"Alone among all of Earth's life forms, humans alone perceive the absolute inevitability of their own mortality. For thousands of years, con artists have exploited that fear of the inevitable end of life, offering for sale various magical escapes from the grave, and all the acolytes have to do is surrender their money, their obedience, and their sanity." -- Michael Rivero

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Democrat Kamala Harris wants to replace Joe Biden in the White House. Through a shady, unexplained process, she revealed she had secured enough delegates to win the nomination. That should worry voters all on its own.

But Harris will surely continue the failed policies that Biden used to damage the U.S. In addition, Harris is finding new ways to show us she is unfit for president.

The Commander-in-chief is the country’s top diplomat. He or she is supposed to have the skills to work with foreign leaders and our allies. Harris has failed to do that repeatedly as vice president.

Now, she has a prime opportunity to prove to Americans that she is good at working with world leaders—as a major ally will be speaking to Congress. Instead, the Democrat will be campaigning in Indiana!

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Even though it is an election year (with a lame duck president), there is plenty Congress can get done. In fact, lawmakers are gearing up for a crucial vote. And it has to do with former President Donald Trump. Over the last two weeks, congressional committees grilled the Secret Service chief over her failure to prevent an attempt on Trump’s life.

Her arguments rang hollow. Despite previous claims, she resigned from her post. But we are far from getting answers about that fateful day.

Now, the House is preparing to hold a vote that can bring answers and accountability. The last time something like this happened, Democrats ignored the concerns of Republicans and simply railroaded their agenda through the Congress. But now, it looks as if even Democrats are on board with this move, and it is certain to win the support of Donald Trump.

From Just the News:
The House of Representatives is expected to vote Wednesday on creating bipartisan House task force to investigate the attempted assassination of former President Trump.

Webmaster addition: This will be the Warren Report 2.0. The purpose of a high-level investigation is to head off and control all other investigations and to collect and control all the evidence. Not going to be easy with all those cell phone videos on the internet!

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Through what appear to be backdoor deals, Kamala Harris “secured” the Democratic nomination. Critics have blasted the move, since there was no public voter nor did the party seek input from voters. It is unclear how this shady move will affect voters. But chances are, Kamala Harris will be the Democratic candidate in November.

That means she will have to defeat Donald Trump, a former president with a legion of supporters.

We already know Harris is just a stand in for Biden. She will continue the same socialist policies Joe used to cripple the U.S. economy. How will she make a case to the voting public? Wouldn’t it include going toe-to-toe with the Republican nominee? Trump was asked if he was willing to take on Kamala in a debate. Old Harris better put on a helmet!

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In a scene that resembled a powder keg waiting to explode, anti-Israel demonstrators swarmed Washington, D.C., as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress. This wasn’t your average protest—this was chaos with a capital C. If you ever needed proof of how divided and volatile the issue of Israel can be, this spectacle provided it in spades.

Netanyahu’s Visit and the Agitation It Sparked

Netanyahu’s visit, intended to reinforce U.S.-Israel ties as both countries try to get their hostages back from Hamas, ignited a firestorm among demonstrators. And let me tell you, these weren’t peaceful picketers holding hands and singing “Kumbaya.” These were hostile agitators ready to cause mayhem.

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Authored by Sophie Li via The Epoch Times,

Alameda County, home to Oakland, ranked No. 1 in homicides in the state per capita in 2023, according to a report released earlier this month, by the California Attorney General’s office.

Meanwhile, Merced County - in the central region of the state - which topped the list in 2022, showed a sharp decrease in homicides and fell out of the state’s top five.

Los Angeles County, despite accounting for more than one-third of homicides in the state, also was not on the top five list.

Statewide, 1,892 homicide cases were reported in 2023 - a nearly 16 percent decrease compared to 2022. This is the first time the number of homicides has dropped below 2,000 since 2020

Claire's Observations:  As a native San Franciscan, who remembers that city from my youth, as a beautiful and vibrant example of how a city could be, full  of art, music, literature, culture, and education,  I feel my heart aching, just looking at these numbers.

And I find myself asking the question;  what the hell happened here?!?

But what has happened here, is a microcosm of what has happened nationally, unfortunately.  

Two-parent families have become a thing of the past, as fathers abandon their girlfriends whom they've gotten pregnant, and decide life without that "burden" would be "easier" , if the woman refuses to terminate the pregnancy.  And where are their fathers, to tell them that they have at least some responsibility to that woman, and his child she has just borne?  No where to be found.

