the US House that protects American voters and allows illegal voters to cast votes for Democrats.
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by Dohmen Capital Research

Currently we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of preliminary warning signs for the markets.

The big smart money is already lightening up their positions. You can see that when companies announce very good results but the stocks get hit by lots of selling. That is because large amounts of shares can only be sold when there is demand for the stocks, such as good earnings announcements.

This typically happens when money managers, such as hedge funds, are selling lots of shares. This is always a preliminary signal. It is called “distribution.”

For the past couple of months, we have cautioned in our research services for serious traders and investors about distribution and how investors should expect a choppy summer market. A choppy market is always a good clue that “distribution” is underway.

For those who have disregarded our words of caution, and perhaps are leveraged, ask yourself what you would do if your stock plunges 20%-30% or more? Would you sell before major damage is done, or decide to ride through the valley? Would you stick with that decision?

Make the decision now, not when it happens. Don’t ever say “I will watch it.”

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Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, under lobbying from the World Jewish Congress, announced Tuesday that claims of "Zionists" "running the world or controlling the media" will be banned as "hate speech" going forward. 

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