“The most hated sort [of moneymaking], and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural use of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest.

And this term ‘usury,’ which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money, because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of all modes of making money this is the most unnatural.” -- Aristotle

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Mark Perlmutter is an orthopedic and hand surgeon who practices in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Feroze Sidhwa is a trauma and critical care surgeon who practices in Northern California. 

In the United States we would never dream of operating on anyone without consent, let alone a malnourished and barely conscious 9-year-old girl in septic shock. Nevertheless, when we saw Juri, that’s exactly what we did.

We have no idea how Juri ended up in the Gaza European Hospital preoperative area. All we could see was that she had an external fixator — a scaffold of metal pins and rods — on her left leg and necrotic skin on her face and arms from the explosion that tore her little body to shreds. Just touching her blankets elicited shrieks of pain and terror. She was slowly dying, so we decided to take the risk of anesthetizing her without knowing exactly what we would find.

In the operating room, we examined Juri from head to toe. This beautiful, meek little girl was missing two inches of her left femur along with most of the muscle and skin on the back of her thigh. Both of her buttocks were flayed open, cutting so deeply through flesh that the lowest bones in her pelvis were exposed. As we swept our hands through this topography of cruelty, maggots fell in clumps onto the operating room table.

Claire's Observations:  Dear American Taxpayer;  when US-funded bombs and bullets are sent to Israel, this is the end result of their use; children's bodies maimed almost beyond repair, and innocent lives destroyed.  

This is what the US is supporting when they support Israel; the genocide against Palestinian children.  Doesn't this make you feel PROUD?!?

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Shoplifters in NYC have found a new target in their war on the law abiding, and they're now looting lululemon's throughout NY and America because of the massive payday they get... when they resell the goods online.
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The housing market has been experiencing significant changes, with many homeowners rushing to sell their properties. This trend is driven by various factors, including high mortgage rates, economic uncertainty, and fluctuating home prices.
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House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) described US support for Israel as one of America’s “founding principles” during a speech at an event hosted by the Republican Jewish Committee on July 18.

Johnson also threatened to arrest Democrats who protest Netanyahu's address to Congress if they 'get out of hand'.

“It is an important principle that America and Israel stand together resolutely. That is part of who we are as a country. It’s one of our founding principles. I believe that we maintain peace through strength, and I think that the relationship with Israel is essential to who we are as Americans,” Johnson said.

Since the modern state of Israel was created in 1948, it’s unclear what Johnson meant when he said the US-Israel relationship is a “founding principle.” The most well-known Founding Fathers would also disagree with Johnson since they strongly warned against permanent alliances and “attachments” to other nations.

In his farewell address in 1796, George Washington said, “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter, without adequate inducement or justification.”

Claire's Observations:  Speaker Johnson, a word, please; if  the Founding Fathers( and the women who loved and supported them)  could hear this codswallop, they would be collectively turning over in their graves, at warp speed!!!

This alleged "special relationship" translates into the US providing tax-payer dollar paid-for bombs, bullets, and other weapons with which Israel  continues their genocide against innocent Palestinians.

And sir, I dare you to answer two simple questions;  IF, as Israel alleges, it wants to "eliminate Hamas", why are the majority of those killed, either through opportunistic diseases, bullets, or getting stuck in civilian building rubble,  and maimed for life, primarily women and children?!?

Also, how do you intend to treat Democrats who protest Netanyahu's address to Congress if they 'get out of hand'.?!?  And how, precisely will you define the parameters of 'get out of hand'?!?

I, and our readers, are very keen to hear your answers to both questions!!!! 

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Hunter Biden dropped his lawsuit against Fox News on Sunday hours after his father, President Joe Biden, announced his decision to stop his re-election campaign, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Caller.

Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against Fox in late June for damages pursuant to their Fox Nation program “The Trial Of Hunter Biden.” The same day Joe Biden announced he was pulling out of the 2024 election, Hunter Biden’s legal team submitted a notice of voluntary dismissal to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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If you shop for groceries at this retailer, chances are your food may have been contaminated by rats. Consumers have often criticized this chain for being dirty and disorganized, but many would never imagine that their food would be sitting next to dozens of dead mice. Family Dollar is now paying a multimillion dollar fine for the absolutely disgusting conditions of its warehouses. The company was recently hit with a record $41.7 million fine for ignoring product safety standards after it sold thousands of items that had been stored with live, dead and decaying vermin, according to health officials.
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The Israeli bombing of Hodeidah killed at least six people

On Sunday, Houthi leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi said Yemenis were “pleased to be in a direct confrontation” with Israel and vowed to hit back hard at the Israeli bombing of Yemen’s Red Sea port of Hodeidah.

“Yemeni people are pleased to be in direct confrontation with the Israeli enemy, and they are steadfast and brave people,” al-Houthi said, according to Iran’s Press TV.

