"A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of the people." -- John F. Kennedy

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A group of 15 financial officials from 13 states sent a notice to Bank of America, raising concerns about the institution’s “de-banking” of Christians.

“We write to express our concerns over Bank of America’s troubling track record of politicized de-banking. Bank of America’s de-banking policies and practices threaten the company’s financial health, its reputation with customers, our nation’s economy, and the civil liberties of everyday Americans,” the officials wrote in an April 18 letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan.

We are especially troubled by Bank of America’s track record of discriminating against religious ministries. Notable examples include Memphis-based charity Indigenous Advance Ministries, the Timothy Two Project, and Christian author and speaker Lance Wallnau.”

In April 2023, Bank of America shut down the account of Indigenous Advance Ministries, which partners with groups in the African nation of Uganda to provide care and education for orphaned and at-risk children. The bank closed accounts of a Memphis church which donated to the organization.

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A brave school girl in Pennsylvania unleashed on cowardly school officials while revealing in graphic detail how they allowed a transgender (Bio-Male) student savagely beat her friend to the point of hospitalization while woke school officials did nothing to stop it. 

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A Palestinian Sanitation Worker Is Shot Dead by an Israeli Sniper for Daring to Go Up on His Roof

Three days after a hardscrabble worker living in a West Bank refugee camp was shot dead by an Israeli soldier, his son was born and named after him


2 טור

Iyas Abu Alawiya playing on the roof where his father Sayed was shot dead by an Israeli sniper.Credit: Alex Levac

Gideon Levy 

A toddler is kneeling on sand scattered on the roof of his building. He's two years and five months old and has no idea what he's kneeling on. His grandparents turn their gaze away – the sight is overwhelming for them. Little Iyas is kneeling on the blood of his father, which hasn't yet been fully absorbed into the sand. This is where Saed Abu Alawiya, a sanitation worker of 32, had collapsed three days earlier. His wife Aya, 24, was in the final days of her pregnancy when he was shot to death on the roof of their home. The family threw the sand on the concrete floor there the next day to cover up the bloodstains, but now Iyas is perched on it, carelessly sifting it between his fingers.

A fan dangles from the ceiling of the living room in the apartment, its cable threatening to snap at any moment. There is an unpleasant odor of food hanging in the air; a stark, moldy wall; and a dull neon light that barely illuminates the furniture in the room. The two apartments owned by the Abu Alawiya family are in a building in the western neighborhood of the Nur Shams refugee camp, adjacent to the city of Tul Karm in the West Bank. During the past six months the Israel Defense Forces have continually raided the city's two camps, Nur Shams and Tul Karm, destroying, arresting, killing

The bereaved parents are sitting on the tattered sofa, their expressions bleak. Fadwa is 63, her husband Nazmi is 64; the agony etched on his face is even more intense than hers. When we visited the family three days after the rooftop killing, which took place on April 5, the atmosphere was grim and oppressive – and Aya, the widow, wasn't there: She had given birth the day before, via C-section, to a son. He was named Saed for the father he will never know. The new mother was still recovering in Tabeth Tabeth Hospital in Tul Karm, where her husband died. We're sitting in the home of the bereaved grandparents on the first floor; Saed's apartment is on the second floor. Fadwa and Nazmi have five other children; Saed was the eldest.


Sayed Abu Alawiya's brother Mohammed, with their parents last week.Credit: Alex Levac

The family stood at the door to the roof, but were afraid to venture any further, for fear of being shot. Mohammed peeked out and saw his brother's legs protruding behind a wall. Thinking Saed had lay down on the concrete floor to hide from the snipers, Mohammed also lay down. About a quarter of an hour after the shooting stopped, he started to crawl toward his brother – and found him awash in a pool of blood trickling from his neck, lying motionless on his side. Neighbors who had arrived in the meantime helped lower Saed from the roof. Fifteen minutes later a Palestinian ambulance arrived, after having been delayed by the Israeli forces, and evacuated him to Tabeth Tabeth Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The bullet that struck Saed penetrated his chin and lodged in his throat, slashing through arteries.

Claire's Observations:  No judge; no jury; just the executioner, courtesy of the Assassination Nation, Israel.  The leadership of the alleged "only democracy in the Middle East", has shown its true  nature in these genocidal acts.

