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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein 



In the wake of OPEC’s announcement that it will be scaling back oil production by 2 million barrels a day, President Biden has announced another trip to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Major scoop: no one represents you and me now.

You want proof? OK. Do you know that oft-parroted tidbit, how the measly $2000 Covid check that some of us received caused the runaway inflation? There is a scientific name for it: “Unconscionable Bullshit”. The total amount of those checks is 0.04 percent of all the new money Joe Biden printed.


If ANYONE were representing you now, they would stand up in response and yell, angry as hell: “What about the 99.96 percent that went to Wall St?” But the Democrat Party is mum like they all pooped their pants by committee. So is the Republican. So is the Libertarian. We are being sold shameless lies like this, peddled murderous vaccines, dragged into wars that only exist to launder money and <strong>NO ONE</strong> is standing up for us. OK, maybe Ron Paul and 4 more people do. What are the other 530 people for? We could be this un-represented in a dang monarchy. If we tried self-representation and totally blew it, we’d have the same result as this, for free.

My last glimmer of hope for a Party to be any useful was the Libertarians. Generally speaking, their “Taxes are theft” is a noble sentiment. So I contacted them in 3 different ways (email, text, message) over the past months  to confirm just one question. “Without taxes, do you have a plan how you will fund those due pensions, disability, unemployment checks etc. what some of us were already charged for for decades?” I never got one answer. They did not respond “we are working on this” – they literally never bothered to reply even once. Is this Party just a front with a catchy “no taxes” come-on to rescind Federal benefits  once Uncle Sam can’t pay? Even Bill Clinton sent me back a Thank You form letter when I emailed him before his invasion of Grenada “isn’t it cheaper to just buy it?” to check if anyone reads these messages. (Answer: no one.)

Bottom line: I can ignore myself for free, I don’t need a whole Party to do it. “But if we don’t pay politicians, the Mafia will control politics.” It does right now, so your point is? We got this backwards. I think we should legalize engaging in sex for money, and jail people for engaging in politics for money.

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