"It is not power that corrupts but fear. The fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it, and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it." -- Aung San Suu Kyi

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In the fall of 1976, dozens of Americans died within 48 hours of receiving the fast-tracked swine flu vaccine that had been promoted by the Gerald Ford administration. To allay the public fears that threatened to unravel the mass inoculation program, President Gerald Ford rolled up his shirtsleeve and received his shot (inexpertly injected into his left triceps muscle!) in front of the television cameras.

More than 40 million others followed the president’s lead. But two months later, the campaign was abruptly stopped: More deaths had followed and thousands more victims were reporting serious side effects, including the paralysis that accompanies Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Today, ex-Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and “Operation Warp-Speed” Donald Trump are “courageously” offering to take any or all of the coronavirus vaccines, on nation-wide television, to defuse the natural hesitancy that thinking people naturally have about Big Pharma’s still-experimental, fast-tracked Covid-19 vaccines. (No mention has been made if these uniformly vaccinology-illiterate ex-Presidents were also willing to go along with the mandates to force their own relatives, children or grandchildren to also get vaccinated with the potentially dangerous vaccines.)

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"This campaign is a prime example of the sophisticated tactics employed by malicious actors to distribute malware through trusted platforms like PyPI and GitHub," the researcher concluded. "This incident highlights the importance of vigilance when installing packages and repositories even from trusted sources. It is crucial to thoroughly vet dependencies, monitor for suspicious network activity, and maintain robust security practices to mitigate the risk of falling victim to such attacks."
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“‘We’re all puppets,’ the suspect [Sirhan Sirhan] replied, with more truth than he could have understood at that moment.” – Lisa Pease, quoting from the LAPD questioning of Sirhan

When Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968, the American public fell into an hypnotic trance in which they have remained ever since. The overwhelming majority accepted what was presented by government authorities as an open and shut case that a young Palestinian American, Sirhan Sirhan, had murdered RFK because of his support for Israel, a false accusation whose ramifications echo down the years. That this was patently untrue and was contradicted by overwhelming evidence made no difference.

Sirhan did not kill Robert Kennedy, yet he remains in jail to this very day.  Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was 14 years old at the time of his father’s death, has visited Sirhan in prison, claims he is innocent, and believes there was another gunman.  Paul Schrade, an aide to the senator and the first person shot that night, also says Sirhan didn’t do it. Both have plenty of evidence.  And they are not alone.

There is a vast body of documented evidence to prove this, an indisputably logical case marshalled by serious writers and researchers. Lisa Pease is the latest.  It is a reason why a group of 60 prominent Americans has recently called for a reopening of, not just this case, but those of JFK, MLK, and Malcom X.  The blood of these men cries out for the revelation of the truth that the United States national security state and its media accomplices have fought so mightily to keep hidden for so many years.

That they have worked so hard at this reveals how dangerous the truth about these assassinations still is to this secret government that wages propaganda war against the American people and real wars around the world.  It is a government of Democrats, Republicans, and their intelligence allies working together today to confuse the American people and provoke Russia in a most dangerous game that could lead to nuclear war, a possibility that so frightened JFK and RFK after the Cuban Missile Crisis that they devoted themselves to ending the Cold War, reconciling with the Soviet Union, abolishing nuclear weapons, reining in of the power of the CIA, and withdrawing from Vietnam.  That is why they were killed.

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Google's new AI-powered 'Search Generative Experience' algorithms recommend scam sites that redirect visitors to unwanted Chrome extensions, fake iPhone giveaways, browser spam subscriptions, and tech support scams.

Earlier this month, Google began rolling out a new feature called Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) in its search results, which provides AI-generated quick summaries for search queries, including recommendations for other sites to visit related to the query.

However, as SEO consultant Lily Ray first spotted, Google's SGE is recommending spammy and malicious sites within its conversational responses, making it easier for users to fall for scams.


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Authored by Pepe Escobar,

No more shadow play. It’s now in the open. No holds barred...

