"A constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." -- John Adams

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Long-term Veterans Health Administration (VA) nursing home residents who started new medications to treat high blood pressure were more than twice as likely to experience a fracture than those who did not, according to a cohort study involving more than 29 600 VA participants, almost all male, aged 65 years or older.

Residents initiating antihypertensives also had an 80% increased risk of a fall that required an emergency department or hospital visit and a 69% increased risk of syncope. Moreover, antihypertensives were associated with a greater risk of fractures among people with dementia, as well as among those with higher baseline blood pressure or who hadn’t previously used antihypertensive medications.

When deciding whether to prescribe an antihypertensive medication for an older person living in a nursing home, clinicians should “contextualize a limited life expectancy against the anticipated time horizon over which the cardiovascular benefits are likely to manifest,” the researchers wrote in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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It couldn’t possibly have come at a more auspicious time: The Global Elite have gone into embarrassing Retreat—on Memorial Day.

Braggart, “You-will-have-nothing-and-be- happy” World Economic Forum head honcho Klaus Schwab has already gone into hiding within the deep and dark folds of the WEF organization, claiming that his resignation awaits the official permission of the Swiss Government.

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A biological male who identifies as female crushed the competition in the girls' 400-meter dash event at the Washington state high school track and field state championship over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

Veronica Garcia, 16, previously known as Davina Brown and Donovan Brown, earlier this season was ranked No. 1 in the league and No. 4 in the state, OutKick reported, citing the Independent Council on Women's Sports.

While fellow racers applauded other female finishers, they 'stood stoically in protest' when Garcia was given the first-place medal.

Garcia of East Valley High School in Spokane won a heat race at Saturday's state championships in Tacoma with a time of 55.59 seconds, walloping the second-place finisher by over three seconds, OutKick said, citing the meet results. You can check out video of that race here and see for yourself how dramatically Garcia outpaced the rest of the field.

OutKick added that Garcia won in the finals with a time of 55.75 seconds — which was a full second ahead of the second-place runner, whom the Daily Mail identified as Lauren Matthew of the West Valley School District. You can watch video of that race here; check out the booing as Garcia neared the finish line.

The Daily Mail added that boos and jeering also could be heard when Garcia ascended the podium for the medal ceremony — and that while fellow racers applauded other female finishers, they "stood stoically in protest" when Garcia was given the first-place medal. The outlet added that there was "virtual silence in the stadium" at that moment.

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The Internet Archive has come under a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, according to the archive, which says the data has not been affected, but reported that most services were unavailable as of May 27th (Memorial Day in the United States), then later reported that its services were back up and running.

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To hear Donald Trump tell it, America’s cities are in dire shape and in need of a federal intervention.

“We’re going to rebuild our cities into beacons of hope, safety and beauty – better than they have ever been before,” he said during a recent speech to the National Rifle Association in what has become a common refrain on the campaign trail. “We will take over the horribly run capital of our nation, Washington DC.”

Trump has for years railed against cities, particularly those run by Democratic officials, as hotbeds for crime and moral decay. He called Atlanta a “record setting Murder and Violent Crime War Zone” last year, a similar claim he makes frequently about various cities.

His allies have an idea of how to capitalize on that agenda and make cities in Trump’s image, detailed in the conservative Project 2025: unleash new police forces on cities like Washington DC, withhold federal disaster and emergency grants unless they follow immigration policies like detaining undocumented immigrants and share sensitive data with the federal government for immigration enforcement purposes.

Webmaster addition: Needless to say, Liberals are all over Social Media denouncing this plan. I guess they like out-of-control crime and homelessness.

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A bipartisan delegation of U.S. lawmakers met Monday with Taiwan’s new leader, Lai Ching-te, the first such visit since Lai’s inauguration last week, and one that the lawmakers and Taiwanese officials said demonstrates the steadfastness of U.S. support for Taiwan at a time of escalating tensions with China.

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by Tyler Durden

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 04:45 AM

In another ominous sign of things to come, leading Western governments appear to be preparing for 'something big' at a moment the proxy war between Russian and NATO centered in Ukraine is escalating at uncontrollable pace.

"Rishi Sunak has vowed to introduce mandatory national service for 18-year-olds if he is re-elected, in his first major policy announcement since the start of the election campaign earlier this week," Financial Times has reported.

Interestingly, the next line to the very same report screams Russia! as the subtext...

The move is part of what he said was an effort to provide security and opportunity in “an increasingly uncertain world”.

The plan would involve 18-year-olds working closely with the professional armed forces on a 12-month rotation or a 'community work' basis. 

Sunak framed it in terms of civic duty and a matter of national patriotism...

"Generations of young people have not had the opportunities or experience they deserve and there are forces trying to divide our society in this increasingly uncertain world," he said. 

