Thought for the day

"These people are so brainwashed that when the count sheep at night, they start with themselves." -- Richard Bauer

Data from the control room on Covid-19 ”seems comforting. Also with regard to what happened in other countries where the impact of the Omicron 4 and 5 sub-options started earlier, such as Portugal, which has already returned to more acceptable fees, I think we will follow the same trend here too. ‘ The epidemic curve “will be quite a slow decline, but I would say we are entering a transitional phase where one wave hits the other, but there is a transition that leads to a situation where the infection becomes endemic. it’s still not obvious, but it’s done in weird ways. ‘ This is an analysis by Massimo Clementi, director of the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. How to face the month of August, the third summer under the Covid banner? “I believe,” explains Adnkronos Salute, “that the suggestion to give a fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine is a valid suggestion, because in some way it is intended to give more immunity to people who, due to their age or predisposition, are at greater risk of existing diseases.” For those going on vacation, Clementi also recommends packing a mask. “It is suggested to keep it in an overcrowded or confined environment. In such cases, it would be useful to carry the mask in your pocket to carry it in such situations. And the mask would always keep it on hand, even after Covid is finished, because it can happen in the fall and winter that there will be a flu epidemic and / that there are situations where it is always good to have a security or a filter. so far and that we couldn’t leave. ” He adds that the fourth dose is worth taking now for certain categories of people. There is a risk of going too far if you wait. Then we will see how vaccines evolve and when new vaccines are ready. I would hope soon ”.