Israel bombed fuel depots in Hodeidah on Saturday following the Houthi drone attack on Tel Aviv that killed one person. Yemeni health authorities said the Israeli strikes killed at least six people and wounded 83, many with severe burns, as the attack caused a massive fire.

Al-Houthi said that Israel’s attack “was aimed at Yemen’s economy” since the port of Hodeidah is a vital entry point for fuel and humanitarian aid. Since 2015, Yemen has been under a US-backed Saudi blockade, which has been eased but not fully lifted.

Flames and smoke rise from the site of Israeli air strikes at the port of Hodeidah, Yemen July 21, 2024. REUTERS/Stringer

Al-Houthi noted that the US and British bombing campaign in Yemen had done nothing to deter Houthi attacks on Israel-linked and other commercial shipping in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and beyond. The Houthis, officially known as Ansar Allah, have made clear they would only end their attacks if Israel’s genocidal siege on Gaza came to an end.

Also on Sunday, the Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sarea said Yemen’s “response to the Israeli aggression against our country is inevitably coming and will be huge.”

Claire's Observations:  IF Israeli "leadership" (if one can describe the current junta in this way) thought for one moment, that this attack on Hodeidah was going to "end" the violence against Israeli-related shipping and attacks on Northern Israel, they were utterly, and tragically mistaken.

And of course, Israel refuses to halt its genocidal attacks on Gaza, which has been the Houthi's "cause celebre" from the get-go, in terms of the economic costs of ships not being able to get their destinations without intense damage or injury.

Were I an Israeli intelligence or military planner right now, I would definitely be taking Mr. Al-Houthi at his word, period, end of discussion. 

I would be prepping schools in potential target areas with military-type drills, so kids know what to do to keep themselves as safe as possible, and have teachers rehearse those drills until they become like clockwork.

Having said that, I do NOT want to see one more person die, or be maimed for life as a result of this ongoing madness;  not one more Muslim;  Jew; Christian; or Druz person should be dying here.

But it is going to take some real "adults in the room" to cage the rage, and  move beyond clashing religious ideologies over what is, ultimately, a very tiny piece of real estate in the Middle East, which each group claims belongs exclusively to them. This will take some very morally and spiritually high-minded discussions; a willingness to create trust; and a willingness to compromise; and solid, practical, on-the-ground solutions. 

I am hoping and praying, that with the way the Balfour Declaration was structured, and how Israel declared itself a nation, has not created the seeds of its own destruction, by preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.   

Unfortunately, the way Israelis have treated Palestinians since the inception of its existence as a nation, appears to make that true, and the world has been bearing witness to this ever since the horrific Hamas attack against innocent Israelis last 7 October.

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No doubt there will be a lot of speculation about the assassination attempt of former president Donald Trump who narrowly escaped death at his rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday July 13, 2024, at approximately 6:15 p.m, but it was the coverage by mainstream media that left many fuming.

Left leaning news outlets began downplaying the seriousness of the situation.

Downplaying the assassination attempt on Donald Trump: USA Today and The Washington Post, for example, both reported that Trump was escorted off stage after hearing “loud noises” at the rally, as if it was something innocuous like balloons popping, writes journalist Maryanne Demasi on her blog.

Downplaying the assassination attempt on Donald Trump: CNN published a headline claiming that Trump had to be rushed off stage after a “fall” as if to imply that he had tripped over.

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Billionaire Bill Ackman has tweeted a wild claim on X about the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, which he then deleted less than 10 minutes later.

The investor shared a video arguing the narrative of Thomas Matthew Crooks being a 'lone gunman' is '100 percent provably false.'

The clip was created by Dr Chris Martenson, an economist who suggests the shooting was an inside job by the so-called 'Deep State'.

Martenson analyzed audio from the rally to suggest that a second shooter was operating alongside Crooks to assassinate Trump. The second shooter, he claims, was around 100ft away from Crooks' rooftop location.

He presented audio clips which he claims show that in addition to the shots fired by Crooks and that fired by the sniper who killed Crooks, there were other shots with a distinct audio signature, indicating a third shooter.

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What in the world just happened?  Within the past 24 hours, Joe Biden dropped out of the presidential race, Kamala Harris became the presumptive nominee, and hordes of top Democrats publicly endorsed her.  We are finding out that lots of people apparently knew that this was going to happen on Sunday in advance.  To call all of this “orchestrated” would be a tremendous understatement.  It appears that the Democratic party machine was absolutely determined to slam the door shut on anyone that would even think of challenging Harris.  And this is the party that was attempting to claim that it would “save democracy”?
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Despite weeks of crisis talks and dozens of Democrats calling for him to step down, Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw was made at the last minute.

The 81-year-old president was isolating with COVID at his $3.4 million holiday home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, when his shrinking inner circle handed him polling data showing he could no longer beat Donald Trump.

That was when they composed a letter saying it was time for him to step aside for the good of the future of the Democratic party.

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Fellow ABC News personalities David Muir and Linsey Davis were set to host but now Trump wants a change in network. 

