"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." -- Leading Nazi leader, Hermann Goering, at the Nuremberg Trials before he was sentenced to death

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Well well well, what do ya' know? Seems Trump requested more security for July 13 (you know, the day he was literally SHOT) and was actually DENIED by the Secret Service 'Brass'. And then when they were called out for denying his request for more security, they lied about it.

Then they admitted they actually did deny his request.

Why deny the request? Why lie about it? 

This just gets worse and worse you guys.

When even WaPo is reporting it?

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In a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, former President Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, emphasized that Taiwan should compensate the United States for its defense services. Trump’s comments suggest a transactional approach to U.S.-Taiwan relations, reminiscent of his stance on NATO, raising questions about how he would handle the Taiwan Strait dispute if re-elected.

Trump’s Blunt Message to Taiwan

Taiwan relies heavily on U.S. political and military support to withstand pressures from China, which claims the island as its territory. Trump stressed that Taiwan is vulnerable to Chinese attacks due to its geographic distance from the U.S. He equated the U.S. defense role to an insurance company, stating, “I think Taiwan should pay us for defense. You know, we’re no different than an insurance company.”

This stance mirrors Trump’s previous criticisms of NATO, where he questioned the financial contributions of allied nations. Trump’s remarks have sparked concerns about the future of U.S. commitment to Taiwan’s defense. The United States is legally obligated to help Taiwan defend itself and has not ruled out the possibility of military intervention if China attacks.

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There is not much that is certain about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to a joint session of Congress on July 24. The shameful display of a leader credibly accused of corruption and fraud in his own country; and a war criminal, who, despite the delaying tactics employed by the British and German governments, is likely to face an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court in the very near future, won’t soon be forgotten.

But it is difficult to say what Netanyahu plans to do with this opportunity. Reports in late June suggested that Netanyahu intended to use the speech to hold open the narrowing pathway to a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia. This now seems unlikely in the wake of the statement from the Knesset this week clarifying, in undeniable terms and with the support of the opposition leader, Benny Gantz, the parliamentary body’s opposition to a Palestinian state. Saudi Arabia, with the support of Joe Biden’s administration, has made it clear that a path and commitment to a two-state solution is a basic requirement of any normalization deal with Israel.

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In this article, we dive into the top 10 signs of Parkinsonian dementia that seem to be showing up in President Biden’s actions. We’ll back these up with specific moments from his recent outings. These signs raise serious questions about his health and, more importantly, who’s really in charge. Is Joe Biden calling the shots, or is someone else running the show?

Webmaster addition: I want to be very clear here. On a personal level I have a great deal of sympathy for Joe Biden. I have known many dementia patients and understand what they are going through as their minds and memories start to fade away. It's probably one of the worst things that can happen to anybody. That being said, a President needs to have a sharp mind to do the job properly and Biden clearly is not up to it!

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In a national poll last month Americans were asked if they believed a new civil war was likely to happen within their lifetime. The establishment media was shocked to report that 47% of the population said yes. Those of us in the liberty media were not so surprised; I believe according to the evidence that we were already a short step away from civil war in 2021-2022.

There were A LOT of guys (millions) getting ready for the possibility of vaccine passport enforcement. Gun ownership in the US hit record highs during that time period and conservative/patriot groups saw a spike in public interest. As it turned out, the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along, there really was an organized agenda to eliminate constitutional protections…

If we had allowed the vax passport policy to take hold, our liberties would have been officially erased forever. Economic freedoms would be abolished. Access to the jobs market and trade would be impossible for anyone refusing the vaccine. Real-time tracking of the population along with a social credit system would have become the norm using mandatory cell phone apps. After that, America would essentially turn into a Chinese-style concentration camp.

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It quickly became apparent that the crash in March 2019, which killed 157 passengers and crew, was almost a total repeat of an incident five months earlier that claimed 189 lives as a Lion Air jet plunged into the sea off Indonesia.

Both involved the Boeing 737 Max, an upgraded version of an ageing narrow-body design that had been devised to compete with the A320neo model from European rival Airbus. 

Investigators traced the cause of the crashes to software that had mistakenly intervened in the flying of the aircraft.

This had not been properly flagged to pilots or mentioned in flight manuals. Boeing was charged with fraud and conspiracy over its deception of regulators in relation to the Max model, while the plane was grounded for almost two years.