And how capable are these young men, of finding a job, when "public education" in too many public schools,  has simply become "indoctrination", and yes, they know the right personal pronouns, but cannot add two plus two without the calculator in their cell phones?!?

Casual labor is about to become as extinct as is the dodo bird, as things are managed and created by computers.   As a Google search told me this morning;  No, printed homes aren't something out of "The Jetsons." They're real — and already here. In the last few years, startups — and even colleges — have unveiled 3D printed dwellings around the US. In Virginia, Alquist, a 3D printing construction company, has built three Habitat for Humanity houses using a 3D printer.

So what happens, when there are no opportunities, and no constraints to what society generally calls "horrifically bad behaviour"?!?  You've got it; crime, because it is the only lucrative thing they CAN do.

And as the numbers show, with the rate of recidivism in this country, you do not "cure" crime through incarceration; you PREVENT it, with love, structure, and community which holds out hope, and keeps kids moving in a positive direction.  Programs like this, funded by communities and churches, make a difference.  

Here in the US, we have a national program called big brothers big sisters of America. Please check out their website, which can be found here: https://www.bbbs.org/

Please check it out, even if you haven't thought about being a volunteer/mentor to a child before.  Sometimes, one caring human being can make all the difference in the direction of a child's life.

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The summer of 2026 may be the last summer we have on this planet, says Scott Ritter. We have created the conditions for nuclear war with Russia

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US President Joe Biden says he will maintain a coalition of countries to support Ukraine and counter Russia.

Speaking from the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday night in a televised address to fellow citizens about his decision to withdraw from the US election race, Biden said that the US would continue to "keep rallying a coalition of proud nations" to prevent Russia from winning the conflict. "We’ll keep NATO stronger and more powerful and more united than at any time in all of our history," the president said.

Webmaster addition: Well, if you really feel that way ... Here's your rifle here's your parachute. We ran out of camouflage suits so here is a day-glo orange jumpsuit left over from Gitmo, Watch your head climbing into that transport and we'll call Putin and tell him you are on your way to kick his butt all by yourself. The rest of us are tired of war and its cost in blood and money.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed the creation of a new military bloc modeled after NATO and called the “Abraham Alliance,” aimed against Iran.

Netanyahu spoke before the joint session of the US Congress on Wednesday. It was his fourth address to American lawmakers, beating Winston Churchill’s record, although about 70 House and Senate members declined to attend for one reason or another. 

“America forged a security alliance in Europe to counter the growing Soviet threat,” Netanyahu said at one point. “Likewise, America and Israel today can forge a security alliance in the Middle East to counter the growing Iranian threat.” 

Webmaster addition: As usual, Israel wants other people to fight their wars!

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Anyone who knows anything about missile technology is perfectly aware that Russia is one of the pioneers in this field of military science. Moscow is not only developing and making the world’s best rockets and missiles, but it’s also second-to-none in terms of their usage. Namely, the Kremlin’s doctrine on using long-range strike capabilities is virtually without equal, as it has been leading the world in this regard since the 1950s. After the unfortunate dismantling of the USSR, Russia lost a decade’s worth of research and development in various fields of military high technologies, also losing the precious advantage it had over its adversaries. However, rocket science isn’t one of those, resulting in the development of some of the best and most advanced missile systems even during that period. This included everything from ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) to advanced ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles).

One of the missile systems that was developed during the troubled 1990s is the now legendary “Iskander”. This highly advanced, modular rocket complex (as it’s known in Russian military nomenclature) is arguably the world’s first land-based hypersonic missile platform. Due to its modularity, the 9K720 “Iskander” system has two variants. The first is the “Iskander-M”, armed with the advanced 9M723 quasi-ballistic/hypersonic missiles capable of massive speeds of up to Mach 8.7 and reaching a range of up to 500 km (due to INF Treaty limitations). Most Western sources classify it as an SRBM (short-range ballistic missile), albeit it’s far more advanced than a regular ballistic missile. The second is the “Iskander-K”, modified to launch cruise missiles such as the 9M728 (essentially the R-500, with a range of up to 500 km) and the Novator’s 9M729 (which Western sources claim has a staggering range of up to 5,500 km).

