"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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The appointments are increasing from 1,000 to 1,250 a day The Biden administration is expanding the number of migrants it is allowing into the U.S. via the controversial CBP One app to nearly 40,000 a month as officials continue to tackle an ongoing crisis at the border, even as numbers have dropped post-Title 42.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:12

New York is compromising the safety of school kids, Republicans say

Two House Republicans sponsored a resolution this week that condemns New York officials for using elementary and secondary school facilities to house illegal aliens.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:10

The Navajo Nation said its members would be 'pushed into greater poverty' if the Biden admin moved forward with the action

The Biden administration is moving forward with a 20-year ban on new oil and gas leasing near an Indigenous cultural site in New Mexico despite stark opposition from Native Americans in the region.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:09

The children are of the Huitoto people and may have jungle survival knowledge

Colombian authorities announced the discovery of footprints in the southern jungles that they believe could help finally locate four indigenous children who went missing after their plane crashed a month ago.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:08

Coromandel Express train derails following collision in eastern Odisha state

Dozens of people are feared dead in India Friday after a passenger train reportedly collided with a freight train in the eastern part of the country. 

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:07

Media reported that a handful of former German air force officers have been working as trainers in China

Germany's defense minister said Friday his country will look into a report that former German air force fighter plane pilots have been training pilots for the Chinese military.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:06

Officer Anna Elicia Perez, 34, has been suspended with pay, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department

A Florida police officer and her pregnant romantic rival were charged with battery for beating up a man they were both dating, records show.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:05

TN officer in critical condition following shooting incident

A man suspected of wounding a police officer in Tennessee on Thursday afternoon was shot a short time later by other officers during an exchange of gunfire, police said.

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Posted on: Jun 02 21:04

Lebanon DA rips local judge for low bail and ankle monitor

A Pennsylvania man out on bail for two prior shootings is now facing three murder charges in the slayings of two young boys and a teenager, according to prosecutors.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:59

A flier for the event read that it was 'especially for kids, many of whom are coming out at younger ages'

The Daily Signal confirmed on Thursday that branches of the DC Public Library are preparing to host a "children's pride parade" in honor of Pride Month.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:58

Owner says crime in the city is the worst he has ever seen

A San Francisco store owner who immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan says he is at his wits end with crime in the city after a gang of thieves stole over $100,000 in merchandise from his tobacco shop.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:57

Oakland has seen a 7% increase in robberies from 2022, putting a strain on local businesses

Over 500 residents and business owners turned up to a community meeting in Oakland, Calif., this week to voice their frustrations over the city's "rampant" crime problem.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:56

Worst inflation in more than 40 years is linked directly to spike in crime

With the 2024 election season already begun, a renewed debate is emerging over the future direction of the Federal Reserve. The Fed’s gargantuan money creation, and its up-and-down interest rates, have resulted in a dollar whose shifts in value have been behind the major crises of the past 20 years — including the worst inflation in more than four decades.  

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:54

A transgender young person runs away from his family to avoid being sent to a conversion therapy camp abroad. 

Another kid is told they must camp in the backyard, use different utensils than their siblings and can't access TV or the internet after they come out as LGBTQ.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:52

Let the cuteness pour in!

Gerber is searching for its next "spokesbaby" to serve as this year's Gerber ambassador.

The childhood nutrition company opened its yearly photo searchcontest Wednesday kicking off the program’s 13-year anniversary.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:51

It's a sight seldom seen today in America: A chief coroner going to a murder scene and personally addressing an angry crowd of protesters.

But that's precisely what Naida Rutherford, the Richland County Coroner in South Carolina, did a day after the fatal shooting Sunday of a Black teen suspected of shoplifting by an Asian convenience store owner in Columbia.

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Posted on: Jun 02 20:48

Major League Baseball dropped their LGBT Pride-themed logo on Facebook just one day into "Pride Month."

Posted on: Jun 02 18:33