"Keeping people confused and unsure about who they are is essential to removing resistance to tyranny. Every dictator in history has played that same game!" -- Michael Rivero

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The Speaker of the Georgian parliament has signed into law a controversial bill on foreign agent transparency. The US has threatened sanctions against officials in the post-Soviet nation over the piece of legislation.

Shalva Papuashvili signed the bill on Monday, after MPs voted last week to override a veto by President Salome Zourabichvili. It requires NGOs and media organizations that receive a significant amount of foreign funding to disclose this fact to the public.

The speaker reiterated to journalists that the law’s aim is to “increase the resilience of political, economic and social systems in Georgia to foreign influence.” The Justice Ministry now has 60 days to launch a registrar of organizations that get over 20% of their money from outside Georgia.

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French genius Emmanuel Macron keeps pushing the button for World War Three, on this occasion while in Berlin this week to cajole Germany into self-destruct mode.

Macron has joined the chorus of other NATO figures who are calling for Ukraine to be permitted to use long-range weapons to strike deep into Russian territory.

It looks like Macron succeeded in seducing the Germans with his maniacal mission. Following their meeting, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has flipped from objecting to such strikes to now approving them.

Scholz said at their joint press conference: “Ukraine has every possibility to do this, under international law. It must be said clearly, if Ukraine is attacked, it can defend itself.”

Only last week, the German “leader” (a term advisably used with artistic license) was opposed to such a move. So predictable is this pinhead-dancing. Remember past fleeting opposition to Leopard tanks, and so on.

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Over 350,000 migrants who entered the U.S. illegally have had their immigration court cases dismissed, allowing them to go free without a verdict on the merits of their entry, a bombshell new report indicates. 

A top Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) adviser, Kerry Doyle, circulated a memo in 2022 instructing prosecutors to dismiss cases for migrants who are not found to be national security threats, the New York Post first reported

As a result, that year nearly 103,000 migrants had their cases dismissed - allowing them to walk free into the U.S. without an immigration court judge's verdict on the merits of their asylum claim. 

Later in 2023, that number of dismissed cases skyrocketed to 149,000. 

So far in fiscal year 2024, 114,00 cases have been terminated without a verdict, according to the report. 

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Donald Trump warned "it would be tough for the public to take" if he was imprisoned after becoming the first former US president to be criminally convicted.

The former president was found unanimously guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up "hush money" payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels on Thursday.

He has maintained he is innocent and said he will appeal the verdict.

Speaking to Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday, Trump has now hinted imprisonment or house arrest would be "a breaking point" for Americans.

While saying he is "OK with" possibly going to prison, the former president said: " I don't know that the public would stand it.

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Recently, Foreign Affairs published Hal Brands’ “An “America First” World: What Trump’s Return Might Mean for Global Order.” In the essay, Prof. Brands hypothesizes that a Trump presidency, led by an “America First” foreign policy, would be based on the outlook that the United States has “no obligation to pursue anything larger than its own self-interest, narrowly construed,” and that this “would be an epic departure from 80 years of American strategy.” Brands also falsely asserts that an “America First” world could be fatal for Ukraine and other states vulnerable to autocratic aggression. It would release the disorder that U.S. hegemony has long contained.

To the contrary, the reality of what transpired during President Trump’s four years in office compared to what the Biden administration has brought about during the past three and a half years is vastly different from the partisan revisionism that Brands advances.

For instance, the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC), which is on the march, is dangerously escalating tensions over Taiwan. The preparations for an attack on Taiwan were made obvious this past week with its Joint Sword 2024A exercise, the third such exercise since August 2022. This exercise is significant because the pace of exercises is quickening, thus unmasking Beijing’s intentions and preparations for war. Likewise, in the South China Sea, the PRC’s pressure on the free and open Indo-Pacific, especially against our treaty allies, the Republic of the Philippines, at locations like Second Thomas Shoal and elsewhere, is unrelenting. These actions by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) are a daily reminder of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) hyper-aggression in global politics, especially under the weak foreign policy of this administration.

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Naturally, the cataract of commentary on Thursday’s Stalinist guilty, guilty, guilty verdict against Donald Trump has divided itself into two distinct pools. One is gleeful. The other is alarmed. Rather than anatomize the differences between the two, I’d like to start by simply noting the size and fervor of the response.  There are, I believe, two essential points to bear in mind.

The first is that the outpouring is only incidentally about Trump.  You might find this a surprising statement since the news has been full of little besides Trump.

What I mean is that, although Trump is clearly the protagonist in this long-running drama, in the end, this story is about something other or more than the real-estate developer turned hyper-reality-show President.  Trump himself has often put his finger on the key point when he insists that “they’re not after me, they’re after you.  I’m just in the way.”