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  • Russian strikes were reported in the Kyiv region;
  • Russian strikes were reported at the Mirgorod airfield in the Poltava region;
  • Russian strikes were reported at in the Dolgintsevo airfield near Krivy Rih;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in Izmail port in the Odessa region;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets at the Voznesenk military airfield in the Mykolaiv region;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in the Kharkiv region;
  • Russian strikes destroyed targets in the Kherson region;
  • Russian Su-27 intercepted An RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft and two Typhoon fighters of the British Air Force near the Russian border in the Black Sea;
  • At least three Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed in the Belgorod region;
  • Ukrainian drone damaged a non-operating industrial facility in the Kursk region;
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by Tyler Durden 

The radical left-wing Black Lives Matter group demanded on Tuesday that the Democratic National Committee host an informal, virtual snap primary across the country ahead of the DNC convention in August because the installation of Vice President Kamala Harris as the presumptive Democratic nominee, without any public voting process threatens "the integrity of our democracy and the voices of Black voters." 

"The current political landscape is unprecedented, with President Biden stepping aside in a manner never seen before," BLM wrote in a statement, explaining how the "Democratic Party elites and billionaire donors are attempting to manipulate Black voters by anointing Kamala Harris and an unknown vice president as the new Democratic ticket without a primary vote by the public." 

On Sunday, President Biden announced he would be exiting the presidential race and endorsed VP Harris to replace him at the top of the Democratic ticket to face former President Trump in the November presidential elections. Democrats have hemorrhaged all other talking points, such as the miracles of 'Bidenomics,' and resorted to this race is all about 'defending democracy.' 

Notice how Trump's rising election odds via PredictIt data prompted an immediate response from leftist corporate media outlets, resulting in a surge of articles about how Democrats were "defending democracy" from Trump.

Claire's Observations:  One has to love the smell of irony in the morning!!!!!

And a note to BLM:  To discover how "free" one is in this  society, please look at who, and what, you CANNOT criticize for fear of being "cancelled"!!!!!

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"This isn't an honor given to Netanyahu by the US Congress, this is the US Congress obeying the commands of the man who leads the nation that owns the US Congress," commented Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, in an interview for Al Mayadeen on Netanyahu's speech at Congress.

Ritter emphasized that "This isn't so much the US Congress inviting the Israeli Prime Minister to speak, but the Israeli prime minister calling in the duties and responsibilities of the Congress that Israel has bought and paid for over the years." He explained that every US presidential candidate "that was backed by the pro-Israeli lobby, AIPAC, won because of the money that was put on the table."

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by akrainer
Wednesday, Jul 24, 2024 - 18:39

Just over a week ago today, the most powerful man in the world, US President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID (Covid-19 according to CNN and just Covid according to most other outlets). Who knew that they were still testing the President for the virus that allegedly produced a pandemic five years ago? But how can there be any doubt?

As we have learned over the past few years, the PCR and other tests are very exact and reliable and if they come out positive, that can only mean one thing: the President's got Covid. Covid 19, or whatever. Thankfully, the president has been vaccinated against this terrible disease, otherwise he probably would have tested even more positive and he would have to isolate even harder.

I can hardly help my sarcasm from spilling all over my keyboard: the narrative management politburo must be the most talent-free bunch of apparatchiks ever assembled and their media toadies the most talent-free, supine bunch of stenographers ever recruited. As a result, the news today read like the inmates have taken full control of the asylum.

Are they planning to put Joe to sleep?

I can understand that they wanted to remove Biden from the limelight to interrupt his series of spectacular gaffes. I can even understand that some might want to remove him from the scenes altogether and some day announce how sad it is that Mr. President succumbed to the terrible disease.

That could give quite a PR boost to the DNC. Imagine: suddenly, we'd have an outpouring of sympathy for the man... The state funeral would be such a solemn, sobering event, it would absorb the nation’s and the world’s attention for days, maybe weeks during which everyone could pretend that criticizing the late President would is utterly distasteful and un-American. 

The party could now call for the nation to come together during this sad and difficult moment, bla, bla, bla… Hugs and unity would flood all over the place and the DNC could all play the good guys like it’s 1999.

They’ve done it all before…

But who would actually think up such a monstrous scheme? Last August, I wrote an article titled, "The Death of George V in 1936 and why it still matters?George V, the monarch of Great Britain was unceremoniously put to sleep once his existence had become inconvenient for the powers behind the throne. This is no longer a conspiracy theory: we know that for a fact.

But surely, such a thing couldn't possibly happen in this day and age in our precious liberal democracies, all bursting at the seams with the rule of law, tolerance, freedom, democracy, human rights, free press, and all things good and decent? That would be unthinkable! It would imply that the most powerful man in the world is merely a pawn in some hidden power network's schemes. It would mean that our precious democracy is  a sham from start to finish and that we are only voting for political puppets. That just can't be, so we can dismiss such silly conspiracies straight away.

