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Republican state Sen. Dave Murman of Nebraska proposed a bill Thursday that would make it a misdemeanor to knowingly bring a child to a drag show.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:54
A man with familial ties to the Black Lives Matter movement died in a Los Angeles-area hospital just a few hours after he had an encounter with the LAPD.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:53
New York Democrats reintroduced legislation Wednesday that would permit male felons to be jailed with women in the event that they identify accordingly.
Posted on: Jan 14 13:52

 Joe Biden offered himself to Americans as a president they wouldn’t have to think about after the tumult of his predecessor. But an excruciating week of awkward disclosures and the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified records found at his Delaware home and a former office dating to his time as vice president is beginning to strain his claim to competence.

The surprise revelations that on at least four different occasions Biden’s lawyers found improperly stored classified documents and official records evoked the turmoil surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency, a four-year ruckus from which Biden has tried to move the country past. In the latest development, the White House acknowledged on Saturday that Biden’s lawyers had turned up even more such documents at the home than previously known.

It’s an embarrassment to Biden, and the selection of a special counsel to investigate potential criminal wrongdoing in the matter exposes the president to a new, self-inflicted risk.

Further, it complicates the Justice Department’s calculus about whether to bring charges against Trump over his handling of classified material, hands fresh ammunition to newly empowered House Republicans eager to launch investigations and undercuts a central plank of Biden’s pitch to voters just as he looks to launch a reelection bid in the coming months.

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Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Friday praised an Arkansas county court for its decision to reject electronic voting machines in all future elections, choosing instead to return to paper ballots in a move designed to boost election integrity and confidence in outcomes.

In a tweet lauding the decision by a Cleburne County court, Lake also included a link to a KARK report detailing the ruling:

Officials with the Arkansas Voter Integrity Initiative Inc. (AVII) said the vote was in response to AVII CEO Colonel Conrad Reynolds’ push for election computers to be removed from Arkansas elections. The decision will now require votes to be hand counted. 

“The machines do not read the names on the ballots, instead, they scan barcodes, which humans cannot read,” Reynolds said. “They also utilize proprietary software that we are not allowed to examine. This all means voters cannot verify that their vote is being counted properly as mandated by state law.”

Posted on: Jan 14 13:43

A career criminal has been shot and killed by a mother protecting her family after attempting to force his way into a home. The criminal was out on parole after serving prison time for armed robbery at the time of his death.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call of shots being fired on January 8th just before 5 a.m. in the area of Klein Road. When deputies arrived on the scene, they located 51-year-old Robert Rheams deceased at the scene.

Investigators spoke to the homeowner and learned that Rheams, who had a criminal history, had broken into the home in the early morning hours and had been armed with a shovel and lug wrench. Detectives have not released whether Rheams knew the residents or if this was a random attack.

After breaking into the home, he came into contact with a mother who was protecting her two young children inside. Investigators reported the mother confronted Rheams and a physical confrontation ensued between the two.

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Joe Biden’s personal lawyers found more classified documents in the president’s private library than previously known.

On Saturday it was revealed at least 5 more classified documents were discovered in at Biden’s Wilmington home.

CBS News Friday night reported at least 20 classified documents were discovered so far.

According to Joe Biden’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal lawyers do not have security clearances so as soon as they saw the documents marked classified, they stopped the search.

For this reason, this is why the actual number of classified documents stored at Biden’s private residence is not known, the lawyer said.

Posted on: Jan 14 13:28
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed Friday that President Joe Biden is being "transparent" about his retention of classified documents.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:22
A group of approximately 30 parents — including some who identified as Democrats — gathered to protest against a California school district that hosted a lecture about "gender terminology" and raising transgender children
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:21
An Amazon driver recently found himself in what he aptly described as "a s***ty situation."
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:20
Workers at Starbucks' corporate office in Seattle, Washington, will be required to work in-office at least three days per week, if within commuting distance, a memo from CEO Howard Schultz describes.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:19
On Friday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote a letter to congressional leaders warning that the U.S. would hit its debt limit on January 19 and encouraged Congress to "act promptly to protect the full faith and credit of the United States," CNBC reported.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:18
CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota offered Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) an opportunity to be fair regarding criticism of politicians who mishandle classified documents.
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Posted on: Jan 14 13:18
The Supreme Court investigation into who leaked a draft opinion indicating Roe v. Wade would be overturned last year has narrowed down the list of suspects, according to a new report.
Posted on: Jan 14 13:17

Throughout the disastrous COVID-19 injection campaign, desperate patients have often asked me which is the safest vaccine? It is odd that two years into mass vaccination there is no declared “best in class” vaccine. Entities that mandate the vaccine don’t care which vaccine is administered, only that a student, athlete, employee, or soldier has been marked by one of them any time in the past—often without any regard to its six month efficacy window. Many thought initially that the Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) product would be safer since it was just one shot of an adenoviral vector vaccine (not mRNA). Unfortunately before COVID-19 it was known that the vector itself was thrombogenic. So combined with the genetic code for the Spike protein which is known to damage blood vessels and cause blood clots, the Janssen vaccine was expected to cause thromboembolism in patients from the very date of its release. Woo et al from the FDA in a report has described thousands (N=3790, 11% fatal) of patients with blood clots and their description of what happens in the human body is nothing short of “blood curdling.” Clots going from the ankle to the groin, shooting to both lungs, and killing the victim is a description out of a science fiction horror movie yet in this report produced by our own government gives no apologies nor raises a sense of alarm for the public.

