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A federal agency recommends having AI find typos before it starts writing new regs

A federal agency is pondering whether artificial intelligence might someday be used to help the government identify duplicative or overly burdensome federal rules that need to be cut back

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:21

Nudity and private information – like social security and credit card numbers –were redacted from the photos

A trove of photos from Hunter Biden's laptop will be made available to the public through a new website launching Thursday.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:20

Video of the alligator encounter shows hundreds of people screaming and cheering as Mike Dragich brings the beast into submission

A Florida veteran and MMA fighter put on a show for nearly 200 people outside a Jacksonville elementary school when he jostled a 10-foot-gator before wrangling it into submission, video shows.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:19

Codelco's facility aided in turning Quintero Bay into a 'sacrifice zone,' environmentalists say

Chile's state-owned copper mining giant Codelco on Wednesday shut down its Ventanas copper smelter after decades of polluting Quintero Bay with toxic gases and turning it, along with 15 other companies, into what environmentalists called a "sacrifice zone."

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:18

US and Allies stormed Hitler's 'Fortress Europe' in France on June 6, 1944 — here are 12 must-see sites

The quiet beaches and rural villages of Normandy, France, exploded with fire and fury in the early morning hours of June 6, 1944. 

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:17

Puttanesca is traditionally served with spaghetti but can be combined with any pasta

National Olive Day is June 1, and there are a number of ways to enjoy the drupe fruit. 

Olives are often used plain or stuffed with garlic or cheese in cocktails such as dirty martinis. 

They are also used as a snack item on charcuterie boards, in salads or eaten alone. They are also pressed down into a liquid to create olive oil, a cooking essential.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:16

The license plate's URL used to lead to the website for the nonprofit Star-Spangled 200, Inc.

A web address on a license plate in Maryland is unintentionally leading to the wrong destination.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:15

RFK Jr. - primary challenging Biden – vows to ‘spend a lot of time i

 As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. heads out on the campaign trail for the first time since launching his campaign for the Democratic presidential campaign in April, he’s pointing to the latest national polling that indicates he’s grabbing double-digit support as he primary challenges President Biden.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:14

A drag show initially scheduled for June 1 celebrating Pride Month, organized by the Nellis LGBTQ+ Pride Council, was canceled

One week after Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., demanded answers from the Department of Defense about why a "child-friendly" drag show was being hosted at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the show was abruptly canceled.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:13

Liam Morrison, 12, is suing Nichols Middle School school officials for violating his First Amendment rights

One 12-year-old's lawsuit against his school for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights after he was prohibited from wearing a shirt that said "There are only two genders" hits a speed bump after a District Court hearing.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:12

Career opportunities will keep happening. Employees experience 20 "workquakes" in their lives

America is at a once-in-a-generation turning point around work: 70% of us are unhappy with what we do; three-quarters of us say we plan to look for new work this year. Altogether, 100 million Americans will sit down with someone they love this year and say, "I’m not happy with what I’m doing and want to do work that makes me happy." 

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:11

UNC said 'further review' would be required before implementing any of the task force's recommendations

The University of North Carolina (UNC) medical school disbanded its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) task force without implementing its recommendations, just months after banning DEI statements from admission, hiring, promotion and tenure.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:10

Michigan officials say the incident was caught on camera

A Michigan man is in jail after he allegedly killed his half-sister on Friday in the parking lot of a family business.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:09

Dallas suspect and girlfriend face murder charges

A Dallas, Texas man was arrested this week after his girlfriend allegedly told him to "smoke" a girl he used to "talk to," according to reports.

FOX 4 in Dallas reported that officers with the Dallas Police Department responded to a shooting on South Malcolm X Boulevard at about 1 a.m. on May 20.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:07

Children are exposed to AI through their smartphones and other devices, posing serious risks

Artificial intelligence can be a hard concept for adults to fully wrap their heads around, so explaining it to kids is even harder. Having to explain this technology to kids is fairly uncharted territory, but something necessary to do since they are more than likely being exposed to it every day.

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 The U.S. Coast Guard is continuing to search for the 35-year-old man

The FBI is now investigating after a man fell from his Carnival Cruise stateroom balcony on early Monday morning off the coast of Florida.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:05

Chesa Boudin was recalled as San Francisco DA in 2022

Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was named executive director of the University of California, Berkeley law school's new research and advocacy center.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:04

 Williams College's official website spoke about the monument's association with 'Christian imperialism and colonialism.'

A monument dedicated to Christian missionaries that serves as a popular spot for prayer was vandalized earlier multiple times at Williams College earlier this month. 


The Haystack Monument on Williams College campus was dedicated to a

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:03

Critics of Prop 47, 57 say it has had direct effect on crime crisis across California

Prominent liberal supporters of two high-profile California criminal justice reform ballot measures promoted as a benefit to public safety remained largely silent when asked by Fox News Digital about surging crime gripping the Golden State.

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Posted on: Jun 01 10:02

Biden liberals’ awful view of America cheapens my family’s sacrifice

The Democratic Party and its allies in the media, academia, Hollywood and corporate America are weaponizing race to divide our country and win political power. According to the radical left, racism is rampant in America and must be remedied by a progressive agenda that defunds our police, releases violent criminals without bail, and indoctrinates our children to believe their future is dictated by their skin color. 

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:52

Youth shootings, homicides rise in Baltimore, claiming the lives of 19 city students

BALTIMORE – Some parents fear sending their children to school as Charm City faces a surge in youth homicides and shootings.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:51

Jurors began deliberations Wednesday morning

An Illinois jury has found a former "Family Feud" contestant guilty in the murder of his estranged wife. Timothy Bliefnick was convicted on all charges in the murder of the accomplished nurse and fixture in her local church, amid a grueling divorce and custody battle.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:50

Pistons were reportedly 'heavily pursuing' Williams after he was let go by the Phoenix Suns

The Detroit Pistons are reportedly set to give Monty Williams, the winningest head coach in the NBA since 2021, the biggest deal for a coach in NBA history.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:49

The parent said he will teach his kids about 'the birds and the bees--Two bees and two birds'

A California parent is upset about their kids school hosting a Pride assembly told Fox News Digital the school district should not be teaching minors LGBTQ content.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:47

A Los Angeles District Attorney's Office spokesperson said prosecutors couldn't prove the rape allegations beyond a reasonable doubt

Actor Armie Hammer is speaking out after it was announced he will not face sexual assault charges following a review by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:46

Actor Danny Masterson was taken away in handcuffs and will be held without bail until sentencing

Danny Masterson was found guilty Wednesday in his rape retrial. He was found guilty on two counts of forcible rape. The jury was hung on a third charge.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:44

Former talk show host's apparent visit is latest meetup for couple's inner circle of stars, powerbrokers and VIPs

James Corden appears to be the latest star to meet up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:43

'Toxic' singer Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline have two sons together: Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17

Britney Spears doesn't appear to have an issue with her sons moving away from Los Angeles with their father Kevin Federline.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:42

Tyler Christopher played Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop on 'General Hospital' for 20 years and also had recurring roles on 'Days of Our Lives'

"General Hospital" alum Tyler Christopher was arrested Friday evening for public intoxication after he was found sleeping on the floor at the Hollywood Burbank Airport, police confirmed Wednesday.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:41

 32-year-old victim suffered gunshot wounds to chest

A man was arrested early Wednesday in New York City after fatally shooting an armed robber in Queens, according to law enforcement.

Police say gunfire broke out around 2 a.m. Wednesday near Queens Criminal Court in Kew Gardens after the now-deceased victim, 32, approached the older man, 65, with an unidentified object in his hand.

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Posted on: Jun 01 06:30