For Milleron, the revelations proved life-changing, with the death of her daughter triggering a personal campaign against Boeing, which she believed had a dangerously ingrained culture of putting profit ahead of safety.

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Judicial Watch announced today that it received records showing that as of June 583 foreign nationals are registered to vote in Washington, DC. The records from the Board of Elections also confirm that noncitizens can be election workers.

Judicial Watch received the documents in response to a May 14, 2024, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records regarding the number of noncitizens registered to vote in Washington, DC, under the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act.

In 2022 the DC Council amended the District of Columbia Election Code of 1955 “to expand the definition of the term qualified elector for the purpose of local elections to include otherwise eligible non-citizen residents.” The act went into effect in 2023 and allows noncitizens to vote in local elections for positions including mayor, attorney general, city council member, State Board of Education member or Advisory Neighborhood Commission member. Noncitizens can also vote on local referendums, ballot initiatives and recalls.

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Despite a hefty taxpayer price tag, several states are requiring cities to transition their public transportation to emitting zero greenhouse gasses.

Since 2022, seven states have passed laws to transition to zero-emission school buses.

In Illinois, a law passed last year requiring all transit agencies to purchase zero-emission buses by 2026. Similar legislation was passed in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland and New York.

The Chicago Transit Authority reports that the transition will require an extra $1.8 to $3.1 billion taxpayer dollars in order to fund the transition, as opposed to diesel trucks.

In order to make that transition, cities will have to invest heavily in green infrastructure, like charging stations and batteries, or staffing electrical engineers.

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Hillary Clinton tried and failed. Now it’s up to another presidential spouse to try and crack the glass ceiling. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll suggests that only one Democratic candidate would decisively trounce former president Donald J. Trump in November—Michelle Obama.

Webmaster addition: Michelle Obama is NOT qualified to be President. She has never held elected office. I don't want the wife of a President as President no more than I want the pilot's wife to fly me to New York, or the doctor's wife to operate on me!

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Here is a chart of Non-commerciak net positions for US Treasuries, currently showing more bailing out of Treasury positions. Has the world sours on DC’s fiscal train wreck and The Fed? Of course, budget deficits are a disaster with Biden/Congress spending like drunken sailors in port and showing no signs of letting up. The good news? At least a court struck down Biden’s illegal cancelation of student debt (a desperate attempt to win votes). That would have spiked the budget deficit.
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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has landed a new gig with Japan’s biggest steelmaker, Nippon Steel Corp.

In a statement, Nippon Steel shared, “We look forward to working alongside Pompeo to further emphasize the ways in which Nippon Steel’s acquisition of U.S. Steel bolsters the country’s economic and national security.”

Reuters reported Pompeo will be hired as an adviser for Nippon Steel.

Currently, Nippon Steal has received all regulatory approvals outside of the United States for their proposed $14.9 billion merger with U.S. Steel, but currently, they are facing regulatory trouble from within the United States, which is essentially the reason why Pompeo was hired.

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An explosive new study has provided evidence of a direct link between Covid mRNA injections and the global surge in sudden deaths.

The findings of the bombshell study were just published by a group of renowned researchers, sending shockwaves through the scientific community.

The study was conducted by Christof Kuhbandner, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria Germany, and mathematician Prof. Matthias Reitzner at Osnabrück University, a public research university located in the city of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony.

The study directly contradicts the “safe and effective” narrative that has been peddled about the mRNA injections since they were first pushed onto the public in early 2021.

In their study, the top scientists identified a direct correlation between surging excess mortality in Germany and Covid mRNA injections.

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Two Philippine officials said Sunday that Manila and Beijing have reached a deal to avoid confrontations at a fiercely disputed shoal in the South China Sea, where recent clashes have sparked fears of larger conflicts that could involve the United States.

The deal was forged after a series of closed-door meetings between Philippine and Chinese diplomats in Manila and exchanges of diplomatic notes that aimed to establish a mutually acceptable arrangement at the Philippine-occupied Second Thomas Shoal, which China also claims.

The Philippine officials who confirmed the deal to The Associated Press on Sunday spoke on condition of anonymity ahead of a public announcement of the pact.

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Bangladesh Issues 'Shoot-On-Sight-Order' As Deadly Student-Led Protests Spiral

by Tyler Durden

Weeks-long protests in Bangladesh led by students have descended into increasing violence amid severe economic woes and a new controversial law widely seen as unfairly rewarding supporters of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League party with lucrative government jobs.

