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With the provision of a swathe of new oil and gas exploration licences and a crisis in offshore wind energy, clouds are gathering over the UK's net zero promises.

The Conservative government of Rishi Sunak in July promised "hundreds" of new licences for oil and gas exploration and production in the North Sea, arousing the anger of environmentalists.

The NGO Greenpeace later covered the prime minister's private residence with a huge "oil black" tarpaulin to denounce the "drilling frenzy".

"Any government support for continuation of fossil fuels has a negative impact on the transition because it drives investors away", Erik Dalhuijsen, co-founder of Aberdeen Climate Action, told AFP on the sidelines of the Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, this week.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:49

Russia has put forward a visa-free travel system for Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Reshetnikov on Monday.

"We are working toward establishing a visa-free system with countries of the Middle East and South Asia. We have proposed completely annulling visas for Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. One of the reasons for interest in this issue is the possibility of increasing the traffic of tourists, including premium-class visitors," Reshetnikov said at a panel at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in the Russian Pacific city of Vladivostok.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:48

The two-day meeting of G20 leaders wrapped up in New Delhi on Sunday, with Western powers failing to “Ukrainianize” the agenda, and a number of pledges made aimed at increasing the Global South’s voice in world affairs. Sputnik reached out to international affairs experts to get a sense of the summit’s impact on the shifting world order.

The G20 is being transformed from within by members from the Global South, with the West failing to hijack the intergovernmental forum’s agenda to focus on the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

“Largely due to such a consolidated position of the Global South in defense of its legitimate interests, it was possible to prevent the West’s attempt to ‘Ukrainianize’ the agenda, to the detriment of the discussion of urgent tasks of developing countries,” Lavrov, who represented Russia at the New Delhi summit, told reporters in a press conference Sunday.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:48

The president of Indonesia, which hosted last year's G20 Bali summit, has been reiterating calls for emerging economies of the Global South to strive for collaboration and inclusivity.

The world must stop dividing countries into "developed and developing," Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated at the G20 summit in New Delhi, as he urged for more “equal and inclusive cooperation.”

“We need to put an end to the dichotomy that divides the world into north and south, developed and developing countries, east and west,” Widodo said in a statement delivered by the Press, Media, and Information Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat on Sunday.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:47

A batch of secret contracts between pharmaceutical companies and governments around the world has been unsealed by a court, providing evidence showing that governments knew Covid vaccines posed a high risk to health before they were rolled out for public use.

In August, a South African Court ordered the National Department of Health (NDOH) to release COVID-19 vaccine contracts and other related documents.

The first batch of documents was released at the beginning of September.

The contacts show that governments were warned that the mRNA shots could not be considered safe or effective due to their experimental and untested nature.

And while the documents were unsealed in South Africa, it is believed that governments of countries around the world also had the same contacts with Big Pharma.

On Thursday 17 August 2023, the Pretoria High Court ruled in favor of the Health Justice Initiative’s (“HJI’s”) bid to compel the NDOH to provide access to all covid “vaccine” procurement contracts and other documents.

The Court ordered that all COVID-19 vaccine contracts (“Part 1”) and negotiation-related documents (“Part 2”) must be made public within 10 court days of the Judgment.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:46

Visibly armed gun owners on Sunday afternoon courageously walked around Old Town, Albuquerque proudly displaying their firearms in defiance of Governor Grisham’s unconstitutional gun grab.

People gathered around with their firearms while holding American flags and Gadsden flags. The gun owners spoke out against the governor’s order.

According to Ford Fischer, a reporter on the scene, there was no police intervention.

Police did not enforce a $5,000 fine for violators.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:43

Minnesota is set to give about 81,000 illegal aliens driver’s licenses. Applicants are now allowed to start the process but won’t be able to officially apply until the new law goes into effect on October 1st.

The new law dubbed “Driver’s License For All,” opens up the door for voter fraud since all a person needs to register to vote online is a Minnesota driver’s license.

Fox News reports:

People living in Minnesota without legal immigration status can now begin the process of getting their driver’s license by making an appointment for their written driver’s test, state officials announced at a news conference Thursday.

Around 81,000 people are expected to be eligible under the state’s new law — dubbed “Driver’s License for All.” They can now make appointments to apply but won’t be able to actually get a license until the law goes into effect Oct. 1.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:36

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is upset that the court pointed out that signature verification procedures set forth by Katie Hobbs in 2019 when she was secretary of state don’t match the law. Richer alleges that will mean more work.

Richer took to the press to unburden his woes. The county recorder, beset by an unrelenting public scrutiny of election procedures that he translates into constant threats to democracy, told ABC 15 that his office would have to take the extra pains to follow the letter of the law.

“If I had to guess I would say it would result in a lot more curing, meaning we would need to contact the voters and say, hey, your signature doesn’t look like the now only one signature that we have on file for you, that might be from forty of fifty years ago,” Richer said.

The additional responsibility for county recorders became clear after Yavapai County Superior Court Judge John Napper declared in ruling last week that the 2019 Election Procedures Manual (EPM) by Hobbs “create[d] a process that contradicts” the law. That ruling rejected Secretary of State Adrian Fontes’ motion to dismiss an Arizona Free Enterprise Club lawsuit alleging that Fontes’ interpretation and enforcement of signature verification law, which aligned with that of Hobbs, did not match the actual statute’s language.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:36
The Biden gang is preparing to wire $6 billion to Iran during a prisoner swap.  

Newsmax shares:

When $6 billion of unfrozen Iranian funds are wired to banks in Qatar as early as next week, it will trigger a carefully choreographed sequence that will see as many as five detained U.S. dual nationals leave Iran and a similar number of Iranian prisoners held in the U.S. fly home, according to eight Iranian and other sources familiar with the negotiations who spoke to Reuters.

As a first step, Iran on Aug. 10 released four U.S. citizens from Tehran’s Evin prison into house arrest, where they joined a fifth, who was already under house arrest. Later that day U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called the move the first step of a process that would lead to their return home.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:35

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the Surgeon General of Florida, and Governor Ron Desantis on Thursday held a press conference on COVID at Culhane’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Ladapo warned Americans not to take the new Covid booster shots.

CBS 12 News:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS12) — Governor Ron DeSantis was joined by Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo and multiple other speakers to talk lockdowns, masks, vaccines, inflation and debt.

The event started at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at the Culhane’s Irish Pub and Restaurant off Deer Lake Court. DeSantis spoke about COVID-19 lockdowns and how nothing like that will ever happen in Florida, claiming cloth masks don’t work, booster shots are useless for young, healthy people, and saying there needs to be accountability for the federal government.

The Florida surgeon general showed his support for DeSantis when he spoke, thanking him for not listening to the “mainstream media” and letting fear make his decisions, Ladapo said. Be wary and cautious of new booster shots — use your own intuition and decision making to see if you want an updated shot because the clinical significance of cardiac effects from vaccines is still unknown, the surgeon general said.

Posted on: Sep 11 06:35