It was only in January that the head of the British army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, urged for the populace to get ready to be on a war footing with Russia:

Britain should train a "citizen army" ready to fight a war on land in the future, the head of the Army has said.

General Sir Patrick Sanders warned that an increase in reserve forces alone "would not be enough".

He highlighted the threat from Russia and pointed to steps being taken by other European nations to put their populations on a "war footing".

This is part of the continuing theme of Western leaders asking their populations to 'sacrifice' for Ukraine amid deep trepidation and uncertainty over possible bigger nuclear-armed confrontation

Claire's Observations:  It is not the people of the US or UK who voted to get enmeshed with this debacle; their allegedly representative governments did this, with weapons and technology which are failing with astounding regularity against Russian weaponry, and  the people who dared to  whisper of "this is madness" are being silenced, deplatformed, shunned; or all of the above.

Therefore, I highly suspect that the collective response of young people, to both and American and British call for 'sacrifice" for Ukraine, are going to collectively say, "YOU, our alleged leadership, got us into this mess between Russia and Ukraine; NOW GET US OUT OF IT, by telling Ukraine it must sue for peace, and get the best most generous deal it can from Russia.!"  

Oh, the leadership may try a "forced conscription call", as it is attempting to do here in the States, where  young men soon will be automatically enlisted with Selective Service; whether they wish to or not; but what happens if scads of young people just don't show up?!? 

 Karl Marx absolutely right, when he stated that "All wars are economic in their origin" ; and right now, young people understand this!!! Dying to prop up the already well-monied, is not a way most young people would want to die, and I cannot say I blame them for this.  So then, what!!???? Perhaps all the citizens of the US, UK, and NATO countries could democratically vote to  send all the leadership of the UK, US, and NATO, who thought, and still think, this proxy  war against Russia  is a good idea, to the Ukrainian front lines, and see how well they do?!? 

For me, that would be the ultimate "Pay Per View" TV!!!!



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When the Iraq/al-Qaeda propaganda narrative fell apart, the FBI targeted two… within the US bio-weapons establishment: scientists Steven Hatfill and Bruce Ivins. The FBI began harassing Hatfill and publicly called him a “person of interest” in the anthrax investigation.

Hatfill vehemently denied the charges and was eventually exonerated. He later sued the FBI and other US government agencies, winning a settlement of more than $5 million in damages. Like Hatfill, Ivins was an unlikely suspect for the anthrax attacks as well.

There was no evidence tying Ivins to the anthrax letters and he had no conceivable motive. The FBI launched an intense campaign of innuendo against Ivins in an effort to convict him in the court of public opinion. Ivins allegedly committed suicide while in a Maryland hospital just before he was set to be indicted and stand trial. How convenient.

Ivins worked at a US bio-weapons facility called USAMRIID in Fort Detrick, Maryland. This is where the FBI claims the anthrax used in the attacks originated. Since there is no evidence that Ivins was involved in the anthrax mailings, there is likewise no reason to believe the FBI’s claim that the anthrax spores used in the letters originated from that facility.

Another curious event took place during the anthrax affair that garnered little attention from the mainstream press for obvious reasons. An Arab-American scientist who worked at the same Fort Detrick facility as Ivins was the victim of an attempted frame-up. Shortly before the first known victim of the anthrax attacks was confirmed, an anonymous letter was mailed to the FBI that attempted to implicate Dr. Ayaad Assaad as a “potential biological terrorist.” The author of the letter claimed to have worked with Assaad previously and alleged that Assaad had a vendetta against the US government, urging the FBI to stop him. The letter prompted the FBI to investigate Assaad. The FBI questioned him in early October 2001 and quickly cleared him of any involvement with the anthrax attacks.

Strangely, the FBI seemed uninterested in finding out who sent the anonymous letter implicating Assaad, even though the contents and timing of the letter were amazingly conspicuous, coming just prior to a real bio-terrorist attack. Assaad suspected the letter-writer was involved in the anthrax mailings and opined that his Arab background made him the “perfect scapegoat.”

One possible source of the frame-up letter was a man named Dr. Philip Zack, a microbiologist and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. Zack worked at USAMRIID alongside Assaad in the early 1990s. Zack and other employees at the lab formed a clique called the “camel club” to bully Arab co-workers, particularly Assaad. One day in April 1991 Assaad found a poem in his mailbox written by Zack and other members of the “camel club” which mocked his Arabic heritage. Zack and several of his fellow anti-Arab racists voluntarily left the facility when Assaad informed his superiors of the harassment campaign.

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Israeli tanks have reportedly reached the center of Rafah as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued its operation in the Palestinian city on Tuesday.

The armored vehicles could be seen near Al Awda mosque, a city landmark, Reuters reported, citing witness accounts.