Posted on: Jan 14 12:19
Independent journalist Matt Taibbi released a supplemental edition of the Twitter Files on Friday which detailed the many requests made by the office of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) to ban posts that criticized Joe Biden and purportedly advanced conspiracy theories.
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Posted on: Jan 14 11:16

President Joe Biden is set to deliver his State of the Union address next month following an invitation by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

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Posted on: Jan 14 11:16
In the wake of her sister’s death earlier this week and subsequent mocking by leftists of a GiveSendGo page devoted to preserving her sister’s legacy, Silk of the former team Diamond and Silk delivered a ringing response, citing leftists’ deification of George Floyd.
Posted on: Jan 14 11:15
It wasn’t President Joe Biden’s fault that he left classified documents sprawled throughout the Acela corridor after leaving the vice presidency, CNN wants you to know. He was too busy working hard up until the last minute of the Obama presidency and was a victim of his own making, the legacy media outlet implied Friday in a puff piece of all puff pieces.
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Posted on: Jan 14 11:14
A Virginia school administrator knew of a possible weapon on campus before a teacher was shot by a 6-year-old, according to the school’s superintendent.
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Posted on: Jan 14 11:14
A new study found that even the “best” evidence for child sex changes is of extremely low quality and should not be relied upon as justification for medically transitioning minors.
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Posted on: Jan 14 11:13
In the year since the landmark ruling, businesses around the nation dropped their vaccine mandates in a win for liberty and the rule of law. Yet the fight didn’t start in January of last year, it actually began months earlier.
Posted on: Jan 14 11:08

The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work is changing its curriculum.

While they aren’t changing classes, they are eliminating one single word. They say that they need to be less offensive and more inclusive.

According to the university, it’s necessary to eliminate the word field from the curriculum. Instead of saying fieldwork, they will use the word practicum. That’s because the word field can have a negative impact on those from specific racial backgrounds or immigrants whose ancestors may have worked in a field.

Webmaster addition: I was a farm kid. I worked in the fields of the family farm. I do not find the word offensive at all!

Posted on: Jan 14 10:50

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman skewered Sweden for staying silent about the identity of the perpetrators of the notorious terrorist attack that crippled Russian revenues and European energy supplies.

Sweden’s refusal to disclose the results of its investigation into the terrorist attack that crippled the Nord Stream pipeline in September suggests Stockholm is “hiding something,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

As one of the attack’s primary victims, Russia deserves answers, Zakharova told reporters at a Thursday briefing.

“The refusal of the Swedish side to respond on the merits to another request from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office for legal aid in the criminal case on Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipeline damage in September 2022 is genuinely perplexing,” Zakharova said.

A message sent three months ago by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to the head of the Swedish government regarding “the need to conduct a comprehensive and open investigation” of the attacks with Moscow officials still “remains unanswered,” Zakharova explained, noting Sweden’s silence stood “in defiance of all the decorum of international diplomatic communication.”

“Stockholm explains its refusal by saying… that meeting the Russian request will allegedly ‘pose a security threat to Sweden,’” she noted.

“What are the threats to national security that Stockholm is talking about?” Zakharova asked.

Posted on: Jan 14 10:49

A top US Marine General, James Bierman, in a recent interview with the Financial Times, explained in a moment of candour how the US is “setting the theatre” for possible war with China, whilst casually admitting as an aside, how US defence planners had been busy inside Ukraine years ago, “earnestly preparing” for war with Russia — even down to the “pre-positioning of supplies”, identifying sites from which the US might operate support, and sustain operations. Simply put, they were there,readying the battle space for years.

No surprise really, as such military responses flow directly from the core US strategic decision to actuate the 1992 ‘WolfowitzDoctrine’ that the US must plan and preemptively act, to disable any potential Great Power — well before it reaches the point at which it can rival or impair US hegemony.

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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  —George Orwell.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to know, and I don’t care.”  —The average American.

Nobody tells the Truth anymore.  Not medicine.  Not government.  Not education. Not even religion.

To steal from old Mr. Orwell, telling the Truth HAS become a revolutionary act.

But no one expects the Truth.  It is old-fashioned…part of the “old normal.”  I am old enough to remember when a man’s word was his bond.  Liars were scorned…ridiculed…punished…back in the day when everyone knew what the meaning of “is” was.

Today, lying is an art…and an accepted one at that.  Bill Clinton was once referred to as “a particularly good liar.”  Today he is a piker…not holding a candle to the cadre of cons walking the halls of power in what was once a government of, by, and for the people.

Posted on: Jan 14 10:40

China has suspended issuing visas to Japanese and South Korean travelers, its embassies in Tokyo and Seoul said Tuesday, after it threatened to take countermeasures against countries that introduced tighter COVID-19 entry restrictions on visitors from China.

The Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, on its website, said the issuance of ordinary visas for Japanese citizens was being suspended from Tuesday and the timing of its resumption will be notified later.

Japan's Foreign Ministry filed a protest with the Chinese Embassy over the measure and demanded it be revoked, with a Japanese official criticizing China for being "extremely selfish."

Posted on: Jan 14 10:37

North Korea has criticized Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's ongoing trip to NATO member countries for bringing "security instability" to the Asia-Pacific region, and warned the bloc against expanding its influence in the area, state-run media said Friday.

Japan serves as a guide "introducing NATO, a legacy of the Cold War, into the Asia-Pacific region" and such a behavior is "sowing the seeds of discord" in the region, the Korean Central News Agency said, quoting an article by Kim Tong Myong, an international politics researcher, released Thursday.

Kishida is currently on a weeklong tour of five Group of Seven countries -- Britain, Canada, France, Italy and the United States, which are all NATO members -- ahead of a G-7 summit to be hosted in Hiroshima, western Japan, in May.

Posted on: Jan 14 10:37