The astonished reaction to the cynically biased trial and the extraordinary verdict bear witness to this somber observation. “In Memory of Justice,”  the title of Andrew McCarthy’s long column on the process and the verdict, encapsulates the point.  McCarthy is no fan of Donald Trump—quite the contrary.  But he understands that what just happened far transcends the fate of a single individual. Once upon a time, he writes, “Our system embodied the rule of law, the sturdy undercarriage of a free, prosperous, pluralistic society. Now, on its good days, it’s a clown show. On the bad days—there are far too many of those—it’s a political weapon.”

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Many Americans rightly worry that Big Tech platforms exert a corrosive effect upon free speech in America. These platforms often “put their thumb on the scale” by determining which content get boosted or suppressed. Through these hidden methods, they effectively control dialogue in the digital public square.

At times, this dialogue descends into vicious lies, creating a toxic online culture that causes real, tangible harm to individuals and also proves destructive for society as a whole. Centuries ago, satirist writer Jonathon Swift coined the phrase that is now widely attributed to Mark Twain: “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can put its shoes on.”

That observation about human nature has long been accurate, but even more so in an internet age where a few dominant oligopoly online behemoths shape speech and content in powerful and pernicious ways.

Specifically, the Facebook groups known as “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” have become, in part, forums to spread defamatory lies about men. No one denies that women (and men) have every First Amendment right to voice strong opinions about dates and romantic partners. In fact, their right to express harsh opinions is totally protected and necessary in a society that values free speech.

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The biggest lie told by a Democrat, to defend—to deny—the lies told by another Democrat, is a slander against Republicans. The lie that Republicans “want to win too badly” comes from the late Dale Bumpers, Democrat of Arkansas, during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. The lie applies most aptly to Democrats, for they are the ones who want to win at all costs; they are the ones who want to destroy the legal system to save themselves from Donald Trump.

In their zeal to replace the ballot box with a jury box, overruling 6.2 million dozen votes with a simple dozen, Democrats seek to criminalize politics.

In their zeal to cancel Trump, Democrats seek to brand him a criminal.

In their zeal to imprison Trump, Democrats seek to treat him as a dangerous criminal.

Such is the political system under Democrats.

Such is the legal system under Democrat politicians.

Such is the criminal justice system under Democrat prosecutors.

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Truckers used to make $110K per year on average. Now many are homeless. So what happened? We dug into it as part of our new Class Room series, which looks at how jobs that used to provide a solid, middle class life now barely provide a living. With trucking, that story starts with deregulation. Big Box stores like Walmart were allowed to crush worker power and wages across an entire industry. Now there's a perpetual trucker shortage as drivers get sick of low wages, long hours, and constant surveillance.
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Given the constant stream of Hollywood end-of-the-world calamity blockbuster movies, many are generally distracted from the real-life disaster scenarios we face. The globalists are advancing their evil agenda at every turn, and time is running short to effectively oppose them. They are the real existential threat facing humanity.

This is the threat of an idealization of fake foundations. It begs the question: will our historical era be remembered as the “age of fakes?” We live in an ecosystem filled with fake news, fake policies, fake freedoms, and fake outrage, among many other “fakes.”

Our world continues to be built upon two monstrous fake foundations: fake progress and fake liberalism. Since 1968, the Trudeaus (Pierre and Justin) have redefined progress and characterized it as something only they/big government can provide. By brushing aside human innovation, artistic achievement, work ethic, and private entrepreneurship, a wave of misleading progressivism has emerged. Under this façade of progressivism, Pierre Trudeau presented the charter as a collection of freedoms only the government could provide. Under this false narrative, the Trudeaus have developed a brand of liberalism that insists only new laws, new policies, new social programs, and newly discovered rights can ever make us free. Oddly enough, this has only burdened us with the heavy weight of government chains.

This represents a drastic shift in Canada’s mindset, a mindset that once valued individual liberty, private property, and free speech. Canada is not alone in this; polls from around the world show that humans are dreadfully unhappy. Despite the constant growth of new gadgets aimed at entertaining the masses, how is it that we are becoming increasingly sullen?

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Walgreens and CVS are shutting down stores in NYC and cancelling plans to expand their respective footprints... as shoplifting complaints surge to 21,000 city wide so far this year...
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Authored by Darren Taylor via The Epoch Times 

People hang out in the street in the Alexandra township on May 31, 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

South Africa’s a new country today, but I’m really afraid of that. We don’t know what that looks like,” Pieter Fourie, a middle-aged, middle-class man walking his shaggy Alsatian through autumn leaves on a street in Melville, Johannesburg, said.