The former president continued: 'Now that Joe has, not surprisingly, has quit the race, I think the Debate, with whomever the Radical Left Democrats choose, should be held on FoxNews, rather than very biased ABC. Thank you! DJT' 

Polls are showing mixed signals for Harris, with some overall positives but potential flaws in the key swing states.

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Joe Biden has bowed to the inevitable, and abandoned his attempt at re-election. It was a decision that should have been made four years ago in his first election campaign. 

Even back then in 2020, there were clear concerns about the Democratic nominee’s age and health. But the Democratic party, with the active connivance of sections of the US media, worked overtime to cast any such concerns as nothing more than Republican slurs, and Mr Biden won the election.

Questions about his health, however, never quite went away. Clips of the President stumbling, misspeaking or appearing visibly confused continued to circulate for the duration of his term, in each case defused by helpful allies across the press, dismissed as “cheapfakes” or labelled “misinformation”. 

When the change came, it came swiftly. When questions came one or two at a time from partisan sources, they could, with effort, be dismissed. When it became common knowledge that people of all persuasions could see that something was not quite right, they started to come thick and fast from all sides at once.

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According to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the manufacturing sector has indeed been experiencing a prolonged period of contraction. The ISM’s Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), which measures manufacturing activity, has shown a consistent decline, indicating that the sector has not seen sustained expansion.
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White House aides carried out a 'calculated' years-long plot to hide President Joe Biden's cognitive decline from the world that failed miserably as a flood of Democrats demanded he drop out of the presidential race in the 24 days after his disastrous debate.

It all culminated when Biden make the seismic decision to withdraw from the presidential race and officially endorse Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee. 

Staff closest to the ailing 81-year-old deployed a multitude of tactics to hide his deficiencies - limiting reporter access to him, giving the president smaller stairs for Air Force One and physically surrounding him in public to hide his stiff walk, a former Biden aide tells DailyMail.com.

Biden has also been given large-print notecards with the most basic of instructions written on them for almost every event and kept to a tighter daily schedule so he can get more sleep.

There was even staff charged with devising strategies to keep the president from falling down, the source said. 

Now, as one insider told DailyMail.com, those advisers who coordinated the president's protective cocoon should be held to blame for his spectacular fall from grace.

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Below are the key findings, according to the investigation:

Secret Service did not attend a security briefing provided to local special weapons and tactics (SWAT) and sniper teams the morning of July 13, 2024.

At 9:00am on July 13, 2024, Butler County Emergency Services (Butler ESU) provided a security briefing for the local SWAT teams and snipers assigned to the rally. In addition to Butler County, local SWAT teams and snipers from Washington County and Beaver County were also tasked with security responsibilities.

According to local law enforcement, Butler ESU was responsible for assigning locations for the sniper teams under its command. According to information obtained by Senator Johnson’s office, there were less than 40 local SWAT operators and snipers assigned to the Butler rally.



During the briefing, Butler ESU provided local law enforcement with images of the security perimeter at the rally—which did not include the American Glass Research (AGR) building where the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, was located—the location of law enforcement agents, and a breakdown of security sectors on the farm show grounds. Secret Service did not attend this security briefing according to individuals with knowledge of the briefing.

It is unclear why Secret Service did not participate in this security briefing and the extent to which Butler ESU coordinated with Secret Service in creating and implementing the security plan for the rally.

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Sky News host Rita Panahi has issued a warning about “dangerously race-obsessed” Kamala Harris amid speculation she’s expected to replace Joe Biden as president.

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Last week, the Republican nominee for President Donald Trump was shot in the ear during a campaign rally by a 20-year-old would-be assassin who had climbed up on a nearby roof less than 180 meters from the stage. The incredible failure of the Secret Service has led to theories that forces other than a lone gunman were involved.

Former US President and Republican nominee for President Donald Trump might not make it to the election, former CIA analyst and co-founder of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Ray McGovern and Former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts speculated in separate interviews with Sputnik.

“My question is whether they (the deep state) will take another shot at Trump,” McGovern said on Friday. “I’m serious here. There’s so much at stake. So damn much at stake. And I just wonder if he’s going to make it and, call me a conspiracy theorist, but these people, they don’t have much conscience if they tolerate genocide in Gaza, if they tolerate half a million Ukrainian youths being killed for their whims.”

Roberts expressed similar sentiments on Sunday. “The real question is: will the deep state get away with its assassination attempt and will it attempt another?" Roberts said. "I expect that there will be more attempts on Trump's life.”

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On July 21, US President Joe Biden suddenly announced that he is not going to seek reelection and is dropping out from the presidential race.

“I assume that Covid was the last straw since it apparently knocked him for a loop,” US constitutional historian and political commentator Dan Lazare said regarding Joe Biden’s sudden withdrawal from the presidential race.

He argued that by delaying his withdrawal for so long, Biden actually “hurt the Democrats,” and predicted that Kamala Harris, Biden’s VP and possible presidential candidate, will “do better on the campaign trail than most people expect.”

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