Thought for the day

"Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is a message, just as doing nothing is an act. Let who you are ring out & resonate in every word & every deed. Yes, become who you are. There's no sidestepping your own being or your own responsibility. What you do is who you are. You are your own comeuppance. You become your own message. You are the message." -- Leonard Peltier 


In 2005 Oxford University Press published Donald Bloxham's The Great Game of Genocide. Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians.


The book consisted of nine photographs printed on glossy paper. Eight photos were credited. is not one. It shows a man wearing a tie and a buttonless jacket standing in front of a circle of children and a clear adult holding something in his hand. The caption read: "A Turkish officer taunting starving Armenians with bread".


A cursory glance is enough to show that there is something wrong with the picture. One side of the man's jacket is darker than the other. A torn line clearly runs between the two halves. The wall in the background suddenly disappears into a blank white space behind the man standing.


A child lying on the ground is raising a weak hand. If it is extended to the full length it will fall below his knees. His barely visible second hand and wrist seem quite thick by comparison.


The little boy sitting to the right of the man standing appears to be holding something in his hand but it is impossible to tell what it may have been.


Suspicious, the picture was taken to a photographic analyst. It took ten minutes to conclude that it was not a 'photograph', but a photographic soup, composed of fragments and fragments taken from other photographs.


The analyst concluded that the man's right hand does not belong to the body. It came from somewhere else. His right leg seems to have completely disappeared.