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"If science can't be questioned, it's not science anymore." -- Aaron Rodgers

Retired British media executive Grahame Perrie analyses the possible reasons for the British media’s inadequate reporting of the Palestine-Israel conflict, the Russia-Ukraine war and elsewhere, including failure to challenge the politically-motivated definition of anti-Semitism, skirting around vital issues that are critical to understanding a story, and lack of investigative journalism in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

A British company that supplies water to around 10 million people a day in the London area has announced a "temporary use ban" starting next week in order to "ensure the taps keep running for customers’ essential use." 

Aman arrested at Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Castle home on Christmas Day last year wearing a mask and holding a crossbow told security "I am here to kill the queen", a British court heard on Wednesday.

Jaswant Singh Chail, 20, who has been charged under Britain's Treason Act, had spent months planning the attack and trying to gain access to the royal family, London's Westminster Magistrates' Court was told.

British consumer price inflation jumped to 10.1% in July, its highest since February 1982, up from an annual rate of 9.4% in June, intensifying the squeeze on households, official figures showed on Wednesday.

The increase was above all economists' forecasts in a Reuters poll for inflation to rise to 9.8% in July, and will do nothing to ease the Bank of England's concerns that price pressures may become entrenched.

British two-year government bond yields surged on Wednesday to their highest level since the depths of the global financial crisis almost 14 years ago as stronger-than-expected inflation data fuelled bets on further Bank of England interest rate hikes.

Annual consumer price inflation jumped to 10.1% in July from 9.4% in June, official data showed on Wednesday, above all forecasts in a Reuters poll of economists and its highest since February 1982.

The Met police has been asked to investigate Britons joining the Israeli army and potentially committing war crimes, but Richard Sudan explains that we shouldn't hold our breath given the UK’s history of double standards when it comes to Israel.

So the posterity of those brave white men who won the Battle of Britain in 1940 might not be able to join the Royal Air Force (RAF), but at least they aren’t speaking German! [RAF ‘pauses job offers for white men’ to meet ‘impossible’ diversity targets: The alleged move has prompted the head of recruitment for the Royal Air Force (RAF) – herself a senior female officer – to resign in recent days in protest., Sky News, August 16, 2022]:

Britain recorded its biggest rise in foreign workers since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the year to June, driven overwhelmingly by workers from outside the European Union, official figures showed on Tuesday.

Since January 2021, most EU citizens not already working in Britain must be sponsored by an employer and be paid a salary that does not significantly undercut existing wages, after losing their previous almost-unrestricted right to work.