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"Arms are the only true badges of liberty.  The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave." -- Andrew Fletcher 1698



Six out of 10 French think that the text’s main purchasing power measures are “effective”. Le Figaro QUESTIONNAIRE – According to our Odox / Le Figaro poll published on Friday, the main provisions proposed in the law are welcome, but respondents are very pessimistic about the future. While the National Assembly adopted the Purchasing Power Bill at first reading, the Odox poll for Le Figaro reveals a number of instructive elements about French perceptions of the main measures. First observation: feeling of economic insecurity. Indeed, a very high level of pessimism is assessed in the country on several levels. The survey shows that 69% are pessimistic about economic growth, 85% about purchasing power, and 62% about their personal situation. These French morale figures reflect an increase of 5 points from September 2020, when the country felt the brunt of the Covid crisis. The summary of the resonance on social networks reflects the same climate of care and resignation. “There is less anger in the purchasing power news than great fatigue and weariness“, It was emphasized. In this difficult context, the interviewer points out that the eight main measures of the law are widely approved and already perceived as “effective” by 6 out of 10 French (see infographic). So 52-69% of French think that seven out of eight measures are effective. The revaluation of pensions comes first (69%), but the check for € 100 for 8 million households only convince 44% of those questioned. “The government also has two advantages against the opposition that votes in favor of the text., stresses the Odox institute, highlighting the increase in the number of French people (+5 points) wanting opposition parties to vote for the text. 48% believe these parties should support the measures, even if they disagree with them. On the contrary, 43% believe that the same parties should rather abstain if they do not agree to all measures. The analysis also recognizes the double sentiment of public opinion that there is a strong expectation of purchasing power solutions from the government (68%) while being very vigilant in the face of drift in public accounts. In line with all political tendencies, the French are in favor of support measures without increasing public spending (80% LR, 76% Renaissance, 69% RN, 57% Insoumis).