"Racism is not dead, but it is on life support -- kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racists." -- Thomas Sowell

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Topics and stories informing analysis of today’s news:


1. Israel’s Orwellian-illegal ongoing War of Aggression on Gaza + WW3:

Word began to spread Monday evening around dinnertime: A House bill would be going to the floor Tuesday morning, designed to stop a returning Trump administration from reinstating his 11th-hour attempt to set architectural standards for federal buildings.

Summer 1954Lavon Affair– Israel recruits Egyptian Jews to blow up American and British targets in Egypt. Israel planned on blaming the murderous false-flag attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood in an effort to garner support from the US and Britain. After officially denying any involvement, the Israeli government finally admitted their role in the incident in 2005 by honoring the surviving agents with a certificate of appreciation.

Several whistleblowers have provided explosive testimony during an official inquiry, revealing that hospitals were euthanizing patients during the pandemic and blaming their deaths on Covid.

The patients were reportedly given a lethal drug combination before their deaths were listed under “COVID-19” in an apparent effort to boost the number of fatalities from the virus.

The bombshell testimonies were provided during the ongoing Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry.

UPDATE, May 22, 2024 (10:25 a.m. EST):

A spokesperson for the United States Capitol Police informed reporters that the department's Hazardous Incident Response Division had cleared the package, confirming that “it contained two vials of blood.”


Despite having been targeted by the most powerful, pro-Israel political organization operating in America, libertarian-minded Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie stomped his two Republican primary challengers on Tuesday -- and then used social media to mock his Israel-first detractors. 

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) compared President Biden to former President Nixon over his handling of the special counsel tapes.