"A constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." -- John Adams

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Absolutely shocking data out of the Philippines presented in a committee meeting. Hundreds of thousands of excess deaths and a birth rate going off a cliff - a MILLION fewer babies born than would be expected
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The White House has admitted in a bombshell court filing that officials there edited Joe Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur so that the president would appear more mentally competent, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

The finding follows Special Counsel Robert Hurt’s release of his report in February on President Biden’s mishandling of classified materials. Classified documents were discovered in several homes and office buildings associated with Biden, including an office in Philadelphia and his garage in Wilmington, Delaware.

While former President Trump faces numerous federal charges for allegedly mishandling documents—in a case where Special Counsel Jack Smith has admitted to tampering with evidence—Biden has not been charged.

Neither former President Bill Clinton nor former Vice President Mike Pence has been charged for possessing classified documents.

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Webmaster addition: But you were terrified that 2000 unarmed protesters were going to overthrow the government. And King George III thought his military superiority would prevail against the American revolution.

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While the Biden administration is attempting to look like it’s getting tough on the border, behind the scenes it’s operating a program of “mass amnesty” for migrants, The Post can reveal.

Data show that since 2022, more than 350,000 asylum cases filed by migrants have been closed by the US government if the applicants don’t have a criminal record or are otherwise not deemed a threat to the country.

This means that while the migrants are not granted or denied asylum — their cases are “terminated without a decision on the merits of their asylum claim” — they are removed from the legal system and no longer required to check in with authorities.

The move allows them to legally, indefinitely roam the US without fear of deportation, effectively letting them slip through the cracks.

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The UMC has been destroying its numbers by embracing LGBTQ+ "affirming" politics designed for "inclusion." But it turns out that most gay folks don't want to go to church.

Conservatives, who they have purposefully and actively alienated, do want to go to church.

Just not the United Methodist Church.

United Methodism's largest overseas jurisdiction has voted to quit the denomination in response to the church's divorcing sex from marriage at its governing General Conference earlier this month.

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Sen. Wicker, ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee, rolled out a report detailing why America’s military budget is inadequate for the “world in which we find ourselves.” America’s military isn’t equipped to deal with potential wars on two continents at once, much less the new threats in space and from artificial intelligence. Mr. Wicker proposes an additional $55 billion for the Pentagon in 2025, a total of $950 billion, as part of a new “generational investment.”

Webmaster addition: The US already spends more on the military than the next 25 nations combined. And we got junk for that money. So here comes the call to spend even more money on more junk!

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Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., claimed former President Trump was instigating violence in the U.S. and suggested that his supporters were "domestic terrorists" who should be investigated for possibly preparing for a "civil war." 

"I'm worried that he's so divisive and that he's talking about retribution, and they're talking about revenge and I think that that's dangerous. He's even mentioned civil war at one point, talked about there would be bloodshed," Waters said on MSNBC Sunday, referring to Trump's rhetoric.

During the media appearance, the congresswoman vowed that she would ask the "criminal justice system" to find out what is "going on with the domestic terrorists," seeming to refer to the presumptive Republican nominee's supporters. 

"Are they preparing a civil war against us?" she continued. "Should we be concerned about our safety? What is [Trump] doing with this divisive language? It is dangerous." 

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In a previous life, I ran a successful national campaign for the Libertarian Party, helping a vice-presidential candidate win their nomination (LP vice-presidential candidates are elected, not chosen by the presidential candidate). My takeaway after the race was that the LP was at a dead end. The party was knee-capped by the election laws that favored the incumbent parties, making it essentially impossible for the LP to compete. I went on to work at a libertarian think tank in DC instead.

Among other issues, the Libertarian Party simply can’t raise the money they need to wage a viable campaign.  Back in my day, contributions were capped at $2300 before the primary and $2300 after the primary. That has now been raised to $3300 or $6600 across the entire cycle.  So.. You can compete with Walmart, but you can only spend $6600 on advertising.  Compounding the problem, the position of the Party was, and I assume it still is?, to reject taxpayer financing of campaigns on principle.  This means that the incumbent parties get tens of millions of tax-payer financing while the LP candidate refuses to take taxpayer monies. Finally, the majority of the funds raised by the Libertarian Party itself usually go to getting ballot status in all 50 states, which entails having to pay professional signature gatherers $1-2 per signature to gather, in some states, 100,000 signatures JUST to get on the ballot. 

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Russian state TV guests openly discussed destroying Poland in just '10 minutes' with '30 to 40' nuclear weapons, ahead of European Parliament elections this weekend. 

Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov told a discussion panel on Russia 1, a state-backed broadcaster, that in just '10 to 15 minutes, both the state of Poland and the Polish people disappear.'

The retired Russian naval officer told the broadcaster, which was sanctioned by the US in 2022 for its deep ties to the Kremlin: 'Let's look at Poland. This is the most realistic candidate which could become a small theatre of nuclear war

'Are there 20 big cities there? I don't think so. If we allocate two nuclear missiles to each city, that's only 30-40 missiles. 

'This is just a salvo from one Iskander division. In 10 to 15 mnutes, both the state of Poland and the Polish people disappear. The Polish language will also disappear.

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Footage has emerged of what is thought to be the first major use of Western-made weapons systems by Ukraine's armed forces to destroy targets on Russian soil, prompting a top Kremlin official to warn of 'fatal consequences'. It is believed the Ukrainian military struck a S-300 or S-400 air defense system using US-supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and completely destroyed it in a devastating attack yesterday. A stunning clip taken by a Russian soldier and shared to the Telegram messaging service showed a huge blaze raging in a field of Belgorod, a Russian region that borders Ukraine across the border from Kharkiv.

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The pandemic patriarch Dr. Anthony Fauci got emotional when detailing death threats against him and his children, while also insisting taxpayer dollars were not used for risky gain-of-function research in China and he never used personal email for 'official business.' His bombshell admission came before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic that has been seeking for over a year now to determine the origins of the pandemic that killed over a million Americans and millions more globally. The fast-paced hearing slowed down briefly when Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., asked Fauci about the personal toll his role on the White House Coronavirus Taskforce cost him.

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Anyone with an iPhone or Android should turn their device on and off once a week, officials say - to protect them from hackers.

The idea is to thwart 'zero-click' hacks, which involve downloading spyware onto users' phones without them ever clicking a link.

The National Security Agency (NSA) endorses the rebooting method, which temporarily deletes the massive stores of information that continuously run in the background - such as on our apps or internet browser.

The NSA has also warned that users should be wary about connecting to public WiFi networks and are advised to update their phone's software and apps regularly.

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Banana republics from across the globe have begun to feel a bit bad for the United States, and wondering if perhaps they ought to do something to help.

"It's sad. I mean we have sham trials here too, but at least we have bananas," said dictator Omar Carrillo. "I just really feel for them, you know?"

According to sources, several banana republics have begun to express concern that the corruption in America has gotten out of hand. "When we do show trials to destroy opposition candidates, we still charge them with crimes that at least exist. I mean, come on," said General Jose Cavazos. "We also at least pretend that justice was done, instead of just smirking at the press and walking away. That's so mean-spirited, right? We at least give our population false hope instead of just spitting in their faces."

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This guy CANNOT handle stairs!

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