His younger companion, Sally Kruger, sighed.

“For many years we prayed to get rid of the ANC [African National Congress]. We watched as it destroyed our beautiful country,” she said, gesturing toward a gaping pothole filled with muddy water.

“But now that the ANC’s fallen so badly, so fast, in such a shocking way, I’m finding it hard to find a reason to celebrate.”

Ms. Kruger’s voice trailed off, almost drowned out by screeches from a flock of African ibises.

“I mean, look at what’s rising to replace it!” she exclaimed. “Something even worse. We were in trouble under the ANC. Now we’re in even bigger trouble.”

The couple’s insightful musings reflect the concerns of many citizens in Africa’s largest economy, and its most developed democracy, as the implications of the May 29 election filter through the suburbs, townships, and villages of this “Rainbow Nation” of 62 million.

The ANC, in power since Nelson Mandela led it to a sweeping victory in South Africa’s first multiracial, multiparty poll in 1994 to end white minority apartheid rule, has captured less than 40 percent of the vote, with almost all ballots counted.

The stunning result is reverberating around the world and was predicted by only one survey in the runup to the election.

Most polls had support for the ANC at about 45 to 48 percent.

That outcome would’ve still pushed it into a coalition government, but one that would’ve enabled it to continue exerting dominance in terms of policy direction with support from a few small parties over which it could wield its authority.

Now, if it’s to hold on to a semblance of power, the ANC will have to form a coalition with a larger opposition party, or parties, which it won’t be able to push around.

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Less than two weeks after George Floyd died in the custody of Minneapolis police in May 2020, prominent city council members gathered in front of activists and pledged to start dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department.

"Decades of police reform efforts have proved that the Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its actions," the council members stated, according to the Star Tribune. "We are here today to begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department and creating a new, transformative model for cultivating safety in Minneapolis."

In addition to cutting police budgets and doing away with many officers, numerous police departments also were decimated after frustrated, abused, and unsupported cops simply turned in their badges.

The "defund the police" movement was born.

And in the same way rioting commenced in Minneapolis in the wake of Floyd's death and spread across America, so did the notion of defunding and dismantling police departments. Other cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, and Chicago got into the act.

It was a bad idea.

So much so that voters in Minneapolis a year and half later rejected the idea of removing the city's police department and replacing it with "a Department of Public Safety that employs a comprehensive public health approach ..."

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Former President Donald Trump has reportedly raised more than $200 million since a Manhattan jury returned a guilty verdict against him in court last week.

The revelation was made by one of the president’s sons, Eric Trump, whose wife is Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump.

Eric Trump was asked by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” about how much money the former president has raised since last Thursday’s verdict.

“This might be a little inside information, but as I was leaving my house about 37 seconds ago, I asked my wife, what are we up to now?” he said. “And [Lara] said, just in terms of small dollar, we’re well over $70 million. This is $21 donations, $43 donations, right, small dollar donations.”

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Some were shocked and angered by the “guilty on all 34 counts” verdict against Donald Trump by a biased jury, enabled by a biased judge, in a biased kangaroo court in NYC.

Others were jubilant, immediately branding The ex-president a “convicted felon,” though that pejorative term has now lost all meaning in my book.

Still, others see this sham criminal proceeding as a final push helping Trump gain victory in November. One of those people appears to be Donald J. Trump. (RELATED: McConnell Breaks Silence On Trump's Guilty Verdict)

This is the first time in U.S. history that a former president has faced a criminal trial, much less been convicted of multiple felonies. The verdict could upend the 2024 White House race.

Recall that the ridiculous charges were at the New York City level for allegedly falsifying business records to keep a porn performer quiet about an alleged “quickie” with Trump.

Webmaster addition: Reminder: When Hillary Clinton paid es-spy Christopher Steele to fake that dossier about Trump, she also listed that as a legal expense. When does that go to court?

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Well, the verdict is in for the sham criminal trial of former President Donald Trump. The likely entirely Democrat jury, enabled by a Democrat judge, found Trump guilty of a whopping 34 felony counts related to an idiotic charge of recordkeeping fraud.

He is now a convicted felon, even as his convictions debase that term so much as to now make it meaningless. And the judge could sentence Trump to almost anything, including picking up trash as a way to humiliate him.

Though any sentence would be delayed while Trump appeals the verdict.

Still, as we debate whether, or how the verdict will impact the elections, some are also wondering if Trump can be sent to jail. The answer is yes, the convictions each carry a potential four-year maximum sentence, but not likely.

The entire case was a farce, and no one has ever been charged with a similar crime. These are petty and nonviolent crimes. And with Trump's clean record, and his age, probation and community service are the likely results.