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Exhibit 1: Friday, March 22, 2024. It’s War. The Kremlin, via Peskov, finally admits it, on the record.

The money quote:

“Russia cannot allow the existence on its borders of a state that has a documented intention to use any methods to take Crimea away from it, not to mention the territory of new regions.”

Translation: the Hegemon-constructed Kiev mongrel is doomed, one way or another. The Kremlin signal: “We haven’t even started” starts now.

Exhibit 2: Friday afternoon, a few hours after Peskov. Confirmed by a serious European – not Russian – source. The first counter-signal.

Regular troops from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkassy, south of Kiev. A substantial force. No numbers leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force.

That signals, “Let the games begin”. From a Russian point of view, Mr. Khinzal’s business cards are set to be in great demand.

Exhibit 3: Friday evening. Terror attack on Crocus City, a music venue northwest of Moscow. A heavily trained commando shoots people on sight, point blank, in cold blood, then sets a concert hall on fire. The definitive counter-signal: with the battlefield collapsing, all that’s left is terrorism in Moscow.

And just as terror was striking Moscow, the US and the UK, in southwest Asia, was bombing Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, with at least five strikes.

Some nifty coordination. Yemen has just clinched a strategic deal in Oman with Russia-China for no-hassle navigation in the Red Sea, and is among the top candidates for BRICS+ expansion at the summit in Kazan next October.

Not only the Houthis are spectacularly defeating thalassocracy, they have the Russia-China strategic partnership on their side. Assuring China and Russia that their ships can sail through the Bab-al-Mandeb, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden with no problems is exchanged with total political support from Beijing and Moscow

Clare's Observations; This long-stewing war between Ukraine and Russia is going to be even more vicious than ever imagined by the idiots in Washington and Kiev.  

Alliances are being struck, and deals are being made which will affect not only the continuance if the war, but also the aftermath, which promises to be a very grisly, post-US/Western hegemonic world.

And again, no one who could "see this coming" was ever invited to the table, to hash out their "unfavorable view" of the Kiev Mandate, and where it would unfortunately, and inevitably lead.

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Agents at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and throughout the intelligence community were distributed a newsletter that celebrated an intelligence official for crossdressing, saying that dressing up in women’s clothes makes him “a better intelligence officer,” according to an internal document obtained by The Daily Wire. 

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence sent its internal newsletter, called “The Dive” and obtained by The Daily Wire through a Freedom of Information Act request, to personnel across the entire Intelligence Community. Featured in the newsletter was an article by an anonymous official claiming that crossdressing makes him a better intelligence officer.

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YouTuber Nick Shirley has posted a man-on-the-street interview with an illegal alien in New York, who detailed the shocking amount of goods and services he has received at taxpayers’ expense.

The interview begins with Shirley asking the migrant how long he has been staying at the Watson Hotel, and if he had to pay for it.

“Two months. … No, no, we don’t pay. It is totally free. It is a help that the state gives us,” the migrant says, in Spanish.

The migrant also details the “good service” he is given at the hotel, including free “breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything.”

“Do you also receive insurance for medications?” Shirley asks.

“Yes, they are in charge of doing all that. In fact, they process Medicaid,” the migrant says.

The migrant continued to explain that he was provided with free lawyers and that beginning the process of applying for asylum was also free.

The migrant and his family have luggage with them, so Shirley asks where they are heading.

“Well now we’re heading towards … in fact, we asked for the tickets, and they also give it free, and now we are going to Arizona. To Phoenix, Arizona,” the man states.

“And they gave you that for free?” Shirley asks.

“Yes, it’s free. Free. The flight is completely free. We are leaving because here in New York, as we know, it has collapsed,” the man says.

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The Russian defense ministry on Sunday said it had scrambled a MiG-31 fighter jet after the approach of two US B-1B bombers towards the Russian border over the Barents Sea.

The US bombers turned away from the Russian border after the approach of the MiG-31, the ministry said.

