Thought for the day

"Only one thing to it: a strong stomach. The guts to gladhand a man you're going to stab in the back; pledge allegiance to principles you stomp on every day; righteously denounce some despot in the press and sell him arms under the table. The talent to whip up the voters' worst passions while you seem to call on their highest instincts, and the sense to stay wrapped in the flag. That's politics: I'll take the simple life." -- Beaumarchais, The Marriage of Figaro

This collection presents the most interesting advertising posters that were shown not only in the Soviet Union, but also in other parts of the world. Posters and cards of this type were hung in offices, shops, hotels and were published in various local and international magazines and newspapers. Advertisements should have been focused on foreign consumers. Overall, behind carefully barred borders, the automotive industry developed differently from the free market. technology lags behind; Automobile models were often copied from foreign originals. The most popular cars in the Soviet state - Moskvich, Zaprozhets, Volgas and Pobedas, could be obtained by Soviet citizens only after waiting in line for several years.