Footage published by Al Jazeera on social media purports to show Israeli tanks inside the city.

The IDF’s actions in Rafah have attracted widespread condemnation after an airstrike on the city’s Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood killed at least 45 Palestinian refugees on Sunday. Israel initially said the attack had been a precision strike intended to kill senior officers of the militant group Hamas. However, it later blamed “a tragic mistake” in its targeting process for the deaths of civilians.

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Israel has launched an investigation after at least 45 Palestinian refugees were killed in Sunday's IDF strike on the southern Gazan city of Rafah, which West Jerusalem had previously declared a 'safe zone'.

According to ABC News, shrapnel from the strike ignited a fuel tank 100 meters away from the intended target, creating a large fire at an encampment housing displaced people. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the civilian deaths in a speech to Israel’s parliament on Monday. “Despite our utmost efforts not to harm innocent civilians, last night there was a tragic mistake,” he said, as quoted by the Associated Press. “We are investigating the incident and will obtain a conclusion because this is our policy.”

Webmaster addition: 


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Saudi Arabia issued a stern warning to Israel amidst the ongoing Rafah operation by the IDF, escalating tensions further. Riyadh intensified pressure on Israel, following the recent order by the International Court of Justice to 'immediately' stop the Rafah offensive. The Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister conveyed these remarks in Brussels on May 26, following reports of the U.S. considering lifting the ban on offensive weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. Concurrently, discussions between America and Saudi Arabia regarding various bilateral deals are underway, forming part of the U.S.'s efforts to normalize ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, experts speculate that the signing of these deals is improbable without a ceasefire in Gaza.

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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently lobbied for direct U.S. strikes on Russia, leading Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin to issue a huge warning to both Blinken and NATO that such a move would lead to the unthinkable. This video breaks down the beginning of Russia's nuclear drills and how the world is headed for World War III if Blinken gets his way.

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There's No Going Back from This" James Webb Telescope Uncovers One of the Oldest Galaxies Ever Seen. NASA just announced they found one of the most distance structures merging in the universe using the James Webb Space Telescope. The Webb Telescope discovered plenty of far-away galaxies, when it first took its deep field image.

Suddenly, galaxies started to pop out of the darkness of time and space, revealing themselves. The universe, for the first time, began to seem way stranger than we ever thought it to be. Galaxies emerged from what we believed to be the universe’s dark ages, raising doubts over the science of our cosmic model. And it wasn’t just a couple of galaxies. The Webb telescope found hundreds of them.


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Ukraine is now preparing to take the final step in actually banning the largest canonical Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). The radical legislation was passed in the first reading back in October 2023, but so far the Verkhovna Rada has been postponing its adoption, an atypical move for a parliament fully obedient and under the control of Zelensky. According to sources familiar with the situation in Ukraine, the delay in banning the UOC due to one reason: Zelensky’s reluctance to take this audacious step prior to receiving the latest multi-billion dollar funding package from Washington. A shrewd maneuver as he was worried that some Congressmen from the Republican Party might block their generous allocation because of their principled position regarding religious freedoms.

After Congress allocated $60.8 billion dollars to Ukraine, it was quite obvious that the current Ukrainian government’s plans for the UOC will be realized soon. In recent months, Ukrainian media have cited numerous examples of Zelensky’s careful preparations to not only ban the UOC, but also to expropriate its property and assets – including the forced seizure of church land, and the state’s use of repression against anyone who dares to defend the church.

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by Tyler Durden

Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete made his rounds on Face the Nation this weekend where he was both laughed at to his face by the host and suggested during the interview that increased airline turbulence is occurring as a result of climate change.

Early in the interview CBS’s Margaret Brennan called out Mayor Pete on something we wrote about just days ago: after spending more than $7 billion since 2021 on EV infrastructure, the nation has less than 10 EV chargers to show for it.

As we noted earlier this month, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, signed by Biden in November 2021, allocated $7.5 billion for EV charging. Of this amount, $5 billion went to states as "formula funding" for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program to establish a network of fast chargers along major highways.

Today, there's seven chargers with a total of just 38 parking spots.

And how do you know the problem is bad if you're a Democrat? First, it was the Washington Post calling out the lunacy. Now, it's CBS. When pressed for an answer, Mayor Pete tried to deflect the issue, leading to an involuntary laugh by host Brennan. 

If that wasn't bad enough, later in the interview Mayor Pete commented that 

Speaking about the recent injuries on a Singapore Airlines flight that was met with severe turbulence, he said that the incident was "very rare," but also that "turbulence can happen and sometimes it can happen unexpectedly."

Then, tying the two issues together, he said: "Our climate is evolving. Our policies and our technology and our infrastructure have to evolve accordingly."

Claire's Observations:  The problem is, once you start laughing at these Dementocratic clowns, it is just so DANGED hard to stop!!