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Jean-Pierre attributed blame to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, accusing him of politicizing the border situation. She stated, "I have not discussed that video with the president... However, I believe that is a matter for the Republican governor of Texas to address and comment on."

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A video circulating on social media platforms showcases the "Squatter Squad" in action. The footage depicts the team forcibly entering a home, dismantling doors, and expelling the squatters along with their belongings. The video has sparked a wave of support from viewers frustrated with the growing squatter problem in California.

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One of the darlings of the Democrat party was hit with allegations and a lawsuit about his behavior from decades ago. The sordid details fell out of this politician’s closet and sent shockwaves through the ranks of liberals.

Former President Donald Trump was politically crucified over allegations of his past personal conduct. Anything said accusing him was largely treated by the liberal media as truth and he was guilty in the eyes of mainstream media no matter what truth was revealed.

Now the shoe is on the other foot for liberals as New York City Mayor Eric Adams was hammered by an allegation of sexual assault by an unidentified woman. Questions are swirling if he will receive the same treatment as the former president.

From Breitbart:
As Breitbart News reported in November 2023, an unidentified woman filed a lawsuit against the mayor, alleging he sexually assaulted her while the two were working together in 1993. On Monday, the New York Times reported that Adams allegedly “asked a colleague for oral sex in exchange for career help in 1993 and sexually assaulted her when she refused.”

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity.news,

Figures released by the UK government reveal that Muslims make up 18 per cent of the prison population, despite comprising only 6.5 per cent of the population in general.

Image removed.

“Ministry of Justice (MoJ) data has revealed that there were 15,594 Muslim prisoners in England and Wales in September last year, accounting for 18 per cent of all inmates despite comprising only 6.5 per cent of the population,” reports the Telegraph.

Muslims represent the only religion that is overrepresented in prison compared to their general population figure.

In another revealing statistic, around 19.9 per cent of those Muslim prisoners are white, which is three times the general population, where only 7.8 per cent are recorded as white.

According to the Telegraph, the number emphasizes “that gangs in some jails are ordering prisoners to become Muslims or face violence.”

“A report two years ago by Jonathan Hall KC, the independent reviewer of terror legislation, revealed that Muslim terrorists had been able to seize control of prison wings and set up sharia courts behind bars because prison staff were so concerned about being accused of racism,” reports the newspaper.

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Dark pasts coming to light seems to be a growing trend among politicians. The number of elected leaders facing allegations of past misdeeds is a problem that keeps people doubting the integrity of the U.S. political system.

Polls show that politicians at all levels from national to state to local are not considered favorable people. Regular revelations about past incidents aren’t helping build confidence among the people.

Another Democrat saw his career crumble based on allegations of sexual misconduct from years ago. The alleged misdeed occurred at a college based in no other than Washington, D.C.

From The Daily Wire:
Arizona State Rep. Jevin Hodge submitted his letter of resignation on Tuesday, less than two months after he was appointed to the role.

On social media, Hodge released a statement of his resignation, saying he apologized “to those who may have been caused pain by my actions.” But Hodge said he “unequivocally” denied the allegations against him, though he noted that “now is not my time to lead.”

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Surprising Findings

“Imprinting is not a new concept, but the situation we are looking at seems to be quite unique,” said David Veesler, who has a doctorate in structural biology, is a professor and chair in the Department of Biochemistry at UW, and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, in a press release.

Immune imprinting is a well-recognized phenomenon that can occur with other infections and viruses.

New influenza infections distinct from previous variants can overcome imprinting from influenza vaccinations and infections.

However, in the UW study, immune imprinting persisted even among those infected with new omicron variants.

It is completely different from what we know from the influenza virus,” said Mr. Veesler.

“Immune imprinting persists after multiple exposures to Omicron spikes through vaccination and infection, including post XBB.1.5 booster vaccination, which will need to be considered to guide future vaccination,” the authors wrote.