Since early June, campus-based protests have called for a complete shutdown of the country until the new policy is repealed. A High Court ruling at the start of the summer came down in favor of a quota system which secures 30% of government jobs for family members of veterans who fought in Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

Getty Images

The student protesters have demanded a system based on merit. A series of initially peaceful university protests resulted in increasingly chaotic scenes and clashes with police, resulting in casualties. From there protests have grown nation-wide.

Deaths among protesters have grown into the dozens, with the police reporting casualties as well. Some reports say over 100 demonstrators have died and that this figure is climbing by the day.

Communications have been intermittently disrupted for the nation of 170 million people as authorities desperately try to gain control of the situation.

Authorities have also escalated, as of Saturday allowing security forces to use live-fire to put down protests:

Police imposed a strict curfew with a “shoot-on-sight” order across Bangladesh as military forces patrolled parts of the capital Saturday after scores were killed and hundreds injured in clashes over the allocation of civil service jobs.

The curfew began at midnight and was relaxed from noon to 2 p.m. for people to run essential errands, and is expected to last until 10 a.m. Sunday, allowing officers to fire on mobs in extreme cases, said lawmaker Obaidul Quader, the general secretary of the ruling Awami League party.

Police and military checkpoints have been set up in the streets of the capital Dhaka in order to enforce the curfew

Claire's Observations:  If killing student protestors is the best the Bangladeshi government can do, over this law, it is on the cusp of becoming a failed nation-state

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There was a surreal scene at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday as irate senior senators chased the embattled director of the U.S. Secret Service into a women's bathroom.

'You answer to us!'

'You can't hide from us!'

Senators Marsha Blackburn and John Barrasso shouted and pointed angrily - pursuing Secret Service director Kimberly A. Cheatle through the lobby of Milwaukee's Fiserv Forum and up a flight of stairs.

Cheatle, 53, flanked by her agents, scurried into the lavatory. Her staff held the door, blocking the livid lawmakers out.

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Washington Post reports: The International Court of Justice, the top judicial arm of the United Nations, said Friday that Israel should end its occupation of Palestinian territory, evacuate existing settlements, stop building new ones and pay reparations to Palestinians who have lost land and property.

In a sweeping 83-page legal opinion, the court, based in The Hague, said Israel is responsible for “systematic discrimination” against Palestinians based on race or ethnicity, has breached the right of Palestinians to self-determination and has effectively annexed large swaths of land.

“Israel has an obligation to bring an end to its presence in the occupied Palestinian territory as rapidly as possible,” Nawaf Salam, the court’s president, said from the bench Friday. He added that the court considers Israel’s continued presence illegal and a “wrongful act.”

The searing advisory opinion is nonbinding but still holds legal weight and could have broader consequences in the international arena, including in trade and diplomacy. The court said member states should not recognize as legal the situation arising from Israel’s presence in occupied territory, nor should they render aid or assistance in maintaining it.

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Well you sure haven’t heard this in the mainstream media, have you America?

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, officials confirmed In September, setting off a scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised they claimed.

This story barely received any attention back in September but it sure matters now, doesn’t it?

Though it remains unclear when the equipment was stolen, sources briefed on the investigation said the items vanished this week of September 30th. The laptop belonged to an on-site employee for the company that supplies the machines. It and the USB drives were the only items believed to have been taken.

City officials vowed back then that the theft would not disrupt voting on Nov. 3. They were wrong.

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Donald Trump Assassination Attempt: Incompetence is a possibility. In all federal agencies including the military, ability and merit have been set aside in order to make race- and gender- based appointments.

Intentionally leaving voids in the security arrangements is a possibility given the ruling elite’s and the Democrats hostility toward and hate for Donald Trump, writes leading political economist, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, chairman of The Institute for Political Economy, former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, US Undersecretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration and an author of many books.

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Israeli jets struck an oil depot at al-Hudaydah Port in Yemen on Saturday sparking a large fire that officials said could be seen across the Middle East.

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In a disturbing new twist regarding the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump, a bombshell report has revealed that the building used by the shooter is owned by World Economic Forum (WEF) board member Larry Fink’s investment company BlackRock.

Further, the building is managed by former executives of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

During Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania last Saturday, a gunman was able to scale the roof of the building, unchallenged by police or Secret Service, and take clear shots at the 45th president.