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On May 27, a firefight was reported between the Egyptian military and the Israeli Defense Forces in the border area near Rafah. There was no immediate comment from the Egyptian and Israeli authorities. 

Israeli media reported that the IDF fired “warning shots” in the direction of the Egyptian forces. Al-Mayadeen also reported the opening of fire by the Egyptian military and retaliatory shots from the IDF. Daily News Egypt, an independent Egyptian newspaper, cited unnamed sources as saying Egyptian soldiers were “affected” by the Rafah massacre on Sunday, in which an Israeli bombing led to the killing of 45 Palestinians at a displacement camp.

According to preliminary reports, the incident resulted in casualties. According to Israeli media, an Egyptian soldier was killed.  Some other sources reported that two servicemen were killed. Sources write about the wounded among Israeli soldiers.

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The North Korea run by Kim Jong Un is a brutal dictatorship with no freedom, widespread repression and frequent famine. Yet people in the north rate their lives as happier than their counterparts in the south. Is it possible that we’ve been fed a line of propaganda about the reality of life in North Korea? Jimmy speaks with commentator and Twitch streamer Haz Al-Din about what citizens of North Korea actually experience.

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Walmart is getting skewered on social media after unveiling its “Pride Always” collection prior to what society has deemed “pride month” in June, as shoppers express disappointment, irritation, and disgust.

“Not just a slogan. #PrideAlways is a reminder to lead with love,” Walmart wrote in the caption of the post, which features a video of the creators behind this year’s collection talking about some of their favorite pieces of its LGBTQIA2S+ apparel:

Webmaster addition: I am waiting for heterosexual pride month, heterosexual pride parades, and a heterosexual pride flag!

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USA Today secretly deleted a previously published op-ed that spoke in opposition to transgender athletes written by a U.S. Senator without telling its readers or the Senator who wrote the piece, according to a report.

The opinion editorial was written by outspoken Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy and was published this month. It was entitled, Is Transgender Inclusion More Important than Women’s Sports? Excerpts are still available on his Senate website.

But now, when you click on the former links to the articles, USA Today’s network newspapers feature an error notice that reads, “Content removed: did not meet editorial standards,” and adds, “This content has been removed because it did not meet our editorial standards.”

Presumably, that means the senator’s article didn’t kowtow to the radical left-wing transgender agenda.

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So is old region AR 3664 still active? Of course it is!

An X2.9 solar flare was observed around the returning region at 07:08 UTC (May 27, 2024). The event is also responsible for an energetic coronal mass ejection (CME) now emerging in updated coronagraph imagery. Because the sunspot region is still located behind the east limb, the flare itself was likely stronger than the X2.9 measurement. The CME itself should be directed away from our planet. We may see some busy days ahead of us. Stay tuned!

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Estonian President Alar Karis has claimed that meaningful discussions on ending the Ukraine conflict can only take place when Moscow is fully subdued. The head of state also called on Western nations to attempt to force political change in Russia. 

In an interview with the news website Yle on Sunday – ahead of Finnish President Alexander Stubb’s state visit to Tallinn on Monday – Karis expressed skepticism over whether Russia can “change” quickly enough to “respond to our [Western] understanding of democracy.”

He urged Western powers to intensify the pressure on Moscow – referring to sanctions imposed by the EU and US since the start of the conflict – with the goal of fueling public discontent among ordinary Russians.

“We will do everything possible to bring Russia and Putin to their knees,” Karis stressed. “Then it will be possible to start serious negotiations on ending the war in Ukraine.”  

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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg struggled Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation to explain why the Biden administration has only managed to build “seven or eight” electric vehicle (EV) charging stations thus far.

As Breitbart News has noted, while the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 allocated $7.5 billion for EV stations, as part of building a national EV charging infrastructure, no EV charging stations had been built by the end of 2023.

Only about seven or eight had been built under the program by April — while the fossil fuel industry has been cashing in by lobbying to have the stations built at existing gas stations.

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On 20 May, something important changed for Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky. On that day, the five-year presidential term for which he had been elected in 2019 came to an end. He remains in office, however, without having to face fresh elections. Zelensky’s critics, including within Ukraine, argue that he is now illegitimate in a strict, constitutional sense – in effect, a usurper. His followers and defenders, including in the West, insist that Zelensky legally remains president under martial law. 

What is clear is that, according to the Ukrainian constitution, presidential elections can be held during wartime (unlike parliamentary ones, which are ruled out), even if a lack of clarity would require amendments, as Ukrainian experts have explained in national media. Even the New York Times acknowledged as much as recently as last October. At that point, however, Zelensky himself had not yet ruled out elections and American super hawk Senator Lindsey Graham was demanding them in his usual imperious tone.

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