"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime" -- Ernest Hemingway, 1946

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‘Ticking time bomb’: Poliovirus found in Gaza sewage

Looming health disaster for displaced Palestinians living in tent camps, where sewage flows freely, contaminating water.

Poliovirus has been detected in samples of sewage water in the densely populated Gaza Strip, placing “thousands” of Palestinians at risk of contracting the highly infectious disease that can cause paralysis.

Mark Perlmutter is an orthopedic and hand surgeon who practices in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Feroze Sidhwa is a trauma and critical care surgeon who practices in Northern California. 

Speaker Johnson: Supporting Israel Is One of Americas Founding Principles Ladylove

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) described US support for Israel as one of America’s “founding principles” during a speech at an event hosted by the Republican Jewish Committee on July 18.

While tensions in Ukraine seem to have slowed down a bit due to the growth of former President Donald Trump’s chances in the imminent race for the White House (elections November 5, 2024) and with them the immediate nightmare of a nuclear war on which NATO has greatly influenced, the real atomic threat could manifest itself in the Middle East for three very connected episodes.

The commander of US Central Command (CENTCOM), General Michael Erik Kurilla, has urged authorities in Washington to take a more forceful approach against Yemen, saying current efforts to deter the nation’s pro-Palestine operations are “failing.”

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen will continue to attack Israel and will not abide by any rules of engagement, the group’s spokesperson Mohammed Abdulsalam told Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV on July 21, a day after Israel attacked the Houthi-held al-Hodeida port in western Yemen.

Abdulsalam said there will be “no red lines” in the Houthis’ upcoming response to Israel. “All sensitive institutions with all its levels will be a target for us,” he says.

The state of Israel and it's nearby allies,, fearing an retaliatory attack from Yemen, have engaged heavy GPS Jamming in and around Israel.

Earlier today, the Israeli Air Force launched heavy sir strikes against Yemen (Story Here).

Rhetoric out of Yemen clearly indicates they are NOT deterred, and "will retaliate swiftly" against Israel.