The would-be assassin, Thomas Matthew Crooks, was able to shoot and wound President Trump while killing retired firefighter Corey Comperatore and seriously wounding two other rallygoers.

The building that the sniper was on is part of a complex that also included other snipers working for federal authorities who have not yet been disclosed.

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This morning, Senator Josh Hawley reported that whistleblowers told him that most of Trump’s security details last Saturday were not even Secret Service. They were allegedly “unprepared and inexperienced personnel” assigned by DHS.

Hawley said in a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas:

“Whistleblowers who have direct knowledge of the event have approached my office. According to the allegations, the July 13 rally was considered to be a ‘loose’ security event. For example, detection canines were not used to monitor entry and detect threats in the usual manner. Individuals without proper designations were able to gain access to backstage areas. Department personnel did not appropriately police the security buffer around the podium and were also not stationed at regular intervals around the event’s security perimeter.”

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Eric Molitor, a victim in the alleged FBI plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, broke his silence during a Trump rally held at Van Andel Arena.

Speaking with Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam, Molitor claimed that the FBI orchestrated the entire plot and even duped people into participating.

“The FBI set everything up. They drove people, they paid for everything. They wrote the script,” Molitor said. He alleged that Governor Whitmer herself decided the best time for the operation in collaboration with the FBI and state police.

“Governor Whitmer herself opened her scheduling book and decided with the FBI and state police when to be the best time for the daytime ride, the nighttime ride. Then they duped people into it. We even have proof of them telling people, ‘Get as many people in the trucks as possible, and don’t tell them what you’re doing until they’re already on the road.’ It was 100% set up. Governor Whitmer, if they can do it to nobody like me, they will come after everybody else,” Molitor added.

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The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Saturday said that "America must have Israel's back" as Israel carried out a series of airstrikes on Yemen's port city of Hodeidah. 

"Israel will act against terrorists to defend itself and protect its families," AIPAC said. "America must have Israel's back."

Webmaster addition: I think Americans are tired of constantly having to wipe Israel's butt!

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Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Ark.) revealed the FBI turned him away from the rally site where former President Donald was shot last week.

Hawley explained in a Friday exchange with Fox News host Sean Hannity that he tried to visit the fateful spot in Butler, Pennsylvania, where at least one shooter attempted to assassinate Trump, but was ordered by the Bureau to leave.

“Today, when I went to the site, the FBI has got more security on that site now than they did the night that Trump was shot at,” Hawley said.

Webmaster addition: I am expecting a "tragic fire" to destroy the building from where Crooks fired the shots at Trump.

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By Cameron Arcand of The College Fix

A new Arizona State University study suggests that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in the United States military are ineffective.

The study done by the university’s Center for American Institutions argued that there is a emphasis on training new soldiers about social issues like “unconscious bias” and “intersectionality” in a way the center says runs contrary to typical American ideals. The study examined DEI plan’s in different sector of the military, including DEI office staffing and education at academies like West Point.“The massive DEI bureaucracy, its training and its pseudo-scientific assessments are at best distractions that absorb valuable time and resources,” the executive summary states. “At worst they communicate the opposite of the military ethos: e.g. that individual demographic differences come before team and mission.”

Donald Critchlow, director of the center, wrote in the introduction it was focused on looking at the influence of Critical Race Theory in the United States Armed Forces training.

“The Commission on Civic Education in the Military began as a project to review civic education in the military. Our research team did not expect to find Critical Race Theory so embedded and pervasive. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are found throughout the U.S. Armed Forces and our service academies,” Critchlow wrote. “This year long study documents just how pervasive these training programs are in our Armed Forces and Service Academies and that DEI extends well beyond just formal training programs in the military and service academies.

Claire's Observations:  Forgive me, but is the purpose of military education NOT about fighting and winning wars?!?

I would politely suggest  that Russian and Chinese young people, training in their respective militaries, have not a CLUE as to what "preferred pronouns" are, but they DO understand how to successfully  fight, and win, in combat with the weapons they have to hand.

JUST saying........

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President Joe Biden is falling apart at the seams — and it couldn’t be more obvious.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, the president got noticeably snippy before the questions even began.

“Sometimes come and talk to me about what we should be talking about,” Biden said, directly after Holt simply thanked him for making time to talk.

Pat Gray, Keith Malinak, and Jeffy of “Pat Gray Unleashed” are shocked at how quickly things went sour.

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