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"I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist.... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus." -- Prince Philip, in his Forward to "If I Were an Animal" - United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986.



The Israeli spyware vendor Candiru was found using a zero-day vulnerability in Google Chrome to spy on journalists and other high-interest individuals in the Middle East with the 'DevilsTongue' spyware.

The flaw tracked as CVE-2022-2294 is a high-severity heap-based buffer overflow in WebRTC, which, if successfully exploited, may lead to code execution on the target device.

When Google patched the zero-day on July 4th, it disclosed that the flaw was under active exploitation but provided no further details.