Webmaster addition: I don't know about you but I would be willing to drive to New York to help Donald pick up the trash (heaven knows New York needs it) but I still think the objective of this show trial is to get Trump off the campaign trail. So prison is the likely outcome.

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It didn't get much more coverage in the MSM than this on Fox News but the shooting last week at Fort Bragg/Liberty, North Carolina, certainly raised many questions and has spooked special operations families across the country. (RELATED: Foreigners Entering US Illegally To Crash Key Military Bases: Report)

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Donald Trump's guilty verdict has elicited responses from both sides of the aisle…

On Thursday, Trump made history by becoming the first U.S. president to be convicted of a felony.

As Trump seeks to shore up support after the trial rumors continue to swirl as to who will be his next running mate.

See responses from rumored vice presidential candidates below:

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On Friday, defense attorney Randy Zelin and former Trump lawyer Tim Parlatore raised a constitutional concern about Judge Juan Merchan's jury instructions in former President Donald Trump's trial.

Judge Merchan told the jury they didn't need to agree unanimously on which specific “other crime” Trump committed. Instead, they could pick from three different crimes to convict him.

According to Zelin and Parlatore, who shared their views on “CNN Special Report,” these instructions were so flawed that an appeals court might overturn the conviction.

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Authored by Steve Watson via Modernity,news,

GOP Senator Rand Paul has warned that the fallout of the weaponisation of the justice system against Donald Trump could lead to “war in the streets.”

Appearing on Fox Business, Paul was asked “What is your reaction to the conviction?”

The Senator responded that it is “a sad day in America,” adding “what I worry about is something even bigger than Donald Trump.”

“I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them,” Paul further urged.

“I worry when half the country thinks they won’t be treated fairly, what happens and how people react,” the Senator continued.

Paul also pointed out how Hillary Clinton was treated completely differently when she was charged over her email server.

“If you look at records violations and you look at Hillary Clinton, $8 million expense, and they slapped her on the wrist cause she got an $8 thousand fine,” Paul asserted.

“I think Donald Trump is the only person ever prosecuted for this particular crime,” Paul further suggested, stating that there are probably thousands of cases of records violations in New York that never go to court.

Claire's Observations:  Looking at what is being said on social media right now, I don't think Senator Paul is far from the truth on this one.

Of course, the Dementocrats will be pushing for violence to happen, even encouraging it, in order to brand anyone   wanting Trump to win the Presidential Election this year as "batshit crazy".

 I would, however, caution that the use of "lawfare", in an attempt to get him out of the race, is sure to backfire, spectacularly, on those who thought it was a "grand idea".

I firmly believe, after looking long and hard at what has been happening the last 4 years, that the President has dementia, which is worsening exponentially, as his public foul-ups, bleeps, and blunders, attest. 

We have a non-existent Southern Border, meaning we have a huge population we need to feed; clothe; house; and educate; a Federal Deficit of 34 trillion dollars that we know about; and two wars from which the US government seems incapable of extracting itself; the Israeli war against Gaza, and the US/NATO war against Russia in Ukraine. 

 Both wars appear to be ready to explode beyond their current boundaries, and badly. 

Our weapons systems are getting shredded in Ukraine, and used for target practice by the Russians, and yet our DOD contractors keep telling DC that we have "the best of the best" which is proving to be an absolute, and unequivocal lie on the battlefield.

The quality of public education, particularly in our inner cities, has absolutely, and  nearly  irretrievably, gone haywire.  Yes, the kids know the correct pronouns; but can't read; write; do basic math;  or come up with any kind of logical position on any subject given the facts.  I have to wonder what explanation/excuse Dr. Jill Biden has for this, looking at the numbers.   

 Oh, and what about "buying votes" through student loan forgiveness, even though the Supreme Court has declared that such a practice is illegal?!?  If you're a retired tax paying citizen, who has always paid your debts you have to LOVE that one, because now, we're all on the hook for this.

This administration, has been one lurching obscenity from beginning to end; I'd laugh, but the problem is always.... stopping.  

Do I absolutely think that Trump is the "Anointed One" for 2024?!?  Hell, no!  

But I don't think  this county can endure another 4 years of a dementia-addled Biden, and his minions; in fact, not even another 4 milliseconds of a second term!!!  

And damn, I wish our choices were better every single election cycle, but they are not. How, please do we fix this?!?  

Because every time we have two candidates beholden to the "military industrial complex", it is that "complex" which wins the election, and NOT We the People; this must change.


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38% of respondents said they thought Gantz would make a better prime minister, down from 46% in January, while 30% favored Netanyahu, up from 24% in the previous poll

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