More than 20 people with a history of three or more Wuhan-variant mRNA vaccines participated in the study. Most had been infected with pre- and post-omicron COVID-19 infections.

In addition to the original mRNA vaccines, most participants took the bivalent booster or the XBB.1.5 booster. By the time of the study, all participants had taken four to seven shots.

The authors found that most of the antibodies produced after XBB.1.5 mRNA inoculation were best at neutralizing the original Wuhan COVID-19 variant.

The antibodies had the second-greatest neutralizing potency against the BA.2.86 omicron variant. The antibodies were third most potent against XBB.1.5 in people who took the XBB.1.5 vaccine.

These antibodies were cross-reactive, meaning they could also bind to other variants, including the XBB.1.5 variants.

However, there were few to no antibodies specific to XBB.1.5

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The aggressive position taken by far-left New York Attorney General Letitia James in enforcing the judgment obtained in the highly politicized Manhattan “fraud” case against President Donald Trump is attracting negative attention from mainstream financial commentators. The demand for a cash bond of $464 million to secure Trump’s appellate rights has drawn sharp criticism from Kevin O’Leary, the O’Leary Ventures chairman and star of “Shark Tank.”

On Tuesday, O’Leary expressed his concerns on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” arguing that the situation transcends Trump himself and touches on broader American principles. “This isn’t just about Trump anymore,” O’Leary stated, emphasizing the negative signal this sends about American legal and business environments. He argued that the arbitrarily punitive approach to free enterprise is “an attack on America.”

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Vice President Kamala Harris announced the creation of a new national office to support “red flag” laws in an effort to push for gun control legislation following her tour of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“I do believe we have a duty to remember and a duty to bear witness to what happened here. It is extraordinarily tragic. These were beautiful people whom I have come to know through their family members,” Harris said. “They are so much bigger and more than a statistic; they should be so much bigger and more than the subject of politics or gamesmanship.”

The vice president continued, stating that “gun violence is the leading cause of death for children in America.”

Webmaster addition: But illegal immigrants, many of them criminals in their home countries, have a second amendment right to own firearms, right?

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Throughout the past five and a half months, Israel has waged a full-spectrum war against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. The United States and other Western nations have supplied not only the weapons for this war of annihilation against the Palestinians, but also key political and diplomatic support.

The results of the actions of this coalition of the killing have been devastating. Conservative estimates hold that more than 31,000 Palestinians have been killed, including 13,000 children. More than 8,000 people remain missing, many of them believed to have died in the rubble of buildings destroyed in Israeli attacks. Famine conditions are now present in large swaths of the Gaza Strip. The fact that the International Court of Justice has found grounds to investigate Israel for plausible acts of genocide in Gaza has not deterred the U.S. and its allies from continuing to facilitate Israel’s war.

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The worst actions of your government happen not in secrecy, but right out in the open under the narrative cover of mass media propaganda. The western empire doesn’t hide its worst deeds, it just manipulates the way people think about them.

Tomorrow we could unearth rock-solid proof that the US government knowingly orchestrated 9/11, and that crime in and of itself still wouldn’t be as bad as what the US government is facilitating in Gaza right now, in plain view of the entire world. And even if such a revelation did occur, the imperial media would probably either ignore it or spin it so that its impact is dulled into impotence.

The empire’s worst atrocities happen in the open because the empire’s worst atrocities involve butchering and starving huge numbers of people, which is impossible to do in secret. They can assassinate a government official here and sign a malignant secret agreement there without needing to do it openly, but murder at mass scale isn’t something you can conceal in the information age.

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In a recent announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his resolve to deploy troops into Rafah, a city in southern Gaza, even without the backing of the United States.

This statement came after a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The Biden administration has been urging Israel to refrain from invading Rafah, a city currently providing shelter to over a million Palestinians.