And yet, the Bidenistas continue supporting and abetting this genocide with massive aid, and the bombs and the bullets which which to execute this genocide.  Please just ask yourselves;  Is THIS a moral and just way of spending your taxpayer dollars?!?  Creating the deaths of a minority, the Palestinians, who, before the Balfour Declaration, understood, that Palestine was "Their Homeland"?!? And did Britain actually have the legal right to give it to Jews wanting to create an Israeli Homeland?!? Something to chew on, folks.



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Between the crime, illegal immigrants, and the anti-Israel demonstrations, it’s a really tough time for New York City residents.

Thanks to rats, life is getting tougher. The city Health Department has just warned that in 2023 rat-related sickness soared to the highest level in a single year.

The Health Department is warning of a worrisome increase in the number of infectious leptospirosis cases that come from contact with rat urine.


“Not only are rodents unsightly and can traumatize your day, but they’re a real health-related crises,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

Last year was a record year for rat disease. From 2001 to 2020, New York City was averaging just three cases of human leptospirosis per year. That jumped to 24 cases last year and there have been six cases so far this year.

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Nearly 700 migrants from the People’s Republic of China have been apprehended in just one week for illegally crossing the California border from Mexico, according to a new report.

The number only includes those busted in the San Diego region during the third week of April.

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A senior policy advisor in former president Barack Obama’s administration is facing potential jail time for crimes involving children.

The Daily Mail reported Sunday that 46-year-old Rahamim Shy was arrested by British police in Bedfordshire in late February. Court documents obtained by the Mail reveal Shy is accused of arranging the commission of a child sex offense.

Shy has also been charged with possession of two category C indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of a child. 

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The dispute developed in Osseo, Minnesota, where officials scheduled a “gay pride” indoctrination class for all students, prepared scripts from which teachers were to read word-for-word, under a scenario that required teachers to take part regardless of their religious beliefs and rights, and more.

“And the district went out of their way to make it nearly impossible for parents to review the material or to opt their children out of the indoctrination,” the report said.

The push for the far-left agenda came from “four radical school board members,” Liberty Counsel reported.

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Wearables: Smartphones, fitness trackers, Smartwatches, hearing aids, Apple AirTags, Ring products, etc., all use Bluetooth LE (low energy) to form an independent “mesh network” that is not based on the Internet. All these devices can receive, send, and forward data packets and instructions to other devices. Almost all IoT devices will be equipped with BLE. Thus, the INFRASTRUCTURE is complete, just waiting to sink its teeth into humanity everywhere.

Without AI running on massive computers, BLE would be a waste of time. Let me give you a simple example: CONTACT TRACING. With BLE, all other devices that you get close to can disclose frequency, length of contact, and other subsequent contacts that you make. Most BLE devices cannot be turned off, as in Apple Air-Tags. But Apple and Android Smartphones can transmit and receive BLE data even if the are turned OFF (only a Faraday bag can stop transmission.)

So, the simple concept of Contact Tracing can be implemented during a future pandemic, documenting every person you have exposed and all you have been exposed to.

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At least five rockets were launched from Iraq's town of Zummar towards a U.S. military base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, two Iraqi security sources said. 

The attack against U.S. forces is the first since early February when Iranian-backed groups in Iraq stopped their attacks against U.S. troops.

Two security sources and a senior army officer said a rocket launcher fixed on the back of a small truck had been parked in Zummar border town with Syria.

The military official said the truck caught fire with an explosion from unfired rockets at the same time as warplanes were in the sky.

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The mainstream media is finally admitting that the shift to green energy is threatening Americans’ power supplies, with the Washington Post warning that our power grid is being pushed “to the brink.”

Could rolling blackouts soon became the norm in parts of the U.S., much like they are in places like North Korea and Pakistan? 

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Tonight, the night sky will be lit up by a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle as the 'Mother of Dragons' comet returns to the solar system.

The 21-mile-wide (34km) comet 12P/ Pons-Brooks, or Pons-Brooks for short, is making its first visit to the inner solar system in more than 70 years.

And the great news is that you won't even need a telescope or any special equipment to see this stunning display.

All you will need is a dark night and some patience to spot the Mount Everest-sized comet with the naked eye as it reaches its brightest point on Sunday. 

However, Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society warns: 'Don't expect it to be dazzlingly bright - the kind of image you see in photographs. It's not going to be like that.'

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A former senior policy adviser to the Obama administration has appeared in court in Britain charged with child sex offences.

Rahamim 'Rami' Shy, 46, who co-ordinated the US government's strategy to combat terrorists from Al Qaeda and the Taliban, is accused of arranging the commission of a child sex offence, court documents reveal.

He is also charged with possession of two category C indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of a child.

