Thought for the day

"I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist.... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus." -- Prince Philip, in his Forward to "If I Were an Animal" - United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986.



Road to Nuremberg The Nuremberg Trials of 1946 were some of the most controversial and difficult legal proceedings of the 20th century. Over the course of five years, 13 trials were conducted in Nuremberg, Germany, pitting Nazi leaders and high-ranking military officials, as well as German civilians who took advantage of the war by committing crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide before he could be brought to justice, meaning that one of the worst war criminals that ever existed was never put on trial. Organized by an international group of representatives from the United States, the Soviet Union, France, and Great Britain, the Nuremberg trials brought charges against nearly 200 defendants, lasted 10 months, and took more than 200 court sessions to settle.