Netanyahu stated, "Today, I met with the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. I conveyed my deep appreciation for our joint effort in combating Hamas for over five months." He further emphasized Israel's commitment to evacuating civilians from conflict zones and addressing humanitarian needs. However, he underscored the necessity of entering the Strip and neutralizing the remaining militias to defeat Hamas. "While I expressed hope for U.S. support, I made it clear that if necessary, we would proceed independently."

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The city of Taunton, Massachusetts, under Republican leadership, has initiated a lawsuit against the Clarion Hotel, the city's only lodging establishment.

The lawsuit, which seeks $155,000 in damages, alleges that the hotel is accommodating an excessive number of undocumented immigrants, exceeding its capacity, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Clarion Hotel recently entered into a nine-year agreement with the state, governed by Democrats, to serve as an emergency shelter for undocumented immigrants. The hotel, which has 155 rooms, is expected to accommodate 450 undocumented immigrants.

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Trump racked up the controversy surrounding his leadership with his promises to “build a wall” at the southern border, intending to crack down on the waves of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States and the subsequent surge in crime and drought of resources.

Biden has approached the issue with an equally controversial “open border” policy that welcomes illegal immigrants—including criminals—with open arms, investing huge sums to fund their food and housing. Certain liberal cities have followed this example, even to the point of suggesting that immigrants should be housed in private residences.

Earlier this month, the city of Denver asked those who owned rental properties in the area to rent their homes to illegal immigrants. The request followed the city’s actions to limit its own resources donated to illegal immigrants, which had built up to a budget deficit of almost $60 million.

Webmaster addition: Coupled with so-called squatters' rights, this is a recipe for financial disaster for those property owners.

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Last Saturday, a former Boeing employee turned whistleblower was found dead in his vehicle, parked at a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The employee, John Barnett, reportedly died from a “self-inflicted” gunshot amid participating in a multi-day deposition against Boeing.

On Friday, Breitbart reported that Barnett had expressed concerns about Boeing safety protocols for years and had “made powerful enemies” along the way.

One of Barnett’s coworkers, who spoke to the New York Post on the condition of anonymity, was alarmed that Barnett’s death was quickly labeled a suicide. The coworker shared: “It actually gives me a pit in my stomach because of what he’s been saying, and he’s dead now. Maybe he killed himself.”

“I don’t know what to believe,” added the coworker. “We don’t really talk about it on the (assembly) line. We’re on camera from the minute we get on the property. They can hear us. So no one wants to talk about it at work. A lot of people are skeptical because he made some pretty powerful enemies.”

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Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tried to explain the danger of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) hiring practices to former CNN host Don Lemon during a recent interview for Lemon’s now-canceled news show on X, formerly Twitter. But everything the tech industry titan had to say went right over the mainstream corporate news journalist’s head.

An astounding clip from the video has racked up millions of views on X, and conservatives cannot believe Lemon could be as obtuse as he appears in it.

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During congressional testimony on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra disclosed that over the last three years, more than 300,000 unaccompanied migrant children have been released into the United States, sparking heated discussions on immigration policy and border security. During the hearing before the joint Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, Becerra shared these figures while discussing the department’s budget requests for 2025.

Republican lawmakers questioned the oversight of these minors, particularly those placed with unrelated adults. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) asked Becerra about the follow-up process for these children, to which the secretary responded that while it is not a statutory obligation, HHS makes a “concerted effort” to maintain contact, committing to at least three phone calls to both the child and the sponsor.

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This is a heads up for those out there that live anywhere near the border.

Come April 1st, the government might just be cutting off the allowence of these invaders.

Was that always the plan?

Give millions of people free money to get them where you want, among the cities and suburbs?

Then once they’re there, pull the plug, knowing they’ll freak out?

What will that be like to have many of these immigrants suddenly in a frantic to get housing or food?

Will they be on the side of the roads, with signs, asking for handouts?

“Please good sir, could you find it in your heart to spare a bit of pocket change for me and the wee ones? We’d be ever so grateful.”

Or will they be a bit more uncivilized?

Violent even?

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