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ICJ Says Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories Unlawful 'Must End Presence'   Haaretz July 19 2024

Global Court SaysIsrael’s Occupation of Territories Violates International Law  NYT  July 19 2024

"All of that means BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions]! is Urgent, immediate BDS by all states and UN bodies. It cannot be interpreted in any other way in my view." Prominent UK human rights lawyer Daniel Machover breaks down the ICJ ruling on the nature of the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and the duties which now fall on third party states to comply with the ruling."   "Urgent State-Led BDS, Now" ICJ Rules Israel is anILLEGAL POWER   

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Benjamin Netanyahu has slammed the wealthy American pro-Palestinian protestors who stand against the nation's fight with terror group Hamas. 

The Israeli prime minister, who started and finished his address to Congress on Wednesday with standing ovations, also praised the assistance from the U.S.

However, he didn't hold back when pointing out the contradictions of the anti-Israel rioters who set up physical camps across college campuses in protest of Israel's actions. Many of these protestors have resorted to anti-Semitic tropes and targeted Jewish students.

'Some of these protesters hold up signs proclaiming 'Gays for Gaza', he said to loud applause.

'They might as well hold up signs saying 'Chickens for KFC,' he continued, receiving laughs from the audience. 

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Authored by Ian Miller via The Brownstone Institute,

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic revealed many concerning aspects of how government functions and how committed individuals and institutions are to maintaining their preferred narratives.

Truth, data, science, evidence…apparently none of those matter relative to the importance of ensuring the public complies with their desired behavior. Perhaps no single individual has been a better representation of the symbiotic relationship between government officials and media members, as well as their ceaseless commitment to ideological priorities, than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci’s NIAID and its parent organization, the National Institutes of Health, have been two of the most prolific spreaders of ideologically motivated misinformation ever during the pandemic. But Fauci is no longer part of NIH, having departed for the considerable financial rewards available from the private sector. 

So as a result of his timely exit, we must finally be witnessing improvements regarding government studies and communication, right? Right?

Not exactly.

Government Covid Misinformation Continues Unabated

A triumphant, breathless press release from the National Institutes of Health was just released in the past week covering a new study that claimed a horrifying new conclusion.

Contracting Covid-19 once is bad, but God forbid you experience two bouts of the virus…It’s terrifying. 

That’s their claim resulting from utilizing massive volumes of “health data” on over 200,000 Americans who they believe had Covid at least once over a two-and-a-half-year period from 2020-2022.

“Those individuals were originally infected between March 1, 2020-Dec. 31, 2022, and experienced a second infection by March 2023. Most participants (203,735) had Covid-19 twice, but a small number (478) had it three times or more,” the study says.

The conclusion, is at first glance, concerning. 

“Using health data from almost 213,000 Americans who experienced reinfections, researchers have found that severe infections from the virus that causes COVID-19 tend to foreshadow similar severity of infection the next time a person contracts the disease. Additionally, scientists discovered that long COVID was more likely to occur after a first infection compared to a reinfection,” the NIH summary claims.

That sounds pretty bad. If you get infected a second time, you’re likely to experience a severe case of Covid. Right?

Except that is a completely inaccurate conclusion based on the limited data presented.

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In March 2020, all the major Democratic primary candidates abruptly, mysteriously, and in near unison withdrew from the presidential race, ceding the nomination to Joe Biden.

Yet Biden had lost the first three races in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada—and only won his first victory in South Carolina.

Suddenly, on the eve of the Super Tuesday mega-primaries, the candidacies of front-runner Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and others simply evaporated.

The fear of a front-runner Sanders’ socialist victory and nomination—and thus an enviable landslide loss to incumbent Donald Trump in the general election—had prompted the donor class and shadowy political insiders to act.

And they did so by choosing a perceived moderate, old Joe Biden from Scranton. That required the coerced departures of all his far-left rivals, who had hitherto performed much better than Biden in the primaries.

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In 2024, the median salary for the typical American home buyer has risen to $104,339 - up from $88,000 just two years prior.

Despite record-high home prices, housing demand continues to outpace supply, even with mortgage rates at their highest in over a decade. As one bright spot, housing inventory is steadily increasing, with the number of homes for sale up almost 19% in May compared to the previous year. This growth in inventory could help ease the cost of home ownership looking ahead.

This graphic, via Visual Capitalist's Dorothy Nuefeld, shows the salary needed to buy a home across the 50 largest U.S. metropolitans in 2024, based on data from Home Sweet Home.

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