The End of Free Speech, Shame on You!

TikTwatFaceGram is a stinking heap of shite, and if you are concerned that the ‘values’ and ‘censorship’ on those platforms are busy killing free speech, you are even sillier than the stupid, stupid people who use those childrens’ entertainment webservices as sources of intelligent information. Geez, guy, or gal, you are intellectually sparring with teenagers and robots. And losing? Against a computer?

That’s right, a large percentage of the chatter on your favourite ‘social media’ is actually machine-generated responses to keywords, and corporate advertising robots injecting keywords into your threads. Keywords that range from: ”go buy it now” to “go burn it down”. There is a reason some countries shut down Twitter when riots break out; because foreigners far away spread despicable incitation to violence and insurrection amongst kids who should be in school, not burning live witnesses in the street.

But urban warfare is but one aspect of these Bolsheviks getting hold of your attention. True to their bloodthirsty nature, the Globalist Cabal has many more digital gifts for the useless eaters, here are some of the most obvious ones:


The Daily Mail, which obtained a copy of the hard drive from that infamous laptop computer Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop, is reporting that it documents how the president's son demanded video sex from an employee, on the threat of withho

California was never a slave state, but the San Francisco “Reparations Committee” is proposing to pay each longtime black resident $5 million and grant them total debt forgiveness for suffering decades of “systemic repression.”

A Hunter Biden email sent to an American aluminum company and promising information on Russian oligarchs is raising fresh concerns about the first son’s access to classified documents recently discovered in his father’s Wilmington, Del., home as l