Shy, a US citizen, who lives in New Jersey, worked for the White House under president Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, was arrested in late February by Bedfordshire Police. He was charged the following day and appeared at Luton Crown Court via video-link from HMP Bedford on Friday wearing a grey prison-issue tracksuit.

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A brave school girl in Pennsylvania unleashed on cowardly school officials while revealing in graphic detail how they allowed a transgender (Bio-Male) student savagely beat her friend to the point of hospitalization while woke school officials did nothing to stop it.

As Reduxx reported, the brutal assault took place at Pennbrook Middle School in North Wales, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, when the 13-year-old trans student going by “Melanie” blindsided her 12-year-old female victim in the school cafeteria using a Stanley cup. He smacked several times on the head, creating an open wound and causing her to bleed.

The 7th-grade girl had to be hospitalized and receive staples to close the cuts in her head before undergoing concussion protocol according to the Daily Mail.

During a school board meeting on Thursday, School Superintendent Todd Bauer called the horrifying attack “deeply disturbing’ in a statement. But a young friend of the victim’s was not having his nonsense.

The unidentified girl revealed she and others warned several teachers on Wednesday morning the assault was going to occur at lunch that day. She also noted she was second on the trans student’s hit list.

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A New York Home Depot has gone to extreme lengths to protect its customers from the state’s increased problem with lawlessness.

According to The New York Post, the store in Rochelle, New York has employed a guard dog and private security to try and solve the issue, which continues to grow worse as the Biden regime continues to allow millions of people cross into the country every year.

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Joe Biden’s America.

An illegal alien from Haiti was arrested in New York for allegedly killing his Haitian roommates on April 1st.

Kenol Baptiste was charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter, according to Middletown Police Department.

The two victims had been stabbed several times. One victim died at the scene while the second victim died at the hospital during surgery.

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The state of New York has confirmed that it will be scrapping most of its signature offshore wind projects, in a major blow to all those pushing the climate change hoax.

The projects were intended to help the state achieve its goal of 70 percent renewable energy by 2030 while becoming a nationwide leader in renewable energy, although they have now been deemed unviable.

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The International Space Station crew has uncovered a "drug-resistant bacteria" and have no idea how it got on-board.

Researchers aboard the low orbit station confirmed the find which could lead to further developments of stronger bacteria which can resist treatment. The microgravity aboard the station has been tipped as a reason for its survival.

But where it came from has puzzled the team who has no recollection of the bacteria making it on-board. Different conditions for the organisms on the ISS mean a different growth route than those back on earth.

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When I was a kid, “Weekend at Bernie’s” was one of my all-time favorite movies.  In that film, two guys worked really hard to convince everyone that their boss was still alive so that they wouldn’t get into trouble.  I remember laughing throughout that entire movie.  Today, the Biden administration is working really hard to convince all of us that the U.S. economy is still alive, and that isn’t funny at all.  A horrific cost of living crisis is absolutely crushing millions of U.S. households, large companies are conducting mass layoffs all over the nation, and the real estate industry is in a gigantic mess.  But Joe Biden and his minions would have us believe that everything is just fine.

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The cuts come after Tesla, led by CEO Elon Musk, reported the first fall in global vehicle deliveries for the first time in four years. Since the beginning of the year, Tesla's stock price on the NASDAQ has fallen by nearly 41%, and at time of publication is at $147.05 per share. 

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The US is considering increasing its small military presence in Ukraine by sending up to 60 additional military advisers, POLITICO reported on Saturday, the same day the House approved $61 billion in spending for the proxy war.

Four unnamed US officials told POLITICO that the additional troops would “support logistics and oversight efforts for the weapons the US is sending Ukraine.”

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the potential deployment would augment US personnel based at the US Embassy in Kyiv. “Throughout this conflict, the DOD has reviewed and adjusted our presence in-country as security conditions have evolved. Currently, we are considering sending several additional advisers to augment the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) at the Embassy,” Ryder said.

Webmaster addition: Vietnam all over.

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 The rapist, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was caged for his crimes and had been due to be deported ten years ago in 2014. 

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The Russian Ministry of Defense has received a new batch of Su-35S fighter jets from manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

The first delivery of 2024 followed ground and flight tests in various operating modes, a press release from parent company Rostec said without specifying the number of jets delivered.

The previous delivery took place in October, which marked the fourth batch of the 4++ generation fighter jet delivered in 2023.

The Su-35S were built at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant in the Russian Far East, where the fifth-generation Su-57 is also manufactured.

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