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"An error becomes a mistake only if we refuse to correct it." -- John F. Kennedy

Climate Change Skepticism Categorized as a Mental Disorder: Australian Study MikeRivero Wed, 09/21/2022 - 09:27

A team of psychological researchers from Australia is delving into the mindset of those who refuse to buy the notion that man-made climate change is quickly creating an unlivable, barren wasteland on Earth. Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast looked to explain why such “cranks” continue to deny what they call “the reality of climate change, its causes, impacts and the need for mitigatory action.”

In 2020, a high-level Brereton inquiry report found the unlawful killing of civilians by elite Australian commandos in Afghanistan during their operation between 2006 and 2015. The report revealed that senior officials instructed young commandos to execute detainees, which they described as “blooding” of young troops.

The 2nd Commando Regiment, a special forces unit of the Australian Army, has been captured in several videos showing them discussing killing unarmed civilians in cold blood in Afghanistan during their nine years of operations.

Undertakers in Australia are experiencing high demand for their services with people dying in abnormally high numbers in a “worrying” trend doctors can’t explain. Daily Mail Australia has the story.

A newly-formed medical union gathered in Melbourne at the weekend in a bid to reclaim medicine from the tight-grip of political control.

AMPS (Australian Medical Professional Society) was formed as part of movement to bring back trust and autonomy to the doctor-patient relationship.

The message from medical professionals who attended was clear: Let doctors be doctors and keep the politics out of medicine.

Australia's Left-Wing Greens Party Calls For Republic Hours After Queen's Passing MikeRivero Sat, 09/10/2022 - 07:33

Members of the left-wing Australian Greens party have called for the country to “move forward” and embrace becoming a Republic—to sever Australia’s links with the Crown—just hours after news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


A student newspaper at Australia’s University of Queensland is defending a controversial article that provided shoplifting tips to cash-strapped students. 

The piece, “The Subtle Art of Shoplifting,” was published in the student newspaper Semper Floreat on Saturday. 

In the piece, the anonymous writer advised readers on “frifting,” or “free shopping.” As explained by the writer, frifting is “a legitimate action for the working class to take in ongoing class war.”